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CWU joins Unite in voting against Evans confirmation

Another large union says enough is enough

CWU general secretary Dave Ward made the announcement

CWU, another large Labour-affiliated Union, will vote against the confirmation of Keir Starmer’s acting general secretary David Evans at Labour’s annual conference, which begins next weekend.

CWU general secretary Dave Ward announced the news on Twitter in response to yet another ridiculous disciplinary scandal: the party’s decision to place MP Kate Osborne under investigation, simply for a tweet of solidarity with colleague Rebecca Long-Bailey.

The Osborne decision was ‘rescinded’ after only an hour, a similar result to that involving Young Labour chair Jess Barnard.

CWU joins giant union Unite in its opposition to Evans and with the Bakers’ and Fire Brigades unions almost certain to vote against him, there is a slim but real chance that Evans could be out of a job next week, ironic given his plan to make about a third of Labour’s staff redundant after he and Starmer took the party to the verge of bankruptcy.

If the hubris of the right – in launching their war on members, MPs and other elected representatives as if Evans was already secure – comes home to roost it will be only fitting.

Skwawkbox recommends every left delegate who has not already been suspended or expelled, in the Labiur machine’s naked attempt to protect Evans, to lock their social media accounts or even temporarily deactivate them until after conference.

Every left delegate who makes it to vote in Brighton is a step toward a major blow against Starmer’s Stalinist regime.

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  1. Whoever made these decisions self evidently didn’t follow due process.
    Who made these decisions?
    Was it the same person in both these cases?

      1. Doug – Did I, don’t you also want to know the answers to my questions?

      2. a good Friday! now an equally uplifting Saturday!! That’s way 2 do it Unite & CWU!!!
        LONG overdue! STRAIGHTFORWARD!!
        Sharon Graham!!!

        NO empty threats! NO hoping 2 “convert” adults who’ve made choices. We must exercise ours.
        NO backroom deals. NO feeling BASIC dynamic ACTIONS = “playing dirty”. no! No!! NO!!! In all other areas it’s called doing the correct straightforward ACTION.

        Evans must go! so must Margaret Beckett, Mandelson, War Criminal Blair, SIR starmer and every single parasite!! They r ALL implicated; Forde Report + OPEN rule breaking, bringing the party into disrepute eg “Knife Jeremy in the front” Phillips and “You’re an F****** anti-Semite” Hodge + more.

        MESS has been accepted as given. It appears few if any EVER paused to question NON STOP grovelling appeasements + sacrificing everything on a “Big Church” joke altar, where high priests & priestesses GOBBLE everything up then kick the supplicants in the teeth CONFIDENT they will return with more offerings over + over again. NO SIREE ‼️‼️‼️ Enough of that.

        Just shows, just ONE proper adult union leader Sharon Graham can do more to lead us out of the backroom dealing mindsets than HUNDREDS of the old guard combined.
        We must NEVER allow the likes of McCluskey, Turner etc 2 even be spokespeople. We r not a cosy clique!!! We must get the ALWAYS EASILY doable, done at long last!!! NEW FRESH DAYS

      3. Is that the same Sharon that stood on a platform of not getting involved in internal party politics?

      4. Yes, SH, what’s your problem
        β“πŸ˜Šβ“πŸ˜Šβ“πŸ˜Š Is your SIR starmer not the same tool who promised to stick to Jeremy’s manifesto???

      5. windchime – Do you have some specific examples of these policy changes?

      6. “specific examples”? SH it is YOUR little sir č v LARGE head SIR Keith. Bauble ‘SIR’ 4 pursuing Julian Assange, + MANY other injustices serving The Establishment.
        People -> “policy changes” & choices eg. YOUR “Mandy’s” tool SIR starmer MR Deceitful Temporary Remain Starmer = “SPECIFIC examples”.

      7. windchime – So that’s a NO then.

        Do you know how many times Jeremy Corbyn used his platform as Leader of the Opposition to mention Julian Assange in parliament?

      8. Jeremy neither pursued nor caged Julian Assange. And though easily missed even by a tool’s tool – YOU🀣 SH, it is SIR starmer ‘leading’ now. “A FLOP” according to “Murdoch man” Trevor Kavanagh yesterday answering questions by another “Murdoch man” on a Murdoch owned outfit🀣
        Oh! your starmer; also described as insignificant +/or irrelevant re challenges to Johnson’s Tories🀣
        NB Johnson had & still has almost ZERO allies in their parliamentary party & HQ. He has always had Tory grassroots support of “the many”. He’s NOT a Brexit er. Never was (nor ANY of his family). He saw the obvious. Shape shifted and took our victory.
        Now Kavanagah (Murdoch tooler) CORRECTLY said ytdy: “It’s not the Tory Party. It’s The JOHNSON pParty.”

