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Exclusive: Starmer ‘writing for S*n tomorrow’

Labour leader milked anti-Scum sentiment by telling Liverpool audience he would not talk to S*n during leadership campaign, but weasel words now exposed – days after Labour welcomed Murdoch rag to its conference

During last year’s leadership contest, Keir Starmer used weasel words to gain a cheer from the unobservant during a leadership hustings in Liverpool, telling those assembled that he would not be speaking to the S*n during the campaign. He followed that performance up with a failure to say that he did not want its support, when asked during a televised interview.

Since then, he has outraged those who, like everyone in Liverpool, despise the Murdoch rag that has lied, abused and incited for decades, by not only promoting and praising members of his front bench who have written for it, but welcoming it to Labour’s conference this week – to the disgust of that city and of the people of Aberdeen, of even right-wing Liverpool MPs and union leaders and of hosts of current and former Labour supporters – where he was said to have held a secret meeting with its representatives.

But now, he is about to go one step further into the sewer according to several Labour sources – by writing an article for the poisonous publication to appear tomorrow.

Keir Starmer was approached directly with a deadline to deny the allegation made by a number of Labour sources, so that this article could remain unpublished if it were untrue. The deadline has passed and he has not done so.

The list of unconscionable conduct by Starmer and his supporters is already a long and disgraceful one. But to write for the rag that smeared Hillsborough victims, striking miners and others and has incited hate against all kinds of minorities and vulnerable groups is unforgivable.

He has to be challenged and he has to go now. And if any MP or union management props him up after this, they need to go the same way.

Update: the article is now out. Former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns has correctly pointed out that Starmer’s pitch for the leadership began with a boast of helping fight Murdoch. Now he’s writing for his unfit-for-toilet paper:

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  1. Writing for the cursed-Sun is no worse than his 10 Pledges failure.

    Failure is as failure does. Lies often achieve what tilers intended

  2. The Sun was once Labour but was deliberately taken over by the rich and powerful as a way in to CON a significant number of diverse working class people (like the Daily Mail cons the lumpen middle class).
    Apparently it is currently nearly £70m in debt but this is peanuts to the powerful and they can stand this, if is a useful propaganda asset for them.
    It is politically vile, and anyone who writes for it legitimises it and it’s Right Wing Barbarianism.
    Dumbo Starmer Dumps on Poor!

  3. In my younger days it was called The Daily Herald. It was a newspaper in those days.

  4. Trying to replay 1994-1997, with the same strategy, but with none of the popularity. As if New Labour’s reputation is completely untarnished.

    The sort of silliness you expect when you’ve got one-trick pony Mandelson advising. A man grossly overrated as a political strategist imho.

  5. The only thing the shitrags that drip from rupert the scrotum murdoch’s rectum are any good for is to line commodes before taking a good long dump.

    Anyone who writes for them deserves to be plastered in the contents of those commodes.

    Also all cops are bastards!

    1. I have never read the Sun 🌞and I don’t think anybody else has.ISn’t it the comic for dummys that just look at the pictures and dribble?…. We must be told just what pictures has Starmers bosses decided to send…and I hope its not filth or Nazi art?because its certainly wasn’t approved at conference.But then again Starmer doing what dirty little boys do isnt news either.not for most of us on here because none of us actually voted for the knight of the realm….did we?

  6. This really has to be stopped:

    British Scientists Slam UK Fluoridation Plans; Accuse CMOs of Ignoning Science

    According to three British scientists (Vyvyan Howard, MB, ChB, PhD, Spedding Micklem, PhD, and Paul Connett, PhD) who have followed the debate closely for many years, “This is not a good time for the British government to mislead the public on the dangers posed by the practice of water fluoridation.”

    They point to a recent statement from the four Chief Medical Officers of Health for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which was given prominent coverage in the British media. Their statement extols the weak benefits of this practice for teeth but ignores the far stronger evidence that fluoride damages the developing brain.

    According to Howard, Micklem and Connett, “The dental lobby has controlled this debate for far too long. You can repair a damaged tooth but early damage to the brain (especially during fetal development and infancy) cannot be repaired or reversed. This is so serious for the future of our country that the matter should not be resolved by the kind of ‘sleight of hand’ used by those who wrote the script for the CMOs’ statement.”

    1. Well that would explain a lot in N.Ireland especially the DUP who have to frequently wash their mouths ,it might also explain the reasons why so many members of the Labour party alarmingly voted for a knight of the realm?…Brain damage from flouride in the Water system owned by supporters of the Nazi regime in Southside WC . WE are also seeing filthy pictures being submitted to the scum by Labour bosses for lovers of the night(Knight). More mysterious happenings will surely be exposed over the coming winter of the none event of the Conference to end all conferences in the meltdown in Brighton..The pantomime season will never end comrades.

    2. I think that they have tooth-brushing in Scottish schools. Alternatives do clearly exist.

  7. Flouride has been used in water systems for seventy years and has been used in the water supplies of Birmingham and Newcastle since the sixtys.Firm evidence of cancer causing flouride is still being debated.Whats clear is that most people were never consulted and the Public owned strategic water supplies were flouride was introduced without any real understanding of the effects long term should have not happened.The public in the USA have been drinking flouridised water since the 1940s.

