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Exclusive: Starmer silent on Butler’s brave ‘liar’ stand – until he tried to beg cash off the back of it

Head in the sand in public – but a begging email to members

Back-bench Labour MP Dawn Butler’s strong stand on Boris Johnson’s lies cost her being ejected from the Commons chamber for refusing to retract her perfectly accurate claim that Johnson is not only a liar but a repeat offender.

But party leader Keir Starmer promptly stuck his head in the sand (or somewhere requiring a little more contortion) and has not said a word in public about her courageous action to draw public attention to Johnson’s habitual dishonesty over the pandemic and more.

Not a tweet, not a peep – unlike his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, who is still closer to leader of the opposition than his timid successor.

Until, that is, Starmer and his machine tried to beg cash from Labour members off the back of Butler’s display of spine and integrity.

While Starmer stayed schtum in public, party members received emails begging for cash – specifically on the back of Butler’s stand:

Dear ____________,

You might have seen what happened to Dawn Butler in the House of Commons this week, when she was thrown out of the Chamber for calling Boris Johnson a liar.

We want to be clear- Boris Johnson has a well-established, and well known, track record of being very economical with the truth. These are some of his greatest hits:

Sacked by the Times newspaper for making up quotes.

In 2004, Michael Howard sacked him after he lied about an affair.

Johnson said on live radio “£60m I saw was being spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse”. His comments were a prominent news story at the time. He denies ever saying them.

His ‘Garden Bridge’ Project as Mayor of London cost over £43million of public money. He tried to blame the project on Sadiq Khan.

He has been pulled into a whole saga of sleaze surrounding multi million pound renovations to his Downing Street flat, and links to dubious Conservative donors.

“We’ve got a huge new Towns Fund which is going to be giving £3.6 billion altogether”. According to Channel 4’s FactCheck, only £1.3 billion was new money, a fact that came from the government’s own press release.

When we knock on doors across the region, voters tell us that they do not trust Boris Johnson to tell the truth. They are right.

With a donation from you, we could launch a series of targeted digital adverts that show voters the real Boris Johnson. He is not the same as Prime Ministers of the past, who although we may not have supported, always treated the public fairly. He is a liar, he treats the British public with contempt and we need to be brave in calling him out.

Dawn Butler was right – I’ll chip in

Thanks for your continued support

An excerpt from the unprincipled begging email

Skwawkbox view:

Labour’s financial woes as a result of the hierarchy’s war on members and their democracy is now well known, with the party laying off staff and only a month from bust.

But doesn’t it just sum up the entire Starmer regime that they’ll say nothing in public for fear of offending the Establishment and Tory voters – yet will sidle in on the back of Butler’s name and courage to try to sponge cash from members?

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  1. Bozo the dangerous clown could have and should have been called out years ago by Sir Rodney as a liar. Why has it taken him until now? .. as if we don’t know!

    1. If you’d watched PMQs you would have seen that Keir has been attacking the PM and the Tory ministers for their lack of integrity for quite some time now.

      1. Keir has been attacking tory ministers for their lack of integrity for quite some time now….?Are you on the same planet centrist Dad Steve H Hall.!All Johnson as to say now is “wheres the missing millions from your parties members mr honourable member?…and the qustion of honesty and integrity is buried in one quick reply from the PM.

      2. Joseph – There have been lots of assertions on these pages but I’ve yet to see actual evidence that there is any money missing. If you think that you know better then please feel free to post a link.

      3. mandelson IS now OFFICIAL “advisor” to starmer SIR. approx seven party mps incl Caroline Lucas, wrote and or went to downing st and or the speaker. they compiled and detailed some of johnson’s numerous lies.

        they PLEADED with starmer SIR to join them. the ex dpp, already LOVING his establishment “pay” for services rendered; and DESPERATE 4 another bauble; a PEERAGE LORD BARON this, that of here or there; under Mandelson’s “advice” Keith Rodney REFUSED to join them. starmer preferred to continue supporting a tory johnson. another bauble with trinkets will be starmer’s reward.

        What say u steveH davidH SH ❓❓❓

      4. Then he has no excuse for not supporting Dawn Butler on what she said. Nobody who’d think Dawn should have to apologise for breaking a trivial, irrelevant parliamentary rule that shouldn’t even exist in this era, a rule that is nothing but a vestige of the aristocratic, imperial past, would ever even consider voting Labour, so there’s no valid reason to appease anyone like that.

      5. kenburch – Did you bother reading the above article before putting pen to paper.
        I would have thought that Keir’s support for Dawn is implicit in his letter to members. Which bit of his letter is an appeasement to Johnson.

