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Labour now withdrawing delegate conference passes on ‘security’ grounds

After delegate suspension blitz to try to protect Starmer sidekick Evans from democracy, Labour machine resorts to simply pulling passes using ‘security’ as excuse

Labour’s assault on conference delegates continues as the right-wing party machine tries to save Keir Starmer sidekick David Evans from a ‘no’ vote at its party conference on whether he should be confirmed as Labour’s general secretary – and to defeat a conference motion making arrogant Labour MPs accountable to conference for their conduct – after it became clear that the right’s months spent rigging delegate selections wasn’t enough to guarantee the desired results.

After a blitz of suspensions of conference ‘CLP’ delegates, in which Labour has been so desperate to suspend as many as possible that it was forgetting even to change names in its cut-and-paste rush, the party is now withdrawing passes from delegates – who have been democratically elected by their local members to represent them – claiming security concerns as a reason for barring them, presumably because no excuse for suspension could be found in time.

The latest purge tactic has seen delegates from around the country say they have been hit.

As well as saving Evans, Labour was hoping to push through rule changes to deprive members of a meaningful vote in future leadership contests, though this has receded after unions rejected the idea. Labour’s biggest affiliate Unite has already said it will vote against it and elected representatives of Unison, Labour’s second-largest affiliate, have said their delegates should also reject it, even if the union’s right-wing general secretary reaches a deal with Starmer to back it. The Bakers’ and Fire Brigades unions, along with CWU, have also said they will vote no, with the Bakers also planning a disaffiliation vote over the party’s abuse of the union’s president Ian Hodson.

But the Labour right’s contempt for democracy and party members is apparently so deep that saving the dire Evans and avoiding MPs being answerable to conference are excuse enough for yet another escalation in its war on accountability and freedom of speech.

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    1. Paul Smith, agreed and those excluded should group and create merry hell so that the press are forced to question what’s going on.

      The BBCs Iain Watson wrote a long piece yesterday on the web site about how Starmer wants to reform the Labour Party. Not once did he mention the underhanded methods now being used to exclude Socialist members, including our Jewish comrades.

      The Biased Broadcasting Corporation, serving bias by omission and spin as usual. Starmer knows that unless some sort of direct action is taken it will go completely unreported in the media.

      1. It is a nice idea but the days of the corporate media creating merry hell about anything vile done to leftwingers are now long gone.
        Maybe the union delegates inside can raise the issue???

  1. The way the Labour Right is treating Left Wing members is grotesque!
    Just read a great booklet on how unions & the Left tried to secretly organise in German occupied France, Belgium (and in Germany) up to and during the 2WW and there were so many brave socialists.
    And I read how allied forces had a derogatory term for the German forces: “The Boshe.”
    Always wondered what this meant and looked it up, it means ‘Cabbage Heads!’
    Hmmn. Labour’s Right Wing?

    1. They’ve always been at it. Plenty of unions are stitched up along with local parties. Think of the West Midlands, going back to the miners strike and my home town of Croydon, David Evans has been the power behind the throne there since Blair. He still has links to ‘consultancies’ that do business with the current party.
      Remember the hoo-ha over Militant? That was nothing compared to this lot.

  2. Unbelievable and absolutely vile. They must be desperate.
    I would be interested to know what “security” grounds have been identified. Are they saying the delegates are at risk or that the delegates are the security risk. Either way if what the party is saying is true it has a duty to inform the police (Special Branch) because we are a political party not an intelligence service and do not have the expertise to deal with “security” issues.
    No chance of that happening though. Our former DPP is too well aware of the offence of wasting police time.

  3. It seems that a possible answer to Starmer and the Right of the Party’s actions preventing delegates attending Conference is for all suspended members to either gather outside and protest loudly or for them to swarm their way in to the Conference Hall en masse. It is time grassroots members to take matters in to their own hands and force a vote of no confidence against Starmer and Evans. To do that they MUST be in the Conference.

  4. Terrorists, quite obviously. Keef should know – he used to prosecute them.

  5. Time is running out for the knight in rusting armour. There are rumours flying around and it seems only a matter of time before a challenge to the leadership. This is a blatent attempt to rig the democratic process away from the members to corporate donors favoured candidate.

    First to (apparently) declare is Wes Streeting, who has amased £100k and hired a firm to organise and promote his challenge. Also in the frame, that I have seen is Stella Creasy (she has a crowd funder on her twitter profile, nobody knows what it’s for, but been there a good while).