  8. Our water systems in the rice fields and mountains surrounding us is pumped direct from boreholes up to fifty meters down below the water level.We pump into plastic tanks using gravity from the tanks to deliver water to the commune.We do not use the water from the borehole direct since continual testing has always produced high levels of Agent Orange dropped on our fields by Nixon and LBJ illgally over half a century ago and we still see the long term effects in our own commune of aborted babys and deformities.Hopefully the new water purification system and the use of bottled water will cure the problem.Most of the villages around use the water direct from wells of Ten mtrs and are basically poison courtesy of the USA and poverty thats more leathel than any flu virus..!We are the lucky ones who have deep wells and deep pockets to pay for a good water system.Maybe you in Britain should start to get your water anylised like we do and its usually cheaper than you think and used to be carried out at the local chemist.Obviously a lot may have changed but its better to be cautious about government and the filth they feed you.

  9. Apologies for going off message but mr Howard does raise a important point of chemicals in the water supplies of Britain.Obviously for me personally I see all around me evidence of Chemical war from the past a sort of goodbye legacy from the US B52bomb drops on our rice fields.But the more leathel enemy may be in your supplies causing Cancer and brain and respiratory problems.?Agent orange was leathel and imediate but nobody ever thought that half a century later we would have been still suffering..or did they?Get your water tested and demand a written statement from your water supplier of just what they have introduced into your water supply.

  10. The main source of my brain damage is the output from Starmer and the right-wingers that support him.

  11. Other contributors to Skwawkboxes comments I warn and ask you to forgive me for my comment may be long and rambling for I am so angry over this decision and I hope no one here tries to make up excuses for Starmer.

    I have spent more years living away from Liverpool than I have living there. Having family who were at Hillsborough and survived to now be told that Starmer has broken another one of his pledges. A pledge that meant so much to those who believed him when he said he would never write for Murdochs scum is truly despicable.

    Was the other plotter Streeting a dry run to see how much vitriol he got after penning an article for the very same so called paper with the excuse that many people read the paper and you have to reach out to them.. Now Starmer thinks it’s ok to do the same.

    I suspect he’s taking advantage of Liverpool being such a strong Labour city he must think it’s worth losing a few thousand votes cos it won’t matter. Ian Byrne Labour MP for my old constituency, West Derby who was at Hillsborough and who’s heavily involved in Fans for Foodbanks is going to incandescent with rage over this.

    But what does it matter if you can tell lies on the other pledges he made what does telling lies on such an emotive subject as writing for the scum. A paper that’s done so much damage to the working class and poor and Starmer thinks it’s ok.

    I ask myself is this another idea of the hated Mandelson and his small minded factional sycophants who believe sod the feelings of a city that was so hurt by the lies that were told about them. It might achieve more of the left leaving the party. Will the rest of MSM criticise, or even cover another one Starmers lies, I doubt it. So as far as the strategists within Labour are concerned it’s all worth it.

    All I can add is, it’s a f***ing disgrace.

    1. I really can’t imagine the pain this is going to cause the people of Liverpool, nor can I imagine the backlash towards Labour that this will generate.

      You can’t really pick on the s*n though, at least not as a single entity. Imagine the viewspapers as kids. FT is the clever sixth former that can have a clear knowledgeable conversation on subjects that concern them, but they are useless at getting dressed or tying their laces. The various broadsheets are teenage girls of various years. One minute their nice, the next… Daily Mail is MtF and has learned only bitchiness. The tabloids are the boys. The s*n is that annoying young boy that grasses up (almost) everyone. The Mirror is the copycat who thinks adding their own style will work. Others are the type of boy that have verbal diarrhoea.

      They are all as bad as each other, and I doubt they will ever grow up.

      Solidarity with Liverpool!

  12. Back of beyond…. No….apologies needed back and beyond especially as many ex members of the Labour carry the cross of anger and bitterness due to the skunks behaviour to decent loyal members of the Labour party.You have to get rid of the anger as it only eats away and eventually destroys with cynicism and frustration being the end results.I have finally dumped the anger and bitterness with having wasted a good part of my life in the Labour party and now I am freed.Thats the best way for me and many living in the backandbeyond. Its a jungle out there.

    1. Joseph okeefe
      Thank you for your kind words and I understand what you mean. These last six years I’ve spent so much time worrying about the shenanigans that’s gone on the LP and to be honest I still do.

      After threatening to leave the party for the last year I finally stopped my DD the evening of when the four groups were proscribed. I actually do feel free. Free to say how I feel about who I support without receiving a suspension letter.

  13. And the sell-out is complete.

    What have you to say NOW wee steven?

    1. @toffee

      It’s like a shit version of Star Wars.

      Darth Starmer. Zero Charisma, zero presence, zero leadership.

      How long until Mandy looks like the Emperor?

