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Starmer falls back to level with worst government in history

‘Twenty points ahead’? Yeah right. Starmer can’t even get ahead of a government with the blood of hundreds of thousands on its hands

During Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party, as Corbyn faced an unending torrent of smears and lies from the media and from right-wing supposedly-Labour MPs, those same media and MPs frequently claimed that ‘under any other leader, Labour would be 20 points ahead’.

After two years of Keir Starmer, against the murderous pack of buffoons that masquerades as a government and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and huge damage to the UK economy, Labour is today only level with the killer buffoons – and on a downward trajectory:

Starmer’s own personal ratings are also worse than those of the head murderous buffoon, according to polling earlier this month.

Grovellingly supporting buffoons while waging war on Labour members who want genuine change doesn’t make you popular. Who’d have guessed?

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  1. This party-political charade coupled with a killer scamdemic, fuelled by a torrent of Midazolam and killer fake vaccines will be the death of Starmer. Or will it? He’s a wealthy man, after all.

      1. SteveH
        Remind us how Temporary Embarrassment is going to deal with the 2nd referendum headstone around his neck at the next GE
        Poetic Justice for Red Tories

      2. Very useful link, thank you SteveH.

        Stats for Lefties, “a blog written by nerds, for nerds”, is right though:

        Virtually everyone who mentions the phrase does not intend “20 points ahead” to be a realistic standard. Instead, the phrase is a ironic reference to the centrist celebrities, commentators, activists and politicians who argued in 2017-19 that Labour under Corbyn should be 20 points ahead in the polls – often when Labour was ahead in the polls.

        “Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, for example, argued in November 2017 that Labour “should be 15, 20 points ahead”; former Chancellor George Osborne argued a month later that Labour would be 20pts ahead of the Tories if Corbyn were not the Leader; a month after that, actor Eddie Marsan said that Labour “should be 20 points ahead in the polls”; later that same year, philosopher AC Grayling tweeted that “You’d think Labour would be 20 points ahead”; and this continued on for literally years.”

        AND – I’d say – until or unless we get rid of trilateral commission supporting pro-capitalists from the Labour Party and it recovers its democratic socialist life-force and its ability to attract votes and form governments (as was so very clear under the marvellous JC), it will remain a sub-par political party until it dies.

      3. qwertboi – I would encourage people to read the full article rather than selected passages.

    1. I think it’s a pity you’re in Covid denial. Lots of your posts on Labour are heartfelt and no doubt true.

      1. He’s not the only one. SARS-CoV-2’s illneses, covid & co., <always had an over-99% survival rate and ha been the most massive scam imaginable. Wake up man!

      2. Paul smith all of the media including the BBC push the covid scam as much as they did the AS scam against jeremy Corbyn and the left wing.Enemys are Enemys you cant pick and choose when the propoganda machine kicks in….now try to concentrate and understand that the scam was used to enslave the working class across the Western world and caught on very nicely in Britain were politicians including the knight used it almost monthly to avoid scrutiny and push through the most draconian laws and measures in Britain seen in hundreds of years to establish once again a ruling elite were the laws of the land dont apply to them…..paul have you had your “seasonal” jab?Big pharma need more loot to finance the new world order.

      3. Joseph – Given your personal history I am more than a little surprised that you are claiming that Covid-19 is a scam.

      4. “Joseph – Given your personal history I am more than a little surprised that you are claiming that Covid-19 is a scam.”

        Covid19 is an illness. The scam is something else which Joseph identifies from the synchrised-MSM’s treatment of it.

        When you suspect a scam, the natural question is “why?” (“by whom or what?”) is it being attempted and – OF COURSE – you assess the data (sorry to be reminding you of dialectic or scientific method, here), specifically:

        * Infection-to-Fatality numbers – do you know what they are?
        * Excess Deaths – based on a decade or two’s death figures, have there been more deaths than would have occurred if covid didn’t exist?
        * The covid deaths that have occurred – who are they and why have the occurred (what health factors are at play?

        Whether you choose to ask those questions is obviously up to you, but the point needs to be made, – you can’t expect the synchronised-msm to help answer any of them, in fact, it might deflect and deceive to misinform about them (if Joseph is correct).

      5. qwertboi – You can be assured that I won’t be seeking the answers to any question that I may ask from a quack scientist.

