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Unite members are picketing oil refinery for fair pay – is Starmer suggesting they be arrested too? It seems so

Labour’s shameful promotion of Murdoch S*n’s anti-protester article puts party ‘leader’ on side of bosses against workers – again

As Skwawkbox covered yesterday, Keir Starmer’s Labour continued and compounded its betrayal of ordinary people by sharing an article from the Murdoch S*n and calling for the government to criminalise protests affecting fuel availability. The Murdoch article targeted environmental protesters – and Labour’s call was a transparent attempt to appeal to the right-wingers who prefer convenience over doing what’s right for others.

But Unite union members are also picketing the Fawley fuel refinery in Southampton for fair wages and sickness pay denied them by bosses enjoying massive profits – more than £6 billion last year – who have offered them only a real-terms pay cut. Is Starmer seriously suggesting those workers should be criminalised for fighting for justice and fairness and against exploitation?

Tragically, the answer is almost certainly yes. After all, for all his shallow slogans Starmer’s Labour has formally ended members’ rights – in as many words – to expect fairness and justice in the party’s disciplinary processes.

Keir Starmer has again put himself on the side of rich, exploitative bosses and corporations and against the interests of the many.

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  1. *** “Keir Starmer has again put himself on the side of rich, exploitative bosses and corporations and against the interests of the many” ***

    Well said Skwawkbox – – – – – It says it all really.

  2. If you have to choose between two options and you haven’t got a clue, you will normally get it right about half the time. Starmer’s Labour hasn’t got a clue, and opts for the wrong option EVERY time; that takes some doing.

      1. No Paul Smith. I disagree that Starmer chooses which side to support. Starmer is instructed by his paymasters which side to support and like the good bought and paid for lackey that he is he does what he is told.

      2. I think Smartboy is on the money here, Paul. Starmer is either an agent of the State or doing an excellent impression of one.

    1. Be in NO doubt smarmerist are always thinking: ‘what would the toerags do? We have to beat them to it’ Daniel.

      They’re fully aware, and fully complicit. Wonder if keef will be having a snigger on TV about these strikers as he did those in Coventry the other day…

      Just like wee stevie, keef seems to think that the workers aren’t the electorate. Their voices don’t matter, and especially when keef speaks to the murdochs. See, he thinks the workers don’t read the murdochs or watch the news. The only time they’re real and they matter is when they’re directly in front of him.

    2. This is behaviour which is consistently found in Western hierarchies.

      As observed in this 2006 Observer piece…

      the plebian masses getting above their imposed station in the hierarchy with their own ideas are viewed as dangerous. It undermines the pips on shoulders hierarchy to the point that decision makers would rather be totally wrong and in control than right and cede a single iota of control to those they consider subordinate and below them.

      Starmer’s LP is thus a mirror image of the dominant Western Managerial Culture (WMC) and its disdain for any narrative outside that of the fantasy reality manufactured in the heads of those who are part of this nihilistic death cult.

      Its ‘NO DEBATE’ approach and total rejection of the normal practices necessary for a functioning society – such as evidence based inquiry and due process norms – are representative of an extremist intolerance which is prevalent and dominant across the majority of organisational structures and what passes for processes throughout the Western model.

      This includes not only private, public and voluntary corporate entities but is also infected large sections of what self-references as the ‘political progressive left’ as well as all the political parties – including the SNP and Greens.

      Doubtless readers will be able to identify multiple organisational and individual examples of this phenomenon and its practitioners.

  3. Look out for support for the Conservative laws, adopted by New Labour, which restrict and regulate industrial action

  4. Thangham Debbonaire made an appearance on Radio 4s Today this morning trying to justify Starmers remarks.
    If I didn’t know any better I’d swear the party is trying to rid, or distance itself from the trade union movement.

    1. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear the party is trying to rid, or distance itself from the trade union movement.

      Whatever gives you that idea?

      Blair thinks Labour shouldn’t represent labour!

      Of course Starmer’s not influenced by Blair in any way, even though the treacherous Meddlesome sits on one shoulder.

    2. Or indeed, from ALL workers. I get the impression that if he shook a real workers hand he’d disinfect it immedaitely afterwards…. But there again, so would I if I were ever conned into shaking HIS hand.

    3. Reply to BackofBeyond
      Of course Starmer is distancing himself from the Trade Union movement. The sooner the Trade Union movement accepts this and retaliates by spending the members political fund subs elsewhere the better for us all.

  5. Don’t forget chaps, Labour only stands for the Workers……If you’re on strike, sick, disabled, unemployed, young student, OAP, you can go to hell. According to Starmer’s New Labour Party you are of absolutely no use to Society whatsoever.

    What a bundle of joy he and his corrupt paedo loving mates are.

  6. The Police etc Bill currently in Parliament will increase police powers to control demonstrations, and by extension also picketing, in such cases,

  7. People are realising what Starmer is up to – and it is getting
    into the MSM. There was a piece in the Independent (yesterday?)
    listing all the LPs problems – losing membership, struggling to
    get candidates and campaigners for local elections. I think it
    even mentioned the targeting of Jewish members? I cannot
    find a link to it although I have looked through my “History”.

    Unfortunately I do not see this on the BBC .. who are towing
    the Starmer line ..

  8. To all voters on Merseyside, Lest we forget Hillsborough we must remember the deaths; the lies & cover ups. Lest we forget the Truth according to Rupert Murdoch & the promises made to the people of Merseyside by Sir Keir Starmer that he would never provide copy for the Sun. Now the ‘Candidate of Unity’ desperately seeks the approval & endorsement by the News International Media Empire. Sell your soul Keef!

  9. Just imagine if we on the left had suggested any sort of action against the astroturfed anti-fuel-tax protests of 2000 which genuinely did cause disruption ….

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