      9. windchime – Why did Jeremy fail to do anything to help him?

      10. signpost not windchimes
        The Old Guard
        Include myself in their, I remember Gang of Four and we did nothing then, internal report was nowt new, Forde will be a whitewash
        Time for quantum leap where next generations of politicians meet Labour party demographic, young and progressive, naive and with a clean pair of hands, let the dreamers bring it home, our time has gone no matter how much we refuse to go quietly

      11. Doug, “The Old Guard” r the high command… not age. Those who HAD power to CHOOSE decisions. Eg. McCluskey, McDonnell + ALL Union leaders b4 Sharon Graham.
        Not sure u r in that group. Vital qualities r RECOGNISING / ACCEPTING facts, willingness to EMBRACE change fearlessly. You prove u have that. We all make mistakes. Refusal to stop making them, is what should rule individuals out of EVER directing the future.
        U recognised long ago; parasites r in the wrong party. We CAN drive them out.
        Local Elections coming up. Parasites r bribe wannabe councillors or other positions, that they must do X numbers of canvassing in Y time. Doug they’re desperate.
        My advice: DON’t respond yes, no, nor maybe. SILENCE is golden. Intelligence … knowledge is power. DEPRIVE them of all intelligence. Let them search. That drains their depleting resources.
        Plus QUESTION – What types want 2 b a counsellor etc under claws of nastiest parasites this side of the Atlantic, Danube, Elbe AND South China Seas

    1. One of your favourite lines of attack is to blame everything on Jeremy Corbyn personally. But when it comes to Starmer and Evans and their involvement is all over twitter, it never has anything to do with them.
      Begone you fraud.

      1. lundiel – I suppose that depends how much credence you give to rants on twitter. πŸ€”

      2. lundiel, interesting too; despite everything in front of their noses many r STILL content carrying on EXACTLY as b4, treating Labour packaging as the be all & end all, so they r content dripping “unify with”, “work with” SH**’s SIR starmer.
        Yet yesterday while discussing the Tory Party continuing to defeat Mandelson’s WMD Blair advised Starmer; a “MURDOCH MAN” Kavanagh said “it’s not the Tory Party. It’s the JOHNSON Party now.” + other obvious – re challenges Johnson may face, “Starmer is insignificant” … “INSIGNIFICANT”.
        + pithy… “Starmer is a FLOP.”
        SIR Keith Starmer “a FLOP”‼️‼️‼️
        Therefore lundiel, be not afraid of SH, it knows what Trevor Kavanagh & anyone with a working brain knows.

    2. btw: voters love Liberal Democrats ‘reverse the referendum result’ so much, membership has dropped from dismal numbers by TWENTY something percent, and Swinson is being a PM in her mind somewhere

      1. 🀣✨🀣✨🀣✨ BRILLIANT lundiel.

      2. You r not “easily impressed”, or u wouldn’t keep forgetting, SH it’s now YOUR sir Starmer as ‘Opposition Leader”

    3. Steve H Hall.. Dont be silly “?are you insane and so detatched from reality that you can insult a comrade for stating somthing” bloody obvious “.Apologies to Steve hilling “for your comments and insults.

      1. Joseph – Who is this ‘Hall’ guy that you keep obsessing about?
        Come back and tell me all about it when you have some credible evidence to support your ‘assertions’.

      2. lundiel – Which one is the loon this mysterious Hall guy or Joseph?

    4. Up to your usual tricks again, I see.

      In your world, if such errors happened under Corbyn/Formby, then it’s they who are responsible but under Starmer/Evans, then it’s always someone else.

      And before you start on about the disciplinary process being not fit for purpose, then all the more reason why these decisions should be kept under tight control by the management. It doesn’t matter which underling was responsible, they shouldn’t be in a position to make such errors. Thus the onus is on Starmer/Evans to ensure they can’t.

      1. PW – Are you seriously trying to claim that JF wasn’t directly involved in CW’s expulsion. There was no quick admission that there had been a mistake when CW was chucked out. On the contrary they doubled down to get rid of him.

