Starmer attacks Johnson’s broken promises – but broke ALL his leader campaign promises (video)

Keir Starmer attacked Boris Johnson’s honesty and trustworthiness in PMQs today, saying Johnson’s pledges ‘aren’t worth the manifesto paper they’re written on’.

Starmer was right: whether on the pensions triple lock, the test and trace disaster or anything else, ‘Bozo’ is a con artist.

Tragically for the nation, so is Keir Starmer.

As left campaigners Nicola James pointed out, Starmer has broken every one of his campaign promises:

Every single one discarded in Starmer’s desperation to drag Labour to the right and avoid opposition at all costs:

When the ‘opposition’ is as bad as the Tory government- when they really are ‘all the same’ – and determined not to actually oppose, the nation is betrayed. A nation suffering mass needless deaths and reeling under the cuts and conscious cruelty of more than a decade of Tory rule.

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  1. The Labour leadership was branded “pathetic and childish” after it issued an invite for a drinks party jointly hosted by Sir Keir Starmer and his Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves but not his deputy Angela Rayner.

    Deep divisions have emerged at the top of the party after Sir Keir undertook a surprise wholesale reshuffle of his shadow Cabinet that appeared to blind side his deputy leader Ms Rayner.

    And in a further sign of splits, the leader’s office issued a save the date for Christmas drinks with journalists based in Westminster that did not include his second in command.

    1. Wow Starmer sending out party invitations without inviting his deputy. He’s worse than I actually thought. I’m no fan of Angela, but this is disgraceful. It’s obvious he’s trying to provoke her into resigning. It’s the only way he can get rid of her.

      1. He’s SO passive aggressive. I never really understood that phrase, but suddenly it resonates, it’s crystal clear! Oh, no.., yes, em, no, Crystal Clear… in a criminal psychosis sort of way!

        Yup, forensically clear.

        He’d stab you in the back as soon as look at you. He won’t be getting my vote!

    2. Reply to Apple Crumble
      You know the old saying Apple Crumble about when rogues fall out – well it applies in the case of Starmer and Rayner. They deserve each other.

  2. The country is in the biggest crises since WWII and the poor are suffering. So the leader of the opposition manages a snarky attack on the pm’s christmas party, WTF. Only someone supported unconditionally by the ‘labour aristocracy’ could get away with it – he’s an empty man who really has no empathy, understanding or grit.

  3. Sir Keir PKB* Starmer – the best non-leader Labour never not had**

    *PKB: Pot Kettle Black – insert your own verb

    **even Oswald Moseley would have been a better leader (truer to Labour values), than sur Keir PKB

    1. To paraphrase Michael Moore at the Oscars, “…and when Oswald Moseley is preferred over you by (nominally) one of your own side, you know your time is up!”

    2. I am no lover of Mosely or TedKid Lewis’ blackshirts but Beck, their agricultural spokesfascist had some interesting ideas. Yeah, I know, no oxygen for fascists. Still..

  4. Faults most recognized in others best recognized in yourself Mr. Starmer! In this farcical “democracy” considering the two of you – Johnson and Starmer and all the overpaid masturbating maggots that surround you both. I no longer bother voting …what is the point? You are both evil opressive genocidal irresponsible egocentric: what do your job descriptions say you SHOULD be doing? I pray God intervenes and has this swamp of devils destroyed by earth quake? I did not write this, I was never here, I was never here, there, anywhere, doing anything, saying anything, Oh yes “God save the ….” I do not waste my time voting for criminals to be in parliament!!!!! GOD SAVE THE POOR.

    1. What an insult to masturbating maggots, being compared to Starmer & Bojo……it’s the thinking man’s television.

  5. The decline continues. There is a kind of morbid fascination in all this. How long will it last?

  6. All we’ll hear from Blue Keef and his Starmersstruppen TORIES are LIES, LIES, MORE LIES, SPIN, MORE SPIN!
    All their “LABOUR FOR MIDDLE CLASS NOT THE UNDESERVING POOR”, “Labour is not the Party for People out of work!”, “Labour will be tougher than the Conservatives on Benefit Claimants!”, “10 Years for “Benefit Frauds”” rhetoric will turn to shit, painted to resemble flowers!
    Sadly MANY Desperate people will vote for their Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORY Shite Spin and continue the 43 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY HELL! 5 more years of rivers of tears!

  7. It is unfair to accuse Starmer of breaking his promises. It is much more likely that he has kept all the promises he made to the Israeli and US Embassies. the intelligence establishment, the billionaires who financed him, The Guardian and Trilateral Commission in which his stock has surely risen greatly.
    One of those promises will have been to follow instructions, disguise his true intentions from the membership and pose as the new face of Corbynism.

  8. The leader of the Labour party will be always remembered amongst the majority that voted for him with fond memories of a leader who’s mission to change the Labour party was successful even whan he destroyed socialism inside the Labour party ..The Labour party is but a shell of course but that was the personal plan of the knight from Surrey and the right wing Labour party only realised that when the party faced economic and electoral oblivion..
    Steve H Hall always saying “careful what you wish for” has had to swallow his own vomit when he casts his eye on a Labour party bleeding members and voters and moving into Bankruptcy as well….careful what you wish for steve H and all you broad church brigade members of the Labour party and have a merry Christmas everyone.

  9. I recently saw Starmer Chameleon’s election campaign video.

    I am surprised one of those claims firms haven’t swooped down:

    “Did you vote for Starmer? You could be eligible for compensation”

    1. A shameful new low for the Prime Minister. Hot air, bluster & outright lies. Today’s PMQS unwrapped – Peter Stefanovic

  10. SteveH-

    Starmer obsessing over a Downing Street Christmas party held some 12 months ago, illustrates the trivial BS he’s left fighting over because the party agrees with the Tories on all the big issues.

    Who cares? Starmer became known as Sir Flip Flop after holding SIX positions on schools reopening (or closing) in less than a year.

    There’s a widely held view from the US, that the smaller the differences become between the big two parties there, the more viciously personal things get. Parties with clear platforms don’t need to attack individuals or bang on about trivial stuff.

  11. I cannot in good conscience campaign for people who betray those who vote for them so easily and thoroughly.

    The hypocrisy is breath-taking. The “Moderates” become more and more like the Tories everyday.

  12. Does anyone seen Politics Live today? The points about the PM
    ignoring the law and being economic with the actualit´e equally
    applies to Starmer.

    Good for Dawn Butler in trying to set the PM bang to rights
    and also getting the points in about Corbyn and McDonald
    being more trustworthy after the sneers from the Tories ..

    1. Does —-> Did

      Sorry ..

      PS Am currently watching a recording of the program
      in question and Dawn is sounding better and better

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