      6. @KenBurch

        It is not a trivial, irrelevant rule. All you’d hear all day is “Liar!”. Can you imagine being an MP, and being called a liar by someone like Grant Schapps (or whoever he is that day)?

        Whilst I admire Butler for standing up (pay attention at the back Starmer!), She could and should have called Johnson out by listing everything. The Eton schoolmasters report, the various sackings, the trail of destruction and garden bridges and on and on.

        By calling him a liar, she fell foul to the rules and likely lost many possible listeners due to “one rule for them etc” perception.

      7. NVLA 1️⃣ – Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good. 2️⃣ Though what u suggest re the list should have been done since johnson grabbed office to date; Dawn Butler did list some of johnson’ numerous lies. She did not have 666 hours to list them all. 3️⃣ i see your point of the cacophony of liars like schapps shouting liar to all the parasites opposite him; BUT it was the last sitting b4 Mogg goes back to his mansions, schapps goes back to ‘shipping’ chums with no ships, edwina curry goes back to … and johnson goes peeping through every crack to find another pole dancer to betray the last one. Dawn got it right.

        Dawn seized the moment. She did very well. It is STILL being covered with FULL hour segments. From what i’ve listened to, ALL, except two callers, have been FULL of admiration and support. Some saying she should be leader and they would support her.

        Even one bunged up Thatcherite host who says with great fervour “he worships” the dead monster; praised Dawn. Someone said Dawn has since got four million ‘views’ or clicks or something. Sounds like a triumph to me NVLA.

        Sometimes it’s good to rock the boat. EVERYDAY! Bad conventions should be called out. They insidiously keep the status quo going by giving the establishment UNDESERVED respect. It is a LIE to call DIShonourable people and creatures ‘honourable’; mass murderers ‘centrists’ and ‘moderates’. That language even in vague irony or sarcasm without making it clear; keeps the myths going even in the minds of those who consider themselves “smart”, “informed”, “educated” and “awake”.

        BORIS JOHNSON is PATHOLOGICAL a LIAR as craggy orange tony blair and yacht hopping peter mandelson who hissed

        “i have no problem with the filthy rich” à la Reece-Mogg; and

        “don’t fuss about the working classes; they have nowhere else to go”.

        that’s the “ADVISER” another DEVIOUS liar STARMER, chose to make ‘official’.
        C H O S E ! WE HAVE CHOICES!!!

      8. SteveH IS Starmers GLOYT the Labour party is laying 90 people off to pay rat scabs like you to troll on here constantly is this your full time job gloyt

      9. SteveH if you have been reading the articles released by Skwawkbox & The Canary then you would have seen that Starmerfuhrer too has long lost his integrity as LOTO. If fact he is no leader at all, as he dismantles a socialist party from within. Have you forgotten about his recent appointment of a known backstabber? Birds of a feather…

      10. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment’s bag man has told you they are down to 1 months reserves

      11. For their lack of integrity, you say Steve. Well THAT is not the same as saying Johnson has lied to the House and that he has repeatedly done so. But never-the-less, could you give us a few examples of when Starmer has done so, just for the record.

        And regards what NVLA says a bit further down the comments – ie ‘Whilst I admire Butler for standing up (pay attention at the back Starmer!), She could and should have called Johnson out by listing everything’. Yes, of course, as if the speaker – the Deputy Speaker – would have let her just stand there and go through them all!

        Anyone who has seen the video clip will know that as soon as Dawn accused Johnson of lying, and doing so on many occasions, the Deputy Speaker interjected and asked her to withdraw what she’d said – as of course Dawn knew she would do – and when she then continued in the same mode, the DS stood up again and asked her to reflect on what she’d said and ‘withdraw your words’, and when she refused to do so, and then sat down, the DS told her to withdraw from the chamber for the rest of the day’s sitting, as Dawn obviously knew she would. AND Dawn of course deliberately did what she did and said what she said knowing THAT would happen so that it would get lots of media coverage. Which it did.

    2. Just came across the following from April 28th:

      ‘Boris Johnson Facing Tough New Rules To Force Him To Correct ‘Lies’ To Parliament’

      The party leaders had written to the Speaker about multiple occasions where Johnson had made inaccurate statements in the Commons, including on carbon emissions, economic growth, nurses’ bursaries, hospital car parking, NHS spending, the Covid-19 track and trace app, and poverty in the UK.

  2. It is worth noting that the Labour party has come out and accused Boris of lying without the protection of parliamentary privileged. I wonder if Johnson will sue them.
    The party is of course right to use this opportunity to both spread awareness and to raise funds , it would be incompetent not to.
    Political parties don’t pay for themselves.

