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Breaking: man on trial for killing MP Amess also targeted Webbe

Ali Harbi Ali’s web searches included Claudia Webbe, the MP smeared by ‘mainstream’ media and cynically cut loose by Labour

Accused murdered Ali Harbi Ali and Claudia Webbe MP

Last year, Skwawkbox exposed and condemned the widespread and provocative misreporting of the case against then-Labour MP Claudia Webbe, with both the media and the Labour party luridly rewriting the facts of a prosecution case that had only a single minor count – and presented no evidence for that one, beyond the say-so of the alleged victim and a phone call that was supposed to demonstrate harassment but was placed by the alleged victim and not by Webbe.

Webbe is appealing her conviction on a single count of harassment. The adjudication of the appeal was suddenly delayed by the judge earlier this month, with a publicly-given reason for the delay merely stating ‘case management’.

Labour continued its incitement against Ms Webbe by cutting her loose as soon as the initial verdict was announced, despite knowing that she was making an appeal.

Then, late last year, Skwawkbox exclusively revealed that a British man arrested in Ireland over a plot to murder an MP had in fact planned to kill Claudia Webbe. The almost non-existent ‘mainstream’ reporting of the arrest left out the identity of the planned victim, presumably to avoid scrutiny of the media’s role in inciting murder.

And now a second man apparently targeted Webb for murder, according to evidence presented at the trial of the man accused of murdering Conservative MP David Amess.

The court has heard that Ali Harbi Ali searched for details of other MPs apart from Amess – and that this research for potential victims included Claudia Webbe:

The Labour party has at no point offered any support or protection to Ms Webbe, before or after the verdict. The party behaved in the same way in the collapsed prosecution of Asian MP Apsana Begum, which had been coordinated by a Labour-controlled council at the instigation of her allegedly abusive ex-partner. The party planned to do the same in the case of Ms Begum, disavowing her and calling for a by-election as soon as the guilty verdict they were counting on was announced. Disappointed party officials skulked away quietly after she was acquitted. Keir Starmer did not even congratulate her on the verdict.

Similarly, left MP Zarah Sultana received no support or message of solidarity from the party leadership when she was the target of vile racist abuse and atrocious conduct toward Labour’s first Black woman MP Diane Abbott and her Black female colleague Dawn Butler has gone uncondemned and unpunished, with one perpetrator not just avoiding the sack from Starmer’s front bench but recently promoted.

The Labour right has been rightly condemned for its rampant anti-Black racism and Islamophobia. It has a particular problem with left-wing women of colour and a pattern of enabling and fostering abuse toward them. In the case of Claudia Webbe, it appears to have helped to incite two would-be murderers against Claudia Webbe – and one of them went on to kill another MP.

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  1. But had keef still been DPP he’d have had ali prosecuted for targeting gove…
    Cos that’s what the MSM reported on.

    And Webbe isn’t establishment.

    Keef used to prosecute terrorists y’know 😴 in

    1. Yes Toffee, Keef loved to lock up benefit cheats for ten years, but failed to prosecute the most prolific Establishment Paedo this nation had ever seen, refused to prosecute the killers of Jean Charles Menezes too. Welcomed dirty pervert Keith Vaz back into the Labour family too…..

      Whiter than white is the Labour Party… it dies.

    1. Thanks for the link Paul. Mike Katz’s cheap and nasty comment about this good and decent woman says it all about him and Starmers Labour. Shame on them for their despicable treatment of Jo and all the other non Zionist Jews who have been hounded out of the party.

    2. Green Party, probably the only Neoliberal thing to vote out Neoliberal Conservative and Neo-Labour Party TORIES with! What a Fucking Mess! No Democratic Socialist Party to take seriously, yet, and a HoC full of Neoliberals! Hopefully, Jo will be one of many more to sprinkle a bit of Corbynism’ Sunshine in The Green Party.

