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East End women join chorus of outrage at party’s abuse of Apsana Begum – and condemn ‘ongoing intimidation’ to remove her

Bethnal Green and Bow women’s Labour branch publishes Twitter thread highlighting abuses and party’s ignoring of their complaints and requests for action

Women members of the Labour party in the East End of London have added their voices to the growing outrage over the party’s abuse and lack of protection toward Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum.

Ms Begum was prosecuted for housing fraud by Tower Hamlets council in a case heavily involving her allegedly abusive ex-husband and his allies – a case that collapsed when she was rightly acquitted – but the party has continued to smear her and to attempt to remove her as the constituency’s MP, despite an intervention by an independent domestic abuse advocate and multiple complaints from local members about threats, bullying and intimidation in a ‘trigger’ process that the party continues to push through despite Begum’s current poor health and the stress the process is causing.

Now women members in the neighbouring Bethnal Green and Bow Labour party have spoken out on social media about their serious concerns – and the way that the party machine has ignored and blocked them while empowering Begum’s ex-husband and his allies – and reaffirming their solidarity with the abused MP:

The Labour right’s racism toward people of colour – and particularly women MPs – has been well documented, but the party regime continues to protect perpetrators while ignoring complaints and the safety and wellbeing of abused women.

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  1. Yeah – but WHEN is she getting triggered?


    1. Toffe, hopefully never. I hope the affiliated Trade Unions branches see sense and refuse to trigger Apsana. Without the support of affiliated TUs branches is going to be very difficult to trigger her.

  2. Doesn’t Poplar and Limehouse CLP has a Women Branch? It would explain its silence.
    I have been told that many CLPs across England don’t have Women Branches because the right wingers don’t like women to organise without men supervision.

  3. Well done Bethnal Green and Bow CLP Womens Branch. I hope this will encourage other CLPs to come out in support of Apsana

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. This disgraceful episode deserves full attention and full publicity.
      Further proof that the Labour Establishment do not represent anything remotely connected with the idea of social progress.

  4. It takes a while to get a Women’s branch going
    and women who have the time to help it do

    Given COVID and restrictions which have changed
    day to day because of the actions (or non actions)
    of this govt by incompetents – it is not surprising
    that some CLPs have not got Women’s Branches.
    Not only that I think women in CLPs do not realise
    the potential of a Woman’s branch.

    However roll on the day when ALL CLPs have
    Branches.- then you will see a revolution akin to
    the reinvigoration of the Unions!

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