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Exclusive: Mcleod, Labour Black Socialists on Labour blocking candidacy – and its feeble excuses

Labour breaks own rules to bar left-winger from Camberwell and Peckham longlist – and uses a Caroline Lucas tweet among its excuses. LBS demands his reinstatement

Labour activist Maurice Mcleod and Labour Black Socialists have spoken out about the party’s continuing war on its own members after the regime broke its own rules to bar Mcleod from the longlist of potential parliamentary candidates in Camberwell and Peckham.

As well as that of many members, Mcleod had the backing of two affiliated unions – which under Labour’s rules means an automatic place on the longlist of candidates, yet Labour blocked him from standing for selection.

McLeod published the news on Twitter on Saturday, condemning the leadership’s decision to deprive members in the constituency of a meaningful choice and outlining his own strong track record to represent them:

And Mcleod told Skwawkbox the excuses the right-dominated party machine gave for excluding him – which included sharing a tweet by Green MP Caroline Lucas:

When I was called in for a due diligence interview, four pieces of ‘evidence’ were produced for me to have to explain. Let me be clear, all of the ‘evidence’ they produce was from at least four years ago.

Two tweets from five years ago, before I was a councillor, one standing up for residents whose views had been ignored by their council, the other retweeting a very sound tweet which happened to be from Green MP Caroline Lucas.

One story, from four years ago, was a smear from a Tory councillor who managed to take advantage of my inexperience of Council procedures at the time (I’d been a councillor for a few months) to create a story.

The final was a quote from me (as a political journalist) calmly expressing a view which was held by the Labour Party at the time.

Mcleod went on to point out that he had passed through several rounds of vetting previously without problem – and that even the local Tory leadership had rejected their councillor’s insult:

I’ve been through cllr, GLA, and Parliamentary (Vauxhall) screening since all four incidents and the Tory smear was discredited by their own leader who said it was baseless.

And the Labour Black Socialists group issued a statement condemning the Starmeroids war on democracy, which it said had taken members’ breath away – and demanding his reinstatement:

Labour Black Socialists (LBS) outraged by the elimination of Maurice McCleod as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Labour Party

LBS is left breathless over the non-selection of Councillor Maurice Mcleod for the next stage of the selection process for prospective Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Camberwell & Peckham.

LBS believes that this is due not because of shortcomings of Councillor Maurice. For he has ticked all the boxes to go to the next stage. Whatever the requirement, he met it with hard work and a smile. Always.

Maurice has a long history of working for the least in society. He is a black socialist. His starting point will always be the condition of the least in society and that almost invariably is black and brown people. For him there is no hierarchy of sympathy and solidarity. He stands with poor people of all ethnicities.

That he has a solid track record as a councillor should have counted. The endorsement of Aslef and Unite, the Union should have meant that he automatically goes to the next stage. That he is a black man with a commitment to poor people should have mean that he is black gold politically.

Alas, Maurice was stopped in his tracks because Aslef and Unite the Union are the wrong types of unions. He earned the endorsement of these trade unions because he does not put career aspirations above solidarity with workers, especially those who are on the picket line. Maurice remains true to the founding principles of the Labour Party and the workers who founded the party.

The many local councillors who supported him are of the wrong political persuasions. The MPs who endorsed him have the wrong political commitments. The ordinary people who tweeted, posted and forwarded for him are the wrong keyboard people. Maurice’s blocking seems to suggest that having solid support in the community that you wish to represent in parliament might be a reason not to be selected. The wishes of local party members, the local community and local stakeholders appear not to matter much.

LBS believes that this blocking is indicative of the lack of transparency and democracy in the Labour Party. Local selection committees are needed without central control by the party.

LBS believes that he should advance to the next stage of the selection process.

LBS urges (some might say “demands that”) the NEC to add Councillor Maurice to the next stage because of his track record as a councillor, a campaigner, a human being and the local support that he has. But, he should also be added to the list for the next stage because he is a rarity even in the Labour Party. That is a black man who has integrity, honesty, decency and courage with an unshakeable commitment to the 14 million poor people in the UK, especially widows, orphans, children, migrants, refugees and homeless people. This is a black man who believes that the state must shield these people from the worst effects of the market.

The Forde Report, which an under-pressure Keir Starmer commissioned just after he became party leader, recently condemned rampant racism among the Labour right – and their ‘hierarchy’ of racism in which anti-Black racism and Islamophobia are ignored and excused by the leadership and party administration.

