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Exclusive: Labour ‘vultures’ hung around court to announce by-election and line up right-wingers to replace Begum – until she was acquitted

Labour staff hung around Snaresbrook courthouse in latter stages of trial ready to announce moves to replace Muslim left MP – but plans were thwarted by dismissal of charges

Local Labour members who supported left Labour MP Apsana Begum throughout the ordeal of her trial on ‘vexatious’ and ‘malice-driven’ charges of housing fraud say that London Labour officials hung around the courthouse ‘like vultures’ in the late stages of the trial – including yesterday – waiting for a guilty verdict so they could announce the preparations for a by-election to replace the pro-Corbyn MP.

And that right-wing candidates had already been lined up to make a shortlist. Witnesses accused the Labour officials of palpable disappointment when yesterday’s acquittal was announced.

On hearing the verdict, Ms Begum said that the prosecution against her had been ‘driven by malice’. Party leader Keir Starmer, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, has found time today to tweet congratulations to Boris Johnson and Carrie Simmonds on her newest pregnancy and about the British team’s medal haul at the Tokyo Olympics, but not to welcome Begum’s victory against the ‘vexatious’ charges.

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  1. No decent person can “unify with”, “work with”, “work around”, “calm down” such horrible horrible HORRIBLE people for anything, never mind a so called “Labour government”‼️‼️‼️

  2. Good grief, is this true?

    Surely, no one in The Labour Party would be that callous. If so, they’d be the strangest Democratic Socialist, I’ve ever come across.

    Do we have any names – hints, of names? Parliamentarian, or HQ staff?


    1. SKWAWKBOX.ORG – “Party leader Keir Starmer, a former Director of Public Prosecutions,

      has found time today to tweet congratulations

      to Boris Johnson and Carrie Simmonds on her newest pregnancy and about the British team’s medal haul at the Tokyo Olympics,

      BUT NOT to welcome Begum’s victory against the ‘vexatious’ charges.”

      WHAT else does ANYONE need to know about that lot❓❓❓

      WHY are some STILL feeling that those DISGUSTING parasitic Tories in our party is by some TWISTED logic not worse and more dangerous to us in our own party

      1. Have they congratulated any of our victories against theJC?

    2. George, they are not, in any universe, either democratic or socialist.

      To really know how vicious these people are you need to have been on the receiving end of their attacks. They are the absolute worst people you could ever imagine. They make up allegations. Stalk you on social media then take your posts and manipulate them to look the worst they can possibly be (something I hadn’t noticed until it was pointed out to me by a legal expert, that my posts had been doctored).

      On my journey, I’ve met lovely people, who’s lives have been ripped apart. Their jobs, careers and livelyhoods put in jepody, in some cases finished. Reputations trashed. They (or should I say we, because I am one) are collateral damage in Blair’s war for neoliberal domination.

      They do not listen to evidence or reason or follow any democratic procedures. They dismiss natural justice as inconvenient irrelevance.

      New, New Labour should never be anywhere near government. They are more right wing, have more fascistic tendencies than the Tories.

      1. Authoritarian, City of London,MIC, Likudists. Really Comrades it’s over. This is just despicable and relentless.

      2. Nemtona precisely! Yet we r told by those we trusted; “unify” with creatures like that “for a Labour government”. Can anyone explain how that is possible❓❓❓
        After forty of FIFTY years⁉️⁉️⁉️

        When someone asked John NcDonnell for advice re: a well known absolutely vile individual; McDonnnell said “WORK AROUND 🪰🪰🪰🪰

        HOW has that gone⁉️⁉️⁉️
        Was McDonnell “working around” Alastair Campbell too when he sat for Campbell’s interview⁉️⁉️⁉️

        We must return their “loyalty” FULL STRENGTH and generously multiplied.
        🚨🚧‼️🚨🚧‼️🚨 🚧‼️

      3. CORRECTION – missed out a 🪰. Should have read – “WORK AROUND 🪰🪰🪰🪰🪰.”

        And i was counting on my fingers!!! The shame of it🥲🥲🥲

    3. Yes, names please. Then they should be asked what they were doing there.

      1. Paul, we’re they there during working time? This is a late response but once I start following something who knows where it leads.

    4. George Peel, they aren’t democratic socialists, but rather red Tories pretending otherwise.

  3. Tough titty stammerite mutants.

    Congrats to the johnson couple, I’m sure. One more after this, though, and you know what has to happen if you wanna claim child credit for it…

      1. Hadn’t seen that. I’ve no idea. And as I have no access to either I’m unable to do so.

        Nice to have my efforts recognised though. 🙂

      2. Toffee, Coyne claimed that he had not spoken to SIR Keith. Implying no communication since deciding to try to replace McCluskey.

