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Exclusive: Labour in such rush to suspend delegates it’s not bothering to change names – and calling Evans ‘her’ – in letters

Last minute haste to suspend delegates, protect Evans and complete de-democratisation of party leads to farce

The Labour party is engaged in an ugly, last-minute rush to suspend as many left delegates as possible before its annual conference begins this weekend – a continuation of a desperate tactic it began last week to protect Keir Starmer’s acting general secretary David Evans, as one union after another said it was going to vote against Evans’s confirmation in the role.

The Labour right has also finally come clean about its plan – which Skwawkbox warned about in January last year – to rob members of a meaningful say in the party’s leadership elections – a vote it is not sure it can win, leading to even greater eagerness to stack the deck by preventing left delegates attending conference and casting their vote.

Left national executive member Mish Rahman flagged up the acceleration in Labour’s war on democracy in a tweet in which he also pointed out the direct financial cost to members who have already spent money on travel and bookings, as well as the impact on mental health:

But such is the right-wing Labour machine’s desperation to protect Evans and kill off internal democracy that it is failing to perform even the most basic tasks properly.

One delegate showed Skwawkbox a suspension letter on Tuesday (only four days before conference starts) which, while addressed to him, called him Mr Smith – not even close to his name – while informing him of his ban:

Another victim of the raft of suspensions received a letter on the same day in which Labour’s general secretary – Labour doesn’t have a general secretary of course, but Evans is acting up – as a woman:

Clearly Evans’s drones are in such a hurry to get out as many suspensions as possible that they are cutting-and-pasting from one letter to the next – but not even managing to check the names have been properly edited, or even spotting that a letter from the time of Jennie Formby’s tenure as general secretary still says ‘her’.

Not just an appalling and Stalinist attack on democracy, but a shoddy and ridiculous appalling and Stalinist attack on democracy.

The Labour right has also recently embarrassed itself by sending abusive ‘notices of investigation’ to Labour MP Kate Osborne and Young Labour chair Jess Barnard that it almost immediately ‘rescinded’ when their lawyers threated the party with legal action for such nonsense.

Labour under Starmer and Evans is not only a sham – it’s a shambles. And of course, it almost goes without saying that the so-called ‘mainstream’ media are studiously ignoring the huge scandal.

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  1. Solidarity with these unjustly suspended members ..

    Apart from any other considerations – what a mean spiteful thing to do
    when people might have already set off on their journey and as you say
    spent money on travel and accommodation. Suppose they just turn up at
    the Conference though? Will a heavy stop them getting in?

    If all else fails – there is somewhere else they will be welcome ..Im
    sure in “The World Transformed”?

    1., SIGNIFICANT – “notices of investigation’ to Labour MP Kate Osborne and Young Labour chair Jess Barnard that it”

      🔺”IMMEDIATELY ‘rescinded’ WHEN their lawyers threatened” “LEGAL ACTION”

      🔺”Labour under Starmer and Evans is” “ONLY a SHAM”

      🔺Labour NOW under MANDELSON & Blair WMD, is ONLY a SHAM.

      CAPS mine. CONGRATULATIONS to Jess Barnard again and to Kate Osborne

      TRANSFORMATION will ONLY be possible if your example of FOCUS on BASIC straightforward ACTION. Not “devious” “crafty” etc. Those strange ideas made this full blown mess possible. ALL who ignore this REMAIN enablers of the disastrous MESS now. I’m convinced now, they will do EXACTLY as they did AGAIN. Especially EVEN “KINDER & GENTLER” only Only ONLY for our DISTINCTLY OBVIOUS & OPEN OPPOSITES.

      Without apparent ill will, they CRAVE to be “united with” open will-doers, MORE than with us. FACT supported by HARD EVIDENCE. Those who STILL struggle facing FACTS also mostly do so with no ill will. No firm idea why. Someone suggested psychoanalysis 4 the parasites. I firmly say NO. That give a clue to our problem. A refusal to think WE HAD MORE than all we needed to prevent this mess, but STILL let’s try harder to “CONVERT” “the few.” Sincerely meant but a good long rest and HONEST reflection in FRESH air is URGENTLY needed for some to see that CONVERTING SH’s “Mandy’s” band should never be even on a bottom list of priorities. Mandelson & cabal are adults. It is inexplicably weird that some STILL fixate on “converting THEM”.

      But, where there’s life, there’s hope. Thanks you Jess Barnard, Kate Osborne. GREATLY appreciated. Keep that SPECIFIC spirit and ACTIONS!!! COLLECTIVELY we CAN defeat these infiltrators including SLEEPERS & TORY entryists.

      1. Who exactly ‘CRAVES’ to be united with Starmer and Mandelson and Co signpost? And who exactly is trying to ‘CONVERT’ them – ie who are the ‘some’ you refer to and claim are fixated on converting them?

