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Labour right ‘memo’ excludes BLM from Liverpool’s ‘anti-racism festival’

Merseyside BLM’s Chantelle Lunt – a co-founder of the ‘Kill the Bill’ movement against the Tories’ legislation to prevent protest – barred from participating in city’s event next month, without even an excuse or explaation from the Liverpool Labour establishment

Chantelle Lunt (left with megaphone)

A Labour establishment ‘memo’ is barring left-wing black activist Chantelle Lunt from participating in the ‘Liverpool against Racism’ festival next month, according to sources in the city.

The right-wing move was first flagged and condemned in a tweet by the well-known Merseyside Pensioners’ Association, which also pointed out that the city’s mayor Joanne Anderson is allowing right-wing fundamentalist ‘hate preacher’ Franklin Graham to use council property a month later:

Lunt, a former police officer who quit the force in protest at the racism and misogyny she experienced, co-founded the ‘Kill the Bill’ movement against the Tories’ repressive legislation to criminalise protest, as well as chairing the Merseyside Black Lives Matter Alliance – yet Liverpool’s Labour establishment is barring her from participating and Lunt herself told Skwawkbox that from the awkward reactions of various figures when she turned up at meetings where other organisers were kn attendance made it clear that a ‘memo has gone round telling them these people re not to be involved’, adding:

They’ve not given any excuse for it and [in a thread about the issue] they’ve tried to claim that only white people are speaking up, but actually there’s a lot of black people speaking up on that thread and they’re ignoring black people. An issue that’s often raised in this area is that black people are often ignored and that’s not on, we have as much right and as much voice in the fight against racism as anyone.

As for me personally, I’ve more than proven that I’ve been fighting racism for a long time as a police officer and as an activist. So no, there’s been no reason given and I doubt there will be.

Mayor Joanne Anderson, who became mayor only after Starmer’s party intervened to remove a popular left-wing black woman from the party’s selection process, has appeared to be cooperating with party leader Keir Starmer and his allies. This has been particularly visible on the issue of cuts imposed on the city by Tory commissioners and the shameful treatment of councillors who have refused to vote for those cuts, whose appointment to interfere in Liverpool’s affairs was welcomed by the Brylcreemed one – despite Starmer’s decision to write repeatedly for the Murdoch S*n, which is almost completely boycotted on Merseyside for its abuse and smears of Hillsborough victims, survivors and families.

Skwawkbox view:

The Labour right’s particular targeting of left-wing women of colour is entrenched, unchecked and well known – and it is manifesting grotesquely in Liverpool.

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  1. What else can you expect from keefs’ mate from his DPP days (Fat Jo Anderson mkii)?

    Remember that next time smarmer or fat Jo complain about toerag cronyism…

    1. Craig Murray –

      Craig gives a beautifully descriptive report of Julian & Stella’s exceptional wedding
      +++ The attention he pays to Vivienne Westwood’s impressive dress & kilt designs brings smiles. As a child i heard my mom, aunts and other adults chatting about dresses etc v much like that. “Cut on the bias” is one phrase which sticks in mind to this day❕❕❕
      ANYWAY, read, be uplifted and rejoice with Julian, Stella, their family, friends incl Vivianne Westwood and of course Craig Murray.

      Theirs are truly LIVING stories of resilience, integrity, solidarity, comradeship and SUSTAINED substantial sound ACTIONS despite many “attacks” with words and considerable cruel physical attacks, eg imprisonment, by The Establishment employing tools like their ever devoted SIR Keith.
      ⬜️💐🍰⬜️💐🍰⬜️💐 🍰

  2. Could it just be a MOMENTARY lapse of reason!?
    I wonder, will there be a MOMENT of regret!?

    1. Neo-Labour Party TORIES are most certainly The Party for White Skins, Blue Eyes, Blond Hair and “Don’t look like a typical Jew!”
      If you’re not White, and Apartheid Supporting, Fuck Off!

      1. I make no apologies for the colour of my white skin. My entire family are’mixed race’ & different skin, eyes & hair colours. We are mongrels & belong outside of your racist groupings. When my son was born ‘the Black Sisterhood’ (a group of black social workers) tried to remove him from his home because his mother was black skinned & although she had abandoned him, he wouldn’t be brought up in his own ‘black’ culture by a white father. I had to obtain a court order to prevent this happening. See me, see my skin colour? I am more than happy to FUCK OFF away from this bourgeois neo-liberal Guardian reading woke culture.

