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Video: Powell flounders over Starmer’s u-turns on Johnson’s ‘partygate’ resignation

Shadow Culture Secretary struggles to deny the obvious

Shadow Culture Secretary Lucy Powell has floundered on Sky News this morning in an attempt to deny that Keir Starmer has flip-flopped over whether Boris Johnson should resign over his ‘partygate’ disgrace.

Starmer initially called for Johnson’s resignation over his breaches of lockdown laws and his blatant lies to Parliament, then u-turned in another feeble ‘now is not the time’ moment because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and then u-turned again to say Johnson should resign because he’s been fined by the Metropolitan Police for what we all already knew.

But Powell had clearly been sent to deny that any of it was a u-turn – and just as clearly knew it was a dud:

If only the UK had a functioning opposition with the spine and consistency to actually stand up to the monsters and buffoons in government. It is a national tragedy that we do not.

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  1. Keith Starmer’s gang OPENLY endorsed Johnson in 2019. WMD Blair did it. Campbell said he preferred the Lib Dems. They sabotaged and plotted. Instead of helping bring a TRUE Labour government to government, by their open words and ACTIONS to date, the showed how much they HATE a meaningful Labour government.

    They BOASTED that “working night and day to undermine”, to “STOP” Jeremy.

    What more does anyone need to know

    1. ps they did same sabotage in 2017, but put sabotage on steroids for 2019.

      1. They really are a hopeless lot – the new Opposition
        From Bench; you would think they knew the Constitution
        if anyone did – but apparently not!

        If Johnson resigned his Deputy would take over just as happened when he had COVID. Not sure who that would
        be -maybe they should wait till all the party gate miscreants
        had been identified ..?

      2. just a quick note. the instant johnson’s latest dead cat Rwanda scam, was staged, i thought as always, FOLLOW THE MONEY‼️‼️‼️

        this expensive dead cat is already being payed for by us. i suspect, at least one or more of the big covid-19 vultures will be sucking out BILLIONS. SERCO & G4S and “consultancy” vast fees to outfits like Deloitte made millions re covid-19.

        This latest scam will be shrouded in secrecy and dogginess exactly like FISHY RSHI “lending” his almost a billionaire wife, almost 3/4 £million to her Murty’s venture capital outfit. just ONE of her operations is owing creditors some £6.1 MILLION. She also gave her “business” a “loan” of £4. something million. that in itself is illegal re her CHOICE of non-domery‼️‼️‼️

        Murty claims an “accounting error” -> failed to declare her millionaire husband’s LOAN to her … has been repaid.

        Funny that. because husband Fishy Rischi IS a beneficiary of … yes, her venture of multiple failures: eg her gym, her fashion design that had ONE showing of fashion / design about TEN years ago!!!

        if sir keith starmer was one hundredth of an opposition leader with one jot of care for us “the many”, he and his nest of parasitic liars would be “working night and day” exposing the mountains of corruption of which he must be MORE than aware. Not rocket science.

        Sir Keith like Johnson knows EXACTLY for what and whom they are – the world’s greedy selfish heartless super wealthy ONE PERCENT‼️‼️‼️

      1. Toffee – …….and yet instead of just ignoring my comment you couldn’t resist drawing attention to it. 🤔

      2. Yeah.

        And you’ve once AGAIN shown you completely shit out when it’s made demonstrably clear that people hate keef.

        Unlucky, plums.

      3. Toffee – The question is how much relevance does one outlier question picked from a poll that isn’t linked to have. There is usually a reason why people don’t want us to see the source.

        Labour is still consistently in the lead of the Conservatives across the polls and Keir’s net approval ratings are also consistently way out in front of Boris’. (Check it out for yourself, I can provide the links if you don’t know where to look)

        It is also worth noting that Jeremy was twice as unpopular as Keir is.

