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Exclusive: no, Jez is NOT going to Labour conference as a delegate. But he IS going

Starmer unlikely to be thrilled at the likely rockstar welcome for his predecessor

Rumours have been circulating today that former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s CLP is sending him to the party’s annual conference next month as a delegate, representing members in their votes on any policy changes – and on the confirmation of the appointment of Keir Starmer’s henchman David Evans as general secretary.

Although Corbyn is not currently sitting as a Labour MP, he is still a Labour member, having been restored to his membership when the spurious complaints against him for his response to the EHRC’s thin conclusions from its investigation into the party were found by Labour’s national executive – a Starmer-run national executive – to merit no further action.

Starmer subsequently ignored the party’s rules to remove the whip from Corbyn, but as an ordinary party member he is in good standing and perfectly entitled to stand for election by his fellow Islington North members as a delegate.

While such a move would have been a perfect nose-thumbing at Starmer’s cowardly war on Labour members, sadly the rumours are not true. But Corbyn is going to conference nonetheless.

Corbyn told Skwawkbox that while it’s untrue that he’s going as a delegate, he is still attending as a visitor – for the first time in more than forty years. Corbyn is also scheduled to speak at the World Transformed fringe event.

Keir Starmer’s ‘leadership’, meanwhile, is limping toward a speech for which his aides are desperately trying to manage expectations so that anything less than a disaster can be portrayed as a success.

So it’s a safe bet that Corbyn’s successor is unlikely to be thrilled by the ‘rockstar welcome’ Corbyn will almost certainly receive, despite months of rigging of conference delegate allocations by the Labour right.

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  1. Steve Richard, Yes ‘Lies; damned lies & the Tory Manifesto’ SIR Starmer wants to follow but much worse🚾

    ‘Lies; damned lies & the Tory Manifesto’ for which SIR Starmer erased Jeremy’s pledges.

    ‘Lies; damned lies & the Tory Manifesto’s damnedest lies SIR peter starmer mandelson blair hodge evans reeves ashworth shapps widdecombe rayner hancock nandy duncan-smith cooper balls booth michael howard coyle coyne hostile redwood environment john currie edwina major salmonella oldknow margaret eagle thatcher beckett straw streeting smith ummuna owen toynbee jones metropolitan elite🚾

    …one and the same pack of tory damnedest SIR 🚾 liars keith SIR remain hartlepool chesham & amersham batley & spen by three hundred ish votes who by nature +/or nurture didn’t spot the fake pledges incompatible with two starmer coups & sabotage to prevent them ever seeing the light of day.

    OR maybe were defeated by illogical yet understandable fear of Tories. Tricked by joke shop costumes of cheap red rosettes, red badges, red mugs and other paraphernalia made in china pretending to be Labour. Hoodwinked easily by hollow starmer pledges and hopeless hope or sent their eyes and ears on a long vacation very far away since 1913… at least

    THANK GOODNESS, Sharon Graham’s GLORIOUS victory of Sir KEITH’s chosen tool Gerard Coyne was rejected by almost 75% of the engaged. Starmer’s choice could not even get 1/3 of the votes in a three horse race that favoured him with ever status quo OMNIPOTENT POWER supporting him and their MILLIONS. Fancy that. Beaten into LAST place, even by absent Turner.

    Sharon had none of those much talked about OMNIPOTENT forces. She made NO concessions. She took NO advice from those who would have fretted – oh no Sharon disown SOCIALIST WORKERS, Evans won’t like that and and and the WARMONGERS and Filthy Rich who spin themselves as “centrists” are “clever” and “smart” fill us with the garbage that being and open Socialist and for the workers, is not what workers want, etc on and on dripping dripping COMPLETELY evidence free propaganda. That’s why Sharon won. If she stood in General Election tomorrow, she would win in a landslide.

    Even SIR prick head Starmer realises that. That’s why for the first time since allowed to deceive the membership by sitting on the internal report and much else PERPETUAL desperate bottom feeder PROVEN loser of by-Elections which oppositions ALWAYS win… issued this concentrated thick lie –

    ““looking forward to working together to improve the lives of working people across the country.”

    yeeesss… because smeg headed candida eyed SIR starmer is NOT stupid, even he knows that “The Centre Ground” is NOT fixed. It NEVER was. It will EVER be fixed or a given. Throughout EVERY single facet of HISTORY, true VISIONARIES with ALL of their most spectacularly colourful ‘faults’ and less than ideal faults, MOVE “Centre Grounds” of EVERYTHING we now take for granted.