      2. BRAVO!!! Too Fucking Right! A world where a father has to fight in a court to keep his own flesh and blood, disgraceful! Skin Colour should belong on our NHS record for medical reasons, and Police Identification Records, for the rest we are all Human, the same Flesh and Blood!

  3. I only hope when the mayoral elections come around again. Jo Anderson is swiftly removed to be replaced by an Independent Mayor who’ll work for everyone in the city and not just a select few cronies

  4. Once again Steve Walker points out the self-harm that the neoliberal Starmer clique is reducing Labour to. Today’s example is particularly nasty.

    This will never be publicised by the synchronised-MSM.

    Democratic socialists and people of good will have to ensure that the very people who will naturally want to vote Labour learn of this and consider re-aligning their votes to candidates who are genuinely pursuers of Peace and Justice Time for Truth to put its boots on?

    1. I’m still sticking with Destroy Neo-Labour Party TORIES at every possible opportunity, and Vote Neoliberals OUT, no matter if it is Neo-Labour Party TORIES or Conservative Party TORIES, just get them out of The HoC, and Vote Democratic Socialists IN, if there are no Democratic Socialists in your Constituency Spoil your vote or vote Green (as much as I hate to say that!!!!), BUT to be fair, if The Green Party is good enough for Jo Bird, it is good enough for me, in a desperate situation!

    2. Tim white and would it be entirely unreasonable to suggest that the Can of worms uncovered on Hunter Bidens abandoned lap top in a repair shop in the USA last year regarding Bio weapons labs and the investment of US companies whos directors include the pelosi and Bidens be just a coincidence and nothing to worry about regarding just what the Western world have been developing in the Ukraine.
      I read comments about nothing to see here and move along there by people like you all the time.whilst behind the scenes the plotters continue and appeasers do what you do “cover up” Well done Golbach thank God some are awake.

  5. On a seperate but not unrelated subject, I’ve received an email from Zara Sultana via TWT asking for help. From chat on twitter I’m one of many. The email says nothing untoward at first, then she goes on to talk of her marginal seat (401) and needing support for her to retain it.

    I’ve also heard a whisper that plans were already underway to deslect another member in the Midlands, more connivance with the regional office (not sure if it’s east or west) to deny members their democratic rights. I asked the question but was reassured it wasn’t Sultana.

    The stench of Akehurst is all over this.

    1. When and how are deselections usually announced? How are they affected? Who initiates them (leadership/region/clp)? Would a leader/clp normally initiate a deselection so far from an election? Who – other than suspended and ejected Members – has already been effectively deselected under Starmer? Is the current regime known to have openly threatened deselection of anyone?

      Is an appeal of the type made by Zara to the twitter group common/usual, or is she sneaking out a hint of a threat to her?

      Keir Starmer is making the Labour party dysfunctional. Boris and Klaus must be very happy with him.

      1. qwertboi @ 4.38 “Would a leader/clp normally initiate a deselection so far from an election? Who – other than suspended and ejected Members – has already been effectively deselected under Starmer”?

        Reselection meetings are already taking place. The rules are – there are no rules, especially if you are on the left and want the rule book enforced. And don’t expect the regional offices to help you out and enforce the rule book (joke book). It’s a one way ticket. Any confernece decisions do not matter. Those decisions are only paramount when confernece is in session (Starmer has said this), so can be ignored. After that, it’s Starmer and Evans rules all the way.

        It’s been this way since at least 2017 that I know of. Except under Starmer and Evans, the veneer of deomcrcacy has now been ditched. It’s do as we say.

        Starmers democracy.

      2. @Nemtona 7.28pm. Ah yes, I received an email from my MP asking me to support his reselection quite recently. Of course, I didn’t – I’m no longer a party member. If the last CLP meeting I went to (handover to new exec) is anything to go by, then the LabourRight have got furtive, sly, sneaky, underhand people doing their bidding up and down the country. Even if Starmer were not as off-puting as I find him, the sudden predominance and behavour and manner of these people would have caused my departure anyway – and Leeds NW had been a very welcoming and dynamic plc up until then (even before JC)- now it’s a bunch of mask-wearing lockdown centrists who keep a watch-out for unvaccinated gypsies to protect themselves against. “Show me your papers” and buy the T shirt. Zeig Heil!