As well as wholesale deselections of Black and Muslim councillors in some areas, Labour barred the mayoral candidacy of Black Liverpool councillor Anna Rothery. The recent Al Jazeera documentary series ‘The Labour Files’ revealed the gross libels and abuses of democracy used by the party to rule her out. The documentary exposed Labour as a ‘lawless’ party, which Labour denied, but the series has been almost universally ignored by the UK’s so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

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  1. It is self evident that the exclusion of Anna Rothery from the candidate list for the Liverpool Mayor had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her racial origins or skin tone.

    1. ONE sentence in the article about MAURICE McLEOD mentioning Ms Rothery.
      That is the best you can muster for your overlords?

      1. One sentence is more than enough for the wee fella to obfuscate and distract.

        Usually he’s off on some totally irrelevant, off -topic tangent, and especially when the article is directly critical of keef.

      2. Obviously Race & Racism is a massive issue here.
        In Starmer’s racist organisation if you are Rothery or McLeod who show solidarity with the oppressed and other people-of-colour you are excluded. If you are an ‘Uncle Lammy’ betraying other people-of-colour you’ll have a career.

        One way you’ll know it is about racism, is that inevitably some racist apologist Starmerite-swine will try and misrepresent the slavery and colonialist gravy train, its ongoing profiteering, economic, sociological and class oppressions in a misleading phrase like ‘skintone’.
        Thank god, most contributors on this site would NOT stoop so despicably low!

      3. Bernie – “Obviously Race & Racism is a massive issue here.”

        IS IT REALLY, or are you just playing the race card? 🤔

        Here is the actual short-list for Camberwell and Peckham
        Marina Ahmad
        Evelyn Akoto
        Peter Babudu
        Miatta Fahnbulleh
        Neeraj Patil
        Johnson Situ.

      4. Let us also remember how the Labour Files showed us Starmerite officials exluding members of the majority Muslim population of Newham, while using the ethnic take-over smears of Enoch Powell.

        Clearly there can be no callaborating with Starmer’s racists. They and their apologists are beyond all decency!

    2. It is self evident that the exclusion of Anna Rothery from the candidate list for the Liverpool Mayor had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her racial origins or skin tone” because the Hierarchy of Racism doesn’t exist: starmer’s anti-democracy authoritarianism to foster fascism and help neoliberal capitalism through its dying days is a total lie. And anyway… what credible alternative is ‘theleft’ ™️ offering?”

      There – fixed it for you SteveH.
      You’re welcome!

      1. qwertboi – I’ve simply pointed out an inaccuracy in the above article. I am struggling to see why you should have a problem with that.

    3. so, you’re admitting that Anna Rothery’s selection was nullified by Sir Keir and his stameroids because she is a bottom-up (‘corbyn-ista’) socialist? Big step forward, well done.

      1. qwertboi – Where did I say that?
        Are you incapable of making an argument without telling lies?

    4. Hello crab hunter, I thought that you had a Caribbean family. Get your missus to point out the bleeding obvious.

      1. wobbly – Oh please do enlighten us with your pearls of wisdom. 😕

      2. In the system of plantation slavery, the master would by dint of his status forcibly impregnate many of the slave women. What he did with his phallus, did not make the slave master particularly multicultural, or any less of a racist!

      3. Bernie – Do you have an issue with mixed race relationships, if so why and if not why did you post the above nonsense.

  2. What a shambles, The Workers Labour Party is deceased and the Party operating in its place is diseased, This is what happens when the cap doffing uneducated allow the Rich entitled university graduates from privileged backgrounds into a working man’s party, A party formed to fight against the very class which is now running and ruining it, No amount of spoken or written outrage is going to shift these corrupt rich from their position of power within a party they’ve moulded into their own image a Right Wing Dystopian Junta worse even than the Tories, Only action will rid this abomination party of the SCUM who destroyed the Greatest Prime Minister Britain never Had Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. …and yet for the last 10 months Labour’s consistent lead in the polls strongly indicate that contrary to your ‘assertions’ the Labour Party is anything but dead.

      1. Steve H….A consistent lead in the polls doesn’t make a party acepptable especially in a society where the media pick out the party who takes office.Thats why the conservative party claim to be the party of government and labour are a tribute act in for the win and bugger the working class…..Your politics are confused 😕and illogical and you are now supporting a labour fascist party.because winning is the only policy you believe in.

      2. Seeing as I like you today, steveH, because I might not like you tomorrow, I’ll return the 18 minutes and a bit more which I took from you the other day and explain in Janet and John terms for you where you are going wrong and why you are spectacularly wrong in the line you are taking.

