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Starmer appoints ‘political director’ who attended Murdoch bash in 2018

At the height of the media onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn, Luke Sullivan was one of several Labour right advisers reported to be in attendance at News UK party in September 2018

Keir Starmer has appointed Luke Sullivan to the position of political director in LOTO (the leader of the opposition’s office), after panic in LOTO led to a string of demotions, removals and reshuffles. Sullivan has been a longtime adviser to Labour chief whips. A message sent to staff about the appointment reads:

Colleagues will be pleased to learn that Luke Sullivan has been appointed as Political Director in LOTO with immediate effect. Luke has a wealth of experience as a Special Adviser in the Whip’s Office both in Government and Opposition and I know that many of you already work closely with him through his role in the whips office. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

Labour insiders say that Sullivan is a close friend of Matt Pound, the organiser for right-wing pressure group Labour First, who has also worked for Starmer since he became party leader. Sullivan was also among the advisers reported to be in attendance at Rupert Murdoch’s News UK party in 2018:

It seems a safe bet that this appointment does not signal the emergence of any left policies in Starmer’s office. Indeed, if briefings to a friend of the Labour right in the press today are any indication, Starmer is preparing an escalation of his assault on left-wing party members using the excuse of the expected loss in Thursday’s Batley and Spen by-election – even though Starmer and his lurch to the right are clearly the root of the party’s recent disasters.

An earlier version of this article showed an image of the wrong Luke Sullivan. Sincere apologies for the error.

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  1. our biggest problem is – despite sir keith’s venomous record as dpp, enough decent, inteligent, super informed, above average well read and in the party several decades before now, used their vote for sir keith? that is our key problem. not the general electorate. not the media. not all the external forces. no one put a gun to the heads of members insisting that they ignore sir keith’s public d p p record.

    that’s the puzzle and sadness for me. worse yet it is “the many” who pay the heavy price of members enabling keith starmer, hodge, bliar, … ummuna was not recalled. the louse chukka ummuna was left to leave at his leisure. same re berger, ellman, smeeth and the rest. true, the members were deprived of the internal findings until they were deceived by starmer. but i wonder if they would have voted differently if the gross, corrupt plotting and sabotage was not hidden from them.

    i wonder because the most experienced posters here seem surprised and disappointed in starmer as if they sincerely expected something different from his type.
    how could that be? are self defeating habits that difficult to change? where’s the basic logic that starmar’s extremely deplorable dpp record of injustice after injustice… where’s the basic logic that such a person is unfit for decent company?

    what is it? is it that people are too old to change? it’s not a lack of energy if one notes the fire with which some only a few months ago argued against anyone suggesting the slightest change… even a new party. where’s the coherence of ‘there’s nothing we can do” but crazed rage against people suggesting a new party or changes in the attitude of the ones we have? and what does it indicate re the failure to point that out? defeatism and crazed defence of defeatism seems to have been actively encouraged and protected.

    the mystery is as painful as it is fascinating. maybe it’s just a matter of habits preserved by age, and chronic fear and submissiveness from an older more deferential time❔❓❔❓❔❓

    1. Democracy turned Demagoguery, all down to lack of proper fact based information and lack of thinking skills. Now we have only the “Best” of the Worst to choose from and like Evolution Weaker every year People have voted for the Gab, knowing nothing about the Wo/Man’s Actions, gradually making Parliament and embarrassing House of Inbred Buffoons, on all sides of the aisle! If any stars dare shine bright, Zarah, Bel, Apsana, Claudia, Jeremy, etc, etc and for The PEOPLE not Themselves/The Establishment, they get blasted down and destroyed! Exactly the same Kettle of Fish wrote/writes our Education Material and Curriculum! 90% Fluff, Lies or Useless! Purely creating Bricks for The Wall, sameness, future Mindless Greedmongering Buffoons to choose from!

      1. why did members vote 4 sir keith rodney starmer 🪱 vile ex dpp?

      2. winchime – Because he was the best option on the ballot paper. You are welcome to make an argument for selecting one of the other 2 if you want to.

      3. Lack of Factual information and Reporting The MSM was still too busy with JC “is an Antisemite” Hysteria!
        We have no regulators of facts and balanced reporting standards, so people do what Inbred Buffoon Billionaire MSM owners tell them to do. It is a mess even the Electoral Commission is as Tory Dodgy as Fuck! Unless we get Competition Regulators/Commissions that can combat the Inbred Buffoon Billionaire take over of all singular Regulators/Commissions, we’ll be living in La La Land and people will keep Stupidly and Uninformed vote for the Apartheid Keith’s of this world. Diluting the quality of Parliament! They are supposed to be our Civil Servants, working for us, not some kind of Celebrity Superstar! Give them work to do! FFS, there are enough of us suffering severely, for a number of ‘end of the line’ reasons, don’t accept it and don’t just whine about it, email your MP every day if you must until it is resolved! Even on behalf of someone else, perhaps homeless person etc! It is their Duty, perhaps the busier they are kept the less time they’ll have for corruption and dodgy dealings.

