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After 2 years of inaction by Labour, 7 out of 10 Muslims don’t trust Starmer to tackle Islamophobia

Starmer and Evans promised to implement Labour Muslim Network report’ss recommendations in full and immediately. After two years of Starmer’s ‘leadership’, anti-Muslim racism is rampant and unpunished among the Labour right

LMN’s 2020report revealed that Islamophobia is rife among Labour right-wingers

The Labour Muslim Network (LMN) seminal report on Islamophobia in the party cast a shocking light on the extent of anti-Muslim bigotry on the Labour right. Keir Starmer and David Evans, having made such noise about antisemitism, had little choice but to promise to implement all the report’s recommendations immediately and in full.

Not in the least unexpectedly the promise was just so much hot air – Starmer even used a writer with an anti-Muslim history for his next conference speech – and the party welcomed back the author of notorious Islamophobic comments.

The following almost eighteen months of abject inaction by the ‘leadership’ and impunity for racists is reflected in LMN’s latest report.

The results are horrifying but not at all surprising, with 7 out of 10 Muslims saying they do not trust Starmer to tackle anti-Muslim racism and a slightly higher proportion that they do not feel represented by his front bench:

Six out of ten say the party has handled the whole issue badly or very badly, while the number who rate Starmer personally bad to very bad on the issue is higher still:

The results will surprise no one who has been paying attention, with purges of Muslim councillors and candidates by the party now commonplace and the silence of Starmer personally over abuse and persecution of Muslim women MPs deafening.

In the opinion of this site, the only reason those awful numbers are not worse still is the on-going readiness of the so-called centrist media to ignore the Labour right’s rampant racism and even to actively cover for it.

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  1. The GENERAL public knows – SIR Keith starmer cannot be trusted. Starmer is OK with Islamophobia. If he was bothered he would have to condemn himself and his gang.

    1. I’m reminded of Bishop Berkeley’s question “if a tree fell in the forest and no one was present to hear it, would there be a sound?” and apply the point to the synchronised-MSM. If they stop writing aboutt Islamophobia/ antisemitism in Labour, does it stop existing?

      They’d say yes. You and me might know otherwise.

    2. Which one?

      Whenever I hear his name it’s never accompanied by anything complimentary.

      1. Yeah. He did, actually.

        More than doubled the membership numbers to become the largest political party in Europe.

        Successfully defeated the government on no less than 41 occasions.

        Left the leadership in a far better financial position than it both previously was, and currently is.

        Came within 3000 votes of becoming PM, only losing out because may bribed the DUP.

        …And what’s keef done?

        Just about held on to Batley & Spen.

        Lost the deposit in Chesham.

        Came third when previously a clear second in N. Salop.

        Spunked over £13m – most likely on totally unnecessary legal bills.

        Seen membership numbers plummet.

        Can’t even get a lead on opinion polls over THE most corrupt government in history.

        Happy to help.

      2. Toffee – I thought we were discussing the alleged Islamophobia in the Labour party. What did JC do about tackling this. Islamophobia, is one of the few things that you neglected to mention.

      3. Oh! Silly me!!

        I forgot to mention keef turned Hartlepool blue for the first time since its creation.

        Wonder how many Muslims/bame bothered to vote labour in Erdington?

        Mind you, I also wonder how many white people bothered to vote keef there…😙🎶

      4. And – most damning of all – Starmer reversed Corbyn and Conference’s support for Kashmir within 4 days of becoming leader. His friend/boss, Klaus Schwab, ‘requested’ it to show support to the hard-right Indian Modi Government.

      5. Well, Muslim Council of Britain never called for Corbyn to address an Islamophobia “problem” in Labour – because until Sir Keir and the WEF took over, there wasn’t perceived to be one.

      6. qwertboi – This report is a follow up to one that they produced in 2020 which was produced in response to the increases in Islamophobia that were reported in 2019.

      7. qwertboi15/03/2022 AT 9:11 PM
        Well, Muslim Council of Britain never called for Corbyn to address an Islamophobia “problem” in Labour – because until Sir Keir and the WEF took over, there wasn’t perceived to be one.

        Strangely enough, until Corbyn became leader, I don’t recall too many murmurs about his alleged antisemitism, do you?

      8. Toffee – “Well, Muslim Council of Britain never called for Corbyn to address an Islamophobia “problem” in Labour”

        I wasn’t aware that they had asked Keir Starmer to address an Islamophobia problem in Labour, have they?
        I wonder what issues there were in the party that prompted the Labour Muslim Network to form in 2016/17.