  14. Andy – Regarding Mandelson –
    I recall a LP Conference during the Blair years. One of the motions that had been selected for debate was from a constituency in, as I recall, Oxfordshire. The young man who was delegated to propose the motion was keen to do so. He was approached by Mandelson and asked to give up his slot so that the “leadership” could propose a motion that they wanted to get through. The young man declined. Later, he said that he had been approached by Mandelson a few times with the same request. He had given the same answer. Mandelson had seemed to get increasingly exasperated. Shortly before the motion was due to be moved, Mandelson came up again and I can recall the interaction. After the request had been met again with a refusal Mandelson said “I just don’t understand it, John.” To which the young man replied, “No, Peter, you wouldn’t. It’s called democracy.”

  15. HERE COMES THE SUN (with apologies to George Harrison and all Liverpudlians)

    The cocky Herald every day
    kept the Tory lies at bay
    no puzzle then the rancid rich
    should guzzle up this fiery titch
    and tighten their colossal gag
    by turning it into a rag;

    French painters once found easy fame
    by stripping bare a comely dame
    their canvases were instant hits
    with men who ogle bums and tits;

    And so The Sun, down in the sewer,
    knew an easy means to skewer
    feeble minds that like to leer
    a nubile rack and shapely rear;

    Reel them in with pretty girls
    some still sporting school day curls
    feed them daily stupefaction
    turn their thoughts to dim reaction;

    Tell them royals are their saviours
    never mind their foul behaviours
    make them hate what they most need
    make them worship unbound greed;

    Hillsborough? Scousers on the piss
    low-lifes, wasters, spin them this:
    ninety-seven people died
    by collective suicide;

    now that weary sycophant
    that peddler of sick Tory cant
    who has the nerve to stand for Labour
    unsheathes his gleaming, sharpened sabre

    as if like sturdy William Blake
    he’ll use his sword for our sake;
    instead he slashes me and you
    like yeomanry at Peterloo;

    by writing for the Murdoch clan
    billionaires who’d like to ban
    the very word that gives us hope
    and fill us all with Tory dope.

    Unity? He’s all division
    wallowing in driving schism
    and every time he makes his pitch
    his sympathy is for the rich;

    fifteen quid an hour’s too much
    for you and me; he’s acting butch
    this wimp from Surrey
    in a mad arse-licking flurry

    to hand us firmly gagged and bound
    to those who sit atop the mound
    of lucre made by any means
    while by their side he sits and preens.

  16. “Starmer ‘writing for S*n tomorrow”
    … But unsurprising — – By their friends shall ye know them.

  17. Par for the course with Starmer. He and those around him seem to derive pleasure from going back on his word(s), especially if doing so furthers the factional point scoring and upsets the left. Think by now most of those who consider themselves to be on the left are at a point where reconciling his leadership and supporting Labour, while it’s led by him, is nigh on impossible. He’s deliberately disenfranchised Labour’s core vote.

    Today’s Observer editorial : The Observer view on Keir Starmer’s Labour conference speech, is equally dishonest. Whitewashing 2017’s GE out of existence – as centrists do – and pretending Corbyn’s leadership was the primary concern of voters going into 2019’s Brexit dominated election. We’re in a bad political place: Starmer’s rotten dishonest leadership, and a MSM for whom deceit and pushing a revisionist version of the recent past is second nature.

    1. Sorry to have to correct you, bedroc56.
      Isn’t it that it’s a case of the arse shining out of the Sun.

      1. @goldbach

        Well played Sir! 👏👏👏

  18. There will be a price to pay for Labour MPs on Merseyside & now the ‘Truth’ about Stasi Starmer is out there.

  19. Members now getting letters asking for money when its Right have taken powers from them, have made it harder for the Left to nominate someone as Leader (20% of MPs needed), and you now need 50% for a trigger ballot to try to select a better (eg socialist) candidate, you can now only debate 12 motions at Conference instead of 20 plus those at the top will just ignore any Left motions passed (£15 ph min wage, Palestine).
    Of course there will be a few Right Wing Labour mugs out there (the poorly read, frightened of being radical, believers in the myth of the Great Man/Woman of History thesis – they will sort all our problems out for us, who enjoy fighting the Left cos they are crash test dummy’s) but can’t see the point of being in Labour anymore.
    Some of us left straight away after the Trilateral Commission Lump of Wood was first elected, I think we saw what was coming.
    Hope the unions who have/do disaffiliate from Labour set up A Left Wing Democratic Socialist Co-ordinating Committee with a view to setting up a new party with candidates in place for the 2024 GE.
    According to today’s Sunday Times (Botched Brexit Boris and Fishy Rishi) are to be tight with the public purse strings to build a War Chest to give out tax cuts (bribes?) before the next GE.
    We need a Socialist opposition with ideas and passion – a financial transaction tax £250b (Beckett) a 10% Wealth tax £69b (Burgon) and cut nuclear weapons to ten £475b (Bazza) and all to be spent on things that benefit diverse working people.
    Countering the Tories with crumbs = doom!

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