        Most people who have been employed for even a minimum amount of time in any activity involving machinery of any kind (whether its a tank, a computer or anything in between) normally cannot fail to pick up at least a little bit of engineering science and the approach it takes.

        You seem to be an exception in this regard. Simply because its very obvious from everything you post that you have so far in your life failed to grasp a fundamental engineering precept which applies across all levels from a simple particle to complex systems.

        Which is simply that something either works or it does not work. For sure something may not operate to optimum needs or requirements in any one context. However, when something is not working/operating properly it sooner or later reaches the state of no longer having sufficient efficacy to work at all.

        This state of affairs is bad enough at the level of a piece of machinery, which at least in most cases can be replaced. At a systems and organisational level, once a tipping point is reached, the dire results of a failure to work are exponentially increased.

        At the organisational level across the West in general and the UK in particular (and this applies across the spectrum from commercial to public to political and third sector/NGO organisational structures and processes) the deliberate atomisation of those organisational structures and process over the past four decades in which constituent units and sub units operate as individual profit chasing maximiser’s, with the each unit/sub-unit operating to its own needs without regard to integrating with other parts of the organisational structure, has produced a situation in which the whole produces less than the sum of the parts.

        Much like a football team in which each player is only bothered about their stats and fails to operate as team working to an end result which is greater than the sum of the parts.

        As a result we end up with expensive unworkable outputs and results – from the white elephant F-35 (alleged) US fighter jet to the privatised US health ‘system’ to the UK rail and other public transport ‘systems’ etc. All operating under the failed Carillion Contractor/PFI model.

        At the systems level matters are even worse across all fronts – economic, industrial, Geo-political, and social.

        Economically and industrially the West and the UK are basket cases. Following the bailing out of the banks as a result of the Great Financial Crash the economy has further de-industrialised and financialised. Money is printed out of thin air in frightening levels not to be invested in productive activity producing a multiplier – as per standard capitalist orthodox criteria – but to enable financial organisations and companies to buy more of their own stock, inflating the ‘value’ and enabling those running those institutions to feather their own nests even further via their bonus packages.

        The de-industrialisation, via financialisation and rentierism of the economy under the faith based non-scientific and rational dictates of an approach known as Neo-Liberalism, has reached a level of incompetence which is now de-stabilizing entire systems across the West and UK – from energy (see the basic physics and system level problems outlined in the articles from Jorge Vilches on the Saker web blog in respect of gas and oil) to food production, logistics and defence.

        The latter having reached a stage where the self-declared exceptionalist West does not possess the industrial and logistical capacity, never mind the experience and expertise, to sustain any conflict at peer to peer level.

        Germany right now has only two days worth of ammunition. Stocks of Western weapon systems sent to fight the proxy war in Ukraine which are being destroyed, captured or re-directed to the thriving black market in phenomenal quantities are at below replacement levels as a result of the non-existence of productive capacity arising from decades of de-industrialisation of an economy based on Feudal Rentierism and financialisation rather than productive Capitalism.

        Spending nearly a trillion (printed out of thin air) dollars on ‘defence’ every year is no guarantee of efficacy or success when the system is based on pork barrel politics and quantity over quality.

        Again, results which are less than the sum of the parts.

        Simply because one of the key baked in features of the failed Neo-liberal approach – which, incidentally, also insists that it is possible (and even desirable) to create its own subjective based ‘reality’ (something you, stevie boy, also excel in) – which has worked spectacularly is in expunging any expertise and experience from every sphere of activity at every level.

        Experience and expertise which has been replaced in its entirety across all organisations, institutions, and systems following the dictates of this unworkable non-functionable Neo-liberal paradigm by Arnold Rimmer clones who don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground.

        Whether its a supposed commercial organisation like BT/Openreach or a political party – and this includes the Conservatives, Labour, Lib-Dems, SNP and Greens – or the media and across the entire spectrum, that experience and expertise has been totally replaced by Yes Men who are, in their entirety, incompetent morons.

        What people on this blog are saying when they point to the failure of the Labour Party is that it is in the position you constantly claim it to be simply as a result of its very clear signal to those Establishment Elites imposing this unworkable and failed Neo-liberal paradigm that the Party and those within it that it is safe from necessary total replacement in the hands of the Labour Party.

