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Exclusive: Starmer fails to deny he ‘has accepted fine’ but team planning ‘I’ll go if Johnson goes’ line

Advisers discussing complete u-turn on Starmer’s promise to step down if fined, according to close sources

Fined over beergate? Keir Starmer has again not responded to a text request for confirmation or denial

Keir Starmer has again failed to deny that he has been fined by Durham Constabulary over his part in the ‘beergate’ lockdown event in Durham – or that he and his advisers are discussing an ‘I’ll go if Johnson goes’ line that represents a complete u-turn on his promise, to alleviate growing pressure on his position in May, that he would resign if he received a fine over the incident.

Well-placed sources have claimed that Starmer – and his deputy Angela Rayner – have now accepted fines that Starmer did not deny had been issued when approached for comment by Skwawkbox last week, but that Starmer’s team is frantically trying to decide on a line that would not involve him resigning, with the current favourite being ‘I’ll quit if Johnson does’.

The prolonged refusal of Durham Police to issue a clear statement on the matter, meanwhile, is causing considerable confusion among Westminster lobby journalists, one of whom earlier today claimed that the Crown Prosecution Service was involved. The claim was later retracted.

Skwawkbox approached both Mr Starmer and Ms Rayner by text message earlier today to ask whether they would confirm or deny that they have received and accepted fines, or that the planned line was to put the onus on Johnson to go first. Neither had responded by well after the expiry of the deadline.

Labour’s national executive has today scheduled ‘piles’ of expulsion letters to go out this week, potentially a measure to further secure a right-wing victory in any leadership election.

And the breaking news that both Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid have quit Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, presumably a precursor to a leadership bid if the Tories’ 1922 Committee decides Johnson is done, may well call Starmer’s bluff if he does pursue the ‘go if he goes’ tactic.

Skwawkbox view:

Keir Starmer has now twice failed to deny the issuing of a fine despite being approached directly. How he and his team might think they would ride out the storm that would follow the u-turn, or win an election after giving the Tories such a ready-made campaign, is anyone’s guess.

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    1. Durham Police have concluded their investigation into BeerGate and have announced that both Keir and Angela have been cleared of breaking Covid lockdown rules.

  1. Well now both have gone it is only a matter of time
    before Johnson goes too..

    So bye bye Starmer?

    If Raynor has any sense she will go now –

    And how about the Forde report ..

    pretty please?

    …. 🐷 – flit .. flight .. flying

    1. When they eventually get around to publishing the Forde report you may not be as pleased with its conclusions as you think you are going to be.

      1. Perhaps it will have been ‘laundered’?

        We will have to wait for its publication before making a judgment,

      2. Paul – As you have said and I have said many times in the past, we’ll have to wait and see.

      3. Yes it will be scrubbed by the chief finetooth comber and loopholer, BlueKeef himself.
        Everyone and his friend has the original leaked report, so I should expect to see some challenges, which should be quite interesting, especially if BlueKeef and MrBlobby try to bend it into Corbyn, Formby, etc’s direction.
        The Neo-Labour Party TORIES will be slaughtered by the plain facts, that they probably attempted to eradicate/twist, but no manner of BlueKeef twisting and bending can change the facts stacked against the nastiest of the TORY Parties.

      4. To date most people have only seen one version of ‘the facts’.

      5. How many versions of a fact do you think can exist? You are a perfect example of the danger of The Mainstream.
        If I call you a TW@T, I have done two things. I stated fact and I have created a copy of said statemented fact.
        That is what I did, nobody else could do that for me and I can’t deny it.
        If I screamed that in your face, in the corridors with profound agression, leaving you shaking in fear, with witnesses observing me, and then a bunch of my mates discuss what happened, well then that is the proof and the fact, it can’t be denied it can’t be wormed out of. Ooooh, this is going to be fun.

      6. nellyskelly – Thanks for making it clear that you are incapable of separating facts from opinion,

      7. nellyskelly – You are the one who provided the example that so clearly outlines your confusion.

      8. That’s twice I’ve seen a snide comment from you on an imminent publication of the missing-in-action report. What do you know that we don’t or is this just – as I suspect – a new MOSSAD-approved psyop technique that Akehurst is developing for Labour in Government and you’re just testing out on the lefties?

        but as for your assumption that we might be ‘disappointed’ by a (much-adulterated?) Forde Report, other adjectives are possible and ‘ferocious’ is more likely than ‘disappointed’ where Forde is concerned.

      9. qwertboi – How observant of you, however I wouldn’t describe my observations on the probable outcomes of the Forde report as being snide.

      10. Two Cheeks
        Forde report would have been published by now if you were correct
        Your man and Red Tories are close to being shoved up a dogs arse and the dog cremated

      11. Reply to Steve H
        Good deflection tactics Steve H- you are clearly trying to steer the contributors away from Starmer’s and Rayner’s predicament given it appears they have been fined over beergate, they gave their word they would resign the Labour leadership if that happened and now they don’t want to go.
        I hope they stay and then the electorate w ill see what has been clear to those of us on the Left for a long time -they are a pair of unprincipled career politicians whose word is worth nothing.

      12. Smartboy – Don’t be silly, why would I concern myself about a story that doesn’t exist yet.
        Given the speculative contents of the story above I would argue that my first comment is very relevant

  2. BoJo the clown is toast. Problem is Tories can now say they have wiped the slate clean when he goes and new guy will say past errors nothing to do with him/her. Starmer will have to completely rebuild his attack which will be a problem for one with his (lack of) personality.

  3. Keef’s fooked anyway when de piffle goes.

    The greasy little shit knows as much. The rags get anyone in of the remotest competence and keefs’ bollocksed.

    Just like he shit out from negotiating brexit – because he was NEVER up to it (With his six tests that were universally panned as unworkable by both sides) – keef is now very close to being given an ‘out’ to *ahem* preserve his integrity (fucking L.O.L.)

    But anyone who will bother to remember him on time will always be aware he’s a duplicitous, deceitful dullard.

    I’d say goodbye. But that might be misconstrued as a term of affection. I have nothing but disdain for the putrid ponce.