    5. It is an obvious and logical inference that these incidents wouldn’t keep happening if Keir and Evans didn’t both know and support them. Keir’s leadership structure is so absurdly centralized and paranoid that he would never allow people on his staff to go on repressive & reactionary tangents like this solely on their own.

      This is not “a few bad apples”. It’s Keir’s entire poisoned orchard.

      Can you finally, FINALLY admit that Keir & Evans need to stop their relentless and unjustified war against the Left, that if there was ever an issue with AS in the party, it has been put to rest, and that there is simply no excuse for the party disciplinary machinery EVER to accuse Jewish party members of AS?

      1. ……and yet Corbyn and/or Formby made quite a habit of it and they were the ones that put the current system in place. I remember that in Feb19 JF made a speech bragging about how much more efficient her new system was at expelling members.

        You can infer all you want, but perhaps you should ask yourself, why would he/they do what you infer. It is well known that Starmer likes to examine and appraise all the facts before making a decision. Whatever you think of him he’s not a stupid person.

        Your so called ‘logical’ inferences are just stuff you’ve made up.

        Thankfully the current system will be replaced by the end of this year

  2. Well it might not have been Evans or Starmer who
    uttered the actual words but as they say –

    ” a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse..”

    Well CWU vote has cheered me up – and as
    for the question on another thread as to suitable
    opposition to all this. We do not have to act dirty –
    just be devious ..for Starmer and his Oppo are
    not very high on the IQ scale. Most of all though be
    SECRET ..

  3. When you don’t have a Socialist bone in your body and you are an insult to every thing the Labour party stands for then you are a Red Tory and off you must fuck
    You don’t live here anymore your in the wrong party

      1. SteveH
        I’m with you
        I want Temporary Embarrassment and his rent boy to carry the day at conference

    1. baz2001 – Please grow up, your pre-pubescent obsession with toilet humour is impressing no one.

  4. Please grow up, your pre-pubescent obsession with toilet humour is impressing no one.

    It’s not impressing YOU.

    As for anyone else, whether it is or not, that’s for them to say and not you.

  5. ITs fairly natural in times of stress to blame the enemy…..but in this case its not the Torys its the members and even members of the PLP that are hardly socialist and only just left wing..Now its the unions turn and the Labour party are beginning to worry about the leader and his henchman evans help us for the attacks against the whole workers movement including the union well.Maybe Evans will be “Let go”as a sacrifice to the unions to appease them…After all “Moneys to tight to mention” in the Labour party alarmingly.I wonder if Steve H Hall centrist Dad can enlighten us as to the agony and the mental health inflicted on a individual thats been awarded the DCM as looks increasingly possible for the fall guy in this nasty scenario of pass the parcel and blame it all on the temporary Secretary of the Labour party….what day you SH Steve H

      1. lundiel – Which one are you saying is the loony, Joseph or the Hall guy?

    1. Pat – I love you too. 😘
      It is gratifying to know that I am occupying your thoughts. 😏

  6. SteveH – How is ultra-controversial Evans now not himself bringing the party into disrepute through his actions? He’s failing his own test.

    A man less self-absorbed and less brazen, would admit he’s becoming a hate figure for many, and resign, and if he won’t go he should be sacked. People have been sacked from Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet for generating far less controversy for the party, eg., RLB for a retweet of her constituent and famous actor Maxine Peake.

    Evans may be able to engineer or gerrymander an approving vote at conference, by micromanaging dimmer delegates to vote for him, but it’ll be a pyrrhic victory.

    1. Andy – “but it’ll be a pyrrhic victory.
      Clutching to your straw of choice.

      1. SteveH – If Evans wins, thanks to delegate and CLP manipulation; including excluding those from known leftist leaning CLPs , who may vote against from attending conference. Do you think that sort of underhand crap to win, helps bring about party unity?

        Evans is damaged goods, few outside the party leadership trust him to act with anything approaching fairness. Given he’s on record about his ambition to remove left-wing influence, in what’s supposed to be a party of the left.

        The mystery is why this cuckoo doesn’t go join the Tories or Ed Davey’s limp Lib Dems, and stop hounding those who only want a discernibly socialist option to vote for?

      2. Correct. The two sides may despise one another but the people they’re supposed to represent aren’t all the same and they vote Labour because it’s meant to represent them. If the party wishes to change direction it needs to tell people what it now represents and explain its philosophy on the membership card. But it must remember that expelling the left makes it less likely to be elected on policies that are no different to anyone elses.

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