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Exclusive: not one left-winger shortlisted in Liverpool by-election selections controlled by Akehurst

Right-wingers and a couple of mayoral mates make up the candidates, say insiders

Liverpool is a left-wing city. Labour is offering no left-wing council candidates

Earlier this week, Skwawkbox reported exclusively that arch-right-winger Luke Akehurst – a man at odds with the core values of the city – had been appointed by Keir Starmer’s Labour to control the long-listing process for three by-elections in Liverpool.

Tonight, Skwawkbox can also reveal that not one left-wing candidate has made it to the shortlist.

Labour insiders in the city say that the entire selection consists of entrenched right-wingers – some with no experience and one who has only just joined the party and has never done any campaigning – and a couple of ‘mates of the mayor’.

One source told Skwawkbox:

No-one from the left got anywhere near. This is criminal. Some of them have been selected despite losing to the LibDems last time out and one has only just joined and has no record of campaigning, which is normally a must for any council candidate.

Another said:

The real issue is that local candidates have been overlooked in favour of gold-plated right-wingers. The only exceptions are a couple of people close to the mayor and machine around her, who can hardly claim to be left.

One was a councillor for many years, resigned because of Corbyn and only recently rejoined. The rest of them are on the right, including people close to some of the least pleasant people on the council.

Fantastic left candidates born and bred in the area and with brilliant track records in campaigning and community activism have been completely ignored, It’s a scandal.

S*n-columnist Keir Starmer and his hatchet-men seem to have decided that going to war with the people of Liverpool is a good idea. He is likely to be disabused of that notion rather quickly.

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  1. At some point the electorate need to be told the truth: these careerists and supporters of imperialism are enemies of Labour for whom it would be suicidal to vote. Independent candidates, representing real Labour interests and values mist be ready to campaign against them.

    1. They won’t be told by the billionaires’ press or the BBC. We’d better bulk-buy a few megaphones or relearn how to talk with people about the things that matter to them so that FPTP and the Powers That Be don’t succeed in making us invalid and irrelevant, at which they seem to be succeeding

      The enemies of Labour are winning. Their victory must be denied them, but how?

      1. quertboi….Very interesting what you say about microphones.We rigged up one of my companies vans with a megaphone speaker and drove round East Surrey Telling the population that they would have to bring out their dead under the Tory privatization plans for the NHS.By my side in the driving seat was a unison rep and it litterly stopped the shoppers in Reigate,Redhill,Horley and Banstead.The only sour note on that 1990s driveby was a few members who thought it was disgraceful for a Labour councillor to drive around terrifying the Public with making disgraceful scaremongering claims.I T doesn’t sound disgraceful nowadays does it and unison in them days were to the front in defending with me the NHS from the Torys….then along came Tony?

      2. qwertboi, “their victory must be denied them, but how? My solution follows very much Joseph’s approach: by standing against them in the ballot box and deprive them a victory.
        Starmer’s Labour has suspended CLP’s Officers for standing for freedom of expression and democracy within the Labour Party. It is time for Alan Gibbons and others to stand against these fake labour candidates and wipe the floor with them.
        Skwawkbox start an electoral funding to help principle socialist in Liverpool to stand against Starmer’s imposed Labour candidates and win these seats. Money is needed for leaflets, megaphones and for paying the travel expenses for volunteers willing to help canvass in Liverpool for the election of socialist Cllrs.

      3. Megaphones won’t work, the anti-socialist propaganda we been subjected to for the past 75 plus years means that few people would listen. They have managed to convince people that socialism & Marxism are just alternative words for Bolshevik communism, “Trot” has become a term of abuse despite the fact that most of those using it have no idea who he was; Starlin & Mao were a gift to the right. There is a YouTube channel called “Socialist TV” but trouble with that is, first, it’s a YouTube channel and secondly it’s called “Socialist TV,” it’s preaching to the converted, who’s going to bother looking for and watching? Only socialists with an interest in politics. What’s really needed is a stand alone internet TV channel that would broadcast a variety of programs that appeal to all tastes, not just programs about politics. In theory, in the UK, a TV channel is supposed to be politically neutral; however, some appear to get round this little problem by “selective” reporting. Be nice to have an honest TV channel but I can’t see it happening in my lifetime.

  2. I think the voters already realise that these parasites infesting the Labour party no longer represents the good people of Liverpool and it shows around the nearby mill towns that the red wall as disappeared to be taken by another party thats no longer any interest in them either.ITs very dangerous when a large section of the community loose faith in the system..

    1. ITs a very interesting subject and megaphones from the past were it used to be normal for partys to broadcast the veiws and news especially in the 50s and sixties. Would it be even legal now because its a sure fire way of bypassing the media bias and being unusual like a soapbox it would stop a lot of people who just might the vehicle driving around.IT worked in Reigate and I got elected to the very first borough council seat in the history of the Labour party in representing Horley Gatwick airport…Most people like repitition and recognise the name Labour,.but now it has been dragged through the mud thanks to the AS scam,infighting and a increasing reported witchunt Theres a real chance out there for a real Opposition or even a real government.but not with a party that offers only corruption and a second rate tory tribute act….Step up the left or step away the country deserves better than these parasite Torys.