    1. He will worm his way out, throw a whole bunch of shit like the Forde Report ie. up in the air and go to join BoJoke de Piffle on a luxury Mystique Island for a couple of weeks.
      The MSM will hammer out as much “disaster and gore” as they can make up. BlueKeef will sneak in the backdoor while instant information overload memory fatigue does the rest. Badabing Badaboom!

  4. Starmer is a lying corrupt Turd…..and the Chief Turd Polisher must be having fits and sleepless nights. Ha ha ha.

    1. It’s just a question of who’ll have the biggest shrieking fit… The wee fella – or de piffle’s tart.

      1. Toffee – Or given your track record you will be the one who has yet another ‘shrieking fit’.

      2. Yes of course.

        I’ll be positively LIVID when de piffle and keef are rightfully fucked off.

        The critical difference between you and de piffle’s tart is that decpiffle will be shitting himself when he gets back to the taxpayer subsidised and decorated 10 downing Street.

        Whereas keef will not only NOT give a fuck about your squeaking; he doesn’t even know who you are…And if he did, he’d probably throw one of his weakling punches at you for being such a total and utter fucking flute of a human, and further trashing his already barely-existent persona.

  5. Keef was list on ch4 news just now, in front of two union flags…telling us how shit de piffle is.

    So I was gonna ask the obvious.

    …What happened to the EU flags, keef? 😏

    1. Toffee – You are not as observant as you think you are, we left the EU some time ago.

      1. Oh! We DID?

        …You don’t say?

        No surprise it’s been completely lost on you, but nevermind. 😏

      2. Toffee – Why are the fools who supported the Tory wet dream Brexit policy still obsessing about it?

      3. The only fools are the fools who supported and whorship the Goebbelesque SpinPorn of BLiar, Campbell and Mandelson. Bar BlueKeef, the three highest ranking Neo-Labour Party TORY Elite’s High Bitches.
        Corbyn wrote the confirmatory vote into the UK Labour Party Leave Plan, why did the SpinPorn Meisters, MSM and their sheeple bitches hyper-intensify their screeching and empty tin can bashing, to the extent that the Brexiteers completely freaked out and voted to force a Brexit result?
        You TORY SpinPorn whorshiping sheeple already had what you were frothing for, in your fucking hands, but you and the Spinmeisters put every effort into pretending that you did not understand that!
        I blame ALL the anti-Corbyn Bandwagons, but by far the most damaging bandwagon above all was the BLiar, Mandelson and Campbell Remoaner SpinPorn Bandwagon!
        You all knew exactly what you were doing, now you have the audacity to try and shift the buck, like the true cowards that you all are! Pure TORY filth!

      4. Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Neoliberalism is the reason why most leavers on the left wanted to leave the EU with a UK Labour Government.
        What excuse do you have for supporting Thatcherite Neoliberal EU to the extent that you completely raped the GR outcomes, no you can’t hide behind a few Left Brexiteers voting to ensure a Brexit not with the shitstorm you created whilst holding confirmatory vote in your hand, you Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites are the most despicable slimy filth blobs the earth had the misfortune of having you splodged on it!

      5. nellyskelly – Unlike you I don’t live in the past so it should come as no surprise to you that I don’t accept the silly premise of your question

      6. “nellyskelly – Unlike you I don’t live in the past” Wow! Just Wow! No you live in total delusion.
        ” I don’t accept the silly premise of your question” No, you’re just incapable of answering any questions. I doubt that in the years you’ve commented here, that you have ever answered one question with non-MSM factual or on topic evidence just fluff and bile.
        And unlike your claim, it is infact you who keeps dragging the past in, but then you’ll now deflect with some other tripe of no significance to anyone, most specially not here.

      7. *drumroll**empty tin can bash*
        So predictable!
        Nothing but fluff, spin, lies, bile and devoid of answering any questions, just like the rest of your Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites.

      8. Why are you still idolising keef when it was he who sold you down the river over brexit, and bollocksed up any chance of a PROPER labour government on the process,..?

        Was only this morning the fat stoned hamster lookalike known as thornberry was ruling out keefs’ pipe dream of returning to the EU.

      9. That wasn’t what you were asked.

        So answer the question you WERE asked, prick.

      10. Toffee – Why would I waste my time when I don’t accept the premise of your musings.

      11. Not even got the courage of your own convictions…

        …But everybody already knows that anyway.

        Keefs’ bollocksed, whether it’s beergate fine or de piffle binned.

        Deal with it. 👍😏

      12. Toffee – Oh dear, you’re the one getting all worked up about a bit of speculation.

      13. Toffee – I’m not the one who is getting all worked up about a bit of third hand speculation. In the unlikely event that happens I’ll get to vote on who the new leader of the Labour Party will be.

      14. Yes we did leave the EU SteveH and with a hard Brexit, thanks to Stamer and people like you that sabotage Corbyn with the “constructive ambiguity” and demanding a “People’s vote”.
        Surely, you and Starmer should be making the case or re-joining the EU, shouldn’t you? With a few honourable exception the majority of the supporters of the “People’s Vote” were a bunch of opportunist, you did what you did with the purpose of ensuring that Corbyn would never be a PM.
        The beauty of it is that you can deny all you like ” my intentions were pure” ” I wanted to remain in the EU” but I am never going to believe you and you are never going to be able to prove wrong while you are silent about rejoining the EU.
        By contrast Michael Heseltine and Kenneth Clarke still trying to make the case to rejoin the EU. It would appears that some Tories have principles where Starmer and the likes of you are completely devoid of them.

      15. Maria – Like the vast majority of Labour members and voters I think that leaving the EU was a monumentally stupid thing to do. (Corbyn estimated it as 70%)

    2. He’s probably having nightmares involving all of his ex fags coming over the gates of Downing Street, armed with fully loaded pump action dildoes.

  6. PWC
    Will not resign due to imminent GE
    Baby Trump
    Will call an election to wipe slate clean

  7. I haven’t noticed disabled grandad recently. Julie and I hope that all is well. So few of us left .X All the best to Everyone who comments on Skwaky (and you SteveH).

      1. Steveh, I am a socialist, of course you’re special. Now give your plantation workers a raise.

      2. Steve H you are incapable of aceppting a person wishing you well without cynicism and ridicule….You need to take a good hard look at what youve become and re.evaluation of yourself as a human being with little time left on this planet….keep well…!