      4. skellyknelly – So you also couldn’t make a case for voting for either of the other 2

      5. There was no case to be made, not one worthy candidate to vote for in either LOTO or DLOTO, Burgeon came closest but he has proven himself as worthy as a wet lettuce since the Great Purge. There are currently only 3 truly worthy MPs in my own opinion Zarah, Bel and Apsana they are the only 3 that would stand up to speak for their constituents and The PEOPLE at every opportunity without hesitation, Trickett started to get more vocal but it appears to be more to do with his ego, challenging the leadership than for The People.

      6. skellyknelly – ….and the chances of any of them challenging Starmer anytime soon is?

      7. I doubt that I suggested that they were, Starmer is the Architect of his own exit! No one will need to challenge him, No Confidence is Coming and Hilariously the Coup will be his very own Neolabour Tory Party!

      8. skellyknelly …..and of course you are entitled to it, regardless of how flawed it is.

      9. skellynelly, if so, why did we choose jeremy, not once but three times 🌹🌹🌹❔
        why did members reject murdoch status quo careerist by increasing margins re sir keith starmar’s two coups

      10. ps refers to “lack of factual information…” (way above, 14hrs ago after steveh davidh sh’s intervention)

      11. Ah, but now you must remember everything changed since 2015, absolutely everything, very few people even still today know about alternative media or that Wikipedia, etc is edited by Israel and other lobbyists, and not at all factual. Those of us that do know the truth and do know the MSM corruption etc are far and few between. Mostly Politically switched on but when we speak to general public about these things they have no idea and won’t pay attention until their Fluff Bubbles are Popped by the destruction of the NHS, their Human Rights, Workers Rights, Benefits, Educations etc, etc. Then they will say, ‘I don’t know how this happened, why didn’t anyone tell me’ and we will see the rivers of tears as evident by a great many on Twitter, who after laughing at us for 5 years are now feeling Austerity snapping at their feet.

    2. They are like most folk, they see what is not there, because that is a lot more comfortable than confronting reality snw.

      1. john thatcher, indeed. we “see what is not there, because that is a lot more comfortable than confronting reality”.

  2. I asked my MP Bill Esterton, @ a recent Zoom CLP meeting why Jeremy Corbyn was still suspended. I received a strange reply “He is a figure of the past”. I was not allowed a supplementary question & I am still confused…..Why is Jeremy Corbyn still suspended?

    1. Steve – I would imagine it is because Keir thinks Corbyn is an election liability.

      1. SteveH, if Keir thinks that Corbyn is an electoral liability Keir needs his head examined.
        It is because of Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour whip and the ensuing witch hunt against the left, that many members are refusing to help in Battle & Spen by-election, including me.
        Back in 2019 hundreds of us descended on Peterborough to support Lisa Forbes and she won the seat because of the by far superior number of boots on the street Labour managed to master.
        Keir is going down, it is only a question of whom can stop the damage that Keir has inflicted in the Labour Party and can truly attempt to unite the Party.

      2. The left’s desperate search for a credible leader continues.

      3. sh davidh steveh, how’s your right’s “credible leader” doing?

      4. windchime – You’re the one desperately trying to find someone who is credible enough to unseat him. 🤔

      5. little sh it is well known to u that again u attempt to deceive. u can’t help it. not your fault. u were born odious. i posted ages ago, as soon as your sir keith max headroom was allowed to deceive enough members, that we should return his “loyalty” generously and asap. the best way to put socialism back in the parry is to return captain hindsight & coup schemers “support” to the max.
        we need to be generous. multiply and return keith’s brand of ‘support’.
        the only hope for the “left” is to deprive parasitic starmer & right wing tory maggots of support. “lick not a single stamp”, “knock on not a single door”, join no phone banks, “don’t respond to any of their texts and emails yay or nay. deprive them of info and intelligence. leave them in the dark myths of “them” being “winners”. let’s see how they get on.

