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Breaking: Begum, told to rest by medics, condemns ‘misogynistic harassment’ of Labour’s attempt to deselect her

Labour MP Apsana Begum has spoken out – despite doctors’ orders to rest after illness – against the misogyny, abuse and intimidation of the Labour regime’s attempt to remove her as the MP for Poplar and Limehouse in London.

Begum defeated an attempt to remove her through the courts when allies of her ex-husband, whom she had fled, accused her of housing fraud – a charge that was rightly thrown out of court, to the disappointment of the Labour-right vultures waiting outside the courtroom to announce the right-wing candidates to replace her.

But the right has not given up on its determination to deselect her – orchestrated under Keir Starmer by the same figures behind the criminal prosecution – and the regime has been accused of ‘vicious’ intimidation, bullying and threatening behaviour, especially toward women, in the ‘trigger’ process to decide whether she stands for the party at the next general election.

And now Ms Begum has come forward publicly with a statement about the party’s scandalous behaviour toward her, decrying that same misogyny, abuse and bullying:

For the duration of my time as a Member of Parliament, I have been subjected to a sustained campaign of misogynistic abuse and harassment. As a survivor of domestic abuse, it has been particularly painful and difficult. This abusive campaign has had a significant effect on my mental and physical health.

On Sunday 12th June, I had to attend hospital and was subsequently signed off sick by my GP. It is hard to have to take time off from my work representing the constituency in which I grew up and live, and for which it is my honour to serve as the MP. Thanks to my staff, my office will continue to support constituents until I am able to return to work.

As I am unwell, I have not been able to participate in the Labour Party’s internal trigger ballot process for a while. However, I would like to extend my thanks for the support shown by so many members who have attended meetings over recent weeks.

I am very concerned by the wider circumstances surrounding the trigger ballot process. This has included complaints of alleged rule-breaking and alleged misogynistic intimidation. It is vital that the Party investigates these complaints properly and takes the appropriate action.

Regrettably, the treatment I have faced will be all too familiar to women, socialists, and those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

If the Labour Party is to be the party of equality, it must do all it can to ensure that such behaviour is never tolerated.

I would like to thank people in Poplar and Limehouse and across the UK for all the support and solidarity that you have shown once again over recent weeks.

I thank the organisations, trades unions, and so many others who have issued statements of support.
I will see you all once I am better.

Apsana Begum MP
For people and planet. For Poplar and Limehouse.

Despite Ms Begum’s illness and the multiple complaints by members about the process and the conduct of those running it, Labour has done nothing to intervene – just as it offered her no support during the trial nor even any congratulations on her acquittal and has done nothing to stem the rampant Islamophobia of the Labour right.

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  1. All we know at the moment is that she might be subject to the Trigger Ballot process that was introduced by Jeremy Corbyn.

      1. Starmer upped the threshold required to activate the OMOV ballot at last years conference thus giving sitting MPs like Ms Begum a greater degree of security.

    1. Yes, well, a misogynist, racist, Neo-Labour TORY Party supporter would slip by an entire article and miss everything it is about, just like the slippery eel that is his lawd and master, BlueKeef would. Facts don’t only come in your MSM and Right Wing “Labour” Garb!

      1. nellyskelly – Thanks for your valued contribution, I love you too.😘

      2. Still imagining that this is your blog, I see. What a deluded fool you are, just like your Dear Leader BlueKeef.

    2. Wee gobshite’s excuse for keef on trigger ballots is eerily familiar. Blame the previous leadership for implementation. Lie about subsequent changes.

      It sounds like the toerags with their:

      Foodbanks first appeared under a labour govt. The ONLY reason their use has increased is because we toerags made it easier for people to access them.”

      1. Toffee – Yes I’ve been justifiably critical of Corbyn for the sneaky way he foisted trigger ballots on the party against the wishes of the membership. Do you think that trigger ballots are preferable to mandatory reselection?

        The changes to the trigger ballot process that were introduced at the last conference are a matter of public record and yet you have bizarrely accused me of lying about these changes.
        Do you have any evidence to support your f’wit lies?

    3. As a muslim you not even mentioning the vile islamophobia she was subjected to, tells me all i need to know about keef and his party.

      1. The Forde Report handling is a state of the nation indicator. If that Inquiry was handled the same by The Conservative Party as it was by BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Party TORIES it would have been utterly shocking and a worthy recomendation to The UN, but this is the supposed Opposition to the Government Party, who shoulld be looking out for The PEOPLE, not just those with ‘blond hair and blue eyes and money’ it is frightening to see the rotting away of humainty replaced by disease!

      2. Jill – What vile Islamophobia would that be, I’ve seen plenty of claims but very little in the way of any actual details.