      6. SteveH
        Moderna applying for permission on 4th shot for all adults in America when Omicron is the vaccine invented by God
        Giving the vaccine to 5 year olds
        Compete lack of transparency from manufacturers and regulators on test data
        Complete lack of acceptance of Natural Immunity, supplements and off the shelf drugs
        Justin Trudeau
        If your mate Temporary Embarrassment asked you to jump off a cliff

      7. Doug – Try telling that to those who have caught it and ended up in a hospital bed.

      8. SteveH
        A bumble bee flys into a classroom
        How many of those kids could end up in hospital and possibly die from an adverse reaction
        I’m allowed to ask because I’m one of them
        Show me the honey

      9. SteveH
        Fair enough shit for brains we know you struggle to do the maths
        Let’s start again
        How many fingers am I holding up

    2. No surprise. The public, … WE the many are “caught between the hammer and the anvil”.
      AND so we must break the swings from one group to the other, when both groups are the same. We must reject crumbs. Settling for crumbs is what keeps the charade going.
      UPSET the system. Work out hoe to inflict MAX damage to both, ESPECIALLY to SIR Keith’s nest of parasites. THEY are our main problem rather than nasties in their own nest.
      BASIC LOGIC. Treveliyan is no worse than Starmer nor Reeves nor Blair. Crumb chases keep the status quo going.

      1. signpost not windchimes
        Reeves is 9nto something when she to Sunak into Alice in Wonderland territory
        The Steve Bannon playback says you can bullshit your way into power by murdering the English Language
        Whatever I say, it means what I want it to

      2. windchime – Lots of stirring vaccuese calls for the destruction of everything but where is the credible alternative?

      3. It is ILLOGICAL and perverse to support any who have lied and brought such injustice to true Labour members and to people like Julian Assange and Craig Murray. It is a tragedy that STILL, there are some who despite many decades of political activity are AGAIN willing to enable more of the same by claiming eg Trevelayan or Johnson is a lesser evil than Sir Keith Starmer, WMD Blair, Lammy Iraq invasion supporter, Reeves, Hillary Benn, Coyle, Austin… Ashworth… it is a tragedy to see the desperate lack of basic self respect and logic.
        WHAT EXACTLY can make perfectly able people keep repeating EXACTLY as they’ve always done❔❔❔ DESPITE the OBVIOUS disastrous results of their last repetitions, some are prepared to do exactly the same. What causes that❔❔❔
        And, is it not obvious that enabling Keith & co in anyway guarantees that we will be made even worse off❔❔❔ Eg the recent PROMPT withdrawal of SCG signatures re Stop The War❔❔❔

        What will it take for some to learn and change❔❔❔ MAYBE some need to try speaking to and learning from normal people OUTSIDE the secret “Left” bunkers. The vast crowds everywhere even abroad chanting “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!!!” and the over 600,000 who joined, and the 2017GE results despite all problems in and out, and the crushing TWICE of the coup plotters by INCREASED margins, prove to me beyond doubt that the general public are more prepared for change than the bunkered timorous “Left”.

        NOTE WELL, prepared for change, does not mean willing to be taken for granted as having “nowhere else to go”. That’s the Mandelson attitude that caused the LAUGHABLE and rightly LAUGHED at convoluted and blatantly dishonest integrity free, indecent “CONSTRUCTIVE AMBIGUITY” to disrespect the Ref result and treat the electorate in general and our long suffering and disgracefully neglected heartlands in particular as fools.

      4. windchime – You are obviously either mistaken and/or misinformed about the function and duties of the CPS with regard to extradition cases. To put it in simplistic terms the CPS’s duty is to act as the agents of the country seeking extradition. They don’t get to choose which cases they take on and they don’t make any decisions about the cases (that is done by the courts).

        600k? I think you may be exaggerating a little, to the best of my knowledge the membership has never been much above c580k

  2. Any other leader would be 20 points ahead!
    I can’t remember which idiot began the above crap off, however, its a fact that with the ADULTS (Rightist Scum) in charge, Labour ain’t working, not only is it not working, its driving voters away from the ballot box – something that Starmer’s Skwawkbox stenographer may not be concerned about, but this poster is very concerned about.

    1. All the recent polls consistently indicate that Labour will do considerably better at the next GE than we did at the last one when we lost 60 seats. The GE where for the first time ever more of the working class decided to put their trust in the Tories instead of Labour.

