Starmer tweets on Olympics but no mention of Begum’s acquittal – let alone congratulations

Labour ‘leader’ finds time to tweet about Olympics since Begum cleared of wrongful charges – but neither he nor Jess Phillips have mentioned Labour MP Begum

Weakness and strength: Keir Starmer and Apsana Begum

Labour party leader Keir Starmer has found time in his schedule this evening to post an unpopular and derided tweet about British Olympic medals.

However, at the time of writing – and more than three hours after the verdict broke – he had not made any mention of Labour MP Apsana Begum’s acquittal in court today on wrongful charges of housing fraud, charges that had many observers questioning the motivation and driver behind the Establishment’s determination to prosecute.

Starmer’s tweet – 75 shares in more than three hours as of the time of writing

Begum’s predicament had been driven by the need to escape an abusive situation – yet the Twitter feed of Labour’s Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, Jess Phillips, had also been silent on the verdict up to the time of writing, depite prompts from observers and a request from Skwawkbox.

Neither the decision to prosecute Begum nor the lack of a welcome for the verdict from the Labour leader have gone down well:

At least parts of the Labour right appear to have been hoping for Apsana Begum to be convicted, judging by vile and Islamophobic tweets about the fact that former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell appeared in court as a character witness for the Poplar and Limehouse MP. The failure of Keir Starmer and his front bench to support a colleague during her trial is damning – but their failure to even mention the not-guilty verdict, let alone welcome it, is utterly appalling.

Yesterday, a day or so after Skwawkbox criticised him for not defending the RNLI from attack by the far right for rescuing drowning asylum seekers, Starmer finally put out a tweet. If he does the same in the case of Apsana Begum, he’ll be fooling nobody.

Update: Apsana Begum has put out a statement on her acquittal in which she said that the prosecution was ‘vexatious’ and ‘driven by malicious intent’:

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    1. Yes JoeRobinson, thats SIR Keith Rodney starmer 4 U, like G4S, A4E, SERCO, Ranox and other grasping bandits and vultures🪱🐀🦟🦂🪰

    2. Little doubt that Corbyn would have been absolutely slated had he accepted such hospitality.

      Tonight, Labour are criticising Johnson over wealthy donors and an ‘advisory board’. Hard to avoid the stench of hypocrisy.

  1. Ex DPP SIR starmer Keith can’t stand justice‼️


    SIR Keith Starmer 0️⃣ NIL 🅾️
    ⭕️ Zilch NADA ‼️‼️‼️

  2. This further reinforces the complete lack of dignity as LOTO and the complete lack of humanity that socialists have come to expect from Starmerfuhrer and his gang of brownshirts, all of them, children of unmarried parentage. I can only wish the worst to happen to them…and that makes me a poor human being.

  3. New Labour unfit to ever get back into power as far as i’m concerned it is dead these dirty scabs have destroyed it

    1. Absolutely correct Brian61‼️ They r worse than normal people can imagine. In fact that’s one reason why we have been stitched up so very easily. People cannot believe the cold heartlessness.

      I heard them spouting their determined enmity towards Jeremy and us. Then got a Christmas card after Jeremy’s GE2017; possibly because i put up lots of posters. It was the first time i was torn b4 voting. The painful dilemma was if we Labour lost they would blame Jeremy but if we won, they would take the credit. My deliberations made me sick but i sadly my worries were well founded. Even the Christmas card from the poisonously ungrateful ghastly bulling MP, seeped bile towards Jeremy after getting a success from enthusiasm for Jeremy.

      Even for GE2019 the serpent insisted canvassers should ask on the doorstep if the voter DISapproved of Jeremy⁉️⁉️⁉️

      Yes we r in a dreadful position. But the best option NOW is not to treat them as a least worst option. When Jeremy was leader, yes, to avoid him getting the blame. But now??? No! Not now!! Not ever!!!
      NEVER 🔥❕🔥❕🔥❕

  4. The BMX Olympic gold medallist had to crowd fund her participation. Where was his support when she and others needed it most?

    Absolutely sick the way politicians try to bask in reflected glory. Starmer kept tweeting ‘It’s coming home’ like a deranged moron during the recent European championship hoping to gatecrash in on their success. On that , there are questions arising tonight after it emerged Keir Starmer among those accepting gifts from gambling companies, hospitality in the form of match tickets worth thousands of pounds.

