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Starmer finds time today to congratulate Johnson on new pregnancy and about Olympic medals. Still no word about Begum

Labour ‘leader’s Twitter output makes no room for MP acquitted after ‘malicious’ prosecution

More than 24 hours after Apsana Begum’s acquittal on ‘malicious’ charges, Labour ‘leader’ Keir Starmer has still not said a word, up to the time of writing, to congratulate her or even to welcome the verdict, despite Begum having to reveal details in the course of the of trial of domestic abuse that she suffered.

Starmer, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, has found time to tweet:

  • congratulations to Tory PM Boris Johnson on expecting yet another child to the woman he married after an alleged affair while his then-wife was battling cancer
  • blather about the British Olympic team’s medals
  • more blather about the British Olympic team’s medals

since the verdict was announced. The disparity in Starmer’s output has not gone unnoticed:

Begum has said that her prosecution was ‘driven by malice’. But since Labour officials were reportedly hanging around the courtroom like vultures yesterday ready to announce the selection contest among right-wingers to replace Ms Begum and looked disappointed when she was acquitted, perhaps it’s no great surprise that her party’s notional former-prosecutor leader has kept quiet.

Well, on that topic at least if not on much else.

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  1. What does it say of what they think if us❔❔❔ They take us all for being pathetic fools with no confidence of convictions.

    They have NEVER hidden their nature and plans from us. NEVER!!!

    1. There was and remains NO excuse for expecting them to do as they planned. They have been open inside the CLP and on the Media.

      PLUS in the case of SIR Starmer, his record as DPP is there for EVERYONE to see. A long litany perpetrating injustices against the innocent like Julian Assange, Post Office IT Victims, Hillsborough Victims, Stephen Lawrence … the list is endless…while AT THE SAME TIME Starmer allowed the likes of Jimmy Saville, Airmiles Andrew and DAME Shirley Porter escape COMPLETELY free of prosecution.


      1. CORRECTION – “There was and remains NO excuse for NOT expecting them to do as they planned and said.”

        They said OPENLY that they disapproved of what we stand for and plan to purge us, i.e. “the Left”♦️♦️♦️

      2. Windchimes….and dont forget the work hes done in Ulster for the security services…that haven’t gone unnoticed amongst the Republican groups since is illegal stance on the Labour party brokered Good Friday agreement….bet our tonys well pissed off with him…!

      3. Joseph indeed!!!

        And raise a glass with Craig Murray

        Craig has just this afternoon raised a glass with his equally marvellous wife, children and supporters outside the police station [Saint Leonard’s, Edinburgh]. He’s starting EIGHT MONTHS in prison for keeping us informed with TRUTHS.

        Craig, you, your family and your wonderful crowd of supporters feel tremendously INSPIRED / ENCOURAGED and UPLIFTED by your fine example.

        You LIVE real CONFIDENCE of CONVICTION. Your example is scarce amongst many who mean well but CHOOSE to be mostly silent and invisible; but for an occasional visitation.

        Your smiles and toasts this afternoon PROVE that “attacks”, EVEN imprisonment, can make SOME of us even MORE determined. I salute your truly Olympian example🥇🥇🥇

        YOU, Craig Murray are definitive dignity, solidarity, integrity, comradely courage and EXCEPTIONAL excellence+++

        We URGENTLY need thirty thousand more leaders like you from Muckle Flugga to Lizard Point Zawn! From Inishark to Great Yarmouth and beyond!

    2. Given that you said two or three months ago that you’d been following skwawkbox for several years prior to becoming a commenter on the site – as you did a couple of months or so before the 2019 GE – it is rather odd that you never felt the impulse to post any comments to that effect during those years – ie that ‘they have never hidden their nature and plans from us’ etc. And as far as I can recall, you only started saying as much a few months ago – ie five or six months ago – and have repeated it on literally hundreds of occasions since, on more-or-less a daily basis.

      Anyway, so what SPECIFIC plans have they never hidden from us signpost (as opposed to Mandelson, for example, making a general statement)? And WHEN exactly? Cheers.

    3. Apsana Begum is the victim of an attempted framing by those who wanted a troublesome left winger out of the way so they could slot their candidate into Apsana’s seat. Be on the lookout for any evidence whatsoever so we can prosecute those responsible…

      …especially those at the very top of Labour who seem reluctant to congratulate Apsana on her victory…

      …the message to them is that no matter how long it takes, we will find you out…

  2. He won’t! He hates it when people are acquitted, he only understands the language of Guilty! Guilty without Crime! Guilty without Trial! Guilty without Hesitation! Guilty regardless of Verdict! He is probably fine tooth combing the Law as we speak, looking for those loopholes to get Apsana back in court! Apsana is not Hoity Toity or White European Zionist so she is guilty regardless!