    1. You clearly have done little work for the local Labour party or read any of the lesflets.You are a lazy clown like most of the right wing Labour party parasites.whos idea of a CLP is to promote themselves not the Labour party or the people.

    2. Don’t take us for idiots you smug little job centre advisor. All they’ve carefully done is reproduce old newspaper stories. Johnson would have to sue the papers before the party and the fact that the stories are true precludes that, as you well know. Which is very lucky given Starmer has spaffed all the members hard-earned money away.

      1. And he is not getting any from me. The issue for me is that he has no shame exploiting Dawn telling how it is – the truth, for the purpose of drawing money out of members pockets. Why is he not digging in his own pockets for a change and make a donation for a charity or cause close to Dawn’s heart?

    3. Why can’t Keir just say “Dawn Butler is right!”? He has nothing to lose and no one who was actually offended by what she said would ever even consider voting Labour anyway.

      And would you agree that it is time for Keir to stop treating the Left as the enemy- nobody who actually defines themselves sincerely as Left supports Keir’s purges or his abolition of internal party democracy- admit that their policy ideas are largely right- he was elected to KEEP the 2017 policies, as even you would have to admit- and focus solely on fighting the Tories?

      Would you not agree it’s time for Keir to stop blocking left-wingers from being selected Labour candidates in Tory-held seats, since there is no difference between the candidates Keir has allowed and the Tories they are running against?

      Would you not agree it’s finally time for Keir to be the leader he PLEDGED to be, rather than the leader Mandelson and the right-wing majority of the PLP want him to be?

      1. kenburch – I’m curious, which bit of “Dawn Butler was right” did you find difficult to understand?

  3. The one part of Starmer’s letter is also a lie … He is not the same as Prime Ministers of the past, who although we may not have supported, always treated the public fairly. He is a liar, he treats the British public with contempt.

    As a 1950s born pension campaigner, all Prime Ministers since 1992 (the beginning of the theft of the state pension from women) lied.

    Bliar lied about weapons of mass destruction and went to war on poor old Iraq.

    Bliar and Brown both are enemies of working class pensioners, but especially women, with them being even worse against the state pension than the Tories, till Lib Dems (pension minister in Tory coalition) made them fatally even worse.

    Callaghan abolished a state pension from 1978, as we had two state pensions before then, for us 80 per cent working class by money in life.

    Admin grey Swans pension group

    1. The scandel of the robbery of the pension from the Ninteen fiftys woman will not go away and I don’t understand why there isnt more sympathy for a modern decent living state pension Being a expat and many of having reached the departure lounge we often compare our different nationalitys pensions and even joint pensions with my wife soon to get hers next year.Many Australian,French and German are shocked at the pittance of a British state pension and wonder how we are supposed to live Our pensions are half that of a German or French and they always say “but you won the war” but I now say no we didn’t win the real war and the fascist state is still alive and kicking in the establishment and the Royalist system of government.

  4. No they wont but if the party was up to their necks in debt they might qwertboi….withdraw your subs or leave either is better than this farce and wheres the missing millions of members money siphoned off or thrown away deliberately?

    1. Joseph – What missing millions would that be. Do you have any evidence that there is any money missing?

    2. JoK – especiallyif the Labour party was up to its neck in debt, the deep state trilateralists would not let it happen: please read Paul Knaggs’ article (Labour Heartlands) that I linked to to understand the purpose and objectives of the TC – it IS pro Globo-Capitalism and its infiltration of the Labour Movement is a key part of making Britain an even more pivotol part of the New World (Globo-Capitalist) Order(NWO).

      “The UK State is a public-private partnership between government, financial institutions, multinational corporations, global think tanks, and well funded third sector organisations, such as so called non governmental organisations (NGO’s) and large international charities.

      “Through a labyrinthine structure of direct funding, grant making and philanthropy, the UK State is a cohesive globalist organisation that works with selected academics, scientific institutions and mainstream media (MSM) outlets to advance a tightly controlled, predetermined narrative. This designed consensus serves the the interests and global ambitions of a tiny group of disproportionately wealthy people.

      “This group of parasites, often misleadingly referred to as the “elite,” exploit all humanity for their own gain and to consolidate and enhance their power.”

      Keir Rodney Starmer is a part of this. He has to pasokify Labour, making a Corbyn or a NHS or a Wilson or Toony Benn impossible.

  5. “With a donation from you, we could launch a series of targeted digital adverts that show voters the real Boris Johnson.”

    What a good idea – except – as 27.9 million views show, Peter Stefanovic, of the CWU, has had one of those running for months.