        Many including me feel that was a lie. Since i remember hearing Hodge and other despicable creatures OPENLY campaigning against Howard Beckett. Hodge groaned Union leadership is crucial to their plans etc etc so Coyne should be the new leader to work with them; ie Mandelson Evans the things themselves Hodge & War Criminal Creature WMD Blair the liar and Starmer liar.

        I was hoping u in particular may be able to find evidence of Coyne having chatted with Max Headroom the bollard headed bastard since the race to replace McCluskey.
        No sensible person believed Coyne.

        I know McCluskey was listening very carefully and corrected one of Coyne’s many attempts to mislead -many IN MY OPINION -.

        p.s The Graham lady was excellent+++ i was surprisingly extremely impressed. Did not spot a single weak point in substance and presentation. Coyne to be fair was almost as confident as Graham, but he seriously lacked substance. You could tell he is a shyster from a million kilometres away. And his answers to questions created slight gasps of disbelief … even from me with the lowest opinion of him. Remarkable.

        Interesting how with ZERO substance that lot have hutzpah while we, overflowing with unimpeachable worth, hide, “keep heads down”, fail to turn up and speak up… It really is quite extraordinarily tragic.

        I suppose McCluskey as ever did not want to expose yet another dodgy Coyneing within the space of a few minutes. Since Coyne is the choice of bastards and they leave nothing to chance, we found it WILDLY inconceivable that he did not plot snd scheme with SIR Rodney Keith Dip Stick.

      3. So does anyone else know what signpost was referring to – ie why he was asking if anyone has ‘evidence of Gerard Coyne communicating’ with Starmer? Or why he said (in relation to Coyne) that ‘He has just claimed and insisted that “he has not spoken to starmer” 21:43hrs.

        WHO was Coyne claiming and insisting that he hadn’t spoken to Starmer to? And where? And why was someone doing so AND questioning Coyne about it? Surely someone knows what it was about, not least the five people who gave signpost’s comment a Like.

        And signpost himself of course. Signpost?

      4. Oh, I see that signpost posted a comment while I was typing out my last comment. So just out of curiousity, who was Coyne claiming and insisting to that he hadn’t spoken to Starmer at 21.43 hrs on Thursday? Who was questioning Coyle? I know you listen to the radio a lot signpost, so was it on some radio program? What I still don’t understand though is what the significance is – ie why Coyne would have some reason to deny that he’d spoken to Starmer. What is the implication? Could you elaborate?

        Anyway, talking about people lying, I posted the following comment on Craig Murray’s blog a few days ago, which further elaborates about the massive Big Lie that Marie van der Zyl – the President of the BoD – dissembled about Jeremy in an interview on a Israeli news station in November 2018:

  4. “I think there are many more despicable people than I ever imagined.” ― Antonio Muñoz Molina, In the Night of Time.

    And there’s a peppering of them amongst Labour staff, and its member for the Trilateral Commission, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

  5. Again we need to learn from this, CLPs/Members if your MP/Candidate is a Neoliberal Neolabour Party Parasite TORY, ACT NOW! GET THE FILTH OUT NOW, don’t force people to vote Conservative Tory to get rid of the Nasty Neolabour TORY Parasites who all played their Part in stealing our HOPE, CHANCE to end 42 years of TORY hell & CHOICE of a UK Labour Party VS a Conservative TORY Party OR at LEAST an OPPOSITION Party!! What do we have now, Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES vs Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES, on an endless loop for a very, very long time unless we lose the Parasite TORIES infesting the HOST PARTY The UK Labour Party, they wont stop destroying until we destroy them one way or another, they must be deseated do it clean, do it dirty, whatever it takes!

  6. These right-wingers in the party are the lowest of the low.
    Their obnoxious tactics are beyond despicable.
    They have colonised our party to subvert its historical mission to support the poor and the voiceless.
    Our day will come !

  7. Come on Guys, cut Max Headroom some slack. He’s always a bit slow off the mark when it comes to expressing concern for injustice being done to innocent people. I mean Assange is still waiting for an apology for wrongful incarceration at the behest of the DPP at the time, and all those poor Palestinian families whose children have had their heads blown off by Max’s mates in Tel Aviv are still waiting for a comment of solidarity and sympathy from the current Labour leader.

    He’s been really busy watching the Olympics on TV, he cannot multi-task.

  8. A victory would have meant a dagger over the head of everyone applying for social housing.

  9. Dear Steve, everyone I post the site goes back up to the headlines. It never used to do this. I have to use a style and it is very time consuming. Not complaining, I love the site and all the posters, just asking. Love to you and yours. Wobbly X

  10. Like most on here I have lost count on how much MSM reported that the nasty left wing were bullying the so called moderates in the party. When all the long it was the other way round. Despicable lot they seem to be.
    For some reason I am reminded of a story I was told by a group of young Labour members who attended a conference where they were shocked at how vocal other attendees were on how they much preferred to lose a general election than have Jeremy as PM.