    Be it surgery, medicine, epidemiology, cellular genetics, cardiology – this very day we are MOVING the “Centre Ground” re prophylactic medication of under 50s against hypertension.

    But there is MUCH more shifting Centre Grounds; aviation, AI and Robots IN SURGERY and that is not even new… quite OLD news. What is revolutionary now will be taken for granted and LOVED in as few years as four.

    But back to visionaries. I know some unaccustomed to bunker free bilge free FRANK views find said frank opinion difficult to take on board. That frankly is adult learned infantilism. Go to any primary school or watch the tiny children practising the football, cricket, ballet, piano, violin or STUNNING BMX skills. Tiny tot are “GLADLY” grateful for ANY tips to help them be their best. Sadly too many teachers and FRIENDS give up on those the declare have little potential in X or Y. They also prioritise and practise being unwittingly DIM and what they feel is ‘NICE’ with the mistaken belief that such DESTRUCTIVE unwitting dimness is nice and “polite.” They are WRONG. Ask the youngest student who wants to learn anything.

    Therefore like many past imperfect VISIONARIES, Jeremy Corbyn moved the “Centre Ground”. The Tories are smart enough to know that. That’s why even as you of adult attention spans read to this point, BLUE Tories will try to copy Jeremy’s policies. Of course they will promise it but not do any of it, if their chums can’t make a killing and lives… find Iain Duncan-Smith’s frothing at his gob withe the most enthusiastic glee for Blair’s Invasion of Iraq. They LOVE KILLING.

    Anyway, back to Jeremy; HE changed the “Centre Ground”. We’ve had SEVERAL confirmations of that. Cambridge, Putney, Wales recently and now of course Sharon Graham.

    No one is perfect. But we can help each other TRANSFORM this world with CLEAR frank advice. In a true COLLECTIVE of TRUE comrades we CAN do SOLIDARITY in ACTION and be our BEST.

    STOP hoping for a SAGE to do everything. Sages do sage ing. They have made a big contribution. That is why i’ve stated b4, Jeremy’s closest team and Union big wigs let him down, us down and the whole country.

    BUT we the membership failed too, by allowing the bigwigs in our “Left” CLPs digging in their defeatism to all layers. That can change. It is only a few who try to hammer in victimhood / defeatism / cant do / “dont try or else we’ll be attacked and the media will go bonkers”. I encountered that from my first “Left” meeting. It paused a bit until the GE2019 gifting away of our victory to Cummings’ Johnson. The whining returned until Jeremy was suspended. Now i hear Jeremy was as shocked as they were. When he had the Whip withdrawn he was rigid stunned with shock.

    He as well as his team and the big wigs in my “Left” CLP could have had their shock reduced if they had listened or read and believe what was posted on eg “worse is to come” or words to that effect … the Malcolm Colemans would know.
    It was obvious. One need not be “smart”… what ever is meant by that is a mystery to me. I’ve never knowingly met someone who may not be “smart”. We all do non smart things for a variety of complexly initiated yet simple reasons. The most exceptional people can perform phenomenally in their specialism yet put up the most convoluted illogical evidence free defence of their religions or political views.

    It is up to us “The Many” to plug the fatal gaps of Jeremy and his team eg when he rescued TWatson at conference we should have INSISTED he UNrescued him and rescued the THOUSANDS who deserved rescuing. DITTO: Sir Deceitful Starmer invitation to the Shadow Cabinet and Hodge, Blair Phillips etc.

    In the state we are now, it is poor priority to fret more about the BLUE Tories outside the party more than returning FULLEST strength and in BULK the “loyalty” they left us with from 2015. Its theirs. We must not keep it.
    That should be in our TOP THREE priorities NOW. Dont wait hoping ILLOGICALLY that things will be only half deadly. If we wait it will be worse than that. You read it here on Don’t say u weren’t warned.

