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Scum-columnist Starmer rightly shredded for Hillsborough hypocrisy

Mass outrage follows Starmer’s hollow words on Hillsborough anniversary

Keir Starmer’s contempt for Liverpool backfired on him today when he had the nerve to put out a rote tweet of sympathy for the victims and survivors of the Hillsborough disaster and their families.

Bad enough that he wrote of the victims ‘losing their lives’ when they were unlawfully killed – but Starmer has also written, as Labour’s ‘leader’, for the hated Murdoch S*n – which spent decades smearing Hillsborough victims and the city of Liverpool as part of the Establishment’s attempt to cover up and justify the needless deaths and suffering the police, press and government inflicted.

And worse still, instead of grovelling for forgiveness he said he would do it again – and he cannot claim even ignorance as an excuse, as he came to Liverpool during his leadership campaign and told Labour members he understood the hurt that vile rag caused and would not speak to it (though, in typical weasel-fashion, only during that campaign).

Starmer also promoted S*n columnists to his front bench, appointed fellow Murdoch fans as his political and communications directors – and just this week, the party was tweeting a link to an article by the ‘Scum’ calling for the imprisonment of climate change protesters.

The reaction was rightly massive, with thousands of replies and ‘quote tweets’ pulling no punches as the betrayed said where he could stick his ‘faux-sympathy’:

Since his unrepentant decision to write for the most appalling toilet-paper in the UK, Starmer has declared war on the city of Liverpool, interfering in candidate selections for the mayoral position and other local elections, targeting left-wingers for expulsion, forcing changes on local parties to disenfranchise members and even appointing a right-winger who campaigned for the now-defunct ‘funny tinge’ party CUK as Labour’s ‘Liverpool officer’.

The people of Liverpool and their allies have made it clear that their contempt for him in return is boundless.

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  1. sir keith starmer’s open disrespect for Hillsborough victims is painful. keith is at one with the vile lying police and establishment AND their sun rag apologists.

    sir Keith starmer is the definition of deceitfulness and disgracefulness.

    RIP all the victims. All strength to friends, family and WIDER “family” left behind.

    1. the long list of sir keith starmer’s doings prove he’s nothing but a professional fraud, heartless opportunist and decrepit weathercock.

      bad Bad BAD news.

  2. Going well for Keith & Co in local elections……Several seats do not have Labour candidates where they did have previously. Keith has killed Labour :

    Brockworth East (Tewkesbury) council by-election result:

    IND: 69.5% (+69.5)
    CON: 15.3% (-0.9)
    LDEM: 15.3% (+2.5)

    No other Ind(s) (-65.9) and Lab (-5.1) as prev.

    Votes cast: 498

    Independent GAIN from Independent.

  3. Whoooosh, and again :

    Bisley and West End (Surrey Heath) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 66.0% (+48.8)
    CON: 34.0% (-0.8)

    No Ind (-31.8), UKIP (-9.3) and Lab (-6.9) as prev.

    Votes cast: 1,948

    Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative.

    1. The conservative party voters always go lib dems when they are unhappy with the Torys especially in the home counties and out in the sticks were they missed the industrial revolution and the unity of organised labour.Now Starmer a man from Surrey realises this and is going for the working class tory whos narrow bigotry is second to none.They did it under bliar 96\97and captured part of the Murdoch press and captured a percentage of that Tory working class vote.Will it work again?….very possibly especially if the labour party go for the nucluer option and start fishing in N.Ireland?.After the May elections in Ireland there may well be some very disillusioned working class protestant voters who might just like the style of this flag flying fascist from true blue Surrey.

  4. Keir Starmer is a complete and utter disgrace – writing for the S*n along with fellow hypocrite Wes Streeting and cosying up to Rupert Murdock alongside arch hypocrite Jess Phillips. His comments about Hillsborough are therefore an irrelevance though a terrible slap in the face for the survivors and families of the 97unlawfully killed .
    Because Starmer’s behaviour is so crass and indefensible his cheer leaders who post on here will no doubt try to close down comments about it by introducing and posting about other topics However people can see him what he is and no amount of deflection tactics can hide that. The man has no shame.