      6. ps. then we rebuild from there. nb we. not you

      7. Left/Right what balls! There are two polar opposite Parties one Parasite Neolabour Tory Party and The Host UK Labour Party. Congratulations to the Parasites they have devoured The UK Labour Party, Unions, CLPs, etc, etc The UK Labour Party is dead and now there is only a Neolabour Tory Party without a fucking Clue of how to be a People’s Party! I predict a Neolabour Tory Party of no more than 60 MPs, post GE24 that being a second Tory Party as The Neoliberal Democrats were, will frazzle down to 30/20/10, or perhaps just straight out the back door!

      8. skellyknelly – The Labour Party will survive quite happily, if a little diminished, without the support of the self appointed guardians of the left’ but can your minority faction survive without the Labour Party whilst we have FPTP?
        I have my doubts as I suspect do you.

      9. “The Labour Party” is dead! The Neolabour Party Tories will soon Purge the last of the remaining Socialists, then they will be the Emperor and his New Clothes. The UK Labour Party was dangled like the Emperor’s new clothes, to attract The PEOPLE, but even as it stands there are not even enough UK Labour Party MPs/Members to protect his dignity, never mind all of him! Neolabour Tories killed The UK Labour Party and inadvertently killing itself! Tories simply can’t speak for The PEOPLE, only for Themselves and The Establishment.

      10. More like shitting his pants every time Corbyn is mentioned! The Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories hate it, that we are still here, we are not in the Party, we are not even connected, we are hardly in touch with Chris, Jeremy, etc but we are still here, louder and prouder than ever before! Bound purely by Solidarity, lessons learnt and stronger!
        Without mentioning/hinting/so much as thinking of Apartheid Keith, Corbyn Discredits him every time he speaks! People thought The Inbred Buffoon was unpopular GE19, chased out of every town, sneaking in the backdoors, I reckon Apartheid Keith can’t leave his front door on foot, he best chuck in the towel before the rotten veg starts flying!

      11. skellyknelly – Has the move from bleating inside the tent to shouting from a few fields away in an attempt to stay relevant been a success.

      12. Perhaps so, but oddly Apartheid Keith drops a few more degrees in The PEOPLE’S opinion every time Corbyn speaks. Probably something to do with a Genuine Connection with The People and causes that matter to The People, let’s face, it to say Apartheid Keith falls short of human connection would be a massive understatement! He has exposed the Fraud that he is, Can’t see Camden Town accepting the exposed Charlatan, Apartheid Keith will be history sooner than later.

      13. Which tells us all we need to know about the attitude to democracy-and legality- on the right of the Social Democrats.
        There is no justification in the party’s rules for what has been done to Corbyn.
        The truth is that Starmer and his ilk regard the rules as applying only to ‘little people.’ They regard their ability to flout laws and abuse constitutional guarantees of individual rights as indications of their strength and ‘leadership.’
        They mimic the worst behaviours of the ruling class in order to reassure it that-in office- they would do nothing to serve the interests of the people. And that they would as did Blair-and the great bulk of the Labour Party- prove the themselves imperialism’s willing executioners.

      14. bevin – Whether an MP continues to enjoy the privileges of the Labour whip is a political decision and at the discretion of the party leader.

      15. steveh, even as a self-appointed defender Sir Elmer Fudd, when you say “I would imagine it is because Keir thinks Corbyn is an election liability” do you not see the 1 + 1 = 3ishness of it?

        You probably believe that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-semite, that the Batley and Spen vote will be “close” and that the moon is made of cheese.

      16. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment is already history, it’s not a matter of who stands but when and then it’s a formality
        Sorry folks but my dog is busy catching flies

  3. What has Jeremy’s suspension got to do with truth or justice? It seems that Starmer’s Labour Party is completely without integrity’. Blair believed that Socialism was ‘the problem’ & Starmer uses anti-Semitism to address it.. Whatever happened to the anti-Semitism rampant in the rest of the party?

    1. vanished. puff 🗯 just like that right back up sir keith’s 🔵fundament

      1. Things could have turned out so different if Jeremy had handled it better.

      2. or if your lot did not tell vile heartless lies in the first place. sh it’s a strange concept 4 u & your 🚽 masters davidh steveh

      3. windchime – Prove it !
        You are more than welcome to try and substantiate your claims against me.

      4. skellyknelly – The story, unsurprisingly, didn’t have legs because people saw through the obvious nonsense and recognised it for what it was, a load of bollocks. It is disappointing that you lacked the perception to work that one out for yourself.