    But whispers are that Blairs annointed one is Rachael Reeves.

    This shadowy group has recently been formed. Their existance was announced while everybody was distracted by the proscription of the four socialist groups, so received little attention.

    1. Thank you for this Nemtoma – it made my blood run cold. Absolutely horrifying.

      1. One of the MPs mentioned as a member of this group is local to me and a member of the shadowy NHS team – Justin Madders. In negotations on the NHS bill currently going through the committee stage in Parliament, he has “won a concession” to keep “individuals with a vested interest” from sitting on the soon to be set up ICS boards. But nothing in the overall direction of the creeping commercialisation of our NHS.

        Nor have the Labour party supported any of the campaigns against the NHS bill currently going though Parliament.

        In fact I have been given information that Starmer and Ashworth support the involvement of the private sector in the NHS and Starmers 14 million word essay to the right wing Fabian society, bears this out.

        Out awareness raising in Chester (not that far from Ellesmere Port where JM is MP) the NHS is now becoming a hot topic. The mood is changing, people are now getting clued up about what’s happening to services. Last week, instead of us approaching the public to ask for support, they were coming to us to ask for information and sign our petition. And significantly, donating to the local Socialist Party group.

        The establishment give nothing unless they need to. Any consessions given to the people are a sop, to stave off and mitigate trouble. They know it, we know it. So Madders’s involvement as a member of the Labour NHS team with this group looks very suspect to me.

        They think we’re idiots.

      2. And check out where Madders is coming from.

        “In our introductory chapter Joe Jervis and I outline the deep-seated causes of the crisis, and our authors then lay out a plan for the common good, based around the themes of work, family, community and country.

        Family, community and country and communitarianism rooted in social class stuggle, hijacked as I recall by Blair, Bush, Clinton and Obama. And Cameran’s big society.

        More or less the same as Starmers 14 million word treatise to say nothing. Except with big donors and vested interests.

      3. Great article, Nemtona. When are you next out awareness raising in Chester? My home town. I’ll come and join you…

    2. Reeves? Oh, come on. Not even this lot would put forward someone who wanted a statue of a prominent 1930s supporter of Hitler to be erected outside parliament, would they?

      1. Well Goldbach I also saw Stella Creasey’s name mentioned as a potential challenger. She is the one who posted an openly racist cartoon because even though everyone else could see the racism she couldn’t and thought the cartoon was funny so don’t be surprised by the championing of Reeves – the Right are stupid and arrogant enough for anything

    3. Attempt? Nope no attempt it’s happened all ready and no matter how many socialists complain and moan. Send in silly motions and everything else the right wing won! They are in charge they control everything from the CLP to PLP the old Labour party is dead instead we have the zombie party tory-lite cult of new Labour 2.0 masquerading as a socialist party to fool people to still give them money, votes and support.

      I am sorry I left when Starmer slimed his way into office lying all the way and hiding his nature until it was to late for people to stop him. The time is rapidly approaching when the left has a stark choice carry on and watch as slowly all socialism is driven out of Labour or start a socialist Labour only movement from the grassroots in our communities that believe in the many not the few like that do. Enshrined for all time no right wing staff, MP’s or members ever they can’t be trusted!

      Personally I believe again fools will try and fight forgetting the lesions of the past we had our chance in 2015 to 2019 and appeased and allowed the right to play games. They have no concerns they want us all gone there that arrogant and stupid they believe a so called centerest party is what people want tory-lite with a few socialist appeasements to make it look good. This is carefully organised so the rich and powerful can have a safety net when people tire of the Torys so turn to Labour not realising what it really is.

    4. Thanks for the info Nemtona, if anything the three of them would be more to the right than Starmer already is. I don’t know how true this is but apparently Stella Creasy has employed in her office a direct descent of Mosley.
      Wes Streeting is a well known Zionist that sees nothing wrong with the treatment of the Palestinians, despite the reports from T’selem (Israeli Human Rights Organisation) declaring the situation on the West Bank as apartheid our Wes still defends Israel.
      Rachel Reeves declares that her heroine is Nancy Astor, despite her support for Hitler.
      Still, I hope that they challenge Starmer, because each will need 40 MPs to support them in order for the challenge to go ahead. It would give us crystal clear evidence of whom is whom among the MPs. No Labour MP believing in democracy should support any of them.
      I hope too, that the Labour MPs that still believe in democracy galvanise and nominate someone like Barry Gardiner, Lilian Greenwood or Dawn Butler. None of them is a member of the SCG but all three defied the Labour whip and voted against CHIPS.
      I would like a member of the SCG, but honestly I don’t believe anyone of them could get to 40 nominations. Hence, the best we can hope for are Barry, Greenwood or Butler.