  3. Well it doesn’t matter because a Peston poll said something like 59% of bame said they’d vote labour…

    Amirite, wee gobshite?

      1. You posted the fucking thing, idiot.

        But at least when I refer to wee gobshite you know who I mean 😏

      2. Toffee – ….and you were the one that decided to make it an issue and attach your own crap to it.. My conscience is clear.

      3. Conscience?


        Christ on a bleedin’ bike. 🤦

  4. Here comes the Chief Turd Polisher…..

    Oh but Jerombly Corbynly…..didn’t do this or that, or the Tory run Stats for Lefties says this or that.

    Meanwhile the Red Tories abstain on pretty much everything of note in Parliament and the Pensioners and Workers get shafted by basically just being alive.

    The fact is the Tories are doing what they do because Sir Starmer Savile Saver lets them do it. We have no opposition and Labour is dead.

    1. baz2001 – I feel your pain, how can you be expected to cope when whichever way you look you are surrounded by conspiracies.

      1. How can it be other? The exceptional circumstance today is merely that the powers that be (PTB) are pursuing their (natural) objective(s) more aggresively than they ever have before (something to do with neoliberalism causing (not evading) capitalism’s ‘end days’?)

  5. Only 5 weeks to go to the elections, when we are to see the LP gain a number of councils and hundreds of councillors. That’s right isn’t it?

      1. I’m not remotely arsed as very few of the candidates selected will be socialist. They won’t be getting my vote, or that of many others I know.

        And after Skwawky’s article t’other day I know my ward (New Brighton) is ripe for a labour loss.

      2. SteveH
        They have no money and no one who wants to stand as candidates and even less people to knock doors
        The sky is black with the wings of chickens coming home to roost

      3. Doug – Where is the credible alternative, or are you still at the stage of talking about having a meeting to talk about it?

      4. SteveH
        650,000 members and 14 million supporters, once Red Tories are fuck3d off

    1. But we must wait n see…

      (And he’ll still annoy the f**k out of everyone when they’ve done nowhere near as well as expected – even with the cost of living crisis being a few months old and hurting the poorest the most).

      1. Toffee – Given that you are unable to offer a credible alternative does that mean that you’ll be cheering for the Tories.

      2. Given that smarmerism is NO alternative…

        Either provide one on keefs’ behalf or its end of the discussion, arsehole.

    2. No it isn’t goldbach. In my local area Labour cannot field any candidates because the local CLP is non existent. So the local Council which was Labour run has now gone Independent.

  6. If anything, the polls probably flatter Labour.

    Even Labour leaders who’ve gone on to lose GE’s have held leads over +10% midterm. Getting voters to turn out for for this incarnation of Labour could be nigh on impossible with the depletion of foot soldiers due to resignations. Voter apathy could become existential.

    If Labour didn’t exist, would anyone invent this version of it?

      1. nellyskelly – Most phones, even the basic ones, allow you to record your own voice. Give it a try.and find out.

      2. Yes BlueSteveH I was hoping you would do that, but don’t record yourself and keep it all for yourself, It’s kind of vain to record yourself to listen to yourself.
        I have not watched, heard, read MSM, intentionally, for more than 10 years, you on the other hand worship it, like a true Zombified MSM Sheeple would!

      3. nellyskelly – Your confession that you live in blissful ignorance explains a lot.

      4. Not at all, it is not me getting mainline establishment and government misinformation services directly to the brain, that would be you, petal.

      5. Read what Andy wrote again on his last sentence.

        Clue: If Labour didn’t exist, would anyone invent this version of it?

        Labour 2019 was a totally different animal to the current conservative smarmerist sham.

        I won’t vote smarmerism. Socialists won’t. Ex party members (especially those leaving under smarmer won’t). EU leavers won’t. EU leaving ex -abour voters wont.

        The elderly who remember proper labour won’t. The young won’t. BAME won’t. Those dependent on benefits won’t.

        Floating voters are unlikely to, seeing as keef is more toerag than the toerags And further right (i.e. austerity heavier) than ed moribund was in 2015.

        So who’s left? The likes of the wee gobshite who think they know what’s best for everybody else but refuse to tell us what that is because on all reality they haven’t got a jar o’ glue.