  4. davidh steveh sh it is obvious that even the establishment police and dpp assessed the thousands of allegations and found 99.99% were unsubstantiated ie vexatious. a sinisterly curious majority from one or two of the most reprehensible creatures ever to crawl about on earth. not much more than a handful prosecuted as u know. fewer than a handful guilty. at least four were right wing ie the type sympathetic to tories like your lot🪱🐷🪱🐷🪱🐷
    none were labour party members🛑🛑🛑

      1. u support, campaign and spin nonstop for sir rodney keith starmer who still pumps out those wicked reckless abominable dangerous lies. that makes u as guilty as guilty. you “work night and day” endorsing starmer. some people have understandably believed the lies and been made afraid. sir starmar and gang abused and continue to abuse tragedy for base gains.
        sir starmar politicised tragedy. he is politicising tragedy again by imposing an opportunistic new entryist on the good people of batley & spen. what sort of person does that? what sort person defends a person like that?
        what tawdry arrogance to defend such a person here on davidh steveh?
        we have choices. u sh, it seems like some perversion, have chosen to collaborate with the most contemptible creature sir keith. u know what he and his coup plotters do. u know what u do.

    1. Windchimes…you missed out Centrist Dad from Bristol as the other aliases davidh SH Steve H or just plain liar Steve Hall from small mill town up Norf somwhere,now Caribbean Stevie boy 👦 wonder..!

      1. thanks joseph, i must remember to add those. so people can spot sh it is spinning elsewhere.

      2. My previous comment appears to have dropped off the page & so I shall repeat……..;do you mean me Mr.O’Keefe?; My name is Steve Richards & I am a single dad, born in St. Pauls, Bristol. No Centrist alias!

  5. Perhaps a significant number of members were naive, thinking there is this mental portrait of an ideal looking Leader and potential PM. Bourgeois non-socialist thinking, it should be about policies which Corbyn proved for a while before the ruthless Right with the aid of the foolish above crushed him. First it was Corbyn then Left members (this is to be stepped up) then it’s left policy. The strange death of the Labour Party in England whilst the Tories so far have spent £875b on quantitive easing “Cos they haven’t a clue what to do and are just buying time.” (Streekt).
    ‘Interregnum. The old order, Neo-Liberalism, is dying. But the new cannot yet be born. Perhaps we are all being tested. And only the stars will ride the storm.’ We need a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.

  6. Why has my comment (and one or two others from the top of the thread) been removed?

    1. Toffee – Are you sure you have the right page. I haven’t seen any notifications of you posting anything else on this page. What time did you post your comment.

      1. I haven’t seen any notifications of you posting anything else on this page.

        I wasn’t asking you. But your comment says it all… I’m supposedly obsessed with you, but youre all set up to get alerts (or ‘notifications’) of when I post?

        You utter, utter oddball.

      2. Toffee – Oh dear, not you in particular, I hate to burst your bubble but you’re really not that important to me.
        I was the third person to comment on this page and as I’d ticked the box to be notified of future comments I could very easily check whether you had successfully posted a comment on this page that was subsequently deleted, and you hadn’t.
        I love you too 😘

      3. Toffee @ the bottom of this article :

        “An earlier version of this article showed an image of the wrong Luke Sullivan. Sincere apologies for the error.”

    2. Thanks @George. Should’ve clicked on when the OP had changed to a pic of the antipodean antichrist.

    1. skellyknelly – If that is the case then why are you wasting so much of your time attempting to flog to death what you say is an already dead horse.

      1. We will never go away we are The PEOPLE, you thought your shenanigans of 2015 to 2020 were disruptive oh boy! You’ve seen nothing yet!

      2. I did not say that, nor suggest that, I don’t think there is a need for a new party. The Neolabour Party Tories are doing a good job at destroying themselves, and with a little help from The People they will be completely destroyed, deseated and defeated, by 2025!

    2. Evan though Sir Rodney the knight realised that a knight of the realm should not get a look in a working-class movement such as the Labour party,he knew that the membership and the PLP saw privalage as no longer a problem in the Labour party.Evan Corbyn endorsed the House of Lords and all the baggage that goes with it.That and the treachury against loyal comrades showed that the Labour party would vote for a knight and that to me said everything about the Labour party including the membership that voted for a knight and the traitors that supported the obvious AS scam that the PLP and HQ a statement of the “king with no clothes” and finaly again endorsed by the vast majority in the Labour party.No wonder thousands left and now the Labour party are fighting for their very existence and for a narrow strip of land called neo alliance alliance that their fellow bretheren the Conservative and unionist party and of course the libdems.fight for in a rotten to the core monerchist rigged system of establishment politics.

      1. Yup may as well call it The Dodo Party. TBF it was doomed from conception not enough political minded people outside of the top 5%.
        I am always flabbergasted when people complain about Political comments and General Conversation. Until we somehow have an Open Source/Decentralised “Governing” and “Economical” system and The PEOPLE are free to live, EVERYTHING is political and should be, or we will keep doing dumbass things like 2019 or vote dumbasses into Parliament to destroy us!