  3. It was predicted Akehurst was given the job to exclude anyone remotely on the left who may not be a fan of Starmers right wing. Suggestions that Akehurst and Starmer either doesn’t understand or give a toss of how strong the support is for left wing representation or policies in Liverpool are right.

    This is obviously to stop anymore criticism and embarrassment towards the leadership and just in case there is another decision made by the Mayor, “I’m a pacifist” Joanne Anderson and council to allow another controversial event to go ahead on owned properties. Or the s*n requests a column written by Starmer or the likes of Streeting.

    It will now be up to the candidates and their canvassers to to inspire the Liverpool electorate to vote for them. Even if Akehurst choices fail the leadership will still give him the job of destroying the support they have in that part of the country by blaming the people and not the factional choice made by a man who struggled to get himself elected in the last council elections.

    1. How many remember Trevor Jones the liber flip flopper who took advantage of the purge of Militant by another right wing Zealot and handed over the city of Liverpool to be liberals ..History repeats itself and Degsy still in the wilderness after all these years.Degsy is living proof of whos been in control of the Labour party for decades….RIP Labour party.

    2. Spot on. They choose the wrong place, the wrong hill for a battle. Solidarity to Liverpool, do your thing Liverpool.

  4. Is there any documentation detailing the grounds on which Akehurst was deemed the most appropriate member of the NEC for the task. On the face of it fellow NEC member Yasmine Dar ,a councillor in a neighbouring multi cultural city would seem the obvious choice. I may have missed it but is anyone aware of a statement from Labour explaining the choice of Akehurst.

  5. The moneyed establishment are clearly after a war with the people of Liverpool

  6. The fallacy of UK democracy
    Every 10y we shall have a different party coming to power… But
    Nothing will change
    Just the colour of the label
    This has been the project since Thatcher the milk snatcher, and it continues smoothly.
    Keir is Bliar 2.0
    They will talk about social welfare but tackling the elite will never be tolerated.
    Tax evasion will never be enacted
    Tax havens which the UK government thrives on will remain
    War industries will continue
    Education will continue its decline,
    The NHS is already in a dire state, will eventually be replaced by private companies
    Main stream media will continue its lies etc
    So that is it…
    Jeremy Corbyn was the antithesis of the plan and he was soon dispatched. Not even a labour member, incredible to think about it.

      1. You know Baz
        We have to get a smart savvy leader who knows which buttons to press, which battles to leave until you have the wherewithal to win…

        Many things that the JC’s labour party ought to have concentrated on was the following…
        Promote that we are the Party of helping people aspire to better lives and climbing the economic ladder. This is so important. Hope.
        Education, increasing teachers pay, ensuring the best minds become teachers.
        Reducing class sizes
        Building more schools
        Emphasing and funding technical and vocational colleges(huge in Germany)
        Rebuild our manufacturing prowess
        We are not against big business but we are against big business abusing their power
        We will ban ALL lobbying and make it a criminal offence

        Other policies…
        Build more medical and nursing schools
        Undo the fragmentation of the NHS
        Undo the overarching philosophy of monetising every damn public service (which is where all the money is bleeding from the treasury)
        And JC ought to have said “the people chose Brexit, we will get it done but sensibly and not recklessly like the Tories”

  7. The name’s just come to me now….’Screeching’ paul kenyon one of them on the (bespectacled fat ginger tosser who was bullied severely at school’s) list, is he?

    Made as much of a scene as possible on merseyside when he flounced out of the party after the ware ‘documentary’ IIRC.

  8. Yes perhaps the Left there need to stand there as Liverpool Independent Socialists?
    Right Wing Labour are conning the electorate and we need to give people something to vote for?
    Wonder if these shenanigans will happen in Parliamentary selections next?
    Socialism banned from Labour?

    1. Bazza, the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.
      I have the inkling that as soon as the Tories announce the date for the next General Election and purdah sets in, the Labour whip will be withdrew for most members of the SCG in Parliament.

  9. Just, wondering if Akehurst ever, actually, set foot in Liverpool, for this selection process, Or was it done, remotely, from Southside?

    Doesn’t strike me as the type to take unnecessary risks – no matter how remote the possibility, of risk, may be.

    1. The hypocrisy of the Labour right over anti-semitism reeks to high heaven when considered in the context of the its ruthless attack on Jewish Voice for Labour. Clearly its members are very much not ‘the right kind of Jew’ for Starmer, Evans or the BOD.

      Hopefully this is becoming more and more evident to even the most ostrich-like members of the electorate.

      It is as plain as a pikestaff that Labour has zero chance of forming the next government unless they get rid of Keef Stalin and tame the reach and ambition of goons like Akehurst. Why the fcuk do they all not defect to the Tories, their true political home?

  10. Watching Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party is like watching one of those disaster movies like The Poseidon Adventure or Towering Inferno.

    1. His ‘leadership’ insomuch as it actually exists, is a slow-motion car crash.

      I don’t think the PLP realise just how much electoral trouble they’re in. Even those telling pollsters they support the party are probably doing so with a large degree of apathy, unsure if they’ll bother to turn out or not. It’s not all like the motivated support base Corbyn had.