    1. Exactly Andy!!! Starmer as he knows himself is a despicable opportunist.

      Meanwhile a truly honourable person, despite recent uplifting news for Aspana, Jo and Marc; Craig Murray is today facing the type of “justice” SIR Keith starmer as Establishment ‘DPP’ doled out year after year, eg to Julian Assange. Starmer SIR, is concentrated wickedness.

      Please everyone, keep Craig, Nadira and their child in your thoughts. The country he served with great distinction and selflessness is betraying him dreadfully. Jack Straw may be rejoicing. Straw committed to that Craig cared too much about human rights.

      That’s the sort of creatures, decent people feel they can “convert” and with who we are begged to “unify with” for something they call a “Labour government”

      1. I think it’s part of his rebranding exercise : ‘Sir Keir the Überpatriot’ – Corbyn was apparently seen by some voters as lacking in the old rub-thumping patriotic fervour – an opinion pushed mainly by RW tabloids, so of course Keith shares it.

        Personally, I preferred Corbyn’s more reserved approach, Starmer’s overdoing it and a rancid flag-shagging opportunist leader does not an attractive sight maketh.

      2. CORRECTIONS – … Straw committed to PAPER that Craig cared too much about human rights, when he was posted in Uzbekistan🔴

        ALSO – … “convert” and with WHOM we are begged to “unify” for something they call a “Labour government”🔴

        Whenever i spot my many errors, i ask myself why not reread b4 pressing send? ? ?. How odd we r… shame on me🌱🌱🌱

      3. Yep, signpost not windchimes, sad news about blogger Craig Murray.

        One big difference between Murray’s case and that of Begum was the presence of a jury for hers.

        Murray’s sentence seems incredibly harsh considering he went out of his way to avoid naming anyone on his blog. The judge talked about his ‘relish’ or desire for the names to be known , which seems akin punishing a ‘thought crime’

      4. Andy, yes. Very sad to see the injustice There is a campaign to have judge only ‘trials’. A recipe for even more pernicious injustices. Bet SIR keith rodney 🪱🪰🪱🪰🪱🪰supports that⚠️⚠️⚠️

      5. Jonathan Cook’s article regarding Craig Murray arrived in my inbox this morning, and it is truly frightening and sickening reading. This must have huge implications for the likes of Skwawkbox and other independent media.

        As to Starmer and Phillip’s lack of comment on Apsana Begum’s acquittal, I would regard it as a badge of honour! Clearly he was too busy accepting ‘hospitality’ along with other supposed opposition MP’s….

  5. I’m hugely impressed with the girl who won the BMX gold. She had to crowdfund to get to Tokyo unlike the rowers, swimmers and horse people who had millions thrown at them. I trust that she actually won gold without all the legal help the medical profession could offer.

  6. ‘Wrong type of victim?
    Wrong type of flag?
    Wrong type of spokesperson?
    Wrong type of Leader, what a drag?
    And so said Right Wing Labour.
    Lays at the feet of the capitalist Right.
    Keir Stalin, Erdogan Evans & The Stooges?
    A Right Wing Pile of …..! ‘

  7. I am reminded, by Starmer, of that song by the wonderful singer songwriter from Yorkshire (sadly long since dead), Jake Thackray – the song called The Bull. One section goes:
    The Bull, the Bull
    Is the biggest of all
    He is the boss, he is
    Because he’s big
    And we are small
    But the bigger the Bull
    The bigger the balls
    The bigger the Bull
    The thicker the Bull …. Shite ….. Falls.

    1. Jake was a committed socialist, who would do fund-raising concerts for no fee.

  8. Applogies to JoeRobson for the stray “i”.

    Yes Andy. “Corbyn would have been absolutely slated had he accepted such hospitality” or even 1/1000 of that.

    Re Starmer’s nest of parasites hypocritically criticising Cummings’ blojohn, i’ve not heard it, but i’m not in the least bit unsurprised. The Tories r getting jittery about their own parasite Cummings’ overblown johnson chasing pole dancers to pole them on his own long suffering cancer stricken wife’s sofa🔱

    Most likely Tories will bin their own parasite, b4 our parasites bin one of their own🔱 Fortunately for us, our blood sucking bats or whatever they are… have contracted our “Left” sentimentality or whatever it is. Possibly multiple pathology; ‘group think’, prioritising assumed feelings of twice or thrice married grown up with two grown men as children, OVER half a million enthusiastic hopeful members and the welfare of 99% of 65 million people.