      1. I know you’re a bit of an oddball, Steve H, but that link, you’ve posted, is embedded at the very beginning of Alex Nunns’ Twitter thread, that I posted, directly above your comment.

        I can only assume you, either, didn’t open the Alex Nunns’ link and simply posted the HuffPost link – coincidently and independently – from elsewhere, or, you did open the Alex Nunns’ link and copied the link from there, posting the link alone, as some kind of spoiler.

        For those who don’t know, Alex Nunns is someone who worked closely with Jeremy Corbyn, when he became Leader of the Party, as a researcher and speechwriter.

        His book – The Candidate – is a first class account of JC’s leadership bid and of GE17. Someone who is, more than, qualified to comment on that HuffPost article.

        The article and Nunns’ critique should be read in tandem – not as two stand-alone articles.

        Ignore Steve H and his silly right-wing, Starmerite games.

  7. Goerge peel…I read the Huffington post article on the Labour party and thought it gave a good account of the thinking behind the leadership of the Labour party and the membership.Maybe it’s time a few of the hangers on had a reality check and saw the Labour party for what it is a neo liberal alliance of social democrats.

  8. From that huffpuff article…

    “We’ve been told we have to be relentless in the war of attrition against the government, hungrier than them, faster than them, more brutal than them,” one MP says.

    … And no doubt they’ve been told to be torier than them, too.


    “This is a guy who effectively locked up serious criminals and terrorists, but few of the public know that.” one insider says. “We’ve got to tell them.”


    The juries convicted them, the judges jailed them. Stammer decided they were to be prosecuted.

    What the public aren’t generally aware of was that Starmer refused to prosecute that copper that murdered Ian Tomlinson, or Jean Charles de Menezes, or savile,… OR Damien grope OR grant shapps, despite having ample evidence against the friggin lot of them.

    Surely the general public have to know THAT, too??

  9. Toffee The comments from Labour party “insiders” show how the establishment think and how unaware they are of how a working class movement as morphed finaly into just another establishment lacky thats just as far removed from representing ordinary people as the Conservative and unionist party..Maybe a bit of poetry is due toffee for the “Wake” short but sweet unlike the funerals here that last six days with a funeral pyre on the first day because of the temps here..I have just finished the funeral here and it was uplifting,unlike the mourning of the Labour party which just faded from there natural home amongst the working class and unions.and died in obscurity on a promise of a new Labour beginning.Batley should finish the Labour party and the leader will cling on like the PLP till they are unemployed by the voters….12months to a snap General election and gone with the wind.

  10. The labour party is largely a home for a middle class public sector southern based well paid and pensioned elite who look down on the white working class and enjoy any opportunity to denigrate and deride them. Look at the Brexit results and comments like ‘too stupid to know what’s good for them’ aimed at northern ‘leave’ voters. Until that attitude and others such as respect for traditional values is re established (I’m talking about the idiots who objected to the deportation of rapists, drug dealers and murderers back to countries they were citizens of, supporters of Hamas and the IRA etc) labour has no hope.

    1. Goldbach – Bezos employee of Amazon, Murdochs employees of News International and Sky, Duke of Westminster employee of Grosvenor group etc etc. Plenty of NHS employees including doctors and head nurses on more than £150K pa plus massive pensions all of which can be commuted to tax free cash.. Bank employees on milliuon $/£ packages, all employees.

      1. In my time in the LP, the public sector workers I encountered were people like health service workers, refuse collectors (pre-privatisation), transport workers (pre-privatisation), social workers, teachers and school assistants, local authority clerical and admin workers, those administering the “benefits system”, waste management workers and cleaners – to name but a few.
        I’m sure that they would be pleased to know that they have “massive pensions”.
        These are the kind of public sector employees who inhabit the LP.
        And I am sure that Bezos, Murdoch and the Duke of Westminster would be surprised to know that you think they are in the LP.

  11. yet more evidence of the perverted establishment judicial system. the good law project wins the case against a corrupt fraudulent government & gove.
    the good law project acted in the public interest, yet the court effectively burdens them with 25% costs. that is “institutionally corrupt” in my opinion.
    their ruling discourages further attempts to uncover state wrongdoings. it is evidence of a “corrupt” system which favours the rich and powerful. the judges should be ashamed. they won’t be. they have none. the ‘judges’ perpetuate government corruption.

  12. Goldbach you said that “public sector workers were employees therefore were working class”. I’m just pointing out to you your definition is wrong. I think you have attended the Diane Abbott school of economics and logical thinking.

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