    You have been and you are🌻🌻🌻


    1. THE ABOVE should be to Steve Richard’s comment in an earlier thread. Apologies, i’m just trying to do several things at once while thinking of other things i need to get done. Shame on me and apologies again💐💐💐

      Below r some suggestions & thoughts re Jeremy’s BRILLIANT idea to speak at The World Transformed. Wrote it much earlier as soon as i got info that he will attend, but as ever … ANYWAY

      The WORLD TRANSFORMED at Brighton Conference, CAN show SIR keith starmer what OPPOSITION is.

      That is if Jeremy and others observe TO THE LETTER what i’ve tried my best to highlight. PLEASE:

      1️⃣ – NO more broad brush, scatter gun surface spray on every MILLION virtuous issue under the sun💥💥💥

      2️⃣ – NO shallow breathing, over breathing, gasping for breaths + throat clearing💥
      Speak to the GENERAL PUBLIC not the adoring crowd that will be there. We are a subset of society and already agree with you. We dont need our bunker buttons pressed💥

      3️⃣ – NO more than five issues. Deal with them FORENSICALLY to show Dipstick Starmer what true forensic is. Highlight SIR’s confusion of forensic with a smeg encrusted foreskin which is what Starmer is like💥💥💥

      4️⃣ – DISABUSE self abusers IMAGINED idea of your “appeal”.
      MILLIONS like me, found YOUR policies YOU promised, appealing.
      “The Many” knew NOTHING else about you. And we certainly would not have been attracted if we thought u were only a NICE old man💥💥

      5️⃣ – When we voted for those policies, we did not expect someone we thought, “said what he meant and meant what he said” as Tony Benn repeated often… we dod not expect you to dilute what we chose and compromise away a LONG HELD core belief to appeal to our opposites💥💥💥

      6️⃣ – Deal with KEY clear BASIC issues HERE and NOW. PRIORITISE and SEQUENCE E X A C T L Y as u do in your allotment or when u make your jam💥💥💥

      7️⃣ – connect Connect CONNECT and FOCUS instead of flooding the general public with HACKNEYED SUPERFICIAL damp limp favourite words: “SUPPORT”, “CARE” and your MOST repeated phrase THROUGHOUT your first three years – “Kinder GENTLE politics”💥

      Odd, having shown NONE in ACTIONS to friends and supporters when they URGENTLY needed it. I put yourself b4 their welfare💥

      Two Wednesdays ago a handful of “The Many”, now in a vulnerable position caused by you and your team, DEMONSTRATED “solidarity” and “comradeship” towards you. Conversely while you held controls you allowed Starmer to take by depriving members of guidance they trusted u to provide; you did nothing like that for your own💥

      Many are “surprised”… even those in your OWN constituency, you ACTIVELY and by inaction collaborated with Starmer to DECEIVE your own constituents. Not because u are bad but because when it mattered MOST urgently, you put your craving to be “loved” by eg Twatson more than those who love you💥

      Those unsurprised by Starmer, are those who face REALITY. We realised we could no longer depend on you, so dug into SIR Starmer’s PUBLIC record, ourselves. We did not lay back like lazy lemmings, then crash over an obvious cliff to the rocks on which we are now ALL wrecked 💥

      You showered your “Kinder Gentler Politics” on ALL you OPEN enemies eg Hodge, Phillips Nos 1&2 (needed to b expelled together as they often are daily in the form of Blair)💥

      Where there’s life, there’s hope. I suspect you have NEVER had honest advice and feedback from your nearest and dearest. USE IT NOW. Little is ever totally lost without our CHOOSING to cling to obvious grenades or lemmings in front of us💥

      7️⃣ – Instead be SPECIFIC. Focus on how you would fix at least THREE but no more than FIVE key CONNECTED issues.

      Eg: Tories INSTANTLY found fully grown MAGIC money FORESTSSS for their Covid-19 bandit chums.
      Thirty Seven BILLION £££ for PPE alone. Much of it USELESS.
      Planes, NEW ‘Royal’ YATCH which even Betty won’t admit to wanting, BILLIONS on Trident which is ZILCH defence against nihilists,
      VAST bonuses for non performers in government, MPs and HMRC SWEETHEART cosy deals for the “FILTHY RICH”💥

      THEREFORE demolishing the inevitable tossing about “cost”; choose THREE worthwhile URGENT issues for which a tiny fraction of those BILLIONS would have produced SPECIFIC CONNECTED benefits💥