      6. Toffee – On the contrary the polls have for months been consistently indicating otherwise.
        Have you noticed how accurate the polling companies were in predicting the vote share for the 19GE.

        “Labour 2019 was a totally different animal to the current” [Labour Party and its members].
        Thank goodness for that, I don’t want us to lose another 60 seats.

      7. On the contrary….


        I seem to remember Corbyn being ahead in the polls right up to the moment you allowed fatfuck and slimy to shit on democracy and bulldoze through your precious second referendum.

        And you said voices like mine didn’t count for anything when you were told what’d happen as a result.

      8. Toffee – Really, I think you will find that you are mistaken.
        Since Johnson became PM Labour was consistently behind the Tories apart from only 1 poll just after Boris became PM when Labour was very briefly 1% ahead.
        You really should check your facts before making these wild assertions.

    1. No I’m NOT mistaken you slimy squirming sibvirate.

      WHEN was the second ref bulldozed though?

      WHEN did de piffle become PM?

      Try again, prick.

      1. WHEN was the second ref bulldozed though?

        Allow me to rephrase that.

        WHEN did keef openly defy party policy and manoeuvre (open yet another attack front on the leadership as well as the party) for his (and your) precious second referendum?

        July 2018 or thereabouts IIRC.

        De piffle became PM a full year l(or more) later


  7. People know full well that BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Party are potentially far worse than even BoJoke and PsychoPolly Patel on their worst days! For a start, there will be NO Freedom of Speech, No Press Freedom, No Freedom of Information, The Word Palestine will be banned, and most people will be in Prison for 10 Years!

    1. Did you catch Rachel Reeves’ gawd awful quip in the HoC mini-budget debate, comparing Sunak to ‘Ted Heath with an Instagram account’?

      Even political anoraks will have been left scratching their heads with such a esoteric political reference. No wonder it fell completely flat in the HoC.

      And Wes Streeting on Newsnight…talk about embarrassing; the presenter, Kirsty Walk, tried four times to get him to indicate how they’d raise money and each time he stonewalled with ‘it’ll be in our manifesto”.

      Then they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

      1. Andy It is a sensible approach. I recall Jeremy and his team giving similar answers to such questions, don’t you?

      2. Exactly Andy, I didn’t see either of those unimportant, uninteresting people, but I am sure they will surface on some Indie Media or another, pretty soon, such a dangerous and dodgy bunch, I swear there are now farther left leaning MPs in the Conservative Party than in that Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY Party. Actually, I must have a nosey now, I do need a Tickle! Thanks!

      3. Okay, I managed up to the gaff, that woman could not be a more rehearsed Margaret Thatcher, if she tried! I swear she practices Margaret Thatcher speech therapy to the mirror daily! And what an equally vile creature, she is!
        I’m not sure, that I can or want to manage Streeting tonight, I may give it a go tomorrow! :):):)

      4. “Andy It is a sensible approach. I recall Jeremy and his team giving similar answers to such questions, don’t you?

        Yes, but everyone knew that the policies and costings in a Jeremy Corbyn Manifesto would be full and honest – unlike any Labour party manifesto that the likes of Streeting, Reeves, Cooper or Sir Keir !0 Pledges attach their support to.

      5. qwertboi – The actual reasons given for not voting Labour at the 19GE tell another story from the one you are trying to portray..
        That was the election where we lost 60 seats because for the first time ever more of the working class (C2DE) voted for the Tories than voted for Jeremy’s Labour.

        …..and meanwhile the left’s candidates continue to lose their deposits.

  8. Starmer’s attack on those Labour MPs who wanted to bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Ukraine was an absolute disgrace even by his standards.

    It makes it more difficult to avoid a widening or escalation of the crisis which could destroy us all.

    Well done, Starmer!

    The sheer hypocrisy of western politicians and media is very well illustrated by today’s reaction to the death of Madeline Albright.

    The BBC and Guardian made no mention of this:

  9. SteveH24/03/2022 AT 5:21 PM
    Toffee – ….and you were the one that decided to make it an issue and attach your own crap to it..


    Did I post THIS?

    SteveH23/03/2022 AT 5:24 PM
    goldbach – It is not at all difficult to understand, it simply adds some context to the above. The poll clearly indicates that most BAME people in the UK support Labour


    Nope. YOU did, though. So WHO attached their own crap to it?