        And that replacement is necessary. As laid out in this thread from tax expert Richard Murphy:

        Which outlines the multiple systems crash cascade which is now in play as the unworkable paradigm, which all captured UK political Party’s are committed to maintaining indefinitely, reaches full non-working mode.

        Bottom line, stevie boy, a Labour Party which has openly declared its fealty to maintaining this collapsing system paradigm has already failed. no matter how many votes and seats it achieves. You are looking at the wrong metric mate.

        In fact, the logic of the position you constantly spout off, like a broken record, is that the UK is in a state of Zugzwang. Any move it makes, in this case switching from a Conservative Governing Administration to a Labour one will worsen the position of the Country and the people in it. Regardless of what artificially created and run political gang is nominally in office but not really in power in terms of being able to make the necessary system level changes.

        Because when the Labour Party are committed to the same failed and rapidly collapsing system paradigm moving from the Conservatives to a Labour Government will not only make no difference it will worsen the position of everyone in the UK as the increasing momentum of the system cascade collapse reaches it total failure mode.

        Assuming you are not being economical with the truth in claiming not to live in the UK, that represents a problematic public position on your part as you are never ever going to be in a position of experiencing the seriously negative impacts of what you ultimately insist is the only possible paradigm.

        A paradigm you are insisting everyone else but yourself has to put up with and suck up to.

        Little wonder that everyone on this site regards you as a spiteful, ignorant lickspittle who has nothing positive to offer.

      3. Dave – I see you are still desperately trying to convince yourself that you really are as clever as you think you are.🥱

      4. Is that it?

        Are you really once again coming out publicly that you have no answers whatsoever? Even I’m embarrassed for you.

        There’s just no helping some people.

        When that is the only response you can consistently come up with it is clear that the old adage of not being able to educate pork applies in spades.

        Its clear you are unable to operate outside of your self constructed safe space playground with your comfort blanket. Which is both sad and pathetic at the same time.

        But, that’s your funeral. Those, like yourself, who prefer the isolation of infantile ignorance represent everything which is negative. You have made very clear you are incapable of learning because of the obvious delusion you think you know all there is to know and do not need to engage in a coherent and rational manner.

        Responses such as this are therefore clear coping mechanisms for very obvious deep psychological problems. A rational person would seek professional help. Perhaps that’s why you have (allegedly) escaped and sought refuge in the Caribbean? Unable to hack it in the UK.

        This is pitiable even by your exceptionally low standards.

      5. Dave – Yes, you’re the one with the desperate need to impress.

      6. Well SteveH, your boy has been told that he will win the next GE, on the back of a coup, no matter what the perverts in the 1922 comm are asserting. You had better get yor excuses and alibis ready. We know what his premiership will entail and the denial of freedom of speech is a priority. Get ready to say cheerio to your lovely pals on Skwaky cos we’ll be among the first to be turned to ashes.

      7. wobbly – All those who read your comments are already well aware of your depth of knowledge. 🙄

      8. Another sorry excuse of a response which takes everything backwards rather than forwards.

        No honest attempt to engage in the specifics. Not even a challenge to facts and arguments presented.

        Simply hiding behind ever more pathetic deflections to disguise the fact you have no arguments or counter arguments to present. Nothing. Zilch.

        Someone should write a book or a play on this. Its title would undoubtedly be ‘The Naked Troll.’

        Come back when you have matured enough to engage in adult level debate rather than shouting incoherent nonsense from the playground.

      9. On the basis of the extensive evidence provided in steveH’s 24/7 posts here that last reply to wobbly is deeply ironic in a pot and kettle sense given that at least wobbly has some depth to his/her knowledge.

        Which is more than can be said of steveH’s output which, in terms of the depth criteria he has laid down, is at best flat-lining.

        stevie boy provides no answers to anything. All he has in his locker is deflection to hide what is increasingly obvious that he is merely an empty vessel devoid of any substance whatsoever projecting his own failures and characteristics onto others in the vain hope that nobody will see him for what he is.

    2. During the period when New Labour entryists had destroyed Labour as a force in former stronghold Scotland, lost 5 mil votes, lost 2-thirds of Party members, caused Trade Unions to disafiliate, some nobhead would inevitably chip in with…
      ‘looks like they are doing well in the polls’.

  3. Redeem yourself, Maurice.

    If you can attend concerts with toerag cabinet ministers and plaster it all over social media platforms. M
    If you can make TV shows with toerag toffs and tell everybody they’re your best friend.

    In fact, if you can be a white woman while you do so; tell black women in positions of influence to f-off and post casually racist tweets while claiming to have no idea why they can be deemed racist….