      Eg: Housing for veterans and the GENERAL public. LEGAL AID for those who need it💥

      FREE PARKING for NHS patients, relatives and STAFF. It’s an absolute scandal to have banditry in the NHS of all places💥

      Detail a SPECIFIC case study of Privatisation by Stealth, especially by FOREIGN owned outfits and CONNECT with Starmer’s Tory chums💥

      EMPHASISE SIR Starmer’s GAPING HOLE of SILENCE on EACH of the three / max five issues you choose. Emphasise the question: WHY is Starmer so silent⁉️ WHO is he protecting⁉️

      BROADER educational experiences and opportunities for all from one to ninety two💥

      Women in particular and all robbed of their EARNED PENSIONS💥💥💥

      EXPLAIN in clear detail YOUR justification for reliable broadband for all💥💥💥

      Unpack the scandal of the housing INFLATED & DELIBERATE collusion of TORY vested interests to strangle supply, thereby propping up property prices. Thus diverting diverse resources, including NATIONAL focus to treating HOUSING prices as a healthy economy and owners financial security. Germany in particular does EXTREMELY well without that HOT AIR in house prices. Across the water even wealthy bankers RENT💥💥💥

      We would do much better to invest in Industrial production, education, increasing the TRUE potential of those DELIBERATELY victimised by the LEGAL establishment to trap them and their families by being criminalised, imprisoned for ONE YEAR so the meet a PATEL continued deportation tick💥💥💥

      That calculated VILE & RACIST policy preceded Pritti Patel. Her persisting with it, proves her as wicked as her MANY predecessors were and are. They go further back than May and Rudd or even war criminal Blair💥💥💥

      Institutional racism is exemplified by SIR starmer & DAME cressida dick. Constant admissions of almost all non black celebrities and one percenters of rampant heroin and cocaine abuse, yet ZERO legal action nor slightest attention💥💥💥

      DAME cressida dick’s blatant admission that she looked into MICHAEL GOVE’s PUBLIC admission of REPEATED COCAINE use, yet found he had NO case to answer, while she and Starmer are happy to imprison black men and women for INFINITELY less, proves my point💥💥💥

      8️⃣ – Jeremy, many more suggestions are available. However, some would RIGHTLY say “medice, cura te ipsum”.

      Therefore, i of all people should try harder at taking my own prescription – “Less is more” . Alas it’s my sense of URGENCY to MAKE things happen, rather than see our leaders REPEATEDLY allow, enable, and actively ENCOURAGE bad things HAPPEN to us💥

      THAT has largely been YOUR story and ALL of “Left” ENGLISH politics💥

      BUT if i hear you INSULT our morality and ethics with yet MORE even MUMBLED SH** about “unity”… THEN u would deserve to be BLOCKED FOREVER from ANY gathering of people who understand that “decency” and “integrity” are SUSTAINED tangible ACTIONS with convictions which PRODUCE decent RESULTS💥💥💥

      “DECENCY” is NOT limp wet words with ZERO follow through to devoted friends and supporters yet devoting all “LOVE” to Starmer types.

      TRUE “solidarity” & “comradeship” & “decency” & “integrity” is TANGIBLE ACTION. Ask the “Good Samaritan”. They may not TELL you. They will SHOW you in ACTIONS even if they may be “attacked”.

      No “comrade” worth a bean, ducks giving good advice to help you not crash OUR ship on OBVIOUS rocks again and again and again💥💥💥

      LEARN to IMPROVE and MAKE change happen.


    2. SNW. You have much to say but your posts are way too long and people give up on them.
      You are a decent socialist human being.
      Say it in 2 paragraphs.
      Discipline comrade, discipline.

      1. Bazza, thanks. almost all discipline + excruciating detail is applied to other things. Plus, ‘no time like the present’, especially when anything can happen at anytime. We must be PRO active rather than scrambling after the actions of our opposites. That is way too late. Add up the time devoted to reading the same moaning and whining and defeatism and things we already accept; for years.
        But yes i must try harder to find the time to prune… and stop multitasking😂😂🤣

        In the meantime, a others may cut out TV current affairs. Nothing to be gained from that. Nothing. Ditto: bunker reading lists from known names (my lot r at it again!!! They seem to recover from every shock eg GE2019 and Jeremy’s suspension then Whip removal.) The shock lasts a week + four days MAX, then back to comfort reading. from which they apply ZILCH.