    That combined with chronic bunker mentality, zero idea of TANGIBLE solidarity and comradeship, further complicated by a particular strain of incoherence; symptoms include straining every sinew for FIVE long years LAVISHING “A kinder gentler politics” on “THEM” i.e. the most degenerate sulphurous evil bastards, but offering NONE of kindness, gentleness nor TANGIBLY MEANINGFUL care to Chris, Ken1, Ken2, George, Marc, Jacqui, Jack, over one hundred who signed open letters DESPITE vile attacks… and over TWO THOUSAND unjustly suspended and expelled trusting members like Jack T.

    The list is too long, of those abandoned, betrayed and denied even a phone call… not because the deniers of help are bad nor mean ill. Rather the derelictionS of responsibilitieS are due to natured and nurtured misguided aversion to self defence; regarding defending the most urgently needed vision as “confrontation”, an obsession with being with adoring fans with whom one already agrees yet failing to use that same “energy” … “spirit” of the enthusiasm of “the many” to bring the vision to life.

    Starmer & cabal have nothing positive, yet present their ethical and policy vacuums with unstinting shameless courage🔱

    Our “elders” on the other hand, overflow with valuable offerings but little courage of convictions. No belief that we can realise our urgently needed vision TOTALLY without political careerist especially those deplorable enough to abuse the precious memories of the dead and the understandable emotions of the living, with their politically motivated unsubstantiated claims of a-S.

  9. Thats the old john McDonnell I remember who would battle anyone and battled Thatcherism when others ran away. .John put up a great performance in court defending a comrade that was put through Hell.John McDonnell was a battler and never ran away from taking on Thatcherism and the right wing.He should know that its time to walk away from politics at seventy years old and realise that age weakens us all..john is more than a “cultural Catholic from Liverpool .Pack your bags john McDonnell and get out of that cesspool of Parliament and realise youve done your bit and get out of London for good.measure and dont glance at the cultural parasites in the Lords.that would betray everything you were taught to hate.

    1. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
      FACT – Tens of thousands of vulnerable patients; the elderly, the disabled and the ill are considered of low value by those in authority.

      Cummings’ Johnson’s regime allowed Matt Hancock to direct Hospitals to discharge those patients to Nursing and Residential care. Thousands were discharged in the middle of the night, so nursing and care home managers would feel compelled to to receive them.

      Johnson & Hancock’s claims of putting an arm around the elderly and vulnerable is only one of a tissue of lies.

      These facts were posted right here on from the earliest months of the pandemic arriving in the UK.

      QUESTIONS – SIR Starmer must have known details in these plans. Why did he fail to ask ANY relevant “forensic” questions about this SERIOUS matter in parliament❓

      Did SIR Starmer not take an interest in the safety and welfare of our most vulnerable people❓

      Will SIR Starmer now try to exploit this tragedy for his own politically motivated aims❓

      SIR Captain Hindsight Starmer was gifted numerous opportunities of foresight, here on WAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE. His OFFICIAL ADVISOR – Mandelson’s minions read note and digest every line, dot and comma posted here. Why then did they show such little regard for the lives of thousands❓

      Why prioritise accepting corporate freebies over the serious duties of an MP and the office of Opposition, instead of holding his Tory chums to account❓❓

      Moreover, it has now come to my attention that their inhumane “decisions” were in the Pandemic Planning files as early as 2015 or 2016.

      How low will Establishment figures go? ? ?

  10. Full statment in taking aim at Sir keir Starmer from the LRC committee est 1903 and chaired by john McDonnell all in the Canary.The worm is turning?

  11. Seeing as the Henley-on-Thames regatta set got their worst medal haul since God knows when; how about they have their lottery funding withdrawn?

  12. No surprise to read that the toffs of GB rowing got more funding than anyone else… Jolly boating weather, indeed. £24.6 MILLION.

    I say! Treble Pimms all round, what, what!!

    The £24.6m it received over the Tokyo Olympic cycle was more than any other sport yet Britain’s rowers failed to pick up a gold medal for the first time since the 1980 Games in Moscow and their contribution to the medals table is poorer than any since the 1972 Games.

  13. The ‘i’ll keep my coat on’ retainer Knight Commander, taking many for the war party has successfully lowered every standard in readiness for a mediocre dead star to be publicly humiliated. My guess is shortly after Boris departs, fresh toxic blood and history is back.

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