    1. thanks very much nemtona for posting that polling. shows sir keith’s unsurprising “the many”, means “the many” are increasingly repelled by him🥀

      today after two long years with sir keith starmer purging the purpose of the labour party, the parasites plan to increase the purges. why? to prove to the establishment he will keep them in even more money at the expense of us🥀

      thing is, despite the worst government anyone could have imagined; despite an unscrupulous pm johnson; despite shocking corruption of at least £98 billion in two years of contracts to chums … even a freind down hancock’c pub got a cut🥀
      despite that and more, yet still sir keith starmer repels the public.
      keith fails to fool. he’s incapable.
      he’s incapable even of one small weak idea, let alone one to benefit any of “the many”🥀

      wmd blair & mandelson’s sir keith snd nest of parasitic plotters since 2016 have not developed a single policy be it re: transport, education, housing, equality under the law, anti racism, cost of living crisis, ending tax loop holes, open exploitation of the many by billionaires and corporations … the list is long🥀

      they spent all the years plotting and sabotaging. it’s at last clear to everyone now, (except david hill steveh sh coleman & co), that sir keith starmer cooper ashworth campbell hodge lammy reeves austin & rest of disgusting parasitic saboteurs, are a dangerous horror show

      much worse to come.🥀 sir keith’s not halfway through his act two🥀
      don’t let him get away with it. don’t enable sh’s coleman steveh malcolmh & co’s dung filled rotten lot.
      with them, roses will never grow,
      let alone bloom

    2. Holby central….. there is no “constitution” that is why Britain is not a democracy.apart from that no society with a head of state a monarch can legally be described a democracy that is one of the myths promoted by the reformation.and practiced in the opening of parliament every year….they dont hide it they just “normalize” it.and the mugs aceppt it… keep up with political education in your over the 🌈rainbow constituency…!

      1. I think you missed my point – that despite the floundering
        by Powell there would be no “gap” if Johnson resigned tomorrow. The UK has to have a government and if
        Johnson resigned the Queen would demand who is in charge and his Deputy would take over and that is what I
        meant by “Constitution” though maybe a different word would have been better.

        In other words there is no excuse for Johnsons failure to resign ..

        The Tory Party know this and so do the Labour Party.

        Let us see what will happen after he gets fined for several
        more parties. I suspect – nothing .. for we saw what happened after he illegally prorogued Parliament – nothing. A decent PM would have resigned then .. though come to think of it a decent PM would not have attended parties ..

  2. I reckon Johnson has got mr knightship by the “short and curlys” when the caption appeared on here of his knightship swigging from the top of a beer bottle sorounded by fellow supporters in a office with not a mask in sight.Clearly a office party is a party even if its attended by a bunch of hypocrites who dont have to abide by laws made exclusively for the little people “to see how the control freakery is working.on the working class.

    1. I’ve said it before, Sir Keira go Lightly is the anti leader of the the Labour Party and definitely an agent of the State and a representative of the Establishment.

      1. @Nemtona

        Good article, I’m becoming more and more convinced Sir Kiera Knightly’s chief function for the Establishment is to destroy the Labour Party, or at the very least tear it from it’s roots and neuter it as a political force.

    2. Joe, us left footers from Belfast like our names! I’ve even got my confirmation name- I could add it for a wee dash of pretension!

  3. The Flip-Flop TORY Party! Not a Clue! They are making BlueSteveH’s job impossible, he’s run out shaggy-dog stories about two years ago!

  4. Lucy Powell is an embarrassment trying to explain away the u turns of embarrassment in chief Keir Starmer.
    The fact is that if you take a principled position you don’t need to do embarrassing u turns but unfortunately neither Powell nor Starmer would recognise a principled position if it bit them on the backside.

  5. It’s time to ditch the tired old LP and begin forming an effective opposition with real vision and public appeal..Peples Assemblies.An agreed 10 Years perspectiiveion with clear achievable oitcomes.pPR. ReallyTackling climate change. New economics. Big skills training day week. Fair taxation. Generosity towards the lesser able. Fair rewards for hard work, risk taking and innovation. Rant Over! JW

  6. I had a mate who would get so drunk, when the wind changed direction , so did he
    Used to take us fecking ages to get back to our digs
    He was entertaining and a very good skin
    Temporary Embarrassment is just a complete %$$#@

    1. Musk, alone out of all the billionaire class, is the best hope for preserving free speech and democracy. Gates, Soros & co will probably have him killed!