    Then you’ll go far, my son.

  4. you are now supporting a labour fascist party.because winning is the only policy you believe in

    Joseph, this is the whopper that voted for Corbyn FOUR times, don’t forget.

    And ONLY voted keef because he was the best of a bad bunch

    Although now this best of the bad bunch has almost papal infallibility, and everything Corbyn is anathema to him/them.

    As I’ve said previously, the wee fella is reminiscent of Italy in WWII; like the Italians, wee fella throws himself at whoever appears to be winning at a given time. Nevermind the sea change of the (non)policies keefs’ brought.

    Of course, with Corbyn out the way, wee fella will tell you it’s NOT about the winning, but merely the taking part that counts. It’s his way of being magnanimous.

    Even though just about everyone with any modicum of knowledge of politics knows that keefs’ only ahead in the polls because of the imbecile truss.

    Watch that opinion poll lead plummet to sod-all once the rags recover from their self-inflicted near-knockout.

    When keef goes back to being the drab bland nonentity he actually is in most people’s eyes, instead of being the nonentity he is against THE worst government in history.

    I mean, he’s been LOTO against the TWO most corrupt, incapable and incompetent governments of all time and STILL the public at large have zero inkling as to who he is or what he’s about.

    Anywhere else and there’d be uproar on the streets demanding a change.

    But keefs’ so dull and plain and status quo that people aren’t aware of any difference he’d make (none).

    And of course, keef wouldn’t allow his MPs on the streets to demand change .

    Not the Great British way, is it?

    1. The extent of that lead in the polls is somewhat questionable. Stats for Lefties has an interactive map of all the predicted results from ‘that YouGov poll’ for each UK constituency. In my case, one of the safest Tory seats in England, it more than doubles Labour’s %age while almost halving the Tory’s, with the LibDem %age rising by less than half.

      Even before boundary changes prior to 1997, Labour have never won this seat. It first entered a candidate in 1918, has stood one in every election since, and has only come within 10% of the Tory vote on 3 occasions — 1922 (3.6%), 1945 (7.6%), and 1966 (9.3%) — with the last 2 being (effectively) the single opponent against the Tories. Generally speaking, they do much better without a third LibDem/Alliance/Liberal candidate, which virtually always splits the alternative vote, and which was what caught my attention.

      With a LibDem/Alliance/Liberal candidate standing, apart from in 1922, Labour have only manged to get within 11% of the Tory vote at best. Also, in half the years the former have stood (10) they have beaten Labour’s share to take second place! Since 1997, the best Labour have done is 17.9% behind the Tories in that year. Since then, twice in 2010 and 2015, the Labour vote collapsed; first to the LibDems, then to UKIP.

      While I wouldn’t dispute they have a poll lead due to the Tories present gross unpopularity but, from this analysis, Labour’s only chance is if they are the only opposition candidate — and even then it is highly doubtful if they could take it, despite what the polls suggest.

      Furthermore, as recent results have shown, the LibDems have dramatically outperformed Labour in other by-elections, and yet this doesn’t appear to have been reflected in this poll at all. In fact, knowing this constituency well, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that if anyone else were to win it, then it would be the LibDems and not Labour.

      1. Superb, incisive analysis PW. Respect!

        Would you say that LibDem support (votes) reduced when Labour offered a fundamentally different proposition, such as it did in 2017?

      2. Would you say that LibDem support (votes) reduced when Labour offered a fundamentally different proposition, such as it did in 2017?

        The %ages certainly seem to suggest it, qwertboi.

        2005 – Con = 52.7; Lab = 22.2; LD = 22.2
        2010 – Con = 48.0; Lab = 9.7; LD = 36.0; UKIP = 3.3; Grn = 1.3
        2015 – Con = 45.5; Lab = 10.5; LD = 24.1; UKIP = 15.9; Grn = 2.8
        2017 – Con = 56.4; Lab = 22.1; LD = 16.3; UKIP = 3.1; Grn = 1.7
        2019 – Con = 60.4; Lab = 18.3; LD = 16.4; Grn = 4.2

        As can be seen from the figures, the Labour vote plummeted in 2010 and 2015, with many of the votes lost to the LD’s in 2010 going from there to UKIP in 2015. In 2017, however, both the LD and UKIP losses went to both Tory and Labour, with Labour taking the largest share, while in 2019 they lost 4% to the Cons, with the LDs share holding up.