    1. Toffee – Don’t be silly, are you denying that this is what the figures I have quoted clearly show.

      1. Then answer what you were originally asked on the other thread.

        How many BAME voted Galloway compared to leadbetter in Batley?

        …Or if you like, wherever Galloway’s stood?

        But hey!! A shitty little opinion poll of <1000 for a TV show CLEARLY SHOWS that 59% of bame will support smarmerism and ALWAYS will.


      2. Toffee – I don’t know, why don’t you look it up and tell us.

  10. Wee Stevie’s that rattled that there’s only about two posters/post he hasn’t replied to.

    Like some sort of problem child on steroids

    Defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef, defend keef.

    And it’s just not working. But STILL the wee fella persists.


    1. Toffee – In your dreams, our guests are out for the day so I have some pare time.

      1. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅

        And absolutely NOTHING to do with an article that CLEARLY SHOWS keef is LESS popular than de piffle.

        Blow yer pathetic lies outta yer arse lad, they might at least smell a bit sweeter if you do.

        Rattled. 😏

      2. Does it really?
        You really should improve your reading skills, what the above article actually says is “Starmer’s own personal ratings are also worse than those of the head murderous buffoon, according to polling earlier this month”.
        An entirely different poll.

        What this poll (the poll that forms the basis of the above article) actually said was
        “Britons tend to think Keir Starmer would do a better job than Boris Johnson at: reducing the cost of living, reducing serious crime, managing the NHS, tackling climate change, telling the truth and making decisions in the best interest of the general public.”

  11. The articlenote I never mentioned any POLL – CLEARLY SHOWS keef is LESS POPULAR than de piffle.

    Not me needs the tutorial, knobend.

    Can’t count, can’t do basic comprehension neither; Yet somehow is (so he claims) headhunted by not one, bur THREE schools on this make-believe Caribbean island where he does nothing but sit around annoying the life out of people and/by posting all sorts of shite – especially on threads critical of his idol keef smarmer.

    Change those piss stained y-fronts lad, they’re starting to smell every bit as putrid as that dead horse you’ve been flogging for the past few years.

    1. Toffee – Don’t be ridiculous the source poll for the article is clearly shown in a screenshot.
      I do wish you would desist from projecting your own issues onto others.

      1. Yes it IS shown, isn’t it…

        Here’s the link.


        But only you seems to believe it applies to the whole nation.

        And that’s because it’s favourable to keef.

        Well guess what? It just doesn’t. It’s an OPINION POLL – AND OPINIONS CHANGE.


        SHE DIDNT.

        Got that, dick head?

      2. Toffee – The link you have posted is one that I posted earlier on a different page. Surely you haven’t forgotten already, you expended a great deal of effort manufacturing a lot of faux outrage about it. It is not a link to the poll on which this article is based.
        Have you lost track of what you are being passionate about?

      1. baz2001 – Which just goes to show what a saddo you are.

      2. Well at least he isn’t a godawful attention whore who has frequently freely confessed to being ‘entertained’ by deliberately provoking people – then complaining about being ‘trolled’ when the people he’s provoked take his arguments to the cleaners all too easily.

        And that’s before the bullshit about the caribbean escapades.

        Headhunted by THREE schools when there appears to be great difficulty with basic arithmetic, and frequent demonstrations you have all the grammatical skills of a five year old. 😙🎶

        (I read that fertiliser prices are increasing exponentially – for the amount of shite you spew , it isn’t schools headhunting you – arable farmers everywhere will want a piece)

        …And an uncanny ability to be the first to post (irrelevancies) on threads, irrelvancies which invariably involve UK news. – despite you supposedly being halfway around the planet 😙🎶.

      3. Toffee – You might have a little more credibility if you didn’t tell so many lies.

        Is it really all that surprising that I follow the news in the UK, our daughter and my family still live there. The world is a lot smaller now that we have the internet.

      4. “The world is a lot smaller now that we have the internet.

        Which is precisely why the WEF/CIA/Trilateral Commission et al are trying to deploy their Grand Reset.

        I won’t say anthing about the very predictable war in Ukraine, or even the scam created around covid. 😗

      5. qwertboi – Thanks, it was kind of you not to waste my time with more of your dross

    2. Toffee I think its time for the knights isolation scam again for the nintey ninth time as the independent observed a couple of months ago.Johnson and smarmerite use the scam like the majic roundabout and miraculously appear a week later swigging from the neck of a beer bottle or quaffing wine at the party time like Johnson in the gardens of no 10.They look absolutely terrified of the virus along with thepartygoers smiling and laughing.Do they know somthing you the victims dont?