        Though in fairness we all saw Starmer as a “present danger”. To my last hour, the parasitic gobs, when gained encouraging and tremendous wins at leader & dep nominations, will remain with me.

        ps might it help if people took a sabbatical from familiar stuff esp fussing about externalities + every form of defeatism and victimhood? To me it only secures the continued parasitic stitch ups. We already know Tories r bad. Seems sensible to focus on at least neutering them in ours.
        That CAN be done‼️‼️‼️


      2. That’s better SNW.
        I read it all.
        We all love you really.
        I leaned great discipline by posting on the BBC News comments page – u hav 400 characters 2 attack Tories!
        We can transform the world with our ideas but must keep it brief and use straight forward language.

      3. ‘a decent socialist being’! He is the COMPLETE opposite – a fascist full-time paid shill! But presumably it doesn’t strike you as abnormal Bazza that he has posted the first comment – and within two or three minutes usually – on literally hundreds and hundreds of occasions, and has posted a ‘reply’ to the first comment on hundreds and hundreds of occasions, and that he repeats the same things over and over again ad nauseum – ie falsehoods and lies concocted and contrived to discredit Jeremy Corbyn and left MPs and the left in general. Or that he posts six/seven hundred comments a month or more, month after month after month A decent socialist being my arse!

        So what do you do for a living signpost?

    3. So if we were to have a GE tomorrow Sharon would win. Where is her stronghold, her base. Is it Labour hq? Does she have friends in the media? Views on ME, Cuba, Syria, the children’s friend over the pond. If her victory is inevitable, I would be churlish were I to not vote for her.

      1. She won’t stand for Labour. No Labour HQ base. She’s more liberated and imaginative than that. No need friends media friends. I say it in long posts. She proved it in her recent defeat of those who had all that.

        Expect her views; ME, Cuba Syria + most crucial FUNDAMENTALS are in line with Jeremy’s and ours (not davidH SH or Malcolm Coleman’s of course). btw “OUR” NEVER = SH nor Malcolm Coleman aka WFM WFS AHs🟥🟥🟥 i mean “Left” “Socialists”.

        “Tomorrow” is joyful hyperbole.
        Let’s say; usual purdah period plus one month. Winning is easy. The sustaining with attitude ‘technical’ + “admin” competence, vetting, is difficult. The greatest challenges are developing +ve attitudes / culture / EVIDENCED beliefs / VALUING honest appraisal as a positive / banishing confrontation averse mindset / prioritising and SEQUENCE / setting the action, tunes, dance etc rather than waiting to guess how mythical omnipotents might do this that and the other. Could go but as the TV “news programs” esp have successfully erased the attention spans of the most able and ideas must be no more taxing than a TV soap; those may be already too many thought off the top of my head… when i should be in bed😂😂😂

        But there are many competent people available. Don’t judge by tbe current JohnsonStarmer regime (singular). They suffer from group non think too. Narrow shallow pool; think Dido Harding, Hancock, the education tarantula man … name slips… funny voice, sounds silly (but not silly. no one is), Grant Schapps or whomsoever is the ship free ship man. And who ever is on the Starmer branch of Johnson’s regime.
        Be fooled not, by the SH** fest. There r tens of THOUSANDS of competent people OUTSIDE the status quo incestuous greasy pass swapping for revolving door to troughs.

      1. db – I’m surprised that you ‘misunderstood’ my comment, I was referring to Jeremy Corbyn not Keir Starmer.

      2. db – I’m surprised that you ‘misunderstood’ my comment, I was referring to Jeremy Corbyn not Keir Starmer.

        You’re actually serious. Went right over your head that, didn’t it?

        What an oddball. You’ll be making leave keef alone’ video next…And that won’t be a piss-take neither.

      3. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment appreciation society AGM are looking for a venue
        Do you have any Red Telephone boxes near you
        Did I say Red, apologies would need to be Blue and somewhere in Tel Aviv
        Hope you can make it
        Love Keira

    1. So much of a “Yesterdays man” you and your fellow extreme oxymoronic rw-centrist moderates can’t stop obsessing about him?

      1. iamcrawford – Can just 2 words accurately describing JC,,the subject of this article. really be classified as being obsessive, If so then I must be guilty but unlike many others on here I’m not living in the past endlessly fantasising about what might have been if only he had…………..