    2. Glenn Greenwald…..

      ‘Elon Musk’s “Threat” to Restore Free Speech on Twitter Provokes Liberal Panic’

      During the failed liberal campaign to force Spotify to remove Joe Rogan’s podcast — remember that? — I wrote that the real lesson from that tawdry episode was that the central religious belief of American liberals now is censorship. Silencing, deplatforming and otherwise preventing their adversaries from being heard is their paramount goal, their primary weapon.

      1. “the central religious belief of American liberals now is censorship. Silencing, deplatforming and otherwise preventing their adversaries from being heard is their paramount goal, their primary weapon.”

        Just like keef then!

      2. But mainly purging the left and, as such, provoking hundreds of thousands of other left-wing members to quit the party in anger and disgust.

  7. And AGAIN with a totally irrelevant post when any centrist (and especially smarmer) shows themselves up to be the worse-than-useless invertebrates they’ve always been.

    How long until someone gets to call house on the gobshite’s next reply to a post consists of one of the flogged-to-a-thousand-deaths usual answers?

    It’s groundhog posting ffs. Ban it, skwawky.

    As for the fat meff remaining in situ ‘because of the Ukraine…’ firstly the UK isn’t in the fight,

    And secondly, rees-smog told us there was a ‘plethora of talent’ (No, honestly!) at the time his name was being bandied about for the ‘rag leadership; one that he didn’t have the stones to compete in himself, mind…

    So if that’s the case (Yeah – we know) then why the absolute bastard hell is there seemingly NOBODY ELSE capable or with the bollocks to lead the country in this (non)war fitting were supposedly on ?

    1. Toffee – …..and yet instead of just ignoring my comment you chose to draw attention to my it. 🤔

      1. Told you before, I will NEVER TIRE of calling you on your bullshit.

        So shut your whingeing cave, beaut.

      2. …And stick to the topic in hand – especially when it’s (always justifiably) critical of the muculent, polygonal-headed pisstake.

    2. Toffee I just don’t understand why “thought control central” keep paying him…..Hes becoming a embbarasment since running off to the Windys “and his Caribbean bolt hole.Clearly “integration” and “assimilation with the local population is problematic along with the “drinking” and all other forms of dopamine receptor suppression.Its a very sad 😢 state for Steve H old woodbine man whos habits rule his life.

  8. Lucy Powell is always out of her depth which is why she doesn’t understand anything unless it’s set in tablets of stone.

  9. The ‘now is not the time’ moment because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine tells us everything we need to know about Starmer – and what he has reduced Labour to.

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict – just like the covid 0.2% fatality rate ‘pandemic’ – is a WEF-exploited excuse for globalcapitalism to impose their “New World Order”.

    It’s not ‘the left’ or socialism that Starmer hates, it’s “the Many”.

    Starmer is a WEF/ Trilateral Commission/ David Rockefeller/ Klaus Schwab-supporting agent. He shouldn’t be in the Labour party, never mind its notional ‘leader’.

      1. 🌹🌹🌹 Some good words by Dave Ward CWU man. Thinks Sharon Graham has a good agenda✅ (i’m disappointed by her absence since she won though. Heartbreaking to see repartition of the hiding / silence which fails insurgents AFTER they’ve successfully in-surged❌

        Seems he realises Sir Keith Starmer is not for “the many”. “Labour leaders have to earn” respect / support✅ … (i did not catch as shamefully was multitasking.)