  12. I was driving back from London last night hearing trails for Rachel Reeves responding to the Spring Statement on LBC and was struck by the absolute pointlessness of the exercise. Leaving aside the shortcomings of Reeves, who benefits from generic oppositional guff that dissipates into the ether no sooner than it has been uttered? We are enduring the worst leader this country has had, scrabbling back from COVID to confront the greatest drop in living standards on record and teetering on the verge of military intervention in a conflict that threatens to destabilise economies around the world. That the chancellor felt minded to lob a 2024 tax cut into the mix as a palliative measure only served to reinforce the sense that the political class is wholly untethered from the life experiences of those it purports to represent.
    In this context, the failings of Starmer or indeed the supposed restorative powers of Corbyn, played out within the compound of self-regard that is the Labour Party, feel like indulgent distraction. The limited palette that gives us Blue Labour, Red Tories or whatever the colourway du jour happens to be is predicated on the desirability of a pure socialist or capitalist vision as the path to enlightenment even if the reality is accepting differing forms of incompetence for five year periods during which the opportunity to ameliorate ideologicial pursuits is virtually non-existent. We’re two years away and already you can sense the dutiful dusting down of the ‘kick the Tories out’ placards, making noises about a grand coalition of opposition and. though perhaps not quite just yet, the assembling of a ragbag of policy that will endure a couple of months of scrutiny. There are many arguments in favour of PR though right now the one that really stands out is that it holds out the possibility that real consequential decisions are arrived at based on the arguments presented rather than waved through because allegiance to the block vote of the party in power makes it so.
    For the all the difference it makes, why are so many politicians still choosing to align themselves with the Labour Party when they might honourably and with a clear conscience be independent? And this is a question one could equally ask of those in the Tory party though, being in power. the degree of self-interest is even more of a disincentive to act in a principled way. Imagine, as a representative, seeing each day as the opportunity to evince the values you believe in, each debate as a judgement that you will have to defend on the doorstep come election time rather than subjugate yourself to the colour of the rosette pinned to your chest and, shorn of the stultifying inevitability of demographic assumptions, regarding each doorstep as vital as any other.

  13. Well, as your supposedly rhetorical question implies, he lost and lost badly. I have no insight into the merits or otherwise of Williamson though I think there is a difference between resigning and standing as an independent and being suspended and standing. Some may judge that the electorate preferred something with a recognisable rosette or else they didn’t much like Williamson as an individual or various other reasons. I don’t think the principle stands or falls on the fate that befell ‘CW’.

    1. Tim – More recently Nellist also lost his deposit, can you think of an example where an independent left candidate has won a parliamentary seat.
      It is worth noting that under PR you would probably have 15 to 20 seats but under FPTP you are wasting your time.

  14. You are wasting your time as a Labour Politician AND subjugating your views to a amorphous ‘Be seen to oppose’ condition. You would not have 15-20 seats, you would have a seat. I am arguing for independent candidates not alternative left candidates and that any alignment they might make with others does not trump their allegiance to their own views and the needs of their constituency. The issue is not that the Tories are so bad but that s system that can only tolerate binaries is bad enough but when the principle of the binary is more central than the values either hold then it needs to be jettisoned as soon as possible.

    1. Tim – It’s a nice idea, but it isn’t going to happen. I can’t think of one example, can you?

    2. Tim White
      There are numerous examples of Independent single local issue candidates winning
      What has changed is the internal report which showed Red Tories support for worst government since 1979
      What happens next is for us to rescue back the Labour party or JC and Unions start with a Clean Slate

      1. Doug – So you keep saying. Apart from a lack of support what is stopping you?

      2. SteveH
        650,000 members and 14 million supporters
        .ack of support, fuck me pink

  15. Those whining about 20 points ahead being an unrealistic number conveniently forget it was the people they support who invented and pushed this meme. Now they complain that the rod they made is being used to beat them with. That’s irony… or hypocrisy take your pick.

  16. Doug,
    I don’t want a majority party of any hue, be they Tory, Labour or some JC invention. I want pluralistic representation rather than the winner takes all scenario we currently have.

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