      1. I do wish that Steveh would answer Toffees question. Are you a humourless, thick man?

      2. Wobbly – Are you a simpleton and why are you commenting on an article from 2 onnths?

    2. Good record. Released September, 1965 by Chris Andrews. P.S. SteveH you missed out the apostrophe. If perchance you make reference to Jeremy Corbyn, may I remind you that there are many lessons to be learned from yesterday & if you believe that the Labour Party’s future is with Sir Keir Starmer then you really do have a lot to learn.

    3. “Yesterday’s Man” remains Tomorrow’s Hope –

      and he’s much more relevant to the Labour party’s future than Sir Keir of the DPP and Billionaires will ever be!

  2. Lets hope they sing Oh Jeremy Corbyn, not just once but at every opportunity especially when Starmer is about to speak!

    1. All Corbyn supporting delegates to have it as their ringtone for conference (and beyond) would be a hoot 👍😉

      1. And make sure they get their mates to ring them as the pose for ‘ussies’ with keef.

        …And get someone else to film it for YouTube 👍😋🤣🤣

        …I can envisage the fume from the muculent one now😤😤😤

    2. Play the JC game
      How many times can you mention his name in a speech
      First prize signed copy of the 2017 and 2019 manifestos

  3. It is not necessary to be an LP member to attend or even speak to the conference from the platform. The CAC if they were anything like decent could ask Jeremy to speak.

  4. I wonder if some dishonest and malicious lies will be put forward to justify denying Jeremy Corbyn a visitors pass? e.g. He might say something that makes or his presence makes Jewish members feel un-welcome?

    1. IAMcrawford. Not carrying a Guardian or not wearing a BBC baseball cap back to front.

  5. I can see it now,
    I am there and Political Cretin Starmer stands up to speak.
    Cue ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ then Jeremy appears and delegates turn their back on Starmer and the stage.
    Poetry in motion.
    Then Right Wing Labour Barbarians ban singing at Labour meetings.
    And diverse working people led by left wing democratic socialists sing as we transform society as an example to other countries who sing too!
    Diverse working people of the world unite!

      1. SteveH davidH SH, just u wait‼️
        My honest views of what Jeremy needs is known, yet even as he is, PLUS his shell suit + tieless (which i LOVED), your SIR starmer knows he cannot endure the IMPENDING HUMILIATION of being even Wembley Stadium length near to Jeremy
        Keith knows it. Blair knows. Johnson knows.
        They will do EVERYTHING to run away.
        btw. Maybe wishful imagination, but i heard “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” @ football in Germany.

        Can’t wait for “The World Transformed”‼️
        BRILLIANT idea – Ring Tone, + Brass band would b the bees knees‼️ Come on Durham Miners, come down to Brighton

      2. windchime – Oh dear, If only chants of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ had translated into votes but unfortunately it self evidently didn’t.

      3. good can be extracted from everything… which of course wont please u & your parasites. Thats great☀️☀️☀️

  6. Can’t make Conference but it will make interesting television. I wonder how the BBC will report it.?

    1. Steve Richards
      Laura is working on a face for it
      Something along the lines of, you you bastard you shit in my custard, face

  7. The right must still be quietly seething about Sharon Graham’s win, a ‘hard left’ candidate by their reckoning; someone who their pick, right-winger Gerard Coyne, painted in apocalyptic terms, as being an existential threat to the not just the Labour party but the whole country in his final desperate plea for votes. Hyperbole much?

    It’d be nice to think Labour’s unrepresentative right are finally facing some retribution, but any leadership challenge, ending the Starmer nightmare, will probably have to wait now until next year and May’s London electoral wipe-out…electoral gods’ willing.

    1. Andy – I doubt very much that there will be a leadership challenge this side of the next GE.
      The self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ clearly haven’t got the numbers to mount a challenge or a credible leader and the RW aren’t that stupid.

      1. the RW aren’t that stupid.

        Aren’t they? You fancy yourself as a mouthpiece for them…

      2. SteveH – True. Not quite there yet, but it’s close if all the SCG are on board. It’s only 20% of MPs afaik, i.e., 40 MPs based on 200 MPs

        If Labour get a hammering in May, especially in London, where they can traditionally take a lot of support for granted. And with an election on the horizon in 2023 or possibly earlier if a snap election is called to capitalise on Labour’s polling woes, the PLP could get very jittery indeed. In that scenario next May, you could see enough MPs force a challenge across the line.

