Starmer’s fury with Drakeford for speaking at TWT – ‘he’s making it harder to dismiss as a Trot-fest’

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford is one of the speakers at the The World Transformed event in Brighton starting this weekend – and it’s driving Keir Starmer and his drones crazy.

The Labour right loves to sneer at the left’s alternative conference, but Drakeford’s involvement is a big problem for them. ‘Allies’ of Keir Starmer have told the Daily Mail that his presence makes it harder to dismiss as a ‘Trot fest’, adding:

We can’t dismiss the other conference as for crackpot Corbynites when the First Minister of a devolved nation is speaking. His presence is an unhelpful distraction.

The Labour right, sneering and Stalinist to the core, has been trying to bully Drakeford into dropping out, so far unsuccessfully.

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  1. Here’s hoping Mark Drakeford continues to ignore Starmer and his right wind bully boys.

      1. An apple dumpling would make a far better leader of the LP than Starmer.

      2. And Keir knows it, which is why he is as obsessed with destroying Drakeford as he was with perpetrating the AS Smear against Corbyn and his supporters.

  2. The great Mark Drakeford is a well known champion of Welsh cheese and something of a connoisseur. When asked his opinion of the greatest cheese he unhesitatingly answered ‘Caerphilly’. He is obviously a man who knows what really matters in life. How can such a man be criticised by the likes of Starmer who looks and sounds more and more like a Dairylea cheese spread consumer. No contest.

    1. What a rubbish post plain citizen so called Mark Drakeford wants a fairer society. he is intellectually far a head of starmer what is wrong with wanting the utilities back into public ownership along with Railways Care services NHS a National care department. free university education thousand’s of high standard homes publicly owned at fair controlled rents. taxation of super rich. Higher pensions and benifits for the poor .
      Why not plain citizen be like most of Europe /Scandinavia.???

      1. None of the combination you have just mentioned exist in Europe or Scandinavia (which is part of Europe btw). You are naive, ill educated and lacking the ability to analyse issues logically with real world experience. Of course perfectly suited to be a far left drone, the fruit flies of modern politics. The policies you favour are currently being applied in Venezuela and Zimbabwe to name but 2. Anyone who has lived under them as in the old Warsaw Pact countries wanted to leave because none of them work and you get complete moral and financial corruption. Know your history Ian and you could learn.

      2. plain citizen- you don’t half write a complete load of bollocks every time you post a comment.

      3. Plain citizen as a 86 yesterday triple grad Psychology biochemistry Travelled to over 100 countries lived in quite a few . I am not given to insulting people, You demonstrate to me what a nasty ill educated if that is the right word person you are.
        Yes I have real world experience i would guess far more than you. .
        The question you fail to answer is what is wrong with a fairer society that includes public ownership of utilities better public services a humane caring society. I am not interested in Venezuela . I pointed out that whatever way you try to look at it most of Europe is far better off than the UK.
        Again you come up with insults and spurries arguments which appear to only reflect prejudices.
        Far left again you do not know what you are talking about.
        I certainly know my history and worked for NHS for over 40 yrs and before that in In industry. My wife a NHS anaesthetist also would had to treat ignorant insulting people like you lack both empathy and humanity. Bye.

      4. Funny how gammons like PC always home in on countries that have economic war waged against them. Any country can be badly managed, why don’t you ever mention Greece, Argentina or Iceland ?

      5. Of course, if dollars weren’t the world’s reserve currency America would have gone bankrupt many times over.

    2. That’s very interesting, PC.

      That, plus the policies he ‘borrowed’ from Venezuela and Zimbabwe, must have been a big part of the reason he managed to increase his own personal majority, by 10,000 votes, in May’s Welsh Elections.

      If only we had more like him.

      1. Good point, I noticed that and unless one puts it down to the particular desire of welsh folk for a paternalistic dictatorship (sheep like dare I say?!) for which the evidence is a largely moribund economy with very low levels of entrepeneurship and constant harking back to the great days of mining and steel (low level manual labour) I can’t think of a reason unless it’s respect for an epicure of the cheese persuasion. I think Drakeford is a great guy but not one to catapult Wales up the productivity or wealth league tables.

      2. Plain Citizen 24/09/2021 at 5:24 pm :

        Oh, I think it’s much simpler, than that. The Welsh Electorate can read and understand a Manifesto – did I mention it was Jeremy Corbyn’s Manifesto, from GE19 – something the English Electorate seems to have had difficulty doing for a few years, now.

        Perhaps, something to do with the dire English MSM? What do you think?

      3. Well the pointy heads have had a go . Time for us thickos to take the bastards on. I have multiple swimming badges and my wife was in the brownies. Permission to breathe you over educated knowalls who have been turned over by the great educated right, time and again. I know let’s get some people like those msm jobseekers on Nm to lead us to the promised land. The party is dead and for all of your brilliance you can’t see it.

  3. I am disgusted by the use of the word “Trot- fest”, a nasty and insulting term to describe a gathering of people who want to see a better world for us all. It seems in Starmers Labour it is OK to insult and degrade fellow party members who believe in the Socialist principles the party was founded on.
    And a word of warning to Mark – watch your back. You are the only socialist leader remaining and they’ll be out to get you. Every word you say, everything you write will be scrutinised in the hope that they can find something to use against you- remember what they tried to do to Jess Barnard, suspend HER for objecting to transphobic comments rather then the person who made the comments. They’ll try to do the same with you.