      Photo ID requirements, boundary changes and likely winter election could combine to deliver the ‘perfect electoral storm’ that sees Labour garner around Brown’s 2010 total of 7- 8m votes and be wiped out.

      The only question then, will be which multinational investment bank Starmer pops back up at? As he claims his reward for screwing over the UK Labour party for hidden patrons..

  11. Extraordinarily selfish, manipulative, and unkind?

    The Labour party has a vacancy at our Southside HQ we want someone like you to fill.

    Starmer (the Sun) and Akehurst must know they’re infuriating and enraging Liverpudlians. Something seriously wrong with the current leadership. They seem to hold the view left-wing political thought should be punishable.

    And looking at the latest poll it’s a disastrous approach:

    Latest Westminster voting intention (12-13 Oct)

    Con: 41% (+2 from 5-6 Oct)
    Lab: 31% (n/c)
    Lib Dem: 9% (n/c)
    Green: 8% (-1)
    SNP: 4% (-2)
    Reform UK: 4% (n/c)


  12. “one has only just joined and has no record of campaigning, which is normally a must for any council candidate”. Did Acehurst consult the NEC about this seeming breach of the rule book. Where are the minutes?
    Chapter 5
    General rules for selections for
    public office
    1. The following rules shall be observed in the
    selections of all prospective elected
    A. Rights of members participating in the
    selection process
    i. All individual eligible members of the Party
    with continuous membership of at least six
    months (who reside in the electoral area
    concerned) are entitled to participate in
    selections. Any exceptions to this must be
    approved by the NEC.
    B. Nominating criteria of members standing for
    public office
    i. In addition to fulfilling any statutory
    requirements for the relevant public office,
    persons wishing to stand as a Labour
    candidate must have continuous
    membership of the Party of at least 12
    months. Where not otherwise prevented
    they shall also be a member of a trade
    union affiliated to the TUC or considered
    by the NEC as a bona fide trade union and
    contribute to the political fund of that
    union. Any exceptions to these conditions
    must be approved by the NE

    1. I believe those rules were ditched at this years conference, when Evans was given carte blanche to do whatever he wanted.

  13. The guy who has eyes like piss holes in the snow…Minutes? We ain’t got no minutes! We don’t need no minutes! I don’t have to show you any stinking minutes!

  14. Well You good true Socialist People of the Great City of Liverpool we in Scotland know the Heartbreak of watching The Party we supported all our adult life was infiltrated by insidious extreme right conniving corrupt self serving Bastards, You have choices Brothers and Sisters They are tough we know but REMEMBER THIS SCUM ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN SOCIALIST LABOUR GET THEM OUT.

  15. This is how totalitarianism functions. Every day we are fed a myth: capitalism and democracy go hand in hand. It’s fair to date the beginning of industrial capitalism in the UK to about 1750. Women didn’t get the vote till after the First World War. Capitalism had nearly two centuries to embed itself before even universal suffrage under parliamentary representation was established, a very diminished version of democracy. Democracy is characteristic not of capitalism, which in its essence is not distinct from fascism, but of our attempts to reform capitalism out of existence. Hence, a Labour Party fully in favour of capitalism has to close down on democracy. The Party has no faith in its members nor, for that matter, its voters. They can’t be trusted not to vote for democratic socialism. After all, 12.8 million of them did in 2017. What is being brought into existence, therefore, is a genuinely Stalinist Party, ruled entirely from the centre and willing to act in the most unscrupulous way towards dissenters. If Starmer had the Gulag at his disposal, we would all be in it, and if he had the firing squad, we wouldn’t be here at all. How do we take victory away from the Right? Well, by stopping using 19th century language for one thing, and the 19th century thinking which goes along with it. Mention “the ruling class” and who thinks of Paul McCartney and Victoria Beckham? But they are today’s ruling class. They are among the richest people in the world, have millions invested and those who manage the funds have far more influence over government policy than the voters. In 1938 George Orwell wrote: “In all western countries there now exists a huge middle class whose interests are identical with those of the proletariat but which is quite unaware of this fact and usually sides with its capitalist enemy in moments of crisis.” The fight we are now in is for the survival of democracy. Our rhetoric has to be focused on that and we have to awaken in the minds of the huge majority that it is their interests to join the fight. It is the 90% against the 10%. Talk of “the working class” and you don’t connect with groups like teachers, legal aid lawyers, social workers. Our rhetoric and our policies need to be about rescuing democracy from the super-rich who are buying the power which should belong to us.

  16. I predict that labour will fail to win a single seat as a result of this as the good people of Liverpool will be offended.

  17. Concerning George Peels twitter link:
    Its worth while for those with a strong stomach to look up
    the whole 2016 article headed “.. Vampire Jezza ..” by Dan
    Hodges. If you google you will find it. Googling should also
    unearth an excellent response to the article from “Zelo Street ”

    It is worth noting that in spite of the organised attack from
    HIS OWN SIDE Corbyn still managed within a year,
    to overturn Mays majority with cheering crowds wherever he went.

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