  3. Better him not say anything tbh, as it’d only be more disingenuous crap like the 10 throwaway Pledges he wooed the left-leaning membership with.

    Jess Phillips finally tweeted her sympathies (albeit v.late on, after midnight). Suppose she has the excuse of being busy churning out those gawd awful, low quality Independent pieces. Along with her book deals, someone clearly values her and it certainly isn’t because of the quality of her writing. In fact, all the anti-Corbyn people seem to have landed on their feet.

    1. Brown also thought he was being “clever”, “playing a long game” with “backroom deals” by “powdering” the nasty faces of Mandelson Campbell and W.M.D Bliar.

      How did that go Mr Brown⁉️ But worse still, how did that serve the public⁉️
      The general public and members in particular, expect IF sensible people, involved with Bliar & Starmer; ENDORSE and ENABLE Bliar & Starmer, then BS can’t be as evil as they sense. They put their TRUST in decent people. Then get the blame for multiple betrayals. How’s that decent⁉️

      Of course everyone wont ignore their own observations and instincts. But those EXPECTING reliable … trustworthy guidance from bigwigs are being betrayed. Not through betrayers being bad, but through cowardice and detachment… not having to suffer in any material way. “The many” pay the price.

      The party should NEVER be a cosy creche full of whining ADULTS about OBVIOUS externalities, yet refusing to address blatant immature fanciful nonsense of example; forming some perfect party with those who failed in this one. Regurgitating the same timorous defeatist victimhood tired and lame excuses PLUS MSM claptrap‼️‼️‼️

      People elsewhere fight for change. They face guns and batons, while those HERE who claim to champion hundreds of virtuous causes, hide for fear of being “attacked” with words. W O R D S‼️‼️‼️


      1. Jackie Walker? I must have missed that one. Can you provide a link? Cheers

        As you know signpost, there is the world of difference between falsehoods that can be shown to be falsehoods, and then there is OPINION, and if it is the opinion of the JLM and CAA and BoD and the Jewish newspapers et al that what someone said was anti-semitic – and the WHOLE of the MSM play along with them AND have numerous columnists endorsing them – then they are entitled in law to say so, and say so publicly. THAT is precisely why Tony Greenstein lost his libel case against the CAA for calling him a ‘notorious anti-semite’, as I have pointed out on more than a few occasions before, ans as Tony himself does in a recent post on JVLs website:

        I don’t know who gave the go ahead for this letter but I find it difficult to believe they would go ahead with such a risky action, bearing in mind that Justice Nicklin ruled in my action against the Campaign Against Antisemitism that calling someone an anti-Semite is a matter of opinion.

        And needless to say, when someone on the left WINS a case, we very rarely hear about it in the MSM, but when they LOSE a case, the MSM are all over it.

      2. I just did a search to see if the ruling against the Jewish Chronicle by IPSO had been covered by any of the MSM, and needless to say they completely blanked it, as with Marks libel case, and several other libels before him. But in the process came across the ruling by IPSO in respect of Jo’s complaint:

        NB What we have to bear in mind is that all these lies and falsehoods the JC was disseminating about Jo and Marc and the others – who just all happened to be on the left and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn – is that they were being dissembled when Jeremy was leader for the purpose of adding additional proof to the ongoing rhetoric that the LP under Jeremy was institutionally anti-semitic, and now that Jeremy has been brought down and as good as expelled from the LP, there really is no need for them to do so any more.

    2. They are guardians of the status quo and they have achieved their goal. Expect to see them eventually achieve ermine (remember Kinnock and others saying they would never take it). The stoat coat as I prefer to think of it as, is apt. Slippery bastards.

      Starmer will not comment. It’s not part of the game plan. They’re chasing the average daily mail reader and you should lurk there to get an idea of the plan (Dan Hodges piece today) and the comments below. Begum wasn’t popular there…

      As for Phillips the mysandrist, she is on record saying she will leave Labour within a decade (this was two years ago approximately) if she doesn’t get anywhere up top. Maybe she’s jealous of Dido Harding and wants her slot?

  4. Someone in my local on the bitter said he thought J was part of the feral lumpen bourgeoisie?
    Then the person on Guinness added that the Tories with the likes Patel were Right Wing Barbarians?
    The lager drinkers fell asleep at the mention of Mr S and Right Wing Labour.
    It’s always a bloody good night in The Thinkers Arms!