  8. wobbly05/07/2022 AT 9:18 PM
    He’s probably having nightmares involving all of his ex fags coming over the gates of Downing Street, armed with fully loaded pump action dildoes.

    Enough of the wee fella baiting… What’s de piffle having nightmares about? 😋

    1. Toffee, we’re both gents of a certain stripe. It would be ungallant for me to say.

    1. I disagree, Tim.
      I think that it was all members of the LP who were responsible, but mostly the “second referendum” crowd.

      1. goldbach – Personally I would blame the minority on ‘the left’ who were stupid enough to get into bed with Boris, JRM and Trump. What were they thinking?

      2. I was commenting on your bizarre rambling about Johnson, Trump and Moggie (unless JRM was meant to refer to the Jewish resistance Movement).

    1. I see that Nadhim Zahawi has sold his soul.

      And became chancellor as a result.

      …What did you get? 🤔

      1. Toffee – Being constantly in your thoughts is enough reward for me.😗

      2. Toffee – Being constantly in your thoughts is enough reward for me

        More ammunition for me to fire right back atcha when you start whining about being trolled and bullied


      3. Toffee – You may have had a point if I cared one way or t’other.

  9. Presumably Boris-the-Liar’s impending defenestration will preven SuKS’ “I’ll go if Boris goes” line being used? So what will he do instead, have you asked, Steve ?

  10. Let’s not lose sight of the reality of Starmer’s arrogance and stupidity that now leaves his supporters scurrying round looking for a damage-limitation strategy.
    What mature politician leaves himself as a “hostage-to-fortune” by saying he’ll resign if fined ?
    He didn’t have to say it.
    Pure arrogance led him there.
    This was after he’d lied by denying that he’d done anything wrong.
    Something sound familiar here ?
    He’s Boris Mk II …. Led by his own hubris and sense of entitlement.
    *** Sir Kier Starmer KCB – – – Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Bath ***
    What a joke of a Labour leader !

      1. Vicky price was stripped of her title by the queen for telling a lie in support of her husband Chris Hugne mp perverting the course of justice.driving offence.Whats the charge of starmer including attempting to noble the police and the DPP through his connections and blatantly trashing his own pledge to leave if found to have decieved Durham police.Probably ridiculous to expect pathological liars to do the correct thing and walk away in shame.At least vicky price was defending her husband and sacrificed herself.Whats the filthy knight do apart from runaway and drink his worrys away?.The few left in the labour party must remove him from power.or they will enter a General election campaign being ridiculed for supporting a known liar and manipulator…sounds familiar doesn’t it mr Johnson

      2. Joseph – …and your evidence to support your diatribe is what, the above speculative story?

  11. I expect R Keef to be issuing a statment soon to whats left of the labour party rabble to “go forth and prepare for government” ..What a shambles for a country with no government,no Opposition fit to govern and a media deciding whos turn “it is to lead Britain.Even comedians and second rate actors have more credibility than Starmer and Rayner two crminals caught partying whilst children starve and family life and the idea of a father,mother,is obliterated by neo liberal political parasites.God help the country from the pit they have dug for us all.

    1. Rayner is still pushing for henna and botox to be subsidised. Could be a vote winner with tv viewers.

  12. Keefs’ responce to Bozo being booted out will probably be, “Bozo’s departure had nothing to do with partygate, I’m staying”.

  13. Starmer says he will go if Johnson does.? So Starmer is allowing Johnson to set the moral standards for the Labour Party.
    Dear oh dear. I can’t say that’s at all unexpected

  14. I see BlueKeef is backing a snap ellection, will we see a man of his word or the slippery slime that BlueKeef is?
    If the Conservative Party decided that BoJoke must go for a better chance at the ballot boxes, what will BlueKeef do, he did make a promise, but he made many promises.
    Let’s hope if he goes, his replacement ‘screams’ anti-Corbyn, anti-Socialism, and we sabotaged GE2017 & GE2019 from you, you lower class scum! Hopefully this snap ellection will annihilate the bastard Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites.
    Even with just 10 Socialist MPs and a massive, Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasite Free, UK Labour Movement, will The PEOPLE have a Louder and more Powerful representation in Commons. First the Parasites must be removed, before the rebuilding can begin on the ashes of evil.

    1. I see BlueKeef is backing a snap ellection

      Knowing full well he thinks he can win – but only by default in the sense that people are pissed off with the fat toerag scruff’s shenanigans, rather than keef being Mr Popularity.

      The other day keef said we won’t be rejoining the EU (No shit, Sherlock?!) thinking that’ll be enough to convince at least some of the former labour voters (turned toerag) that he shat all over.

      It won’t.

      The vox pops on the Tv are STILL showing enough toerag voters saying de piffle’s ‘got things right’ (Wait until their hip operation’s postponed indefinitely…) Enough of them are still saying they’ll vote toerag next time, too. Those that won’t aren’t saying they’ll vote keef.

      So keef’s very much mistaken. Again. A snap election will only result in another 5 years of toerag misery & mismanagement.

      And the same applies in the highly unlikely event he was to win an election. (As likely as dorris & truss completing a dot-to-dot picture unassisted)

      1. Exactly, desperate people fell for Blair, Mandelson and Campbell’s SpinPorn turning well meaning folk into frothing Remoaner fiends, eventhough they already had in their hands what they were frothing about. Their frothing freaked out the other well meaning, Farage and Galloway, Brexiteers wanting to leave the Neoliberal Cesspit that is the EU. Then there are all those anti-Corbyn desprados and bluetickers crying rivers of tears, of course not admitting to their part in the dire situation we are in. Nonetheless people are so desperate that they can’t see that BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites are no different in any whatsoever way to their colleagues and peers the Conservative TORIES.
        Those unsuspecting old dears waiting for a hip will have an equally big surprise come the date, if BlueKeef or any other Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasite forms the Government of Parasites!
        The PEOPLE sadly and predicted are so desperate for possitive change they will turn blind to the reality. However along with The UK Labour Party, Possitive Change and CHOICE was murdered on 13 December 2019 and unless something radical happens and every single Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasite is removed from Parliament, The PEOPLE will have no choice and only an eternal ride on the TORY Merry-Go-Round from HELL of THIS TORY or THAT TORY, THIS TORY or THAT TORY, THIS TORY or THAT TORY, THIS TORY or THAT TORY, THIS TORY or THAT TORY, THIS TORY or THAT TORY………

      2. nellyskelly – Brexit the wet dream policy of the RW Tories that you and the pretend lefties were gullible enough to fall for is going well, have you seen the GBP exchange rate.