    1. Smartboy, I could be wrong but I don’t think Starmer could suspend Mark Drakeford from the Welsh Labour Party.

      1. Jack T you are probably right but Starmer wouldn’t let a little thing like the rules and the autonomy of Welsh Labour stand in his way.

      2. After Welsh Labour’s stunning success in the Welsh Elections, in May, there were mutterings that Welsh Labour should disaffiliate from Southside Labour. Go it alone, as it were.

        Only mutterings, mind, but I’m certain those thoughts haven’t gone away.

        Starmer and Co. need to be careful. They’ve already decimated Scottish Labour, they want to hang on to Welsh Labour, or else Southside Labour – what used to be UK Labour – on its own, would be looking pretty threadbare.

    2. I am sure that the idiots, who bandy the word “Trot” about, have no idea what were the differences between Trotsky and Stalin. They simply use the term as a mindless insult.

      1. I have found that my history (800yds front crawl hons.) Of the left has shown me that Trots are masters of the split. A fest would be unthinkable.

  4. You would need to combine over a trillion clones of keir “erik armrest” starmer and still not manage to even reach 0.1% of the decency, honesty and integrity of Mark Drakeford!

  5. Well done Mr.Drakeford! I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the heat.

    Trot fest actually sounds like it’s worth attending. Will we see one?

  6. Mark Drakeford who I have never met is the nearest thing we have to Clem Atlee who I did see and hear when he was in his prime. Both are so far ahead of the uninspiring achromatic lleader that we now have that I despair. Starmer and his main henchman Evans are in danger of splitting the Labour Party as Ramsay Mac did many years ago and they must be stopped at Brighton.

    1. Why?

      So we can stay in a party controlled by the right wing? So we can have right wing staff call us anti-sematic and organise witch hunts against us with the help of the scummy right wing press?

      So we can slowly lose every left wing MP until there are none, remember they control who get selected and sure as hell will never be allowed to be any more socialists allowed. membership will be tightly controlled and any sign of decent or left wing and they will manufacture a reason why you have to be excluded.

      Now please explain knowing all the above why the heck whould we want to stay? Sorry splitting the party is the ONLY option you can wait until the last socialist MP is driven out or we can form a socialist only Labour movement tomorrow but either we learn the lesions of the past and the biggest the big flop sorry Tent doesn’t work that’s only used as a excuse for everything must stay the same. Remembering what Labour was not IS is another trap. Stay and fight keep on giving support to right wing Labour party, give them money to waste and elect right wing Labour MP’s how the heck does that help socialism?

      Or did you mean as long as the right wing is incharge! I am a 3rd if not 4th generation Labour socialist and I left the party in disgust after Starmer lied his way into office. I will never again give them money, support or my vote until there is a socialist only Labour party to vote for.

      Tory lite cult of new Labour 2.0 is not and never will be again socialist in any shape or form. I don’t do zombie party rotting and corrupt hiding it’s true nature behind a red rosette that is not the Labour movement I was brought up to respect and help. They walked away from our socialist ideology for new Labour version 2! I held my nose and voted for Tony Blair, I won’t vote for son of new Labour no matter who they put up as a figurehead.

      I am to old disabled and tired to listen to fairy tails and liars and I certainly won’t allow myself to be fooled into trusting any right wing involvement ever again. They can’t be trusted their basic nature of me in charge and making money is more important that assisting another is anathanima to my indology and I won’t bend it to fit any longer.

      A socialist only Labour party or nothing…

  7. I agree grand dad of similar age have to up with insults by a person who calls himself plain citizen perpetrating his right wing ideology onto me and being both ignorant and insulting. neoliberalism ideology that Thatcher imposed on the UK is at the root of our malaise as a society. The self centeredness I am alright jack attitude we see everyware today is dominant among large parts of UK population.
    Plain citizen who ever he is illustrates a attitude which is part that ideology. He appears to lack from his what his posts state basic empathy or care. He appears to think that he understands economics and fails to understand what a descent mixed economy is really like with descent services publicly owned utilities ect. uses insults because he is not able to grasp or understand the economies of certainly the Scandinavians countries all to the left of what Corbyn was attempting to achieve. One of their statements was what is the matter with UK Corbyn is very moderate. yet plain or shall we say unplain citizen maybe a better description of his ignorance and ideology by using boo words like hard left when he has no idea what it means and correlated some central America countries as what he describes as failed . whatever it means. All I am talking about at this stage is what is practical and achievable.
    At some point we all have to realise that we cannot continue on the path we are accelerating down . There are not enough resources and the climate problem is accelerating towards us.
    There has to be radical change whatever one calls it. At present just a small proportion of the world benifits from turbo capitalism. It cannot continue.
    nearly 3 quarters of the worlds population live on just a few dollars a day. With present resources to bring them up to the average middle class not the super rich 1% would take over 100 yrs. There is not the resources to be able to achieve this. Global climate change will catch up much faster than any ability for rich nations to try to assistant via neoliberal policies.
    So the ignorant right wing ideologies and their cheer leaders are going to be confronted with unsustainable economic problems. It will affect my children and their children. Probably not affect you or me.
    Meanwhile to UK has a idiot as PM and a totally uncaring ignorant gov in charge.
    What hope in the immediate future. The opposition so called labour party is busy destroying itself.
    The only hope the young coming up do not read right wing press are more liberal left wing and better educated.

  8. I made a comment that said Drakeford was right-not right wing-but somehow it is no longer there-it was a couple of hours ago.I want an explanation

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