        By the way, what do you do for a living given that you spend all day long practically every day posting comments in practically every single thread on here signpost?

      2. PS Does anyone else know who signpost is referring to?

      3. Sigh, I have asked and asked and you refuse to answer so for the last time HOW FFS!

        You can’t vote out the staff that’s the real problem and trying to vote out every right-wing MP get real! What you have 20-30 YEARS of guerilla warfare for what? To end up still with right-wing controlled party machinery posting crap daily in the helpful right-wing press? So NO chance of ever being in government for 20-30 YEARS! That’s your big answer?

        Sod that! Nope, the only way forwards is a clean party that has been built from the grassroots and is controlled forever by the members. The PLP is to serve never be the master the staff any games there sacked! Any right-wing members will be similarly suspended and after a fair investigation unlike now! Then kicked out and the press told why, no quislings thanks.

        A socialist only Labour movement controlled by the members, the way Labour was meant to be with MP’s who are not timid little scared cowards who prefer silence and appeasement rather than action! A few phrases doesn’t make a real socialist MP and I am tired of seeing the same limp MP’s shake their little fist then hide in their burrows.

        Or your way 20-30 hard years of Tory control UK and warfare that will destroy the party far more than it will ever achieve no Sir! You are either a fool or a sockpuppet nothing but a paid shill for this cult of new Labour and should NOT BE TRUSTED!!!

  2. Just, wondering – all of these flaws, in all of these letters – does that not make them legally null and void?

    Not worth the paper they’re printed on? A waste of energy, a waste of the time spent producing them?

    I’d be interested to see how they’d hold up, in a court of law. Not in the bullying, Kangaroo Court of Southside Labour.

    1. On the basis of what you say, and which I agree with, the best course of action for those delegates suspended would be to turn up en mass, and demand admission.

      1. I agree, Ludus57. Mass March to the Convention Centre, straight through the doors.

        What would Security do? Fight them off? Stand aside? Lock the doors?

        None of those options would be a good look, on social media. I doubt it would make two seconds on the MSM – print or broadcast.

      2. George Peel it is the obvious thing to do and it WILL make MOST MSM media‼️‼️‼️

      3. Well yes – this is what I thought. Demand entry and If asked – what letter?

        “I see no letter! I am the delegate and have the Authority!”

        Make THEM produce the evidence .. and hopefully a crowd would gather ..

        No time to go to law now I think?

        (and this is what I mean by being devious.)

      4. Yes HolbyFaMy – CORRECT ACTION✅✅✅

        ❌Straightforward, not “devious”❌

        More important than we realise, LANGUAGE shapes attitude behaviour
        Attitude language behaviour…
        Only my words + independent thought. So research elsewhere. Would b amazed if CENTURIES ago WORDS & ACTIONS then throughout last hundred years, EVIDENCED research, concluded EXACTLY.

        “NOTHING is new under the sun”.
        (Ecclesiastes i think). There is much research which suggest, people AND animals on the OPPOSITE side of the GLOBE devise news ways of doing things eg using tools; WITHOUT any known means of communicating with each other. Therefore i’m not claiming no one deduced my observations.

        Re Language Attitudes Behaviours, check Paulo Freire. He possibly said same AFTER others b4 him. Try “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.” Shame on me; having an autographed copy with a dedication to my friend’s dad… lent to me since Sixth Form, i’m yet to have read it or returned it. We ALL have our many failings. Must return it to my school friend. Her dad is a high-powered advisor to Socialist Governments & decent NGO’s mainly in Latin America. Eg Cuba since Fidel’s time (met Fidel lots obviously); Maurice Bishop’s short lived DECENT govt. I’m in contact with someone who knew Bishop also. The THATCHER’s regime rescued them after their Reagan’s invasion. That friend is STILL traumatised. Even Thatcher said it disagreed č Reagan’s invasion of “a Sovereign country Grenada” to topple him.
        a SIGNIFICANT tit bit – Will never 4get her telling me, she visited her dad when he was trying to help Pinochet’s resistors..can’t remember, under which protection against the EXTREMELY dangerous regime Thatcher supported… may’ve been FAO cum Amnesty International… ANYWAY (many thoughts from awaking to falling asleep) … of Chile my friend said “i could FEEL the EVIL in the air…”

        Quite something for a teenager to detect. Then, all these years later, a teenager to whom it was said, remembers as if only yesterday. But, back to OTHER significant point above, check Bertrand Russel’s writings. Expect he’s explained my APPARENTLY own independent hypothesis:
        LANGUAGE 🔁↔️🔁🔄↔️🔄🔁↔️🔃 LINGUISTICS.