      3. I voted Remain before the EU was under a telescope for several years and decided that if we had a UK Labour Party formed Government, and giving me the opportunity, I would 100% have changed my mind to leave.
        PYou want to talk TORY!? What about your TORY SpinPorn team BLiar, Mandelson, and Campbell, who you protitute and wet dream for? Thatcher/Reaganite Neoliberalism is the wet dream policy of the TORY, the EU 100% subscribs to it, and you dare call others what you essentially are!? You are an idiot of the first class!
        AS I said on many occasions, some of us listened to the message that The UK Labour Party delivered and it was an entirely different one than that of your Goebbels SpinPorn wet dream BLiar, Mandelson and Campbell’s fanatasism or indeed that of team Farage and Galloway.
        If GE17/GE19 was ever remotely about the referendum, then it was so to the blinkered sheeple whorshipping their MSM!
        If in 2022, anyone still believes that 2017 or 2019 had ANYTHING to do with Remoan or Brexiteer, after seeing every single day the deatruction that their idiotic screeching and empty tincan clanging had caused, then they really are not even worth the slightest bit of energy.

      4. Toffee – “A snap election will only result in another 5 years of toerag misery & mismanagement. “

        and yet by your own admission that is all you have to offer.

      1. nellyskelly – That’s a matter of opinion, all I’ve seen from you to date obfuscation and distraction.

  15. I’m so pleased Steve H unfailingly replies to every comment. It makes it far easier to scroll past his predictable diatribes.

    1. I’m so pleased Steve H unfailingly replies to every comment.

      Except when he’s been shown to be wrong.

  16. Steve H’s poison is from a professional troll – paid by his controllers to inject a constant distraction and to blanket this excellent blog in puerile, banal and spiteful comment. The deliberate intention is to piss everyone off and to act as a spoiler to Skwawkbox. Don’t engage with him. He is a fraud. His contributions are not a genuine contribution to the debate.
    His pattern of input shows that he is a fraud …. Typical of the right-wing poison that is so-prevalent.
    He should go and discover sex and travel.

  17. He should go and discover sex and travel.

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard the phrase put like that! 😏

    1. johnsco1 – You’re just pissed off that you haven’t got an answer to the substance of my comments

      1. Ah Bless! SteveH seriously thinks his comments have substance.

    2. “He should discover sex and travel “Steve H likes to” frollick on the beach with his sheep and remain self sufficient from his bunker (with beach 🌴acess and a diesel engine generator..Hes also reliant on sterling against the doller with the pound at 1.19 and 132only a couple of months ago.
      hes going to have to find a job at his age.not a easy task.So much for right wing labour and doesn’t it make all of realise just how much weve lost in a Jeremy Corbyn pm…thanks to the efforts of Steve H and his misfits to sabotage the General election..and let the Tory government continue to destroy the country…

      1. Joseph – I’m puzzled why you are fretting about my finances. Please don’t be concerned on my behalf. I’m fortunate, the drop in the UK£’s value hasn’t impacted me personally because I moved most of my savings out of sterling years ago when the GBP was worth something.

  18. The Brexit fiasco was jointly the fault of Corbyn Fatberg and Starmer.


    Incidentally, keef had the chutzpah to say this about not rejoining the EU:

    The current deal had “created a hulking fatberg of red tape and bureaucracy, one that is hampering the flow of British business”, Starmer said.

    I seem to remember fatberg was also against leaving the EU, and also conspired against Corbyn.

    (Re-posted as earlier post hasn’t shown)

    1. Corbyn’s equivocation during the vote campaign (and to this day I don’t know which way he voted) kicked off Labour’s perpetual back foot position. He would have been better sticking to and advocating his long held objection to the EU rather than the limp support he offered.

      1. My view was that Mr Corbyn may have been best advised to advocate a “no second referendum” position.
        It would have made no difference to the outcome of the election because all the Remainers in the PLP would have tried even harder to sink the ship. The one difference it would have made is that it would not have given people the opportunity for a knee-jerk reaction that blamed Mr Corbyn for the “second referendum” position and would have firmly planted the blame where it was deserved – on the heads of the LP neoliberals.

      2. Corbyn was asked numerous times what his thoughts were on the EU and on every occasion he replied ‘7/10’

        It was the usual twunts (MSM & anti-Corbyn politicians on both sides) complaining Corbyn was keeping his cards to his chest.

        I seem to remember remain complaining most though. Saying he hadn’t campaigned for remain when he had.

        For clarity..

        “Jeremy led from the front in the EU referendum campaign. He made the positive case for remaining and reforming the EU up and down the country.

        “His activity included:

        10 EU rallies, with speeches and meetings in London, Bristol, Stroud, Newquay, Perranporth, Cardiff, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Runcorn, Manchester, Truro, Sheffield, Widnes, Doncaster, Rotherham, Hastings, Brighton, Dundee, Aberdeen and Birmingham.
        These included a meeting with student nurses in Birmingham, a factory in Runcorn, a clean beaches event in Truro and campaigning with

        activists in Scotland.
        Launched the Labour In bus and the Ad Van.
        A debate on Sky News with Faisal Islam, also talked about the EU on the Agenda and the Last Leg. Appeared on the Andrew Marr show twice and on Peston on Sunday.
        Written two op-eds, one in the Observer and another in The Mirror.
        Reached more than 10 million people on social media.
        Six statements to the House of Commons and 10 PMQs on the EU.
        He has been consistent on this issue from day one of his leadership, issuing a statement in September that “Labour will be campaigning in the referendum for the UK to stay in the European Union”.”

      3. Toffee – You forgot to mention that Corbyn spent month after bloody month hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’. When he finally got around to extricated himself from the fence post that he’d impaled himself on neither side trusted him.

