Streeting celebrates being cancer-free – by writing for the ‘Scum’. Liverpool’s Byrne slams Blairite MP

In week 97th Hillsborough victim’s death confirmed, writing for the S*n is disgusting and inexcusable

Right-wing Labour MP Wes Streeting has just returned to work following cancer treatment. On Socialist Telly on Sunday, Skwawkbox congratulated him on his recovery.

But Streeting has chosen to celebrate being cancer-free by writing for the S*n ‘newspaper’ on his second day back – to regurgitate an old Tony Blair slogan:

Streeting’s ‘tough on crime’ slogan is an exact and tired repeat of Blair’s hollow spouting from almost thirty years ago – hardly anything worth running to the press about at all, let alone to the rag known as the ‘Scum’ for its appalling standards and its targeting of victims.

Liverpool MP Ian Byrne was rightly furious – and has demanded an opportunity to have his say in front of assembled Labour MPs:

The outrage was not limited to Ian Byrne. Unite’s Howard Beckett also condemned Streeting’s move:

Already, hundreds of Liverpudlians and others have also reacted with justified outrage:

Andrew Devine, who suffered life-changing injuries in the Hillsborough disaster, died last week and a coroner has ruled that he was unlawfully killed – raising the number of Hillsborough victims to 97. The S*n disgustingly printed a series of vile smears against the victims of that disaster.

The rag also attacked efforts to clear the wrongly-convicted ‘Birmingham Six’ and the High Court has been told that the phone-hacking that resulted in the closure of its sister paper had also been also rife at the S*n, which saw four of its journalists arrested on suspicion of phone-hacking and bribery.

This is the publication for which Streeting has opted to write – along with a string of right-wing Labour and union figures, despite Murdoch’s union-busting history. Skwawkbox is happy for Mr Streeting’s recovery – but clearly his improvement has only been physical and not political. His action in writing for the Scum is disgusting and inexcusable.

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  1. Another polygonal-headed recidivist, just like his master. Another subvirate, just like his master.

    Beneath contempt; but then again he’s no different to any of the so-called centrists.

  2. The Murdoch Media Empire would like to welcome ‘GB News TV’ to centre stage. The Truth is out there?

    1. The Sun is how a great portion of Once Socialist Britons were gradually turned into TORIES by Team Blair & Murdoch for The Sun and Team Mandelson & Campbell for The Sun in Lambskin aka The Guardian and any other “intellectually superior” Balderdash Tripe!
      HOWEVER ALL MSM are Neoliberal TORY Occupied and ALL MSM Should be Boycotted until ALL MSM are in the hands of The PEOPLE and run as Open Sourced and Decentralised Organisations, Newspapers, Radio, TV, Social Media!

    1. Tony, WHY do some tell us to “UNITE with”, “WORK with”, “WORK THINGS OUT with”, CALM DOWN with” coup plotters, saboteurs and careerist parasitic infestation including –

      “Tony Blair” who “halted an inquiry by the Serious Fraud Office into BAE systems.”

      and the rest in their nest eg Mandelson SIR starmer Evans, who by their silence approve of the Palestinians now being demanded to pay rent to live in their OWN homes on their OWN land, by ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS ???

      Please, can anyone explain why we are asked to enable people and creatures like that to do as they have always done and to do what all decent people despise???

      Also, has anyone EVER asked those questions before??? What were the answers??? If never asked; why not

    2. Tony – in the late ’60s I spent 18 months working @ BAC Filton Bristol. Imagine a 19 year old Hippie organising systems in the British Aircraft Corporation? High power stuff for a cheeky young kid singing masters of war., but one thing I remember was the total contempt there was for BAE Systems described as a nepotism depending on gov’t contracts pushed in their direction my senior gov’t ministers, especially Sir Geoffrey Howe.

  3. Congratulations on being Cancer Free! May it remain that way for you and your family’s sake!
    Please can we have all the details of Procedures, Consultants and Medicine used, we have a Terminal TORY Cancer that infested The UK Labour Party, and would also like to be Caner Free!

  4. Kudos on your recovery Streeting, but stick the scum up your arse. What an arsehole!

    Slightly off topic, what are arlarses?

  5. Arlarses are either tight-fisted people, or owld folks set in their ways. It’s a slang term common around the Merseyside area.

    1. “Arlarses are either tight-fisted people”
      Oh the images, you have conjured!!!
      Pfffff! HaHa! HaHa! HaHa!
      PS if you don’t get it, Lords lined up and “Hand” Puppets!

  6. “It’s time to get tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime”

    How original.

    These Blairites must think we’re in some sort of 1994-1997 groundhog day type political time loop in which New Labour is fresh and not a discredited rump,associated with authoritarianism; murderous wars of choice, corporatism and privatisation.

    Blair initially at least had superficial charm and charisma, Starmer has none. Blair knew the importance of keeping the left onboard by saying the right things, Starmer can’t be bothered with even the pretence of being left.

    1. Andy – The main causes of crime include include poverty and a lack of hope. I’m in favour of eradicating both of these drivers, aren’t you?

      1. We all are, but the slogan is an insult to Starmer’s predecessor, who was never NOT tough on crime, just as there was never a time when ANY Labour leader was not tough on crime. Why couldn’t Streeting just write “end poverty, make sure NO ONE lacks hope”.

        Labour can’t win by obsessing on crime anyway, and nobody who reads The Sun would ever vote Labour again no matter how Toryesque Starmer makes it.

      2. kenburch – “Why couldn’t Streeting just write “end poverty, make sure NO ONE lacks hope”.

        Why would you presume that I would know why he chose to use a particular form of words, ask him.


  7. I’m happy for Streeting for getting over cancer but he has swallowed a lot of mudock/bliar/ and now starmers seamen in the past

  8. The main causes of crime include include poverty and a lack of hope. I’m in favour of eradicating both of these drivers.

    Which is exactly why I continue to dismiss Corbynist policies and the fight against inequality outright, and voted for the gobshite who wishes to continue with the push towards global corporate fascism.

    Did I mention that I’ve never mentioned I’m a socialist, with no interest in the plight of the poorest and least advantaged in society?

    I am however, a ‘democrat’ , honest!

    Fixed. 👍

      1. Says the gawp who had to make comment anyway…

        Still finding going out of your way to annoy pepple ‘entertaining’ , weirdo?

      2. Toffee – So says my needy little stray. You are the one who started this interaction, I simply responded to your nonsense appropriately..

      3. Waaagh! ‘You started it’…The absolute STATE of ya?!!

        Still finding annoying people ‘entertaining’ or are you gonna keep squealing like a stuck pig whenever I make a post whether it address you directly or not?

        Cryarsing hypocrite.

      4. Toffee – You’re the only one crying here. I’m just watching on in disbelief.

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