Labour MP Dawn Butler subjected to ‘racial profiling’ in stop by Met ‘for driving outside her home area’

MP films exchange with police. Officer complains she ‘can’t see what’s in the back of your car’

Labour MP Dawn Butler has been stopped by the Met Police for what she believes was ‘driving around and enjoying a Sunday afternoon whilst black’. The police claimed she was stopped because she was driving her car outside her home area. The MP filmed the ‘cancerous’ incident:

Ms Butler said she was certain that she was stopped because of racial profiling, with one officer in particular behaving in an inflammatory manner. The Met has yet to comment.

Aren’t cars meant to be able to drive you outside your home area?

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      1. You would be happier if she was in an old Robin Reliant and wore Tesco’s gear? She would still get stopped though wouldn’t she. Have you ever been stopped for being outside your postcode?

      2. “You would be happier if she was in an old Robin Reliant and wore Tesco’s gear?” Yes I would, at least she would have some authenticity rather than the popular cultural black identity of consumerism and bling worship. And instead of challenging the police with her iPhone, she should have reminded them of their class betrayal.

      3. Every time somebody calls the Reliant Robin the Robin Reliant it irritates me just a little bit.
        It seems more people make that mistake than don’t make it. Happens almost every time.
        Reliant was the manufacturer – Robin was the model.
        You wouldn’t say Corsa Vauxhall or Focus Ford or Yaris Toyota.
        I can’t think of any other vehicle where that happens.
        Not that I’m a nitpicking nerd or anything – just don’t do it again, m’kay? 🤨

    1. Sorry you feel such resentment. When you ‘say ,’ “All lives,” does this not include Dawn Butler? Perhaps think before you post?

      1. Of course I understand the idea that all lives matter, which they absolutely must!
        Is Dawn Butler, in your opinion, not situated within the group, ‘All lives?’

      2. The politics of identity and division hugely assist the elite, from colour revolutions to localised events, they can divert political struggle away from wealth distribution and the abandonment of the social contract to factions, cults, fashions nd issues that turn people against each other while they quietly enslave every country with resources they want while allowing us to vote for their interests in sham multi party democrasies.
        The working class intuitively get it, they don’t vote much now, unfortunately, the middle class have been almost totally enslaved and will defend neoliberalism to the end

      3. All that you mention I have considered- the points you think to make are obvious- but still you have evaded the real point as to who qualifies under your perception of ‘All lives matter?’ As others have made clear to you the ‘All lives matter’ umbrella has been widely misused by some entirely disingenuous groups.

      4. With regards to your contempt for the neoliberal system, with that I wholeheartedly agree. I’m inclined also to consider that the UK has lost its slender grasp upon pseudo-democracy.

    2. All lives matter….. except black mp who has suffered abhorrent racism and threats to her life etc, who has been profiled and stopped in a “flash car”…,
      In a further comment below you say:
      “Some authenticity rather than the popular cultural black identity of consumerism and bling worship. ”

      Ffs get a grip

  1. “All lives matter” is how the redneck South in the US hides its racism.
    When black people say “Black lives matter” they mean that their lives matter TOO.
    If you knew that and wrote it anyway you need to fuck off and die, lundiel.

    1. Sorry – not “hides” its racism.
      It’s how it expresses its racism and its solidarity with other racists and thinks it can’t be touched for it.

    2. Hahaha. “Woke” wanker who’s totally bought into Soros funded managed democracy and is so thick he doesn’t even know it.

      1. I’m no fan of Soros but not for the same reason redneck pussies hate him.
        I despise capitalism and capitalists indiscriminately – you fuckers only hate them if they’re Jewish or black.
        For rich retards like Trunt you rednecks suck and swallow like streetwalkers.

      2. Err, I’m British not American, get your head out of the Guardian’s arse and think for yourself. By your use of language, you’re not left wing you’re a Liberal in the mold of Layla Moran.

      3. I didn’t think for a second you were a yank.
        Redneck racist clansmen use ‘all lives matter’ to disparage the black lives matter movement though, because they’re racist fuckwits like you.
        I was just being polite, trying to avoid calling you a fucktard racist cunt.

      4. Really? Have you completely bought into the pretend differences between western political parties? Do you not comprehend they are not remotely democratic in organisation and serve the establishment and security services? Have you never questioned the elite .luv that is Westminster and wondered why MPs don’t reside in their constituencies and only meet at Westminster to vote for leaders and before elections? Have you even considered other ways of doing things, for instance the Venezuelan experiment of a constituent’s assembly to choose representatives from all walks of life?
        I reckon that when it comes down to it, you are the real racist.

      5. I’m bored and you’re not worth any more of my time. See ya.

  2. Has Constable Savage from Not the Nine O Clock News been promoted to Chief Constable of the Met? Nothing would surprise me.

    1. Ha ha, yeah, “Driving While Black” corresponds to “Walking on the cracks in the pavement”!

  3. Quite easy to have had it all over in seconds with the camera on. It goes like this:

    “Am I being detained?”


    “Right, see ya.”

    …And off you go. There isn’t a dcky bird plod can do about it. You’ve got it on camera.

    1. Buying a GoPro, I am… 🤣
      I’ve had mostly tolerable, sometimes laughable interactions with plod – even when I was young and mostly drunk.
      People tell me I’m less tolerant now though.

  4. I heard that on the radio last night.

    ‘Loitering with intent to use a zebra crossing’.