      4. Toffee – You forgot to mention…


        And YOU conveniently AND persistently forget to mention the shithousery commited by the greased turd and fatberg, with you yourself squealing that a second ref would prevent those libtards from hoovering up all the remain votes .

        Well, we ALL got what YOU were repeatedly warned about.

        Brexit went ahead anyway, and to top it all it was under a toerag government (with a vastly increased majority).

        Well played, dickhead. 😒

      5. Toffee – I appreciate your grossly inflated faith in my influence but I fear you are deluding yourself again. Do you have a link to the posts that you refer to in your comment.

      6. Toffee – Will it really, why don’t you impress us all and do it yourself?

    2. TBH I think that the well planned and well orchestrated Get-Corbyn Remoaner SpinPorn from BLair, Mandelson and Campbell, was the entire Brexit argument. It wàs ironically around the same time that Corbyn wrote the confirmatory vote into the Brexit Plan, that the SpinPorn Meisters ramped up the volume, with every celebrity type, they could muster, the 12 million parliament petition that was signed by/from mostly outside of Britain that the Brexiteers freaked out and created their own anti-Corbyn bandwagon, that BoJoke started hollering get Brexit Done, that right there is, credit where credit is due, masterful SpinPornMeistering the long and the short is that anyone who believes that GE19 was about anthing other than The UK Labour Party’s Manifesto, were one of two things 1. EXTREMELY WEALTHY or 2. Completely and Utterly Mindfucked by the SpinPorn of Blair, Mandelson and Campbell, the MSM, MSSM, MSP and MS Search Engines.
      To lay blame at Corbyn’s feet is as ignorant as the MSM Sheeple themselves.

      1. How anyone could have thought that a UK Labour Party government would have delivered a worse leave plan that anyone else, no matter of their policy, were off their heads, fucked up and probably still are.

  19. Snap Election
    Red and Blue Tories back disaster masters Brexit
    LibDums back rejoin with no lessons learnt (Ukraine ECB Americas poodle)
    Socialist party honour the result and protect jobs and standards
    Socialism for the 5% or Socialism for the 95%
    Come on JC, Unions, Members and Supporters under FPTP we can wipe the floor with these charlatans, spivs and thieves

    1. The present situation brings into sharp relief the stark nature of the problems facing us.

      Today’s media headlines eviscerating Bloody Stupid Johnson hide some unpleasant realities in terms of the disagreements in Cabinet between Johnson and his now former Chancellor – among others.

      Disagreements which clearly indicate any kind of celebration based on BAU via another meaningless General Election (voting in this kind of scenario merely represents an adult version of writing a letter to Father Christmas) rather than a scenario in which pitchforks are involved is premature.

      To quote from the WSWS:

      “Johnson’s opponents are demanding even tougher measures against the working class under conditions of the deepest crisis facing British and world capitalism since the 1930s. In his own resignation letter, Sunak indicated his latest disagreement with Johnson was over how far to go in imposing austerity against the working class.

      “[O]ur country is facing immense challenges. I publicly believe the public are ready to hear that truth,” he wrote. “Our people know that if something is too good to be true then it’s not true. They need to know that whilst there is a path to a better future, it is not an easy one. In preparation for our proposed joint speech on the economy next week, it has become clear to me that our approaches are fundamentally too different.”

      In summary: Johnson’s populist instincts, combined with an unprincipled determination to stay in the top job, make him averse to the more savage ‘austerity’ measures they – in defiance as ever of any sane understanding of why Britain (like Europe at large) is in such a mess, economically – are demanding as The Way Forward.

      Meanwhile Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition – which has spent the years since Jeremy Corbyn expelling or cowing into silence critics of Israel (most of them Jewish), critics of NATO, and critics of the inroads on living standards made by neoliberal capitalism – has made its position under Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership crystal clear on one thing if little else:

      “… the Labour Party is most concerned with proving to the ruling elite that it will do nothing to endanger the “national interest”—a code word for supporting savage attacks on workers and the looting of the economy by the major corporations, suppressing strikes, eviscerating democratic rights and waging war against Russia and China.”

      The bull elephant in the room – which is only being hinted at at best – is that in terms of electoral choice the vast majority of the citizenry of these islands [and therefore the country itself] are in a position of Zugzwang.

      There is not a single viable and practical – as in workable – option to vote for across the entire Western world.

      Just sticking with the UK, every single option is committed to the same lunatic policies which are driving Western society into oblivion. Blaming inflation on wages is, as Professor Michael Hudson points out, as far from the reality as its possible to get.

      The trillions of fictitious money which has been printed to hand out to rentier financier interests and corporate donors to buy back their own shares and keep financial assets – including the property market – high is what is driving inflation. Not wages. The figures exist to demonstrate this for those not committed to hearing anything which disturbs or challenges their own ideological blinkered premises and prejudices.

      “So the problem is not that wages are too high. The problem is that the overhead that labor has to pay in order to survive, for rent, for medical care, for student loans, for car loans, to have a car to drive to work, for gas to drive to work, to buy the monopoly prices that you need in order to survive – all of these are too high.”

      Everyone here (including useful idiots like steveH), along with the rest of the 99% of the populace are viewed as deplorable’s by those pulling the strings of both Johnson, Starmer and anyone else allowed anywhere near power.

      No one in the UK, not in the Tory Party, not Starmer or his team, nor even the woke queen Sturgeon, is prepared to challenge this nonsense. Moreover, all are committed not only to war against Russia, China and the rest of the world down to the last Ukrainian/Taiwanese but also to maintain both the lifestyle their 1% paymasters have become accustomed to and the means they hope to achieve those aims (NATO) down to the last deplorable (wage earner).

      The idiotic ideological stance being taken is akin to a medic insisting on a course of leeches (in this context, in every sense of the word) for massive blood loss.

      The journalist Declan Hayes writes today about the Western position on fertiliser exports to the Global South, observing:

      “Even as South America begs for NATO sanctions to be lifted on Russian fertilizer so that Latinos can live, von der Leyen is insisting Latinos and Africans should instead depend on the poop of insects for their very survival.”

      Can anyone have any doubts that when these criminally insane modern versions of Marie Antoinette would throw entire populations under a tank, or have them all starve or freeze to death they would not do the same to us in order to deliver the dystopian lunacy of those who pay and control them at any cost. No matter how high?

