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Exclusive: Irish police charge British man over threats to murder Claudia Webbe

Cork police have arrested 41yo Brit in connection with death threats

Irish police in Cork have arrested and charged a 41-year-old British man in connection with threats to kill a female British MP. Skwawkbox can exclusively reveal that the MP is Claudia Webbe.

The arrest and charges come after a man made threatening phone calls to Ms Webbe. Around fifteen Gardai officers raided a residential property yesterday, seizing a number of electronic items.

Ms Webbe has been subjected to a torrent of foul abuse since her conviction by a magistrate, without a jury, on a single count of harassment relating to just two phone calls to a ‘friend’ of her fiancé. The case has been widely exaggerated and misreported by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media and Ms Webbe has received no support from the Labour party, which immediately expelled her last week despite her appeal against the charges to be heard this week.

Ms Webbe’s supporters last week released a ‘dossier of hate’ detailing some of the racism and abuse she has faced dince the trial began.

The threat to Ms Webbe comes in the wake of the murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess. Labour politicians, many of whom have previously used abusive language toward the left, have pontificated about the need for restraint in political debate. Labour’s machine has done nothing to protect Ms Webbe and its actions have likely fuelled – and at the very least done nothing to quell – the disgraceful abuse toward her.

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  1. Not exclusive, Ron Broxted on Livejournal broke this. Huge legal implications, arresting anyone OUTSIDE Britain who disagrees with the government. Threat viable? Wait and see.

  2. At least the Irish police in Cork take their responsibilities seriously.

    The moral corruption of civic, political and social bodies in Britain becomes clearer in covid Britain on its march to totalitarianism everyday – and surely makes us a contender for failed-statehood every bit as much as supposed actual failed-states like Yemen, Somalia or Syria.

    1. It was only a matter of time until something like this happened The amount of hate and vitriol directed at Claudia was bound to end up with somebody making death threats.
      Qwertboi is right about the Irish police – they took swift action and arrested and charged the individual concerned. Compare this with the non-response of the British police to the numerous death threats made against Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and other Socialists.
      These threats were brought about in my opinion because the state broadcaster, the BBC and the MSM incited hatred against Jeremy and his comrades by repeating and embellishing the daily barrage of lies and smears made about them made by those for whom a socialist pro Palestinian government was unthinkable.
      It was only when an elderly Muslim man attending prayers in Islington was murdered by an right wing extremist who had gone out looking for Jeremy and failing to find him decided to kill this poor man instead that the police finally took action, too little too late.
      Until the police are willing to adopt the swift response of the Irish police to hate crimes such as this our politicians are vulnerable to attack . The police need to act NOW against all those whose hate filled posts about Claudia are flooding social media to prevent something worse happening to her or any of her supporters.

      1. Ciaran Goggins
        I am not aware of how the judicial system works in Ireland but I say hats off to the Irish police for arresting and charging the individual who made death threats against Claudia Webb

      2. Smart boy, unfortunately the Labour Party has proponents of knife crime amongst it’s hierarchy.

      3. Yes, this murder, has been erased from ‘official discourse, as has how the mullah protected the perpetrator. His first target had been Corbyn, the object of a sustained campaign of lies and hate. His suspension from the PLP leaves him exposed.

      4. Steve H
        I would point out that Jess Phillips introduced violent language into the debate during the coup saying she would stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front. Jess should not have said this and has never properly retracted it – she did make a half hearted apology for it when pressed .
        As Jess subsequently was on the receiving end of violent language she should have known how frightening this can be and she should have done the right thing and given Jeremy a full and unreserved apology. That of course would require empathy and integrity both of which Jess lacks unfortunately.

      5. Steve H Can you please explain why you think have lost my grip.

    2. I agree Paul The bravery of the Mullah , the fact that the intended victim was Jeremy Corbyn and that the actual victim was a deeply religious elderly Muslim man who was leaving a place of prayer doesn’t fit into accepted anti Corbyn anti Muslim narrative and therefore these events are never referred to in the MSM or by the state broadcaster, the BBC.
      The same thing happened when Karie Murphy a Corbyn supporting socialist donated one of her kidneys to a complete stranger. This was a magnificent and selfless thing to do but it is largely unknown/unreported as it didn’t fit into the narrative that Corbyn supporters are scum, dogs, thugs bullies antisemites etc.
      The way the BBC and the MSM play the public is frightening but worse still is the fact that so many people still actually believe what they hear on the News or read in the paper.

      1. Apparently. Please note: this is highly probable but as yet only rumour. No one’s admitting anything.

    1. I wonder when they got the contract and for how much. That might further explain the depletion of LP funds. Sounds like what goes on with the Tories. Grab grab grab at every opportunity.

      1. What a blanking hypocrite Starmer is for attacking Johnson and the Tories over Patterson. Johnson deserves it, of course, but Keef Stalin is the proverbial dweller in the glass house throwing stones.

        Pity all of us at the next General Election. As someone aptly stated when Clinton was standing against Trump a few years back across the pond. “It really depends on how much piss (the electorate) want on their chips”. Indeed

  3. The Labour party are basically an extension of the Surrey chums club operated from Croyden,Warlingham and Oxted.All typical high flying commuter Surrey green belt.bolt holes for the Big league players.I have no doubt that a proper investigation by the police would uncover criminal activity.I very much doubt it will happen with the knight and his old boys network..Our day will come in the High court.I hope miz webbe gets a result,but rarly does justice prevail as she knows being a lawyer herself.

    1. spot on joseph. Lundiel’s link (above) makes it sound like Alison Butler (Evans’ wife) and her companies are practically running Croydon single-handedly.

      Nepotism and corruption, Evans the Spiv is up to his neck in them.