  2. The green’s gain is most definitely labour’s loss. ‘

    ‘Played, keef. Again. 🤦

    Jo gets my vote if she stands in my ward. Might even deliver a few leaflets for her. 🙂

    1. Your Consortium News link raises so many questions (for me, mostly about the lengths that Establishment vested interests will go to in order to achieve their objective/s). Suffice it to say, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”.

    2. Goldbach

      Do you get sent Consortium updates by email or do you have to check the site for new stories each day? I ask because I used to be signed up but they stopped arriving a couple of years ago. Every now and then I try signing up again but it makes no difference. The all-powerful algorithms have no doubt cut me out…

      1. I just have the link to their website on my bookmarks and visit it regularly. Real journalism.

      2. …… and I guess it must be that, because I visit the website frequently, YouTube flags up videos from Consortium for me.

    3. It’s getting to the point where it’s really quite difficult to find any American, with the appropriate expertise and experience, who would disagree with these “truth bombs” emanating from Pentagon (and other) sources. Chas Freeman, like so many of his peers, confirms the perspective referred to in the above consortium news link. He is a former US diplomat of some standing and I imagine he would have been what the USA would consider to be a patriotic and safe pair of hands. Yet, clearly, he is profoundly disturbed by Biden’s evident determination to prolong the war and to make the prospect of a peace accord as difficult to achieve as possible. (Thanks to Goldbach for the earlier link to the Grayzone website)

      1. Apologies, link goes pear shaped; Chas Freeman grayzone will have to suffice.

  3. EVERYTHING is CONNECTED. Myths r also worshiped by The Establishment and those hoodwinked. But The Establishment still rules. ANYWAY, i think i posted ages ago about the strong Nazi sympathies amongst key Establishment entities eg Mrs Saxe Coburg Goethe – Mountbatten = Queen woman & VAST parasitic family.
    I remember listening to the cousin & confidante of Queen lady of the huge multiple palaces funded by US, try to excuse Queen woman, her well known racist mother, her sister and father giving the Nazi salute in one of the gardens the occupy, as “a long time ago” etc etc. I’ve just heard a documentary will be aired soon, revealing that Mrs Mountbatten’s uncle EDWARD VIII asked HITLER to BOMB LONDON!!!

    Yes… My concern is what habits & myths & attitudes WE the “Left” need to dump. But the Right and status quo have been EXTREMELY successful in maintaining myths for THEIR benefit… eg the Mountbattens masquerading as “Windsors” are loyal to this country etc etc etc. NO!!! They ate and always have been GREEDY SELFISH SELF-SERVERS. Extremely good at it, but heartless cruel parasites all the same. They were all happy to see our parents and grandparents bombed to smithereens. WHY? Because as the documentary will show, they admired Hitler and his ways. These are my views and not necessarily of SB. Queen woman and her many tools are free to put me right. HER uncle was keen for Hitler to bomb London. Edward Viii & Wallis Simpson hoped Hitler would then restore their status. BUT despite the well choreographed & spun pretence of the current parasite’s mom and dad, their IS photographic evidence of them giving the Nazi salute. Think of it. Such a photograph would only have been taken in this country, and KEPT, because the parasites knew it would benefit them IF the Nazi’s got their way, AND/OR they were PASSIONATELY KEEN for Hitler to be victorious.
    These are my thoughts & analysis, while we are still able to have free thoughts and analyses.

    1. please excuse several obvious typos. eg Nazi’s, theirs etc… need to go to bed. Sad testing loooooong day. 💐💐💐

    2. It’s all a Game of Risk, when your country gets the “lucky” Double Six, the shit get’s bombed out of it! Israel and obviously the west all funded and armed Azov A30B Battalion Nazis and probably others! Ukraine is the capitol of Nazism! Without people like Assange, Hedges and Murray, we’d know nothing about it! The Zombification System doesn’t/can’t include The TRUTH, for the safety of their lobotomised Zombified MSM Sheeple, they are conditioned to hate TRUTH and programmed to destroy it immediately!

      1. lobotomised Zombified MSM

        The domesticated, zombified animal trusts its Master, without question. Wild, sovereign, independent, proud animals are not so easily fooled. They have maintained their wiliness, guile, suspicion towards stangers and strange actions, predators and herbivores alike. They are alert, aware of their surroundings, and rarely let their guard down.” Source

        You Can’t G Back Bob.