      1. For some reason, I can’t make the like function work, so I’ll use a reply instead.

  20. Pray Baby Trump and PWC take us into a snap GE
    What should we call the next GE
    Truth and Reconciliation
    Its Democracy stupid
    Stable Cleaners R’us
    You can’t touch me I’m part of the Union
    Save Scotland from Wee Jimmy

  21. After video from the recent G7 summit showed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mocking the Russian leader for riding a horse while bare-chested, Putin responded that it would be “disgusting” to see Western leaders with their shirts off.

    “I don’t know how they wanted to get undressed, above or below the waist,” Putin said while visiting Turkmenistan, per the Associated Press. “But I think it would be a disgusting sight in any case,” he said.

    Putin said that to foster a good physical appearance it’s “necessary to stop abusing alcohol and other bad habits, do physical exercise and take part in sports.” Who would you prefer as your leader? ….

      1. I know. Johnson’s abuse of alcohol is hardly noticeable (probably no worse than his abusive relationship with Labour (the class, not the party), but Sir Keir’s is in an entirely different league! As a cancerian Scot and a Jew I can just sense these things –

        Starmer’s heavy misuse/abuse of alcohol probably causes tension in his relationship with Victoria, his Jewish wife with whom he reportedly lives in her £1.9million house in Camden.

    1. Russian TV apparently made good use of the ammunition provided by the recorded antics of the Prep School Fourth Form Common Room known as the ‘G7’ – soon to be replaced by a competent Eurasian G8 – with some quality urine extraction:

      “Johnson made the absurd proposal at a NATO Summit lunch that they all throw off their shirts to show Putin that they also had great pectorals. This indirect tribute to Putin for his widely disseminated macho photos taken on vacation in the past was picked up with alacrity by Russian television, which also quoted Vladimir Vladimirovich asking whether the NATO leaders proposed to strip only above the waist or further down and noting that in any event it would be a hideous sight.

      Dmitry Kiselyov on Sunday night took this attack on the British Prime Minister one step further, putting up photos of Boris in his sweat shirt, with his heavy chest in need of a bra, per Kiselyov. This aspersion regarding Johnson’s sexual identity was a biting response to Johnson’s offhand remarks to journalists that the war with Ukraine would never have been unleashed had Putin been a woman. Russian audiences were treated as well to other photos of Boris in his jogging shorts, looking very much like the neighborhood fat boy, with his weighty thighs bare for all to see.”

      Macron did not escape either:

      “The overriding nature of the Russian television presentations was mockery of the European leaders for their servility to Uncle Sam and persistence in ratcheting up sanctions against Russia that are destructive of their own economies as proven by separate footage on consumer reactions to the rampant inflation and threatening shortages of gas and heating oil in coming weeks.

      On the subject of servility, no video was more damaging to its central personality than that of Emmanuel Macron interrupting Biden’s conversation with Jake Sullivan during a walk from one venue to another in Madrid to tell the Boss confidentially that France was doing its utmost to cut import of Russian hydrocarbons but could not see any solutions since his own telephone conversation with a counterpart in the Gulf made it clear no significant increase in oil production there could be expected. Macron had not counted on a French journalist intercepting and later publishing this revelation. The clip was shown repeatedly on Russian television over the weekend.”

      This is why the West collectively are going down the Swanee. There are no grown ups in the room and those like SteveH are doing not only themselves but everyone else on the planet a disservice by insisting these morons and their unworkable policies are the only possible way to go.

  22. Toffee, thanks for the links. The statement doesn’t change my perception and, though one could just point to the bias of the MSM, the Loughborough report – – really shows how underwhelming Labour were in making the case. Rightly or wrongly, as LOTO, I feel that Corbyn has to take some responsibility for this. He had other qualities but was not a galvanising figure in the campaign

    1. The crucial difference….

      Corbyn respected the referendum result.

      Smarmer, fatberg and the precious 70% did not

      1. Toffee – Given the controversy surrounding the advisory Brexit referendum, the miniscule 4% margin and that Brexit didn’t quite work out as promised then how is it in any way disrespectful to the vote or the voters to ask the electorate to confirm it is what they really wanted. Why were the Brexiteers so afraid of democracy, did they think they would lose a confirmatory vote that gave a choice between a Corbyn deal or stopping in.

  23. SteveH seems to be the only one here praying ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ for Starmer to become Prime Minister.

      1. as are your strings…. 😋

        ⑀⑀I have no strings to hold me down……⑀⑀

    1. Andy, Starmer definitely ‘Fixed It’ for Jim…To not get prosecuted for raping little children. So Jim carried on doing his dastardly deeds, thanks to Starmer.

      1. baz2001 – You can delude yourself into believing whatever you like but it doesn’t make it true.

      1. goldbach – Why do you have this weird obsession with goats?

      2. goldbach – Given the current turmoil in the Tory Party I would have thought that would have been obvious, even to you. However you still haven’t explained this rather odd obsession that you have with goats.

      3. Thanks for clarifying what it was that you were counting.
        The rest of your comment confirms my suspicions – David Gower Syndrome.

      4. goldbach – Yet another of your rather weird obsessions that you seem to resort to whenever you need a dead cat.

      5. There have now been 40 resignations.+ Boris has sacked Michael Gove

      6. So, when will we find out if/that Starmer has been fined?
        The lobby correspondents would really enjoy two leadership elections at the same time.

      7. goldbach – According to the various news channels you are going to have to wait until sometime next week. Will you be able to contain yourself until then.

  24. Sorry you are wrong Tim about Corbyn not
    doing his bit. Apart from the list presented
    upthread one of the LU Colleges produced
    a report about this subject.

    Corbyn did MORE than anyone else to present
    the case for being in the EU. He had had a word
    with the Greek ex-finance minister about it. He
    did more even than Alan Johnson who was
    supposedly in charge at that stage .

    The reason why this was
    not well known was because his appearances
    were not on TV. So why were they not – because he
    did not share a platform with speakers from other parties,
    this being because it was party policy NOT to share
    a platform. It was party policy formulated by Miliband (?)
    after the Scottish Independence referendum
    because it was believed that this gave the impression
    there was no difference between Labour and other parties.