    5. Streeting, Creasy and Reeves, all right-wing shits about to challenge Starmer for the Labour Party leadership. Just goes to show, there’s no loyalty among thieves. Should be good watching them all fighting like cats in a sack. Meanwhile, the left should mount a challenge. How about Jon Trickett? I’m sure he’d do better than the lot of them. It might also be good to know who Jeremy Corbyn’s choice might be. Regrettably he himself will not be able to stand again, but it would help to know which of the current crop of Parliamentarians, if any, might be his choice for leader – someone who, unlike Starmer, will faithfully and honestly carry forth his legacy.

  6. It seems to me that keir “erik armrest” starmer’s hero must be oswald mosley because it looks like he wants to turn the labour party into the british union of fascists!

  7. You took the words right out of my mouth, Richard. He is fully enabling the one party state with his brand of party – I refuse to call it Labour Party, being the tool with which the corporates and the establishment at large want to maintain the pretence of democracy in the public’s eyes.. And a Labour Party they are not. Maybe we need to find a way to successfully claim the intellectual properties to the name Labour Party.

  8. It’s called, Gerrymandering.

    An occasion when someone in authority changes the borders of an area in order to increase the number of people within that area who will vote for a particular party or person.

    …and they’re being blatant about it.

    It, usually, refers to constituency boundaries, but I think it fits very well, in this case.

  9. Another outrageous step .. and completely against EHRC recommendations
    for as I recall it stated there should be no change to LP membership status
    while they are under investigation ..

    I see that PLP RW hopefuls are on manoeuvres – I hope that Left Wingers
    note this and are getting organised for a suitable new leader.

    My suggestion – Dawn Butler – for who best to challenge PM Johnson than someone
    who called him a liar – to his face – in Parliament!

    I think even right wingers cannot gainsay this .. and what is more time is long
    overdue for a WOMAN leader ..

    I know Barry Gardner has also been suggested and I like and respect him – but
    sorry – Dawn has a better claim.

  10. I received a form to renew my LP membership after I stopped the DD. “Do remember how it felt when you joined the Labour Party?” it asked. I returned it ripped in half to facilitate its insertion into Keir Starmer and I can tell you, it felt fucking AWESOME!

  11. Reported the unions are meeting Starmer today at 5PM, to see if a deal can be reached over his regressive reforms.

    Wonder who’s representing ordinary members in these discussions, or don’t they count?

    In Starmer /Evans run Labour everyone is treated equal : they’re all treated with equal disrespect.

    Hopefully at the meeting, the unions will raise the appalling eve of conference suspensions of leftist delegates, and reject his regressive reforms: which he’s made no convincing case for whatsoever, nor attempted to. Amusing how PLP centrists are busily deleting years old tweets in which they made the case for OMOV.

    What a complete shambles of a party.

  12. My wife was elected by our CLP & arrangements were made ref. transport & accommodation; paid for in advance. She has just been informed that due to an administrative error she cannot be confirmed as a delegate. I will spend every last penny I have seeking redress for this insult.

    1. “Admin Error ” Steve ? Why is that I wonder, does she happen to be a decent human being that is not too keen on Starmer?

    2. What ‘administrative’ error? Why cannot it be rectified immediately? She should attend and request entry.

    3. Steve, she should still go and attend the fringe conference where she will meet many like minded people. There will be other delegates there who have received the same appalling treatment and she could network with them for a combined action against Starmer.

      1. The so called ‘administrative error’ will have been a message from the delegate’s CLP or a trawl through social media about ‘contra indications’ re voting for Evans.

  13. Delegates are security vetted before their delegate passes are issued so this is deeply corrupt.
    Also there’s the money delegates CLP contribute for them to go.
    Could the Unions obtain a court injunction to stop this.

  14. When we get the chance, WHEN we are able to, as the toerag scum (tories, right wing labour, lizzie windsor and all her bastard relations) are so keen to turn this country into a “mini-me” version of the FUCKING CESSPIT aka the usa, should be deported to the cesspit!

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