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Starmer says he’d write in the S*n again

Labour will lose more voters every time he writes in that rag than it will ever gain from its Tory readership

Keir Starmer has told a lifelong Liverpool supporter that he thinks it is important to write in the S*n and would do so again. Speaking on LBC radio, he claimed it was ‘very important’ for him to do so, so that S*n readers hear ‘the Labour message’.

The so-called Labour ‘leader’ wrote a column for the Murdoch toilet-paper last month after Skwawkbox exclusively revealed he was about to and is apparently keen to insert his head into the union-buster’s rear passage again.

Keir Starmer wouldn’t know a ‘Labour message’ if it bit him on the backside – and will lose more voters every time he writes for that Murdoch rag than he will ever gain among its rapidly vanishing and die-hard Tory readers.

Starmer can claim all he likes that he ‘understands’ or ‘respects’ the feelings of the people of Liverpool and its surrounds about a rag that has spent decades abusing and lying about them.

Socialist Telly’s ‘Kernow Damo’ challenged Starmer to appear on Socialist Telly if he’s serious about reaching all voters. He won’t respond, of course, but he would not be welcome on Skwawkbox’s weekly programme there after the first time he soiled the party by appearing in the S*n and even less so after saying he’d do so again.

Labour’s next annual conference is scheduled to take place in Liverpool. If the country is unlucky enough that he’s still Labour’s notional ‘leader’, he and his fellow Murdoch-lickers on his front bench will not be welcome.

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  1. The only reason he’s going to Murdoch, dropping his trousers, letting his undercrackers slip to the floor and waving his arse in the air is because he wants the Labour Party to be shafted.

  2. Just seen fat Jo Anderson II on ch4 news going on about the bastard that tried to bomb the women’s hospital…

    Not that there’s any excuse whatsoever for what the rat attempted, but wouldn’t it be a tad awkward if it was discovered that that arms fair (the one she was supposedly unable to put the kybosh on) was a given reason for the rat bastard’s shithousery?

    As for keef….Well, Westminster careerist gobshite is as Westminster careerist gobshite does. No surprise. In fact it’s to be expected from slimy little twunts like him.

    Lower than whaleshit – and STILL hasn’t stopped descending.

    1. ,,,,,,,the Arms Fair in Liverpool a reason for bombing Women’s Hospital?

  3. It IS important for Starmer to write for the S*n again as this will lose Labour the votes of all decent right thinking people.
    This fits in with Starmer’s agenda – get rid of all the socialists and non Zionists in the party, lose the next election by alienating as many voters as possible, hand over to a new leader, regroup and win the election after that on a socialist free Zionist supporting New Labour 2 (Tory lite) platform.
    He will probably be rewarded for the destruction of Labour with a peerage and will go on to work openly for one of the backers he working for covertly now. The man is a disgrace.

  4. Unfortunately, I caught Lisa ‘the coupster’ Nandy on tv this morning, they were babbling on about Corbyn and how much Labour had changed since his leadership BUT they had more to do. Every time this is said it is code for more purging and more of the nasties .

    I really wonder how Ricky Tomlinson now feels championing ‘Keith the Catchfart’ as a Socialist and defender of the wronged

    1. Tomlinson has little to no insight into how to make long-lasting friendships with true socialists. Pictures of him strutting about with Tom Watson, seriously undermining Ricky’s well-earned left wing credentials are also plastered all over t’internet.

  5. Obviously after his MPs salary of £84,000 and £42,000 from his 2nd job during Covid advising a gold and copper mining company in the Virgin Islands, perhaps Sir Sell Out needs the money?
    Tory Sun Scumbag!

  6. After his £84,000 MPs salary and £42,000 from his second job during Covid advising a gold and copper mining company in the Virgin Islands, perhaps Sir Sell Out needs the money?
    Tory Sun Scumbag.

  7. FFS this IDIOT really believes his Tory-lite ideology bullshit will get him Tory voters flocking to him!!!!

    Labour voters will ignore his cult of new Labour 2.0 ideology and just vote for them because it wares the Labour rosette. Despite all the endless attacks on socialism, he is of course WRONG on both counts!!

    Then we have written in the SCUM rag FFS people don’t forget even if you forget your promises and MP’s who lie and decide routinely are never trusted…

    I swear this moron will drive what’s left of the Labour party into the grave the way he is going !!!

    They need to kick this scumbag and Evens out PDQ before they go too far. But honestly, that point has already passed!!!

    1. In four out of five of the most recent polls they have the LP ahead of the Tories, and in the other one tied. The point is of course that the vast majority of people are not aware of what is actually happening. Most of it isn’t covered by the MSM anyway, and the stuff that IS covered is perceived by most people as legitimate – ie suspending, and then withdrawing the whip from JC, for example, or sacking RLB, or proscribing the four groups etc.

  8. The Sun has been lying to its readers and deceiving them since Murdoch took it over, so it is in fact quite appropriate for Starmer to write for it….. and do the same!

    Anyway, here are three examples of the Sun lying to its readers and misinforming and deceiving them that I just happened to come across last week. The first one is from April 2017:

    Hardworking, locally based MPs have always put themselves in the firing line to stand up for their constituents…..

    Ian Austin, in Dudley, who challenges extremists every single day of his life, and Ruth Smeeth, who over the past two years has received 300 abusive attacks on social media every day from the extremist left and neo-Nazis.

    That’s about 200,000 – ie 175,000 more than she claimed she’d received! And THAT was a massive big black propaganda falsehood as well!.

    1. And then there was this Sun article from June 2017 in which it said the following:

      And Mr Corbyn has also been criticised for failing to kick out Ken Livingstone, who has repeatedly claimed that Hitler was a Zionist.

      Ken said no such thing of course, and had repeatedly said as much in interviews since his infamous radio interview, and the folks at the Sun know it of course, but it amuses them no end to enlarge on the fabrication AND deceive their readers.

      As for the abusive tweets quoted in the article, I completely agree with what Len McCluskey said – ie ‘that many of the trolls were in fact MI5 agents seeking to undermine the leader’. Probably ALL of them in fact!

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