  5. Shocking to see the hard end of the establishment(police)cracking down already in the government plan to control every part of society.Thought..Word…and deed.Despite having members of my own family disposed of in the (old folks homes I thought the Conservative and unionist party might take a while before implementing a police state and using the emergency powers they have given themselves.Makes me realise how nieve I have been to think they wouldn’t use every chance they have ,including the virus to implement Total Control of the working-class and its leaders..Don’t forget that these type of concocted laws have been used for hundreds of years in the little island across the water to suppress the Working-class .population.ITs not black,white that matter its us the Working-class .

    1. @Jacob

      The link Toffee provides on the masterclass of dealing with bacon breath is well worth digging around

      There is a video in their list, of MKultra in action. Brainwashing via TV. Messages like obey and consume. Messages like obey the government.

      And this is from footage that is 60 years old.

      Clearly Carpenter knew what he was writing about with They Live

  6. I asked around my office & every black colloeague hated the police because of the harassment they had experienced. Then all the whitepeople also said they hated the police for the harassment they had received. It doen’t make any of it any better. I met a black female police officer in my evening class. She said the same as she had been stopped when off-duty, which was why she was getting out. This isn’t a one-off.

    1. Mark Francis… First let me congratulate you on using a real name and not hiding,.I think your comments reflect what we all feel that whatever colour ,race or religion we are all targets for the establishment …regards comrade..!

  7. Note how plod bricks it and apologises when he realises Dawn Butler isn’t just a cleaner at Westminster
    Sadly your average black person who is profiled and stopped for no good reason doesn’t get the grovelling apologies
    Often instead gets hauled out of the car, oops a broken wrist or internal bleeding, and a criminal record for attacking said plod….

  8. Dawn Butler stopped by Police for just driving around on a Sunday afternoon whilst being Black? May I suggest she puts her car away & uses public transport…..less pollution.

    1. Yes steve,but she can’t put being black away but I understand your sentiments and usually I agree with your comments which are refreshing.

      1. South Africa used to have lots of laws about when, where and how blacks could travel. Maybe a black person should need special permission to buy a car over a certain value or require a Pass to travel out of their postcode?

      2. Thank you Joseph, but ‘being black’ appears to be her agenda ‘see me, see my colour’. I was amazed at how polite the Metropolitan Police Officers were. During my 71 years I have lost count of the number of times I have been stopped for no apparent reason; the police in Liverpool are not quite so well mannered.
        When I worked in night clubs I remember asking Craig Charles to leave for smoking an illegal substance; his response was “your only picking on me because I’m black”. My son’s mother is black & my son is mixed race & proud. My father’s family are Irish travellers………my son will not use race to demand privilege.

    2. It wasn’t her car and she wasn’t driving. She was in a friend’s car and they were going somewhere for lunch, rather than ‘just driving around’. Unfortunately, that isn’t at all clear from the article.

      Furthermore, since we don’t know the details of where they were actually going, which could have been somewhere that was difficult to access via public transport on a Sunday, it might be a good idea not to assume anything.

  9. PW, I don’t know whether she was driving or not but she was sitting in the driver’s seat and wearing the driver’s side seatbelt.
    We don’t see her face but we clearly see her arms gesticulating as she speaks and a seatbelt over her right shoulder.
    What makes you think she wasn’t driving?

    1. I’m going by the report in the Guardian, David, which states at the foot of the page:

      “This article was amended on 10 August 2020 to clarify a sentence that suggested Butler was driving the car.”

      As I said above, it doesn’t pay to assume anything when facts are scarce and, as Paul has commented, it could well be a left-hand drive (having not seen the footage, I wouldn’t know).

      1. LHD BMW’s also invoke police suspicions that it is stolen – especially when driven by black people! What is happening to black people in London almost seems like a deliberate provocation; I wonder what the plan is?

    2. Just seen the same footage on BBC and the image here on Skwawkbox HAS been reversed for some strange reason, so she WAS a passenger.
      Now I’m curious to know who reversed the footage and why?

      1. I even checked images of Met police uniforms online and they’re on the left breast as in the BBC version – on the clip here the logo is on his right breast.
        Hadn’t seen your reply ’til now PW, sorry.
        On the “I can’t see what’s in the back” – they can’t see what’s in the back of my van or anyone else’s, so a blatantly specious attempted justification by the unseen female officer.

      2. Just goes to confirm what a wise old boy I worked with shortly after leaving school once said to me:

        “Never believe anything you hear — and only half of what you see!” 🙂

  10. “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist….”

    But I DID clap for the NHS every Thursday at 8, DID NOT vote Labour because they are “f**king antisemites” and did wear a face covering because they asked me to.

    The future is happening all around us and just like Martin Niemöller accused German intellectuals of cowardice, Dawn Butler is trying to warn us.

    Identity and Division — the right know exactly what they’re doing.

  11. Being from the northern part of Ireland and having being searched-and my vehicle hundreds of times-I can fully understand how degrading it is to be felt like you are not part of the status quo-therefore you are a suspicious character.Its degrading,immoral and makes you feel like you are “wrong”.

  12. I am retired & live just outside Liverpool. Most weekends I play in a ‘Rock n’ Roll band, coming home in the early hours. Adorned with long hair & beard I expect to be stopped because I live outside of the area, but the usual mode of address is most aggressive & insulting. May I suggest that the problem is not just race.

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