    I think there WAS a problem in that the rhetoric for staying
    in was not stated clearly enough in that the “Remainers”
    were complaisant and arrogant . However this was the
    case overall -Tory, LibDem and Labour and was NOT
    the case for Corbyn who took care to swat it up and
    prepare it properly. Labour supporters as a whole voted
    something like 70% remain and 30% leave, The leavers
    belonged overwhelmingly in “Red Wall” areas which had
    been neglected by everyone including the Labour Party
    for many many years .. hence the persistent drop in
    support for the Labour Party over many elections.

  25. Tim – you’re wrong for the Loughborough report is
    looking at the wrong data/stats.

    In fact Corbyn appeared at more places than any other
    person – including Alan Johnson who was supposedly
    in charge. There is ANOTHER more nuanced report
    from one of the Colleges of LU indicating this and
    THEIR point was that Corbyns appearance on platforms
    was not reflected in exposure by the MSM.

    So why was this? Well one reason was that in keeping
    with Labour Party policy at the time he could not
    appear with other parties on platforms. This was not
    HIS policy but that of Miliband who thought that
    by appearing with others during the Scottish
    Referendum – it looked as if the Labour Party
    were no different from other parties and hence (it
    was thought) the subsequent effect on the 2015 GE.

    IN fact a large %age of labour supporters voted
    remain (I think 70% to 30%) . I think a big problem
    was the complacency of remainers with respect to
    the “Red wall” constituencies whose citizens
    had increasingly become fed up with the status
    quo. They saw that their interests were ignored ..
    The labour vote in “pro-Brexit” areas had steadily
    decreased over the years and that should have
    been a lesson ..

    I doubt Corbyn shared that complacency because
    he had talked with EU politicians and properly prepared
    his case ..

    1. “IN fact a large %age of labour supporters voted
      remain (I think 70% to 30%) . I think a big problem
      was the complacency of remainers with respect to
      the “Red wall” constituencies…”

      Very true Holby. With hindsight, I’d go further – and suspect JC would too. The “respect” issue that the Ref2 charlatans compromised the party on was respect for democracy – i.e. the referendum choice, i.e. brexit. I say that as someone who voted remain and who has obviously been shocked by the duplicity and deceit of Starmer – both on EU Membership, on his leadership election promise(s) (unity) and – of course on his delay of Forde and his 10 pledges u-turn.

  26. Toffee – Given the controversy surrounding the advisory Brexit referendum, the miniscule 4% margin and that Brexit didn’t quite work out as promised

    Your miniscule 4% margin translated to 1.3 MILLION votes, soft shite.

    If you think THAT’S miniscule then let’s see you count it out on here.

    No? Then shut up

    As for your brexit didn’t work out as promised…Thank keef for that. He was the one fucked up a labour government to negotiate it.

    Ever wondered why?

    Oh – and before you come back with some more but Corbyn.. bollocks, let’s not forget that Barnier said discussions with Corbyn had gone far better than they had with the toerags.

    1. Toffee – As Corbyn himself has said he had to respect the wishes of the membership (eventually)

      1. neem repeatedly told – and STILL REFUSE to accept – the membership IS NOT the electorate as a whole.

      2. Toffee – Where have I claimed it was or is but perhaps you should bear in mind that even Corbyn admitted that two thirds of Labour’s voters supported a CV and staying in the EU.
        Brexiteer Labour supporters were always very much in the minority regardless of the metric you use.

      3. Toffee – Where have I claimed it was

        Oh DO fuck RIGHT off, knobhead. You’ve persistently bleated:

        But 70% of the membership…

        ..And it was NEVER put to the test, by the way. If it WAS then WHERE was YOUR vote?

        A figure plucked from the arse of fatberg or some other anti-Corbyn remainder…Who no doubt went around telling everyone that remain were gonna piss the referendum anyway.

      4. Toffee – Did Jeremy pluck the figure from his arse when he has on at least two occasions clearly stated in separate long format soft interviews to camera that at least two thirds of both the party’s members and voters wanted a CV and to remain in the EU
        If you check my previous posts you will see that I have frequently quoted the figures members and voters where appropriate. Why don’t you try a novel approach (for you) and attempt to make your point without making stuff up.

      5. Until a vote was taken then that 70% is an estation at best, a figment of imagination at worst

        As a vote wasn’t taken, it remains so.

        YOU didn’t get YOUR vote, despite being THE biggest shrieker for OMOV.

        Leave thought they were gonna piss the referendum – until the vote was taken.

        Corbyn was gonna be wiped out in 2017 – until the vote was taken
        (See kincock Jr’s & woodcock’s reactions)

        Trump 2016…

        Etc etc etc

  27. Ridiculous how Labour are saying of a possible election “Bring it on!”

    No policies, and no clue as to where they stand on anything really – apart from Starmer’s recent, deeply unpopular, expressed support for what is the hardest form of Brexit.

    Labour simply hope to win ‘by default’ due to this being a rotten two party system. Really is a sorry state of affairs, voters are faced with an horrendous choice. And the New Labour people will falsely interpret and claim, that any seat gains due to Tory unpopularity, are in fact because the party is more centrist(centre-right).

      1. SteveH

        It’s weak sauce compared to the discernibly socialist three-course meal Corbyn offered, and you know it.

        And much of it is aspirational i.e. we aim to this… if you fall for that then more fool you. Corbyn had a much clearer left-wing agenda that truly differentiated the parties.

        The 10 Pledges may mean nothing to you. But they were the only reason many members cast aside their doubts about Starmer.Trust in anything he or Reeves say is basically now gone.

        I doubt Labour will win an overall majority as enthusiasm is in short supply. There’s certainly no 1997 type buzz. And Scotland is an electoral desert for the party. Starmer won’t even cooperate with the SNP, or even the Lib Dems if their demand for a Confidence and supply arrangement is the adoption of PR.

      2. Andy – Did you miss the fact that despite 83% of the membership being in favour PR it was defeated at last years conference when the Unions voted in line with their policy at the time and voted it down . Since then several Unions have taken a vote at their respective conferences (including Unite and Unison) and they have changed their policy to now support and promote PR for General Elections I expect that PR will become Labour Party policy at this years conference.