    Now, he’s complemented that video, with another video, showing Dawn Butler’s speech and subsequent banishment from the HoC, a couple of days ago. That’s been watched 4.3 million times, already.

    While Starmer is ‘thinking’ about it, and begging for money to do ‘something’, others – are – actually, doing something.

    The ‘team’ Starmer has behind him, at Southside, are, either, utterly useless, or – more likely – thoroughly demotivated by Southside’s leadership and management – and who could blame them.

    The sooner Starmer goes, taking his placemen and women with him, the better.

    P.S. I’ve come to the conclusion – Steve H is an insomniac Luke Akehurst, spending his sleepless hours running interference on, what could be, an enjoyable and informative blog site and threads, simply, to get his ‘jollies’, in the wee small hours.

    Who? What? Why? Where? When? Eh, Steve?

    1. Steve H sh davidh Steve Hall @boxcartrend bot sentinel is probably posting on a different time Zone,like me but I dont recieve money and post under my own name whereas Mr steve Hall centrist Dad recieves payments for his Caribbean bolt hole were he bolted after being let go from being the office boy 👦at the Labour exchange….!Naturaly he will be living off a good pension and the titbits from the knights shadowy misfits.

  6. ‘………I do think that in the end integrity, honesty and accountability do matter and I think there will come a point at which the road will run out ………’ which party leader said this? taken from the Evening Standard

  7. “… we could launch a series of targeted digital adverts that show voters the real Boris Johnson.”
    Or how about a series of targeted digital adverts that show voters the LP’s policies?
    Oh ….. hang on ………….. they’re confidential, aren’t they?

    If raffles or promises of a telephone call from Starmer can’t enthuse the LP’s base maybe try one last throw of the dice. You have to give them credit …………………………. for being ineffectual.

    As for your “insomniac”, George, – don’t be too harsh – we must try to understand these people and help them to introspect.

  8. “He is not the same as Prime Ministers of the past, who although we may not have supported, always treated the public fairly”

    Funny, that’s not quite how I remember it. Trying to get donations to campaign against lying by lying to the donors. I wonder if even Boris would have thought of that one!

    1. Dave Bradney, spot on! ” …always treated the public fairly.” another mind-bogglingly stunning myth of “the good old days”.

  9. Good piece on Michael Foot in yesterday’s Tribune by Richard Johnson:

    The Labour Party learned some hard lessons from the Foot leadership. Foot’s successor and onetime loyalist Neil Kinnock made it his mission to abandon the policies which he believed resulted in Labour’s defeat. He introduced a far slicker political operation, enlisting Peter Mandelson and others to change the party’s image for a new time. There is a real risk, though, that Kinnock and his successors in New Labour overcorrected. When Michael Foot was elected leader, Tony Benn said Foot ‘will put new heart into the party’. Was the price of electability to undertake a heart transplant, or could a more cosmetic surgery have done the trick?

    Echos of the present?

    1. Clearly Butler didn’t dream up this stunt off her own back. Done on the last day of parliament in the hope that the story will carry through the recess, the silly season when things are quiet on the political front. The stunt would need the help of a section of media for that to happen. That’s why I think it has been got up by the anti-Boris section of the establishment.
      Margaret Hodge was used to abuse Corbyn on the last day of parliament triggering off a season of slander and abuse.

    1. “Labour Day” that you refer to is an Australian Holiday – a day to acknowledge the class struggle, their antipodean May Ist (“May Day”). They are entering Summer at that time and we will be in the midst of yet another globo-capitalist lockdown caused by a virus that for most people is no more virulent than the seasonal ‘flu.

      1. Totally agree qwertboi,ITs scandalous the way fortunes have been made and lives wrecked by using the covid virus.Why ?I dont think we will ever know other than a worldwide reset thats certainly so far worked very well with people absolutely terrified of the virus…and hiding behind facemasks and doors.even here were the mostly deadly serious deseases have taken a back seat in the rush for immunization.Being elderly is not a problem because most still die in their early sixtys of old age or something like Potts desease and dengue fever,malaria and Typhoid.My friend Phing Sinn
        recently died from TB (Potts)after I sent him in a ambulance to Phnom Penh for the removal of kidney stones were he was kept outside on a stretcher and had to take a seventy doller test before admittance to the hospital….Five thousand dollers later he was returned home were he died a day later.We could not have a proper funeral and the funeral lasted only two days instead of the traditional Buddist funeral of six days and a lot of drinking and eating with the usual ghetto blaster from four am.The police visited and politely informed us of the rules and regulations.Naturally the women especially were distraught and obviously some of the locals men who would miss out on free booze and food all in the big tent..I think that at least I was allowed to sleep and miss six days of celebration so all was well.