        Even the centrists may start thinking their survival prospects demand Starmer’s removal.

      3. Andy – …….and your new leader would be? Or perhaps you haven’t thought it through that far yet.

      4. SteveH – I don’t think anyone could be as divisive and factional as Starmer. Ideally, of course I’d say someone associated with the left : Clive Lewis, Zara Sultana, RLB, even John McDonnell but they are unlikely to get on the ballot should they choose to run.

        Even someone like a reasonable, centrist Barry Gardiner, would be a huge improvement. Starmer is just obnoxious, a person who lied to the left, trust is shattered.

      5. I remember leaving Labour after hearing a speech by Blair in which he said that the Labour Party must occupy centre ground to become electable & attract middle-class voters. May I suggest that Socialism will never be allowed to become the ‘central’ focus of the Labour Party because the establishment & MSM institutions see it as a threat to Neo-Liberal Capitalism. & must be eliminated; hence the antisemitic moral panic; just a means to an end. The past never ends SteveH.

      6. Steve Richards – Well there are now more middle class than there are working class voters 57% – 43%. In the 19GE more of the middle class voted Labour than did the working class. Also in the 19GE for the first time ever more of the working class voted Tory than voted Labour.
        Labour would have been sunk without the middle class vote

      7. SteveH
        My dog has just had all his jabs but not house trained yet would beat Temporary Embarrassment
        Is this before or after we change the rules on who can stand at this year’s conference
        Before or after we force him and his fellow turd polishers into bankruptcy

      8. Doug – Compared to the Tory Party’s 2020 deficit of £5.4million (surplus of £13million in 2019) Labour’s 2020 deficit of £1,000,000 looks quite healthy and a lot easier to fix. The Tory’s donations dropped by about 70% between 2019 and 2020 from £55.7million down to only £17.2million.

      9. Oh yes they are. In the interest of pretend democracy and the so called broad church they put one Jeremy Corbyn forward in the leadership election of 2015, he won with a landslide when he was supposed to lose spectacularly.

      10. The follow back nutters are getting very angry with Starmer, he won’t even say the shelves are empty because of brexit.

      11. The middle class will vote for whoever keeps house price inflation high. That bubble will burst spectacularly at some point and you will be on your knees. Sometime in the next 20 or 30 years there’ll be landlords asking tenants how much they are willing to pay

      12. lundiel – In the context of my comment talking about the large number of middle class voters who voted Labour and saved Labour’s arse how is your contribution relevant?

      13. And when that happens none of your careerist, managerial types will be able to step up to the plate and offer hope and renewal. All you know is more of the same.

      14. lundiel – and LW’s saviour is, or are you still working that one out?

    2. I’m just letting you know that you have some very trying times ahead and there’s a good chance politics will undergo fundamental change. The clever ones knew that for things to remain the same we had to stay in the EU with its balanced budgets, open boarders and cheap labour. Johnson hopes he can turn us into a tax haven thereby protecting the elite. I have my doubts and think we are entering an era of renewed union power, higher wages for workers and an affordable rental market.
      I advise you to cash in your chips and f off to your Carribbean bolt hole.

      1. lundiel – Thanks for your concern but I no longer have any UK based assets and whether I’ll be around to worry about it in 20 or 30 years time is debatable,

      2. lundiel – You’ll be pleased to hear that t won’t stop me from commenting on Skwawkbox.

  8. but unlike many others on here I’m not living in the past endlessly fantasising about what might have been if only he had…

    That’s right. You’re not.

    But you are revelling in your part of maintaining the status quo of one party government and preventing the country from seeing a socialist one.

    And don’t bother denying it; your schadenfreude at seeing Corbyn in his current predicament and your perpetual turd polishing of the ersatz-tory abortion that is starmerism, speaks volumes.

    1. Toffee – …and yet you are the numpty who says that he would rather vote Tory than Labour at the next GE because at least you know what you are getting. You couldn’t make it up.