        Since it’s hardly likely that much of the UKIP vote went to Labour in 2017 (although I suppose it can’t be entirely ruled out), it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that the LD losses went to Labour rather than the Cons, with Labour bouncing back to their 2005 vote share before dropping again in 2019 (re-People’s Vote maybe?).

      3. Yeah, I see that PW. Interesting that 2019 was The Greens’ best result since 2010, even with the incumbent Tories increasing their take and the LibDems hardly changing since 2015. Labour’s reduction in 2019 looks like it went to the green party (something they’ll hope continues through the dark days of starmerLabor.

  5. To adapt (with apologies for the grammar) the words of a well-known jingoistic song: ‘worser still and worser’.

  6. The report would really benefit from reproducing the offending evidence; we have McCleod’s account and just the decision reached and, on balance, given that previous rounds of vetting had been navigated without censure, the outcome does suggest gross incompetence and/or victimisation by the Labour Party. There are double standards at play when harvesting historical social media data – if the person under investigation is in alignment with one’s own position then variously ‘youthful indiscretion’, reverse-ferreting and deletion can all contribute to them escaping censure, though if they are an opponent then no such quarter is given: in short, trial by trawling the archives is far from impartial, even before one considers the shifting goalposts of a statute of limitations/sunset clause or the right to forget. Here, four years is advanced as sufficient time to have elapsed to have blunted any possible offence though it does seem that the time frame that renders comments less toxic or defamatory is elastic, based as much on how much one wishes to exonerate or annihilate the person under the spotlight as the offensiveness of what was said.
    To the dismay of many, I have barely cleared my throat by the time 140 characters have elapsed and, though it may not seem the case, I do have a period of reflection prior to regurgitation, so am not given to penning Twitter posts that encourage brevity and spontaneity. Others do, and some can capture, in few words, the immediacy of a situation: at best, everything from outrage to elation can benefit from being served hot, even if four, ten, fifteen years hence that immediacy has dissipated and we are left with something out of step with the current moment.
    McCleod’s account is in the public domain – now lets see the offending tweets and the justification for them being sufficiently offensive as to warrant the outcome.

    1. Tim White, I have always contended that twitter is a cess pit. There is no such thing as youthful indiscretions, spur of the moment expressions of outrage. Some parties excuse the most appalling tweets as hi jinks but not the heroes of South Side. Anything can be mauled, twisted to mean what these deviants want it to mean. I can no more understand why people post on twitter than why decent people fight to the end to stay in the Labour Party. An organisation which will go to any lengths to destroy them. Apparently I have a twitter and Facebook accounts, don’t know how nor when they were set up. No idea how to get rid of them but Julie keeps an eye on what I am supposed to have written. Nothing to worry about but it is a bit odd. I’m a nobody so why would anyone waste their time.

  7. Will LBS support a candidate just because of the colour of their skin rather than their polotical beliefs? Yet another case of not seeing the person, only their skin colour?

    1. O! God forbid he should be white or Muslim or Pakistani or whatever.

      Get a grip Steve ffs. He’s black. So WHAT? That’s not THE be-all-and-end-all

      The b>overriding issue is that he has socialist tendencies. Him being black is an added no-no in the views of those who have usurped the party. Not something they’ll readily admit to, but it’s as plain as the nose on your face that those two facts are streng verboten in smarmerist labour.

      Also, he isn’t Jewish, with neo-con corporate sympathies, else you’d never hear the fucking end of it had he been.

      There’s a clear and obvious pattern of modus within smarmerite labour.

      As a “whitey” with socialist tendencies, I am unwelcome in their clique. Not that I want any part of it.

      Yes, skwawkbox CAN be over-elaborate / overenthusiastic on the race issue at times (nothing like the Canary) but it doesn’t make it any less relevant OR newsworthy.

      1. My immedate family have often been described by neighbours as a mini melting pot; dad’s family gypsy; one black sister; one white sister; one albino step daughter, the other blonde; one black son + chinese daughter-in-law……just a limited sample. Anyone playing the race card is a racist & all discrimination is negative. Skin colour……never an issue. See me, see my skin colour rather than a person.

  8. A lot of good points here – particularly
    vis-a-vis current polling and PWs post.

    Not only that but do they really think the Tories and
    LIbDems will ignore all this shenanigans come next

    Of course not – they will drag out what is useful to
    them and irony of ironies Labours racist attitudes
    towards the BAME Community will be used even
    by the Tories.

    1. Its certainly a feasible hypothesis which is not too far away from a possible Government of National Unity which I speculated about the other day..