      3. The same Unions PWC just shat on from a great height
        Anyone noticed Baby Trump and PWC have the same paper thin support
        No policies, no ideals, no integrity, no chance of survival once the wind changes direction
        Two Cheeks
        You are going to need a new arse to lick very soon

      4. Doug – You are of course entitled to your opinion but I am baffled why you appear to expect a full manifesto at this stage of the electoral cycle. Perhaps we could have a more meaningful discussion once the new manifesto has been published.

        ps: What on earth is PWC an abbreviation for.

      5. The biggest hindrance to PR’s introduction for Westminster is one Mr Keir Starmer.

        And yes, I know they adopted the system for NEC elections – a most unsuitable use case btw. Basically only because the left-wing slate were cleaning up in elections. i.e. only out of pure self-interest – to advantage leadership supportive people who once wouldn’t have won without it. Since then, many on the left have quit the party, so that isn’t the case anymore.

      6. Starmer is a right-wing reactionary, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs Thatcher is secretly his idol.

        The idea he’ll do anything remotely progressive is nonsense.

        His role is to prevent change until the Tories get their sh*t back together then to let them resume in power.

        It really is that depressing, SteveH, wish you’d try understand what’s happened.

      7. Andy – I wish you’d wake up to the reality that Corbyn is whether you like it or not yesterday’s man and it is unlikely he will even stand at the next election never mind lead you to your socialist Utopia. If the left are going to make any progress they need to stop dreaming about something that is unlikely to happen and get their act together.

  28. JC
    Supported leaving, you only have to look at both manifestos which could not be delivered as a member of the EU

      1. SteveH

        Starmer voted against Brexit something like 48 times and became Mr ‘People’s Vote’ champion. Corbyn wanted a soft Brexit.

        Fast forward to 2022, and Starmer now supports the hardest form of Brexit and refuses to contemplate mitigating it via rejoining the customs union or single market, won’t consider EEA/EFTA. No wonder even the likes of Femi and others in the #FBPE crew are saying WTF?!

        Your apologism for Starmer’s constant U-turns is getting ridiculous.

      2. Andy – Which begs the question was Corbyn in power or just in office. Corbyn himself has admitted that he had no choice but to support a CV it is what the vast majority of both Labour members and voters supported. I recall that the polling at the time indicated that the percentage of Labour party members who supported Brexit was only in the low teens. Have you counted up how many times Corbyn voted for and against Brexit.

  29. To get back to Brexit – yes of course the second
    referendum should have been ruled out. However
    it seemed that the Tories – with Cummings as
    snake oil salesman were out to leave the EU
    without a deal.

    ERG were responsible – with their Xenophobia and
    that %6645@£@£ Mark Francois leading the fray.
    He is the person most likely to make me use a swear
    word! For what gets me is his “expert” knowledge of WW2
    – and all on the back of a few years in the Terrier’s
    and a few more spent on War Studies.. Believe me
    the man knows NOTHING about WW2.

    Ahem – sorry about the rant!

    To get back to Brexit – at the Labour Party 2018
    Conference they effectively voted to adopt a
    second referendum as a last resort – not unreasonable
    if it had been presented as that! But no- it was presented
    as a complex algorithm which no-one could comprehend
    and hence the supposed ambiguity from Corbyn. It
    was a while before I realised this – and in response to a
    stupid tick-box questionnaire – I emailed my opinion to

    It was complete incompetence … and showed that Starmer
    had zero Political Acumen then -and still has none and
    never will have any.

    Of course then it morphed into a stand-alone policy of
    a second referendum ..

    No wonder the Tories won .. the public were sick of it!

    By the way the two million or so of votes difference
    between Leave/Remain IS important because
    it belies those who somewhat arrogantly dismiss
    the Single Market etc as “not leaving”. Do they
    know how many of those couple of million would
    think that? Now we have our second ref Knight of
    the realm casually dismissing it ..

    1. HFM – Composite Motions are a perineal problem in the Labour Party. This infantile obsession with ‘everyone being a winner’ serves nobody well. What we need is clear and unambiguous policy not wishy washy indeterminate rubbish that cons everyone into thinking they’ve won.

      1. SteveH – you have made this response about “composite
        motions” numerous times – what you fail to understand is
        that “REf2 as a last resort is a POLICY” but the complicated
        algorithms are a PLAN of how to achieve that .. Now there
        are many possible plans of how to get there (hence the
        ambiguity) but only ONE policy.

        I emailed this to Tom Watson and he ignored it – he only
        wanted a tick box response. They were not bothered
        by the confusion – as they had already decided on Ref2
        as a policy .. full stop.

      2. HFM – Thanks for your explanation but I’m sticking with what I said above.

  30. I see de piffle’s given gove the tin-tack ‘for acting like a snake’

    ‘Acting like’??? Always had him down AS one (of very many).

  31. Toerag mp on newsnight complaining that they’ve made de piffle’s age look like Hannibal Lecter

    What a fookin melt. 🤭

  32. Holby, the Milliband injunction is not something I was aware of but any sane individual would and should have challenged it. Starmer’s (and indeed anybody’s) support of a second referendum was stupid ( and the idiots who even proposed a ‘people’s vote’ have a most selective notion of democracy) and his subsequent positions are so vacuous that his unsuitability for office should be evident.

    1. Tim – Would that be the subsequent position that there wasn’t much point bleating about Brexit after we had left.

    2. Sorry about double posting – I thought I
      had lost the first ..

      Not sure if it was Miliband himself .. but it was
      definitely a policy. I wish I could find link to LU
      report for that would provide more detailed

      The original campaign as organised centrally by whoever
      was very poor – and arrogant in the extreme and I doubt
      if Corbyn was consulted .

      An obvious question was the Irish border but this was never
      tackled – we were just laughed off ..

  33. Yes – his latest position is the latest alignment with Tory orthodoxy that makes him indistinguishable from the party he supposedly opposes. If he had a scintilla of intelligence he would see that rejoining the Economic Union (not the EU) was a pragmatic, financially viable strategy that would take the NI situation off the table, bring in more trade and return us some international credibility. But no, the idiot plays to an audience who have the sense to prefer the real thing rather than the ideology-free Starmer.

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