        URGENT repetition needed as always “There’s NOTHING new under the sun❕❕❕”

        ALL should read and LEARN, if by nature +/or nurture not inclined 2 observe + deduce independently. Control HOGERS shouldn’t treat reading & film watching as: displacement / self justifying NICHE “community” mutual “back patting”.

        What we see, hear, read, watch should ENRICH + -> CREATE DETERMINED confidence of VIBRANT convictions which -> MORE ACTIVE enrichment … a POSITIVE cycle which can set people free from MYTHICAL helplessness, victimhood and NEVER ENDING DETERMINED DOOM.

        Speak up as OFTEN as necessary = at least THRICE weekly and ACT !!! Act ALWAYS beliefs.
        Chileans and Grenadians and Cubans and South Africans, Iraqis, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Columbians, Afghans, AND MANY more, including Guatemalans (my mom went with other women, of course 2 help them + neighbouring countries, DECADES ago set up DYNAMIC women’s organisations). This is a “man’s world” IMPOSSIBLE without women. WOMEN still have a MAJOR impact on nurturing so LOGICAL that with CONVICTION they can instil what we need in children to TRANSFORM the world.
        Many have ALWAYS done, and ACT according 2 convictions despite DEATH threats and seeing their comrades die‼️‼️‼️ That’s what i call “attacks”. Unwittingly, THAT’s what escapes control HOGGERS despite historical facts.
        What types, tremble and hide even from verbal + written words of infiltrators and Spyboys we’ve never even met ⁉️⁉️⁉️

        I’ve been chatting with another friend’s mom. She said, they could spot state Spybots in CND. They always did EXACTLY as i describe here. EG: ENCOURAGE those afraid of only verbal attacks or written words, be VIOLENT! Spotted that?

        She also said they were ALWAYS the ones who arranged and led the violence. The TRUE CND were always peaceful and setting that down as a condition. That matches with what Jack T said recently of the occupiers of Palestine deliberately ENCOURAGING anti-Semitism. Jack is spot on that🌟🌟🌟

        But our enemies r hardworking and chip away from all sides hence the easily spotted ( due to their incoherence) Turbulent VIGOROUSLY erupting SPITTING & SHRIEKING nothing can be done, no use, nothing will change, dont even form a new party, all is fixed, FACIST this that and other (despite unafraid to speak against fascists… therefore they dont believe their words OR dont understand the meaning, which of course they do) Their words r only meant 2 deceive… a confidence trick, then SCREAM NOTHING CAN BE DONE! HOPELESS!! JEREMY is HELPLESS!! Round the clock patrolling 4 patrollers!!!

        Pause analyse those behaviours from a few and in ONE GIANT LEAP, we are one HUGE leap 4wrd to THE World TRANSFORMED

      5. They could march on Conference en masse but this is not necessary. George Peel is absolutely right- the letters are not worth the paper they are printed on.

  3. This is disgusting. But then tinpotdespots/stalinists/fascists will go to any length to ensure their power. And they will use further examples of such like behaviiur as a rols model. What they do not see is that they can be overthrown and history has shown that.
    As a practical solution to financial hardship caused by having delegate status revoked, those concerned should claim back what they have paid for travel, accommodation and any other expenses. Nobody should be out of pocket.
    I have been delegate twice, and my clp has paid all mentioned above expenses backed up by receipts and invoices.
    As socialists we are too nice and community spirited.
    I just hope delegates vote in a way that puts an end to this nightmare and the horrors of Southside.
    Finally, solidarity with those unjustly suspended comrades.

  4. Off topic:

    I see the chief clown Bozo’s suddenly become a train enthusiast — complete with a photo on an Amtrak train to Washington! I’m sure his new pal Joe the fish-fryer was impressed.

    When has he ever travelled by train in the UK? Or even suggested so much as a fondness for this form of transport?

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many get taken in by this oafs lies and duplicity.

    Still, I suppose with an opposition leader hardly any better, there’s not a lot to choose from.

  5. ‘The TRUTH’ is out there in the Sun…….lest we forget Hillsborough.

  6. Sabine – “As a practical solution to financial hardship caused by having delegate status revoked, those concerned should claim back what they have paid for travel, accommodation and any other expenses. Nobody should be out of pocket.”

    🧩Well meant Sabine, but shows our persistent low expectations. Those excluded have lost MORE than just expenses Sabine. ALSO, even here as illustrated by Airmiles Andrew, who WAS properly served, Mandekson instructed letters with wrong names etc CANNOT be considered addressed to the recipients etc.