  5. White flag man should get an award from the Labour right wing for above and beyond the call of duty in de.motivation tactics.I think in is earlier life he must have been motivated by Buddha as he sees life as pre ordained and already mapped out as a loss for socialism and a win win situation for the right wing.The fact that the Labour party carrys much baggage as the white flag man means that its not “Good Karma” for the party and the bad spirits are in the ascendancy in the world of white flag man Allan Howard gone crazy..Offerings and attendance at the local Wat might just set white flag man on the road to a cleansing of his troubled spirit.Maybe we could send the knight and his misfits for group cleansing as well…?

    1. Says Jokeefe, the black propagandist shill! It’s funny isn’t it Joe how I post on OTHER blogs and websites and make the same points as I do on skwawkbox, but I have never-ever received any abuse for doing so. If someone disagrees with what someone else has said, they explain why.

      And isn’t it odd Joe that *I* am the only person on this site who has ever ‘called’ for people on the left to get leaflets together exposing the A/S falsehoods – as with the Big Lie Marie van der Zyl disseminated about Jeremy Corbyn, for example – and printing off a few hundred copies and putting them through peoples doors. Just imagine if a few thousand people on the left did that – eg a couple of thousand people (with the help of a few friends) printed off 500 copies and put them through peoples doors. THAT’s a million households, and even at an average of two adults per household, that’s two million people. And if just 10% of them ran off a few copies and distributed them to relatives and friends and work colleagues, they in turn could potentially reach ANOTHER couple of million people, and so on.

      But the one thing the Establishment don’t like is people exposing their falsehoods, and the falsehoods that their paid shills dissemble on sites like skwawkbox, and THAT of course is precisely why the shills on here like yourself and your buddy signpost keep attacking me when I call out your lies and falsehoods.

      But, yet again, thanks for the additional material!

      1. So WHAT was it Joe that ‘prompted’ you to write and post such a disparaging comment about me? Is there anything I posted this evening that led you to do so? I posted a link earlier to a comment I posted on Craig Murray’s blog a few days ago about the Big Lie Marie van der Zyl dissembled on an Israeli news station about Jeremy ‘spending more and more time with terrorists and extremists’ etc, as you are no doubt aware. Was there anything ‘demotivating’ about THAT? Do you somehow regard THAT as ‘demotivating tactics’? Funny, isn’t it, how first one poster responded to said post with the following: ‘Great sleuthing.’, and then another said:Thank you, Allan. “Great sleuthing” indeed!’

        I also posted a link to a piece that Craig posted a couple of days ago, and also a link to his twitter page, and then a link to an excellent article Jonathan Cook posted about Craig. So what exactly was ‘demotivating’ about doing so?.

        And here’s a link to a piece that Craig posted in the past hour or two:

        Keeping Freedom Alive

        I want to make one or two points for you to ponder while I am in jail. This is the last post until about Christmas; we are not legally able to post anything while I am imprisoned. But the Justice for Craig Murray Campaign website is now up and running and will start to have more content shortly. Fora and comments here are planned to stay open.

        Yeah, sure Joe, it’s ALL so demotivating, isn’t it!!!

  6. White flag,iTs better for your continued therepy,that we don’t dig too deeply into your comments.Just a quick reminder that help is available for you free of charge at the moment.I am afraid that that I am completely flumoxed on how to help in your continued treatment.Maybe signpost not Windchimes can offer advice.or some more of the right wing shock therapy from doctor Hall centrist Dad?..I cannot offer anymore help Allan Lad !Get to bed allan nocturnal ramblings are a sign…!OF course I have been up and about feeding the chickens and working on a bread oven outside to bake bread a much better way to eat healthily.and to enjoy much more wholsome food.after the rains have stopped…Allan I will remember your tortured soul in my prayers today and apologies if I have raised your blood pressure,we are all guilty of anger in these troubled times especially the way the UK have drifted under the torys and leaving the door open for the knight by default much the same as his election to leader of the Labour party.

  7. Jon Goulding on twitter
    Gone are the days when there was a safety net below which no one fell
    Now people are left with nothing to eat, heat or pay the rent
    Cheap and Nasties chose Local Housing Allownces that dont cover the rent, so we have two choices cap rents or increase LHA
    Guess which one Temporary Embarrassment would choose

    1. goldbach
      Who needs conspiracy theories when the truth is so scary
      My theory is people gave in when they invented mortgages
      It was also the end of the drinking class, no one goes to the pub after work anymore
      Now to fix it we need partnership between social landlords and National Bank to allow people to move seamlessly between owning and renting their home to allow for any change in circumstances
      Which then leads to a conversation about inheritance, I don’t believe in it, I think it ruins your kids, takes their lives away from them, at best cap it on death but take away any limits while your alive
      Should encourage more philanthropy

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