Breaking: school where Johnson ignored distancing as he told kids there was no need to worry hit by coronavirus outbreak

Johnson staged speech to appear kids were distanced as he spluttered all over them, but reality was exposed

The school Boris Johnson visited as he assured kids schools were safe and they had nothing to worry about has been hit by a coronavirus outbreak.

Johnson’s PR stunt was staged to make it appear pupils were distanced from each other – but another angle revealed the children were packed together.

But even where the children appeared distanced from each other, they were forced to endure Johnson blustering all over them from far less than two metres away:

Now the supposedly safe school, like a burgeoning number of others, has been hit by an outbreak of the virus.

As Johnson left the classroom, one of the children could be heard calling Johnson an arsehole.

Smart kid.

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  1. Careful now, Skwawky… This is loony lefty territory, apparently.

  2. Super smart kid✅✅✅ Out of the mouths of babes. And i LOVE his and his classmates’ expressions. They, in an instant, have the full measure of Blo Job Johnson a total AH!!!

  3. I think Boris (The Beast) Johnson may be getting bored with virus deaths, and appears to be now moving on to the much more exciting project of fermenting mayhem and bloodshed in Northern Ireland (guns, bombs, knee-cappings and executions. . .yay!)

    ( )

    One think we can always be sure about is that he never tells the truth, so when he says something is safe it isn’t, when he says Tony Abbot’s a great guy he isn’t, and when he appears not to know exactly how many children he has. . . ah, well, OK it’s the exception that proves the rule. . .

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