      2. On thhe subject of which, Doug – there is no ‘flu or cold season – just a low vitamin d season.

        You said elsewhere that you don’t want to take a pretend ‘vaccine’ for covid: Excellent. As a biochemist I concur with your choice.

        At end of sept take instead about 4000iu of Vit D3 per day and 15mg zinc – and you will certainly not “catch” symptomatic covid , or rather, even if you do (become inected by the virus), the D3 and zinc will ensure that the covid does not cause a cytokine storm (in you), which is what every covid death is caused by except for some with well-known autoimmune issues (which you would know if you had).

        (take 15mg zinc daily all year round, and the vitD3 too if you do not go outdoors into the sun)

      3. @Joseph okeefe: Your wisdom and insightfulness shines through again – It’s amazine that you see the ulterior motive of the Covid Narrative so clealrly, yet for many (perhaps most) socialists, they buy the lie that coronavirus and covid are existential “emergency” health issues and nothing else. (They are a health issue, of course, but the billionaire class is systematically using our fear of it with their “Covid Narrative” to put in place a globo-capitalst NWO).

        You seeing that as cllearly as you do in Cambodia when many here (in the UK, a petri-dish of neoliberal socio-economic engineering), seem not to is credit to you (and maybe proof of how destructive and dangerous the neoliberal MSM is). Eyes Wide Shut.

        Who was it that said “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing”?

  10. Typical from Starmer, or more likely one of his RW acolytes.

    His 10 pledges are the most brazen example of his dishonest bait-and-switch approach to politics.

    1. Very true
      true Andy.

      Every action and statenment this reprobate has made as Labour leader contradicts his 10 pledge promise to Labour members and supporters.

      If he were a gadget, we’d be returning him on a ‘not as described’ basis.

      1. qwertboi
        Not fit for purpose
        Offence under Trades Descriptions Act
        I prefer useless twat
        Thanks for the advice

      2. Were he a company director TVs Watchdog would probably be chasing after him.

        Starmer’s meant to be the leader of a left-wing political party and he apparently intends to spend four years dodging interviews with anyone seen as on the left. I’ve read he’s refused to be interviewed by mild-mannered Owen Jones ffs!

      3. 15 months into his leadership, he’s probably terrified of being asked one simple question: Do you stand by those 10 Pledges?

        Prefers Laura Kuenssberg’s company and a Q&A with a bunch of Tory voters, who are handpicked to ask him why hasn’t crucified more of those on the left yet.

  11. So what so Dawn broke a archaic rule? That means you can’t call a brazen liar a liar WTF NO.

    This BS is like we have to call each other right honrable when they are craven liars, murderous scum like Bozo who has killed more people that a sodding world war and according to you still deserves respectful titles and conventions!

    Don’t make me throw up! It is last time I checked 2021 not 1890 these rules are how Torys hide these crimes. Torys hiding behind there office, behind the staff, behind the rules! The list goes on and on and because of the rules blah blah blah oh get real. Lets have some plain language FFS.

    A scumbag that causes mass deaths and laughs about it ignores scientific evidence and chortles while condemning more to die with his insane Hurd immunity plan. Should be called what he is murderous, scum, liar, deceiver not right honrable like you sodding want!

  12. I see the covid deniers are out again with take this mineral and your be safe. Somehow they never want to test there lies by sitting in a red ward for a week and see if they develop covid because surprise they sodding will.

    What’s next oh let me guess take this medican it will save you oops no it doesn’t oh well one less person that is prepared for others to die because they believe they have more knowledge that the whole medical community.

    There years of viral research makes them world experts! Nope just another fool attached to a keyboard with a fools addenda repeating discredited BS.

    I hear all vitamin c and zinc tablets have been tracked by Bill Gates and the Illuminate but don’t worry a black helicopter is over your house now. Hope you didn’t forget your tin foil hat!

    1. Two brothers allegedly covid all forced together with infected patients dumped in the care homes by Johnson’s cure for the elderly working-class.I have and my family 3 generation’s were diagnosed C19 eighteen months ago in a country at that time with no dead and a couple of hundred infections.Half brought the virus here from abroad including me returning from the Friday 13th disaster in the UK…The virus was far less painful or difficult than say dengue fever that I have had twice and for the rest of the family even the toddler was okay with slight fever and cough.We are not covid deniers just ordinary working-class people who look around us and see exploitation of a virus that is taking the livelihoods of working-class people and making millionaires of parasites who are far more dangerous than any virus comrades…..look to your freedoms all throughout the virus they’ve disappeared and will not be returned.

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