      However, at the moment I’d prefer to wait and see how the next two weeks play out.

      Should the now very widespread speculation across a number of spheres – including the media sphere – play out of Truss being made an offer she cannot refuse by the Tory PLP to step down immediately in favour of Sunak – with Javid as potential Chancellor – that would reveal a great deal about the thinking driving what is taking place behind the scenes at very high levels.

      The systems level chaos which the oxygen breathers are desperately attempting to cope with/manage is starting to permeate into the public sphere. See here:

      Parachuting another unelected PM into Downing Street so soon after Truss took office and who has barely warmed the seat would be Constitutionally unprecedented. But doable given the flexibility of Britain’s unwritten Constitution.

      What such an event would tell us, should it occur, is that a decision has been made at very high levels beyond these shores that the priority in the face of impending systemic collapse is to stabalise the ship of State that is UK PLC and steer it through the next twelve to eighteen months, if at all possible.

      It would signal very clearly the seriousness of the general situation on all fronts is sufficient as to make an early General Election an indulgent distraction for which no time exists to carry out in the middle of an unprecedented system wide failure and collapse.

  9. Re: The debate regarding whether or not the Labour Party is dead.
    I wonder of there are two different perspectives on what “being dead” means.
    It seems to me that, in SH’s view, the LP is not dead because it could easily form the next, or next but one, government.
    Others view the LP as dead because there is no prospect of it ever deviating from the neoliberal consensus.
    Seems to me that both views can be argued to be correct.
    Saying that the LP is a zombie organisation might be more accurate.

    1. goldbach – Oh dear, if only you had something credible to offer beyond your forlorn bleats from the next valley you may have some relevance. I wonder if Jeremy will stand at the upcoming General Election.

      1. Whether corbyn does stand or not, what compels you to ask that question repeatedly?

        We get it. You don’t like Corbyn. Even though he’s no longer welcome in your shitshow of a clique, it pains you immeasurably to see his popularity within both the nation but more importantly his own constituency.

        And let’s not make any bones about it, you want him out the way in the vain hope socialism will disappear with him, and keef won’t have that nagging problem to deal with any longer

        It won’t be going away, with or without Corbyn as an MP.

        What you need to get is that the nation DOES NOT really quite like keef smarmer, as you claimed without any evidence whatsoever.

        Point to polls all you like. I see the vox pops on UK TV. I don’t see anybody making the same claim as you.

        I DO see pundits and even TV news presenters calling keef boring (amongst several other negative things) to his face; with keef being showing corpse-like rigidity in proffering rehearsed and scripted answers instead of showing any spontaneity.

        And I also see the general public asking keef WHO? in said news/current affairs programmes.

        I never heard keefs’ name being sung at Wimbledon. I never heard keefs’ name being chanted at Glastonbury.

        But you’re telling us people really quite like.

        WHAT people?

      2. Toffee – ……and yet come the 19GE where were the votes of those cheering crowds?

      3. Who knows? They were there in ’17 when the plotters shat themselves at the results.

        Maybe, like the majority of the nation they were concentrating on the main issue of the election – which was getting out of the EU – unlike keef (and your alleged 70%…where was YOUR vote, hmm?) who made up policy on the fly for labour to hold yet another referendum.

        Maybe, like me, they had a smarmerist/bliarist MP they found repugnant. There was plenty to choose from – and not enough of them were unshipped.

        But one thing’s certain. People do NOT really quite like keef like you claim.

        So I’ll ask again, WHICH people really like him? Where are the crowds thronging to his presence? Where are the vox pops lauding his every word/deed?

        Where are the news articles and news presenters bigging him up?

        Hes never had the press Corbyn received, but he’s never had all sorts of false accusations and smears printed about him.

        Unless of course, like you, there are those keef idolators who believe the Al Jazeera documentary was a hatchet job 😏

      4. Toffee – As we saw in 2019 mass ‘adoration’ doesn’t necessarily endure and translate into actual votes. In today’s world ‘celebrity’ status can turn out be a very fleeting and/or fickle thing.
        For instance by the time we got around to the 19GE you couldn’t even be bothered to shift your arse to vote for Corbyn. Which given the amount of time you now spend extolling Jeremy’s ‘virtues’ is decidedly odd, did he say something to upset you in the run up to the election?

      5. Dear oh dear! SteveH hanging his hat on the word ‘credible’ when the alternative he his pushing is and will lead to widespread system collapse and therefore has less than zero credibility itself.