      3. One to please The Toffee – Eagle lost her vote and is having to go through the selection process in Wallasey

      4. pleases me too+++ GREATLY‼️‼️‼️ Thanks for sharing this refreshing news, Stark💐💐💐

    2. Nemtona, much harder battle as a few have left us of “The Many” to battle against the parasites. Nothing is impossible though, especially when those on your side are committed and realise that parasites have their right and choice to be parasites. We, like Zara, realise we have to fight to regain our party.
      Zara Sultana triumphed in the middle of the carnage caused by taking the Heartlands for granted … and insulting them further by calling them racist and uneducated etc
      I expect she will triumph again. She is AHEAD of the battle hence her communications. WISER than more mature than waiting for events to happen to her and us, in some naïve helpless haze. Zara deserves TOTAL focused sustained support. A successful “Left” future only needs three hundred Zaras amongst 600,000 of us.

    3. You might have had a point if Keir Starmer hadn’t changed the rules at the last conference to make it significantly more difficult to ‘trigger’ a sitting MP.

      After Labour conference changed the rules on trigger ballots, local parties can force a full selection process in a Labour-held seat only if a majority of local party and affiliate branches vote to ‘trigger’ such a contest.

      The 2021 rule change, which raised the trigger ballot threshold from a third of either local party or affiliate branches to more than 50% of branches in an electoral college, states the following:

      “If more than 50% of an electoral college consisting of party branches voting with a weight of 50% and affiliated branches voting with a weight of 50% indicate that they wish a selection to take place, a selection shall proceed. The MP shall automatically be included in the shortlist of candidates from whom the selection shall be made. Where 50% or less of an electoral college consisting of party branches voting with a weight of 50% and affiliated branches voting with a weight of 50% indicate that they do not wish a selection to take place, the MP will, 71 subject to NEC endorsement, be selected as that CLP’s prospective parliamentary candidate.”

      Keir Starmer’s actions have made Zara’s position more secure

  6. There can be no excuse or no good reason for excluding Black Lives Matter from the Liverpool’s anti- racism event. It is right wing racism pure and simple and is not unexpected given the way Diane Abbott Claudia Webbe and others have been treated.
    I hope BLM returns the favour to Starmers Labour and “excludes” them at the ballot box.

    1. There’s a lot of right wing activity going about. Some of it in the most unusual of political locations.

      Here was Manchester earlier in the week:

      “There is a straight line from mainstream politicians recoiling from being asked to define “women” and the inability of women to meet without this happening.”

      A bunch of misogynistic men’s rights extremist’s keeping the spirit of Thatcherite and Randian no such thing as society atomised individualism alive via the Trojan horse of self ID pretending to be ‘left wing’ and ‘progressive,’

  7. Ukraine questions.
    On 5th March Denis Kireev, one of the Ukrainian team negotiating an end to the war with Russia, was found dead in a street in the centre of Kiev. He had been shot in the back of the head.
    There has been speculation as to who was responsible and why.
    Was it the Ukrainian secret police? Did they think he was a spy?
    Was it a far right group? Did they want to send a message that negotiation was unacceptable? Was it a signal to Zelensky that he would be next if he agreed to a peace deal?

  8. Mmmm – but it would it not also be entirely reasonable to speculate, in the midst of a situation where Russians are shooting Ukrainians that it might have been an act committed, intentionally or as a consequence of a military operation deemed special?

    1. Can’t be ruled out entirely, but to get a hit squad into the centre of Kiev well before units had come close to the city, and to get them out again, without being intercepted by Ukrainian forces would have been a truly spectacular operation; and there would appear to be no possible advantage for Russia in taking such a massive risk. If I had to bet, I’d go for the far right theory.

    2. That’s one hell of a straw being clutched here by Mr White.

      You can almost smell the desperation to breath life into the corpse of a collapsed narrative. As goldbach points out, the practicalities of this fanciful suggestion are so far fetched its off the scale.

      1. Somebody is summarily despatched in the midst of a war zone. I am not there but neither am I going to passively buy into a narrative that suits a particular world view. There is no ‘desperate clutching’ because I don’t have a foothold to maintain and having not erected a narrative it cannot have collapsed. If your position is unequivocal rejection of anything emanating from the West (The Mirror had it that the guy was a Russian mole for example) by all means do so but please do not be so surprised if someone raises the prospect that a counter narrative might also deserve more scrutiny. There are far right elements in Ukraine as there are in Russia and the legitimating of the latter as the scourge of the former is risible.

