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‘Car crash’ for evasive Starmer as unions shred him over pay and leader elections

‘TULO’ meeting a disaster for useless ‘leader’

Keir Starmer is reeling this evening after a mauling by union leaders in what has been described as a ‘car crash’ meeting with the ‘TULO’ union liaison group.

Starmer faced the fury of angry union bosses, who all said that they had not even been consulted about his attempt to railroad Labour members out of their leadership votes by reverting to the old ‘electoral college’ system – with the anger stoked even higher by Starmer’s timidity in calling for a puny £10/hr minimum wage – which would be a real terms cut by the time it ever came in – instead of the £15/hr unions are demanding to recognise the value of workers.

And while Starmer claimed he wanted to find ‘consensus’, those present at the meeting say that he dodged addressing even a single issue raised.

It’s hard to imagine a worse build-up to Starmer’s ‘make or break’ conference – and with the rejection of his acting general secretary looking increasingly possible tomorrow, the actual event might well turn out to be even more of a horror show for Starmer and comedy gold for real Labour.

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  1. The Trade Unions didn’t have an easy time during the tenure of Blair an very little by way of improvement during Brown’s leadership.
    Lets us not forget when Cameron taunting Ed Miliband that he was in the pockets of the Trade Unions from Miliband to hotly protest that he wasn’t; when he could have replied along the lines of:
    – “better in the pockets of Trade Unions that represent millions of British workers; the ones that actually create the wealth of this nation, the workers that provide services to the public, than been in the pockets of billionaires that steal from the same workers as you are”
    But Miliband never took on the Tories and bought the line on austerity that the Tories where spinning instead. As a result the average British worker has lost in salary and terms and conditions in comparison to wages pre 2008, while the billionaires have increased their billions.
    Even Unison is facing fire and rehire tactics from local authorities under Labour’s control. Unison high up officials are mainly right wingers. However, this isn’t the reality on the ground in which they are witness to LA’s high management upping their salaries to keep in line with inflation and renegotiating the terms and conditions of from line workers that either have their salaries frozen on in same cases lose pay.
    Therefore, no surprise that the old trick doesn’t work and the Trade Unions are standing their ground. I hope that tomorrow all affiliated Trade Unions are prepared to stand as a block with Unite, CWS, FBU and the Bakers and refuse to endorse Evans.
    This is not a question of right or left any more but, a question of standing up for democracy and stopping Labour to further slip into practices that frankly speaking are associated with Fascism.
    Brothers and sisters, comrades we need to bring Evans down.

      1. Richard, the Trade Union block is worth 50% of the vote. If the Trade Unions stand united and refuse to endorse Evans as General Secretary no matter all the gerrymandering excluding CLP’s representing delegates from Conference.
        The result would be a slap in the face for Starmer as Evans would be forced to stand down.

  2. Starmer still retains the support of the Guardian – just – so all is not lost.

    1. Paul, I am hearing that the Guardian is firing staff because his finances are in a mess. Hence, for how long is the Guardian going to be around?
      In view that Labour is inviting the Sun to have a stand at Labour Conference, I wonder how long before a cash strapped Guardian agrees to publish paid propaganda subtly supporting the Tories?

      1. Maria, it would be perfect karma for them (The Guardian & the Labour party) both to go bust together!

    2. Apparently some think that the battle is not yet lost

      Although the proposals will not be going to Labour’s NEC this evening, it has been suggested that the leadership hopes to negotiate overnight and could put the rule changes to the Saturday morning NEC meeting instead.
      The NEC is scheduled to meet at 11am on Saturday. Party sources have complained that further discussion of the rule changes could therefore be ongoing through the opening of conference and key speeches at the start.

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