  2. The total lack of support shown to Apsana by the PLP and the Womens PLP in particular is a disgrace and needs to be called out . Where are all these champions of Women’s rights – Phillips Cooper Harman – when it comes to a BAME socialist survivor of domestic abuse. Nowhere to be seen that’s where .
    Apsana is being treated with exactly the same distain and contempt that was shown to Diane Abbot Claudia Webbe and others. Shame on Starmers Labour

      1. So within three minutes of Smartboy posting his comment Steveh posts a reply to him. But he’s not a shill constantly monitoring the site of course!

        Oh, right, AND he posted the first comment. Yet AGAIN! I mean he REALLY doesn’t give a fuck if everyone KNOWS that he’s a fucking Establishment paid shill! He just keeps on keeping on!!

      2. Allan – Oh FFS give it a rest, you’re rabidly becoming a parody of yourself.

      3. So within three minutes of me posting my comment…….

        Oh, but he’s not a shilll.. Perish the thought.

      4. The race card. Islamophobia is racism. Pray tell me if you are attacked or spat at on a daily basis just because of a piece of cloth called a hijab on your head. Yes you are a starmeroid.

      5. Because the world, and his wife, knows there is a BAME & Islamophobe problem in the Labour Party.

        That was the real scandal. Not antisemitism.

        Ask Diane Abbott.

      6. And if it was Madge (pederast enabler) Hodge I wonder what’d be done, hmmm? 🤔😙🎶

        Clue: As if they’d allow anything like that to happen to the arld hag in the first place 😒

      7. Toffee – Have you forgotten that Hodge was triggered by her CLP and ‘the left’ failed to get there act together for the OMOV ballot.

    1. Smartboy, You are right, Labour seem to have a massive problem with female MP’s with coloured skin. As well as being a liar Starmer is obviously the leader of a racist Party, because he never does anything about these attacks. Actually, that we already know his record on racism by his unqualified support for the Apartheid State of Israel.

      1. Aspana thanks everyone across the UK.Her message of fighting back has gone a lot further than the UK and even nominaly Tory voting expats in Cambodia have been appalled but not suprised at the behaviour of a now notorious knight of the realm and even had a chuckle or two at the hypocrisy of a knight of the realm supposedly representing a working class labour party..The squawkbox was eagerly read in the “family bar”Old Market kampot Cambodia. ” and I am sure that its not restricted to Cambodia or S.East Asia.The internet goes everywhere somthing we must never forget..they are watching?

      2. Reply to Baz2001
        Not only does Starmer give unqualified support to Israel and its disgraceful treatment of Palestinians but in his Labour party even the mildest criticism of Israel is deemed to be ” antisemitism” and grounds for expulsion.
        His main targets for the “antisemitism” smear appear to be elderly Jewish members who are critics of Israel .The reason for this is that their criticism carries more weight that that of say young British Muslims so it is necessary for him to undermine and discredit them.
        This targeting of elderly Jews is real antisemitism in action yet the silence from the Chief Rabbi , BoD , CAA, JLM etc is deafening.

    2. “Phillips Cooper Harman – when it comes to a BAME socialist survivor of domestic abuse”
      The requirements for support, in no particular order, are Middle-Class, White, Zionist, Anti-Socialist, Anti-Labour Movement, Neoliberal, TORY or those three, or no other Neo-Labour Party TORY will so much as get up from their arses!

    1. Please watch & listen to what Jeremy has to say about ‘the liberal left’s bible – the ‘Guardian’. Perhaps you could reinforce such research by reading Peter Oborne’s article in the Middle East Eye reference the left luvvie’s favourite Guardian journalists, Paul Mason & Carole Cadwalladr. After publicly assasinating Jeremy & still they worship the Groniad.

    2. Thank you PW for this link.
      Jeremy Corbyn is a great man ,political giant and the way he was treated and is still treated makes my blood boil.
      When we hear about the terrible things Johnson and his party have done, the damage they have done to the country nationally and internationally we should remember that those who vilified Jeremy non stop and the electorate who were willing to believe ill of this gentle and decent man, put Johnson into Downing St . Remember that the next time you go past a food bank, see a homeless man sleeping in the street or have occasion to visit a hospital and experience the primitive insanitary conditions which exist in many of them
      Because Jeremy is a truly great man he’s still standing, his integrity intact and he is admired and respected by decent people across the world. The same cannot be said for his detractors

  3. Thanks…pw very revealing and the bits about Starmer suprising in that he knew little about him.Corbyns clearly angry and obviously a slow burner when it comes to anger.I do hope he channels his undoubted talent and experience into a socialist revival.Maybe though hes had enough of the backstabbing labour party…and certainly the knight of the realm .and his PLP thugs..

  4. Gradually Truth will overule the lies, propaganda, spin, smear, coupes. If we look at South America it is only by the constant battle against American lies, propaganda, spin, smear, coupes and by Speaking truth that The PEOPLE started waking up!
    Here is Jeremy Corbyn in his own word speaking frankly about MI5/6, MSM, etc, etc Great Interview:

  5. Her plight has also been reported by the MSM

    The Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post,
    Jewish News

    a bit more support than the last time I looked but
    also some nasty comments too

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