        Big rally June 18th Trafalger Sq. Others nationwide. But Keith not invited. “If he’s listening, he can get in touch to have a chat.” (his words in the main. meaning was clear to me.)✅

        Disappointed that he lacked ENOUGH clarity and ENERGY. Also he was unaware of other countries with effective UNIONS. Said he’s concentrating on improving ours.❌
        qwertboi and other readers here will know of “best practise”. i.e. studying how others achieve aims so that we can improve our operation.
        Dave Ward spoke about collectivism, but that ignorance is evidence of only talk❌

        V surprised and deflated that he thinks the “clap for carers” was more than it was, despite all NHS staff shafted afterwards with words and keith’s failure to speak up CONSISTENTLY against johnson’s insulting pay offer to those who kept this country working during Covid-19❌

        In my opinion best we focus on aims of SUBSTANCE eg destroy the parasites for example by fielding UNION candidates in EVERY parasite held seat. From now to 2024 is enough time to assemble the people to run a government not a pressure group. We have TONS of those.

  10. Interesting developments in Pakistan. Looks like a lot of people seem to be against what, in effect, is a coupo.

      1. Fucking hell.. is anyone else watching the unchallenged bollocks from that toerag MP on newsnignt?

        Someone record it.. am psihed at the minute (a couple of days off – bit I have to keep on touch)

      2. Seems my son spotted a circular 🌈 rainbow over koh Tonsay island 3 months ago and took a photograph.Looks like the Hallucinating is a family tradition.Third sighting for him second for me and with my lack of Vaccine passport I doubt I will be flying any time soon and I am told its the only way to see a circular 🌈 rainbow?….Cambodia the magic kingdom of Angkor?

      3. FWIW Joseph, although seeing a circular rainbow is ‘rare’, the conditions for them to ‘form’ are exactly the same as for arc-shaped, semi-circular rainbows – it’s just a question of perspective. Were you and your son in elevated positions when you saw them? Reportedly, pilots can see them all the time. It’s about dust or ice in the atmosphere.

        Interestingly, cultures all over the world ascribe spiritual meaning to them, and, weirdly, they are reported more in times of great political change or uncertainty, so they are probably relatively common atm as capitalism is arrogantly deploying its ‘new world order’ instead of admitting it’s on its death bed! (Of course, the oligarchs might be right, and their NWO might charge capitalism and their dominion over it with a whole new force.

    1. querboi we are sorounded by mountains elephant mt and Boker just a few miles away we are cetainly not elevated and only twenty minutes from the ocean.We have historicaly weird weathe at the moment which sees flooded rice fields in the middle of dry season and the return of the crabs and fish that flourish in the in the rice fields (our fish climb across land )
      .Storms and monsoon rains are very unusual at this time of year. as with the circular rainbow that we are seeing.I know nothing about science and weather and even less about rainbows but the weather and the two together Puzzle us.Temps are about the same all year round and seasons are not obvious although it is more a case of 25min and Upper 30a all year round a sweatbox for europeans but fortunately we now shiver at 25c.and are assimilating although a flight back home before the final departure to say goodbye would be nice but as you are aware them human rights are denied because of Covid.I would love to take the grandchildren to see W.Cork and Bolton wanderers but I am a realist and realise that unless we bow to oppression and the New world order then we must be satisfied with a good life “that we have.

      1. I would love to take the grandchildren to see W.Cork and Bolton wanderers

        Sadist!! 😛

        (First Everton game I took me nephews & niece to was against Notlob – they hammered us 0-4!! 🤬 Stelios ran the show)

  11. When a Labour candidate in Manchester Withington in 2010, Lucy Powell claimed to oppose Trident replacement. She was up against John Leech of the Liberal Democrats and was unsuccessful. However, once elected as an MP in Manchester Central her position suddenly changed.

    Labour’s Lucy Powell said she would vote against party lines to scrap the Trident missile programme and added that she ‘would not be surprised’ if Labour scrapped the £97bn project following a spending review in the next parliament if they retained power.

    “I believe this is the wrong policy at the wrong time,” she said.

    “When the international community is moving towards disarmament Britain should be playing its part in leading that process.

    “If Labour is in power after this election a complete spending review will be held and I would not be surprised if there is a change of heart.”

    But Mr Leech countered: “The former defence secretary has already rubbished Nick Clegg for saying he would get rid of Trident – Labour are clearly going to replace it.”

    1. I’d not be surprised either. They’ll do whatever their notional leader decides and his decision will be relayed to him straight from Klaus Schwab.

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