Anti-Corbynite Dunt mocks those who thought Johnson ‘liberal’ – except he did too

Anti-Corbyn hack Ian Dunt has mocked ‘sage-like commentators’ who ‘insisted [Boris Johnson] was a liberal prime minister’, pointing out that Johnson is now targeting refugees to try to divert attention from his own shame and scandals.

Dunt is right to attack Johnson for his self-serving assault on the vulnerable – but his framing is more than a little embarrassing when Dunt himself as used exactly the term ‘liberal’ to describe Boris Johnson. In a 2013 tweet, long before Corbyn’s leadership sent Dunt and other ‘mainstream’ figures into panic-stricken overdrive, Dunt went as far as to say ‘the left’ would be better off with Johnson running the Tory party – specifically because he was ‘more liberal’ than other Tories:

Dunt in 2013 and now.

Dunt spent much of the 2019 general election campaign – and for that matter, much of the 2017 general election – attacking Corbyn, not least over Brexit, but now he’s unhappy with what the mass media assault on Corbyn and Keir Starmer’s referendum betrayal led to: Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

Poor lamb. Those betrayals led to the disaster in which this country now finds itself. But when he points a finger at hacks who said Boris Johnson was a liberal, he’s pointing four back at himself – a case study in the dangerousness and delusion of the so-called ‘centrists’ in media and politics.

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  1. over 200 thousand ex labour supporters and activists are making sure these fucking Dunts are going to be kicked out of their lacish life styles rather soon now and we will not stop until this vile party of betrayal is finished.

    1. Could you explain how they’re gonna do so Andrew – ie how WE’RE gonna do that?


  2. Like far too many of the so called Political Commentators, the man’s a complete useless ‘dick’! A lackey of the rich and infamous! Talking bollocks as usual!

  3. The Guardian is home to the columnist kings and queens of such hypocrisy.

    Most were unrelentingly hostile; discrediting Corbynism and its enthusiastic Labour supporters at every opportunity. Only then to bemoan the post-election nadir they helped engineer. They never acknowledge the role they played in producing Johnson’s majority.

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