        It’s some of its readers that are zombified nellykskelly, not the billionaires’ synchronised-MSM. They’re very efficacious.

      2. It is the most baffling thing, and efficacious is just the word. So many supposedly Smart People could be so STUPID! 2015 to 2020 is testament to that.
        Religion and MSM are a similar indoctrination, a person only believe in a god because their parents conditioned them with stories and made them go to Church, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque, or they were old enough to decide for themselves!
        Same with that nasty habit of sitting stuck in front of the Government Mainline MSM at every free moment. Children learn that MSM is “Truth”, MSM is “Good”. People intelligent or diligent and focused enough can read in between the Fluff, but that is very rare.
        Something strange is going on I hope there are others, not on MSM who noticed it, most specially in the past year 6 months. Near instant changes to millions of people’s minds. People who would normally look at situations and analyse the facts, just jump straight into the MSM narrative! I told you about that Canadian Poll, well I doubt it is the Vaccine because of yourself and many like you, who had the full works, and all, but I would not discount something like the re-introduction of Subliminal Messaging, and keyword drops in publications and articles, etc.
        As much as I agree with you, I believe that, like “Labour”, we need to get rid of The Neoliberals before anything remotely good is going to happen for The PEOPLE, so do we need to destroy the MSM by Boycott, before anything good can replace it.

      3. @nellykSkelly 12.50 am

        We have to remember that in addition to
        i) using their ‘liberal’ MSM to propagandise when necessary,
        ii) the oligarchs also deploy ‘behavioural psychology’ very effectively (more than 60% of the professional staff employed by SAGE are behavioural psychologists).
        iii) They also disable/pasokify political opposition to their control.

        If anyone knows how to deploy subliminal messaging and control mechanisms, it’d be a behavioural psychologist.

        Apart from the political and social side of all this, I’ve witnessed how “disarming” tactics are used in academic and scientific arenas. The supposed existence of HIV (as cause of AIDS) and the supposed newness of SARS-CoV-2 are what I’m thinking about here – although it could be many other health/biochemistry-centred issues (cholesterol/heart disease/dementia and Alzheimer’s, autism and the massive increase in immunodeficiency etc.).

        Funding is the method of control (it arguably explains why NHS clinicians do not speak out against the unsound pathology used by the covid scam – although thanks to Lancet, BMJ and our trade union, BMA, they are beginning to). Mrs. T championed council house sales and property ownership for the very same reason. “First they came for the socialists and I said nothing for I had a mortgage to pay…..? It’s not cowardice or zombified people, “it’s the economy, stupid”.

        It’s a massive problem, and it can be fixed, and you’re right, removing or enfeebling the MSM is the first part of any remedy

      4. Exactly! I do not buy it for one moment that there are no cures for the Common Cold and Flu, for Depression, Anxiety, etc, etc, it is locked deep underground in a Big Parma Volt, they can’t afford to cure us, they need the NHS to pump us full of more and more extortionate drugs and “Vaccines”! Look at the Psilocybin Studies, proved to be as close as a cure for Depression, another alternative to example Philip May’s Cannabis Pharma, protected by the government, why? It would introduce Competition and Alternatives to their Kingdom of Weed!
        The People need to wake up, we need 70% to 100% Boycott MSM and MSSM!
        We could make massive differences by doing simple things like only ever buying what we NEED rather than what MSM tells us to buy. Keep it and use it until it is impossible to use Rather than rushing to the Apple Store every 6 months for the latest iPhone, my last phone was 8y old before planned obsolescence finally got the better of me, my new phone was £80.00, and it is pure magic compared to my deceased phone!
        What is the point in status symbols but not a pot to piss in! It’s madness we don’t need it, leave Status symbols to the rich and be proud of who you are and where you are no matter the hand you’re dealt! Stay Proud, Stay Grateful for what you do have!
        The Cult of The Raged Trousered Philanthropist!

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