    1. BackofBeyond the right wing Tory entryist parasites have been openly bullying, hostile, did and are still doing everything against us the TRUE Labour. It is undisguised in my CLP and from what i hear, nationally too. Many on the “Left” have grown to believe DEEPLY that they have no choice because the Tories in their own party are worse.

      Even re: the short term, never mind medium and longterm; that is seriously misguided. That misguidance means TRUE Labour will eventually be COMPLETELY purged from the party. The public will then be condemned to ZERO worthwhile choice. Because decent people remained on the back-foot blindly worshipping the mythical “broad church”.

      The parasites would have been handed all the party assets physical and otherwise, eg data, remnants of recognition / associated historical meaning, infrastructure and reach.

      Now is the CRUNCH time. Tough but necessary. The longer we take, to return their “loyalty” DECISIVELY, the more irretrievable the disaster to the entire country. If even 1/100 of the effort used to describe and fume on and on about OBVIOUS external forces, were devoted to pest clearance and control, we could get our party back.

      The only danger i see is, if control of the party is retrieved BY us, plus another miracle and hard work BY US who have remained to try our best; the next problem is blocking the return of those who left us to battle alone.

      My firm view is people have a right to leave through understandable frustrations. But it is unfair for them to return when the going is good. That attitude helped cause the present state. Change does not happen by magic. Sincerity without reliability is unnecessary. More critically it is an active burden. It is twinned with passivity and persistent timidity. There is no ill will except to those who dare to point out challenging truths. Facts however prove that they are fair weather “comrades” determined to remain as they are. The majority who sang “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!!!” are not like that. They were up for change. They never expected the weird craving to unite with what they disagreed. That superficial incoherence came from within.

      The many must not be let down again.. That repetition cannot be stopped by pussyfooting around truths.

      There is an obsession with noise, a rabble and crowds despite the proof none of that prevented our leaders handing control to the parasites, even with “backroom deals.” Backroom deals are ALWAYS “top down” and TOTALLY “UNDEMOCRATIC”. Totally INCONSISTENT with our professed values.


      Anyone … … … ? ? ?

      “Unifying with racist liars”⁉️⁉️⁉️

      … … … ❔ ❔ ❔

      1. One can leave and still remain active. Junk the Co op ASAP.

  11. Yes – And one can get kicked out and still remain active.
    And that’s what they should fear increasingly.
    I’m still in the party.
    My activism is now focused only on getting rid of Starmer and Evans – and the rest of the right-wing colonisers of the party.
    Not easy – Perhaps now impossible.
    I’ve reduced my subscription to the lowest possible.
    I stayed at home during Batley & Spen.
    I used to work hard for the party.
    I now work hard to change the party.
    I’m quite resigned to the fact that I’m probably fighting a lost battle.

    1. johnsco1
      Not long now, in no particular order
      History maker on the left steps forward, Unions intervene at conference and refuse to back Evans, Temporary Embarrassment resigns, 50 mp’s back left candidate, vote of no confidence in Temporary Embarrassment

      Labour Day Tuesday 5th October 2021
      Members and Unions withdraw funding en masse
      Bankrupt party and buy name back off Receiver

  12. If you trust the judiciary with decency; morality & integrity then you might as well howl at the moon; just ask Assange & Murray.. The class struggle is not about race & the judiciary is a bastion of elites; they are not independent nor separate from government. Yet another example of class war is the composition of EHRC. All ‘Top Jobs’ are handed to public school chums. Tony Blair stated that the class war is over……he was right in one way, as it is ignored by educational establishments & MSM & replaced by ‘Identity Politics’.

    1. Indeed. And there are too many on the left who are doing all the heavy lifting for this reactionary narrative and it’s dogma. Creating a hierarchy of oppression and atomising Class politics with this school playground level nonsense.

      The likes of Thatcher and Rand would be pumping the air with their fists at having injected this regressive creed into the left body politic to the extent that large sections of the political left are selling this as progressive. Enabling the political right to appear as the sane ones and bastions against mob rule.

  13. For much of the time on the left we have been talking about class struggle – – –
    Talking about it – – – While the capitalist class have never stopped fighing it.
    As Dave Hansell says, we have allowed our Class Politics to be atomised with endless discussion about side-shows.
    It’s time that we focused on the central economic questions that define the employment and social relationships in society – – –
    Why have the rich got all the loot ???
    How did we let them get away with it ???
    What can we do to change it ???
    It’s not easy – But today’s Labour Party isn’t even close to addressing the questions.

  14. This is very unfair because vultures are very useful creatures. In reality, they are our friends.

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