    🧩U say “too nice and community spirited”. Is being treated as a doormat, -> emboldens vilest creatures to abuse many more of our “community”, nice?
    WHO predicted what Mandelson’s band would do? Who didn’t ? It’s difficult for some to admit. But scanning the language of posts even in these last 24hrs, shows the most able have really no grasp of what’s happening still. And that’s not just on
    🧩Commenting on Sharon Graham’s CRUSHING ALL the old guard with their old ways, Dianne said: party not united is a media obsession. The party IS totally united 4 a Labour government.
    THEN someone posted McDonnell saying that all Starmer needs to do is readmit Jeremy (who he pressured to hand away the leadership), and we will all unite etc.

    🧩It sounds harsh but TRUTH is same errors will be repeated by same people. Which reminds me; some are STILL feeling Mandelson Blair & Starmer r “making errors / mistakes / idiots / dont know what they’re doing” etc etc etc. MAX W E I R D!!!
    Despite being over obvious for YEARS. I’m puzzled more than i’ve ever been puzzled b4. Serious. Frankly i’m stunned. In fact possibly it’s the same element of ALL prejudice. No matter the ABUNDANT contrary evidence, people cling to socialised ways … NURTURE … CULTURE.
    🧩What’s odd too, our opposites definitely have ALWAYS recognised they r opposite to us. They parasitised and NEVER gave any of our lot even a junior office. Yet what did our lot do for FOUR whole years to Dianne & McDonnell’s statement to date??? Whine about externalities not ONCE realising our lot STILL enable those attacking us.
    🧩AMAZING but an unexpected learning opportunity being comparatively new to the fray and ALWAYS with a scientific approach rather than blinkered Romantic social club / creche / naive / bunker weirdness of: stay silent, learn dim script, parrot dim script 2 fit in the bunker, whine & moan about externalities no matter what till The World remains UNtransformed = dont march into the conference because because because… Instead come with us into out cosy bunker, you’ll get a war bunker and we can whine as we’ve always done about those horrible people we we’re so kind and gentle to. “Bring them to our way of thinking”. That was said to me at my first Left CLP social. HUGE. approx 100 lively lovely people. But when i asked how can we help Chris Williamson, at that first social, i was told furtively; “dont mention Chirs. X thinks it serves him right”. X is an ambitious “Left” person. Remains ambitious to this very day. THREE other chats ALSO made me think hmmm. The list has grown. Not hugely but SIGNIFICANTLY in nature. RESULT i’m not in the least bit surprised at the consequences. Obvious and stated here on despite “attacks” from FRAUDS and sincere alike. Verbal / written attacks rarely kill, so we should speak up for what we believe is correct / TRUTH / decent & integrity … the normal interpretations …

    1. You got it right with the doormat thing, members seen are treated like this. It is toxic. We would not stay in abusive toxic relationships, so why do we seemingly play along in this instant?
      I have long given up trying to change other people’s minds.
      Have stood down from the roles i held at clp and Branch level, because i believe firmly in the values and principles of labour movement, and i am not selling out on these.
      I cannot dig any leadership/party that is selective about who has got human rights, that apologises apartheid and oppression and murder of people, that says it fights antisemitism, but at the same time is antisemetic, that does not allow debate, free speech, lies to members and reneges on pledges made.
      I share your confusion, asking myself why i am still in the party. So far not gound an answer.

    2. Sigh, I have asked and asked and you refuse to answer so for the last time HOW FFS!

      Explain how your going to convert the party? No nothing silence, no plan so what does that leave us with? You post all day here and else and before you ask how I can it’s called being disabled, Tired old and fed up with BS merchants and liars.

      Who talk big but offer nothing but the same tired old stay and fight and keep on being a good little slave paying your masters. Never been good at doffing my cap! When your built like me you sneer at bullies and rich men they don’t impress me nor do lies and deceptions.

      Steve yup we all know is a shill for Starmer at least he is a honest one you not so much methinks..

      No Sir! You are either a fool or a sockpuppet nothing but a paid shill for this cult of new Labour and should NOT BE TRUSTED!!!

  7. If a business, public body or govt agency employed the arbitrary, discriminatory tactics of the cuurent Labour party, it’d probably face prosecution. This is getting beyond absurd now.

  8. Will there be enough left voices at conference to be heard. The dirge and filthy behaviour of the right knows no bounds.

  9. Even if “suspended” delegates went & managed to get in (unlikely as they scan your pass which will have been cancelled & security at national conference is mega) there would be no voting cards for them anyway, which is the whole point of this action to stop the left delegates from voting. What a sham the party has become, devoid of any shred of decency, its just lie ,cheat & lie some more, do whatever it takes to secure their seats on the gravy train, screw democracy, screw socialism apparently it would seem.

  10. where has the 1968 Democratic National Convention spirit gone? smothered by jobsworths and the cold dead hands of entitlement old mens club clinging to medals for old wars where they enjoyed the spotlight.

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