      1. SteveH – I was really hoping they lost Batley and Spen. Because, it was being widely briefed that Starmer would face a leadership challenge from Angela Rayner if they did. Not a fan of Rayner either, but removing Starmer has to be a priority for anyone on the left or those who care about progressive change in the UK.

        Did you see Starmer’s absurd triumphalism after B&S? Despite despising the Tories, holding your nose and voting for them in a contest like that would make sense, in an attempt to topple Starmer.

        FPTP gives us very blunt tools to shape anything politically, sometimes you have to use your vote in weird ways to achieve a results elsewhere.

      2. Sorry SteveH , your social classifications are based on occupations, which %s changed after Starmer’s tutors Blair & Thatcher, destroyed manufacturing & replaced it with service industries to destroy the power base of trade unions & bring a ready made cheap labour source into the market ie women. As a country, we now manufacture far less than we did during the miner’s strikes & the 3 day week. ‘Don’t you just love Freedom of Speech?’.

  9. and yet you are the numpty who says that he would rather vote Tory than Labour at the next GE because at least you know what you are getting.

    That’s right again – I did indeed…

    Now, let’s hear you tell us what difference it’d make, hmmm? 🤔

    1. Annnnnnd once again…

      No answer was the stern reply. The (allegedly) former Corbyn voter turned stammer triumphalist* fails to give a single difference between stammerism and conservatism.

      And by not doing so, freely confessed there isn’t one

      *‘Only voted keef because: he was the best of a bad bunch

      Now, you REALLY couldn’t make THAT up 😕

    2. Wassamarra, wee fella??

      Oh don’t tell me… it’s dinner time on the Caribbean again, isn’t it? 😏

      Hope I haven’t made you choke on your foie gras and tofu roulade….


  10. Now that we have Ms oGrady and Sharon thingumy, working women are the vanguard. Here we go, onwards to somewhere over the rainbow. Maybe the numbers girl would consider joining? Pottymouth might want to assert her position as the female gunslinger of the party. Run kids, run and hide. We can’t protect you.

  11. We would have got over the line in 2017 as many sang “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” but as the Forde Enquiry will show we were sabotaged by Right Wing (well paid) members of staff and 100 plus Right Wing Labour MPs (political imbeciles who should have been kicked out) slagged Corbyn off for years off in public, before the Right in Labour discovered the Anti-Semitism ruse because they couldn’t beat Corbyn on iDEAS and the political lumpen Right couldn’t work out that we supported Jeremy cos he agreed with our socialist ideas.
    And of course the Right Wing media piled in (the tax dodging owners would have had to cough up under Corbyn) and Right Wing Jewish Groups too. But the policy disaster of Iraq and Afghanistan has exposed Right Wing Labour and Tories as the political imbeciles they are – NEVER LET THEM FORGET – THEY ARE TO BLAME!
    To paraphrase an old John Lennon song:
    “Jeremy was right, and they were wrong.
    Right Wing Labour won’t last long.
    When the June light, turns to moonlight.
    Right Wing Labour will go Scotland’s way!”

  12. Knowing that Jeremy Corbyn is walking into the lions den Brighton and Hove were the anti Corbyn AS scam was invented,will momentum provide security.No doubt a reception will be laid on by arch JVL man Ivor Caplin and the Labour mp crank in Hove..ITs dangerous for Corbyn and he will find out what Chris Williamson faced on his visit to Brighton.a rabble of highly experienced and determined Israeli supporters..,or maybe be like the other parasite on here see him as “yesterday man” and ignore him.?

  13. It would be too much to expect Starmer to do the right thing and treat Jeremy like the much loved and admired former leader that he is. That would require a level of decency that Starmer lacks

  14. Maybe Sir Keir of the DPP/CIA and Billionaires will need to enter his fifth covid isolation the week of the Labour party conference rather than share his limelight with Jeremy Bernard Corbyn.

    I’d also like to suggest Sir Keir gets a booster of his experimental and possibly dangerous Covid Vaccine – daily!

    (except of course, as with every other member of the Trilateral Commission, Her Majesty the Queen and all other billionaires, Sir Keir probably avoids the “experimental” new, unested-on-humans, mRNA drug therapy jab which is possibly dangerous)

  15. The Chief Turd Polisher’s arms must ache with all that polishing…..

    Max Headroom is readying his speech….WTF.

    Meanwhile next door the real action is kicking off. With decent honest people.

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