  5. Weve seen it all before with Blair on 96\97bowing to the Murdoch empire whilst trying to grab the “working class tory” who are difficult to appease and loyal to the conservative and unionist party.ITs a tried and tested method that the bliar warmonger tapped into and thats exactly were the labour party are going.Theyve already got the establishment and the New world order so its the Working class bigoted union jack flying vote he needs or a percentage walk into downing street.This time we know what are getting unfortunately apart from a few old socialists we didnt with the Blair warmonger….ITS a calculation that may pay off for our new world order labour party.?

  6. No Different to The Spinmeisters BLiar, Mandelson and Campbell! Blair put the Sun in Working Class Homes . The Pretentious Sun in lambskin aka The Guardian did it for the wannabees, together they dragged millions from the Centre Left into Thatcherite territory with bogus terms like Centrist, Liberal, The Right of The Left, etc, etc, etc, Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Neoliberalism is one thing, TORYISM on steroids, nothing else!

  7. Great interview with Len McCluskey on Novara Media. Well worth listening to all of it but it starts here from the discussion on 2017 and beyond, and Starmer’s role (among others) in proceedings since then.

    Something Sinister is Happening in the Labour Party | Aaron Bastani meets Len McCluskey | Downstream

    1. More like Something Sinister has been Happening in the New-Labour TORY Party/Neo-Labour TORY Party since 1994. Rodents, the lot of them, a Pestilence TORY infestation that Killed The UK Labour Party and Killed HOPE, for the working poor, the disadvantaged poor, disabled and ill! The short of it is that if you are below upper middle class, you are seen as “Undeserving Poor” by BlueKeef’s TORIES. I detest all TORIES, but if I had only one choice between the two by a long shot it won’t be The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, BlueKeef or NO BlueKeef/Inbred Ogre or NO Inbred Ogre! They are all Sleazy, Slimy Grifters, but BlueKeef and the Starmerstruppen come with layers and layers of masks.

  8. Every word (and deed) from the disgraceful rodent is less than worthless.

    Every word of the wrath he provoked, deserved.


    I’d love to be an MP selected for the all-members footy match on the opposing side to the greasy twunt.

    Put it this way – Bastard’d need armour-plated shinpads, 🤬💥🙈🚑

    1. I don’t think that there is a thing fortunate about that prospect, but I believe that BlueKeef will be the next PM, voting optional, but unnecessary, the Commissions and the Commissioners have spoken, BlueKeef will be PM of the UK, I can’t imagine a more frightening prospect than that!
      There is so much information streaming into the average person’s head that outrageous events are entirely forgotten before the next outrageous event! With crooked Spinmeisters and their well oiled MSM Propaganda System, it will remain that way, unless someone starts a new kind of Wikidata that is factual and records every persons’ outrageous faux pas, among other things. We need an external brain to info dump information, something that records everything that happens by keyword, until we figure out how to turn on the entire human brain, at least!

  9. As a Socialist, if you don’t panic now you obviously don’t understand the situation.

  10. Blair had his “Clause IV Moment”, Sir Keir his “S*n Correspondent” status. It has nothing to do with clever leadership and fooling the enemy into ‘giving Labour a chance’.

    It’s a dare to the sensitivities of the Labour party members.

    Even though well-over 200,000 former members have left the party, remarkably few current members see the issue. Starmer is a S+n Correspendent to out-do Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair KG.

    Pathetic – and remaining Labour party members can be accused of a different failing/shortcoming?

    1. as it ever was…

      ‘The Rump may have started out as a radical experiment, but the social conservatism of the majority of its members was quickly revealed as it cracked down on radicals in the Army.’

  11. With the Tory Barbarians acting like spoilt 8 year olds (real ones could do a better job) we have NO opposition as Tories, Right Labour & the Lib Dem’s are all Neo-Liberal peas in the same pod.
    I think a lot hangs on what Jeremy Corbyn decides what he will do at the next GE.
    Apparently he was to announce he would stand as an Independent (or on the Peace & Justice ticket) but Ukraine intervened.
    And hundreds of thousands of his supporters out there wait patiently.
    We could have 600 or so Jeremy Corbyn Independents on a list or as Peace & Justice (but not standing against Left Labour MPs.)
    I urge JC to make an announcement soon so left wing democratic socialists can get organised and he could leave a brilliant legacy.
    ‘The old order, Neo-Liberalism is dying. But the new cannot yet be born. Perhaps we are all being tested. And only the stars will ride the storm.’

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