      1. Alison Butler is not Evans wife. She is his former partner. His wife is Aline Delawa. This from Wikispooks.

        In 2002, The Times reported that General Secretary David Triesman ordered an inquiry into Aline Delawa’s undeclared conflict of interest in handling internal party selections while she was the Company Secretary of David Evans’ company, which was campaigning for candidates in those internal party selections.[2]

        Aline Delawa, David Evans’ wife and Head of Labour’s Constitutional and Legal Affairs Unit, oversaw the rules governing the selection of Labour candidates while she was Secretary of The Campaign Company, set up by David Evans.[3]

        A year after David Evans’ role as Assistant General Secretary ended, the new General Secretary David Triesman announced that there would be an inquiry into the conflict of interest.

        According to The Times, Triesman said he was “surprised” at the disclosure and ordered an inquiry into the affair and he also admitted that if Delawa worked in a government department instead of the Labour Party, it would not be allowed as it might be seen to be a conflict of interest.

        Triesman said he would never have put Aline Delawa in a position where she might have been compromised, such as handling a dispute over ballot papers or a very close result.

        The Campaign Company’s website boasts that it can help “elected representatives, candidates, organisations and issue-based groups who now need a more professional approach to successfully campaign to get their message across”. When asked why his wife had been made Company Secretary when he founded the company, David Evans said:

        “I can’t remember.”[4]

      2. IN the ninteys I saw croydon as a lifline for those of us in the blue heartlands of Surrey fighting to make Labour acceptable as a alternative to the lib dems in Surrey when the Torys were buried in sleaze.Croyden has become increasingly enemy territory for anyone with a left wing bias.We never heard of these imposters Evans and the knight,although we should have been aware that the right wing Labour party were becoming increasingly active in establishment politics.There were few of us councillors in the Labour party in Surrey and even less mps although we had a breakthrough in SCroyden we were still fighting a loosing battle in Surrey.IN the least likely place in Britain Surrey,Croyden up pops two twisted leaders of the Labour party The knight and the General Secretary Evans and it doesn’t take a detective to realise that the Labour party are in the hands of a extreme right wing outside body.and no doubt that a lot of members money has been Siphoned away.Hopfuly my bottom feeders will get to the bottom of whos pulling the strings and were our data has gone.

      3. They, the new Labour right, arrived with the property developers, when the city took off in South East London. I think London is lost to them now, there’s just so much peripheral money to be made from a ‘career’ in politics.

    1. He couldn’t even call for Hancock’s resignation but spent no time calling for Nichola Sturgeon’s and now Claudia’s.

      The party’s disgraceful behaviour towards Apsana Begum. She got no support from the leadership. Reports of a party official attending the court hearings. In what seems in the hope she would be found guilty. Being ready to announce a by-election.

      I have a strange feeling if it was someone from the right he wouldn’t have been so hasty.

      1. It seems that Starmer has a particular problem with women, particularly women of colour, and, of course, anyone to the left of his particular brand of beige Tory lite-ism.

        He must have been rubbing his hands with glee at the summary explusion of Claudia Webbe, a left-wing black female MP.

        But he will soon have many questions of his own to answer over the recent data-breach. At the end of this, he will certainly have no claim on the moral high ground.

        If anyone deserves summary explusion, it is he.

    2. Starmer will be likely to keep his shirt once the dataleak cases come winging his way. He could be personally liable for a rather hefty fine….

      What goes around, comes around.

    3. I have got to the stage where I cannot BEAR to watch
      Starmer on TV now!

      When is Claudias appeal due? I will start saying my
      prayers for her..

      1. Amazingly Holby, even googling ‘claudia webbe mp appeal hearing’ doesn’t produce any results. Those darned google (my way or no way) algorithms…. Censorial?

    4. I don’t like posting off topic but I think the point made by Michael Kennedy is very important. Assuming that Claudia Webbe loses her appeal and is guilty of the one charge of harassment that was upheld against her, is the loss of her livlihood a proportionate response? I don’t think it is .
      Her punishment was a short suspended sentence and community service. When she has done her community service and the suspended sentence has expired thats the slate wiped clean.
      You have to wonder why the party is so hard on her compared to its treatment of others – e.g. Margaret Hodge had to pay £30,000 in compensation to a young man for defaming him.He had been sexually abused while in the care of the Council of which Margaret Hodge was leader . She claimed at the time she was naive about sexual abuse but when the issue was raised again many years later she attempted to undermine the victim by falsely alleging he had mental health problems. Keith Vaz’s behaviour is notorious – male prostitutes and drug use, As for Tony Blair he misled parliament and led us into an illegal war which destabilised the middle east and led to over a million deaths. However all remain highly esteemed members of the party ( by Right Wingers anyway) and Margaret is still an MP.
      The answer of course is that Claudia Webb is a socialist and non Zionist. while the others are not. Starmer and Co couldn’t get her on the usual “antisemitism” charges her so this incident is a golden opportunity for them get her out. I have no doubt that even if her guilty verdict is quashed on appeal they will continue to withhold the whip. Shameful.

      1. It’s normal in cases of nuisance behaviour to bind people over. In which case the defendant doesn’t have a criminal record. That Ms Webbe didn’t get bound over says a lot about the fairness of the trial.

      2. I am very sorry to say Jack T that I have come to that conclusion as well.

  4. Can’t wait to read about this in MSM, especially the BBC; Channel 4 & the Guardian

  5. No luck with Court search – but she WAS due to be in Court in March then at
    the last minute her barrister was taken ill and it was put off for 6 months.

  6. From my reseach the whole Debonairys are a bunch of cranks and weirdos with a leaning towards the theatrical.Not difficult to see why shes popular i with the only people that matter the PLP and HQ knightly..

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