  2. I think our Muslim brothers and sisters have got the message loud and clear- in Starmers Labour they don’t count and anybody who abuses insults or discriminates against them will not even get a slap on the wrist. Same applies to our BAME brothers and sisters. There is only one way they can make their feelings about this treatment known – withhold their votes from racist candidates or those who support racist candidates at election time. Maybe then the Racists and their supporters will get the message loud and clear too

  3. “After 2 years of inaction by Labour, 7 out of 10 Muslims don’t trust Starmer to tackle Islamophobia”

    Moreover, many Muslim party members that I know (particularly those of Kashmiri and Pakistani descent in West Yorkshire), have not only left the party because of Sir Keir and his “show-me-your-papers” authoritarianism, they have become active distrusters of it.

    Many are eagerly anticipating a new democratic socialist movement to replace the corrupt, duplicitous entity that the Labour Party has become under Keir Rodney Starmer and his WEF-supporting clique.

    1. qwertboi – Why not quote the full figures as well the percentages. The figures are small enough for most people to easily get their heads around them.

      Out of the 345 respondents that LMN selected 235 of them said that to some degree that they don’t trust Starmer to tackle Islamophobia.

  4. Toffee – I thought we were discussing the alleged Islamophobia in the Labour party. What did JC do about tackling this. Islamophobia, is one of the few things that you neglected to mention.

    Oh did ya? Oh hard cheese, wee fella.

    Islamophobia eh? Hmmm… And there was me believing that George Galloway appealed far more to the Muslim vote in Batley than keef 😙🎶

      1. *yawns*.

        It’s remarkable you can even see the keyboard, given you’re head’s so far up your arse. .

  5. By the way wee man…

    Any chance you can point us all to an opinion piece that said Corbyn’s labour was distrusted by 70%(or more) of Muslims?

    Even one with 50% will suffice. But DO hurry up abar it, won’t ya?

  6. There is nowhere on earth where Muslims are treated worse, discriminated against entirely on the basis of religion, deprived of rights and and liable to arbitrary deprivation of property, imprisonment without charge or trial, expulsion from their native soil and massacre than in Palestine.

    Starmer’s unconditional support of these policies directed against muslims, and his support of Modi over Kashmir and in the BJP’s persecution of India’s muslims, makes me wonder what the minority of muslims who support this man need top convince them that he is an islamophobe and a bigot.

    It is not surprising that Steve H cannot see the difference between Corbyn and Starmer on this issue. The obvious truth is that the only evidence that Jeremy is anti-semitic is that he refuses to be islamophobic and agree to the proposition, shared by Starmer, that Palestinians are an inferior race without basic human rights.

  7. “Toffee – I thought we were discussing the alleged Islamophobia in the Labour party.”
    SH criticising someone for bringing a sidetrack into a discussion.
    I’m off to bed. I hope my laughter doesn’t keep me awake.

  8. Imagine Dear Reader if you were not White but Black or in this case Brown?
    100,000 UK decent citizens are willing to take Ukrainian refugees into their homes but imagine if Russia had gone into a country which was Black or Brown; I wonder what the public response would have been?
    Whilst we do need to urgently ease entry to the UK for Ukrainian refugees and for Peace Talks to succeed, from this tragedy we perhaps witness before our eyes Western hypocrisy and some suggest racism?
    Look at how Iraqi, Syrian and Kurdish etc refugees were and are treated.
    And look at Saudi bombing Yemen and killing 200,000 men women and children (and the Tory UK Govt is arming them) plus where are the sanctions on the military coup dictators in Sudan who are currently slaughtering their citizens?
    For anyone who is prepared to think we are actually all getting a tragic global political education and look at how the West (because of their Imperial interests) turns a blind eye to Israeli daily atrocities against the Palestinians.
    And the Left can hold its head up high, we are consistently on the side of the oppressed and want democratic power for diverse working people in every country and need parties that support that.
    Yours in International Solidarity.
    Diverse Working People of The World Unite!

    1. Bazza – many many people offered refuge for refugees from the Middle
      East and elsewhere – including local authorities. I know of one person who
      has housed two young men of ME origin. However Central Govt has ignored
      these offers of help. Charities (both faith based are secular) are the only
      people who have organised practical help -presumably they are the only
      organisations with facilities.

      The most recent help featured an incident on the South coast – reported
      by JVL. A raft of refugees was held up off the coast by Border Control
      – for three hours – obviously freezing cold and wretched. A group of local
      people who had been helping the people who braved the Channel kept
      watch in order to decide what to do. One of these people ran round
      all the chippies (some of which were closed) and by the time the refugees
      embarked they had collected enough portions of chips to distribute a portion
      to each of the refugees as they came through the port.

      Regarding Afghanistan – many many local people have helped with
      cash and collections for them while they were stuck in hotels with
      nary of help from the Govt .. A further example – the Youth Hostels
      Association has provided holidays for refugees in the beauty and
      peace of the English Countryside.

  9. Keef’s certainly given credence to the toerags’ claim that they can’t be Islamophobic because they have javid.

    All’s the rags have to do now is point to this result.

    Well played, the greasy, box-headed one.

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