      2. Opting for a narrative which interprets this murder as the work of actors working for or associated with the Russian Federation IS buying into a narrative which supports a particular world view Mr White.

        Simply because of the practical real world difficulties of this narrative which have been pointed out by goldbach. It has therefore nothing to do with anyone buying into a narrative supporting any world view other than that of practicality.

        The general level of projection and simplistic comfort blanket analysis taking place on this and other issues is simply staggering. When issues are so over simplified to the point of there is no accurate understanding or comprehension (whether deliberate or otherwise?*) of what the actual problem situation is there can be no prospect of a workable and practical solution.

        * The long deceased Upton Sinclair is known for the quote: “It is difficult to get someone to understand something when their salary depends on them not understanding it.”

        He would doubtless be amazed today at the observable general phenomena of money no longer being necessary for this process.

  9. What isnt fanciful is the fact that since last year and the war in Ukraine the USA and its arms of state the military and CIA have been trying to “cover up” the discovery of bio weapon labs in Ukraine.
    Hunter Biden and family including the pelosi family and many others of the Western elite have been developing bio weapons in the Ukraine including flu like viruses.Now at the beginning of the virus scam apart from big pharma becoming involved in politics and a decision to indemnify Big pharma from prosecution for any reason connected to their vaccines they also pointed the finger at Wuhan China and even talked of the Wuhan flu or Chinese flu…..Now would it be possible that we should have been looking West rather than East and wonder just how and why the USA thought to hide bio labs and ownership of the labs by the Western new world order under the free for all Nazi Ukraine regime.The peace talks with the Ukraine actors needs now to get to the bottom of just what threats to the World and not just the Western world as been developing in the Ukraine before the invasion by Russia.The part the Western elite have played in the double whammy with the full support of the media,banking system,goverments and the sanctions imposed to Rob Russia and its citizens will need to be addressed before any talks of Russia moving out of Ukraine…

  10. The Grayzone reports that “BBC reports on the suspicious destruction of a theater in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol were co-authored by a Ukrainian PR agent tied to a firm at the forefront of her country’s information warfare efforts.”.
    I’ve tried to post the link 5 times but it doesn’t get accepted. if you want to read the article go to the Grayzone website and find an article by Max Blumental dated 25th March.

  11. Dave Hansell – it is not only biological women who
    are targeted by these “Transactivists”. It is also any trans-woman who does not agree with the views of the TAs.

    The contributor to the quoted twitters thread who was concerned about the women emerging from the “Safe Space” meeting was right to be so, A woman who was filming activities of theTAs in Hyde Park a few years ago was knocked over and her camera broken. The perpetrator was found guilty in court of attacking the woman but the sentence (Community service? fine?) because the woman who was hurt kept getting confused in court and calling the perpetrator by male “he, his” etc instead of “she, her”.

    Its is really ludicrous though when 6 foot , fit 21 year olds complain about being threatened by 5 foot something 60 year olds ..

    PS It is likely (possible?) that the Ukrainian shot in the back of the head died because he was suspected of being spy. There is evidently huge suspicion inside Ukraine – not unexpected considering the violence and destruction. As someone who lived through WW2 – the destruction of buildings in Ukraine now is far far worse than it was during 1940 onwards here.

      1. Russia has shown great planning and humanity in not adopting the usual “bomb them into the stonage” shock and awe tactics adopted by the West before regime change..The boots on the ground tactic causes high casualty amongst invasion armys.Putin has ignored the generals but for how long before his humanity is deemed a mistake.and is is forced to give way.The Western media who have identified this tactic as a weakness and they may just get what they are begging for…a bloodbath,disease and starvation whilst Zelinsky and his gang live the high life in Miami beach 🌴and the ordinary Ukkranians perish in another Dresden obliteration.Theres propogada from all sides but I despair at the lies you in the western world are subjected to that move from amateur journalism to strategic lies and deceit.that insult your intelligence….Re Bidens,polosi and Clintons involvement in bio weapon labs known last year in the Ukraine and funded by the elites..Their has been a line crossed in this war and its never going to be the same again in the western world order and they know it.Well done Squawkbox for not bowing to lies and deceit from the elitist new world order.

    1. What seems just as ludicrous is the promotion of what is in all essentials a doctrine of atomised individualism (self ID) which is a direct descendant of Thatchers ‘no such thing as society, only the individual and the family’ (not mention Ayan Rand’s rantings) as ‘left’ wing and ‘progressive.’

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