        What a one trick pony.

      6. Dave – You are welcome to point out anything that I have said on this page that is inaccurate along with a link to your supporting evidence.

        You’ve contributed over 2,000 words to this page. You must be very impressed with yourself.
        Keep up the ‘good work’ 😏

    2. Yeah, I’m sure starmer’s Labor will make up the next elected Govt in Britain goldbach.
      Maybe it’s only when the voting public start to notice that the newly elected prime minister is a duplicitous, power-grabbing sock-puppet of the oligarchic billionaires, who lies as easily as he speaks, who doesn’t promote or serve any of Labour’s key values and who sets up health passports/mandatory vaccination of NHS staff, that the Labour brand will finally be as dead.

      So maybe those two perspectives are both parts of how starmer is destroying Labour.

  10. Off topic:

    Excellent piece, as usual, from Jonathan Cook in Dorset Eye

    Westerners are deluded if they believe they are the good guys

    Stark contradictions in West’s treatment of the Ukraine war and the occupation and siege of Palestine should serve as a wake-up call.

    No one took responsibility for the explosion over the weekend that ripped through a section of the Kerch Bridge that links Russia to Crimea and was built by Moscow after it annexed the peninsula back in 2014.

    But it was not just Kyiv’s gleeful celebrations that indicated the main suspect. Within hours, the Ukrainian authorities had released a set of commemorative stamps depicting the destruction.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin was under no illusions either. On Monday, he struck out with a torrent of missiles that hit major Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv and Lviv. It was a pale, Slavic echo of Israel’s intermittent bombardments of Gaza, which are expressly intended to send the Palestinian enclave “back to the Stone Age”.

    If the scenes looked familiar – an attack by one party, followed by a massive retaliatory strike from the other – the mood and language that greeted the Ukrainian attack and the Russian counter-attack felt noticeably different from what passes for normal western commentary about Israel and Palestine.

  11. Toffee – As we saw in 2019 mass ‘adoration’ doesn’t necessarily endure and translate into actual votes

    No, it doesn’t. Nobody said it does.

    And nor do opinion polls you’re overly fond of posting.

    So, I’ll ask AGAIN.

    WHO and WHERE are these masses of people that supposedly really quite like keef?

    Why are they not on the TV, telling us such, or photographed turning out for him in even a tenth of the numbers that invariably turned out for Corbyn?

    As usual, you’ve plucked something out of your arse and expect us all to sniff it.

    1. Toffee – Check out the polls.
      Have you forgotten that Corbyn’s mass turnouts ended in the loss of 60 seats. Perhaps you should reread my comment above that you have so extensively quoted from.

      1. Steveh, 2000 words posted by one person. Did you use a machine, are you an àccountant? Really, c’mon, counting words in posts. Do you count Toffees, wind-chime? Yes you do. Say you count mine please, even if you don’t. Be kind, Steve. Wobbly.

    2. No. I will NOT check out the polls.

      They do NOT reflect reality. ELECTIONS do.

      You have claimed that people really quite like keef with NO evidence whatsoever.

      Therefore we want to know WHAT people?

      Where is the massive upsurge in membership numbers that there was under the first two years of Corbyn, seeing people really quite like keef?

      Keef has been fortunate enough to have been (alleged) oppositionleader against THE TWO worst, most corrupt and incompetent governments in all history.

      You’d have thought even with the toerags’ almost universal unpopularity, labour membership numbers would have at least increased slightly.

      They haven’t.

      Keef is ahead on your polls by default. Not by any popularity or by any management on his part.

      Stop making shit up and trying to palm it off as fact, you sad fantasist & nonce applogist

      1. Toffee – Really?🥱
        Why don’t you come back and tell me all about it after the next General Election.

      2. You mean the one where keef MOGJT win because the toerags have bollocksed themselves and the nation?

        Won’t be through anything keefs’ done…Come to think of it, just WHAT has he done of note?

        Reneged on every one of his pledges?

        Abstained? Openly and publicly BRAGGED about SUPPORTING toerag policies?

        Oh, he withdrew the whip from that dastardly Corbyn, didn’t he? One genial hardcase is that keef. 👍

      3. *MIGHT

        (feckin phone keyboard annoys me only slightly less than you)

      4. Toffee – It is gratifying to know that I am in your thoughts.

  12. What a one trick pony

    And a shit trick at that. Like putting your thumb between your forefingers on a clenched fist and telling a baby you’ve got their nose.

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