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Unions join forces to slam Starmer’s and Evans’s abuse of staff and protecting senior fat cats

Unite and GMB combine on right-wing pair’s repeat offending, protection of senior management salaries and lack of basic consultation

The Unite and GMB unions have joined forces to hammer Keir Starmer and David Evans over their plans to sack 90 Labour staff without proper consultation and to demand – their word – action from them no later than tomorrow.

The unions have issued a joint, public rebuke to the pair for their treatment of staff, who only found out about their planned job losses via the Starmer-friendly media, along with a list of their demands.

And they point out that this is now a pattern of behaviour by the right-wing Labour pair:

Deadline Friday 23 July – not 24

The unions especially condemned and challenged the fact that Labour had not taken any steps to reduce or limit the pay of the party’s senior management to cut or eliminate the need for job losses among much lower-paid junior staff – and on the feeblest of excuses.

How typical of Labour right to protect the fat cats while making the junior grades, who had nothing to do with the problems Labour is suffering that were generated entirely by the decisions of the ‘leadership’, carry the can. Unite and the GMB are right to combine their efforts and anger against Starmer, Evans and co.

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  1. Time the Unions withdrew financial support from the gruesome twosome of Starmer & Eanns.

    1. It would be difficult to argue that Unite reducing their funding of the Labour party hasn’t contributed towards these job losses.

      1. Surely the person to blame for the lack of consultation is the one that leaked this.

      2. Surely those to blame for that are those fifth columnist mardy arses (and their cheerleaders) in the Party who consistently sabotaged elections for sectarian purposes.

        Unions have a duty to their members to spend their contributions wisely rather than pissing it up against the wall with these spiteful and arrogant incompetents.

      3. Spot on, Dave.
        But don’t expect to convince he-who-has-complete-faith-in-the-dross-currently-in-charge-of-the-LP.
        It always has to be someone else’s fault.

      4. Starmer has been told to stitch something up with the Greens & P Minister Swinson’s Limp Dims lot. PM in her head still… bless. btw the very “smart” superior “informed” victim bunker lot miss the fact that swinson’s limps, berger ummuna soubrey ellman smeeth TING then CUKS had TONS of funding and TOTAL MEDIA support = not even one tenth of a seat… but with their “smart” heads, self clogged eyes, self clogged ears and attention spans of a brick, they r too smart to notice the “gibberish” of facts. And how could they when despite them being so “smart” and free of MSM influence they spew out msm balderdash without awareness. Bunker blinkered and “smart” dead heads stuffed up their own group fundaments. Embarrassments masquerading as “smart” determined to pull everyone down to their defeatist bunker LITTERED with repeated avoidable failures and the dimmest of excuses. Even now despite the LOUD election results, “smart” men need others to “cite” easily available data for them.

        Jo Swinson could grin under their oh so “smart” noses; they’ll smartly sniff then think they smell a winner. 😂🪣😂🪣😂🪣

      5. Well, the evidence is there for all with eyes to see. The “smart” team caused this utter catastrophe. They badgered Jeremy to appease and accept the Starmer’s Remain OBVIOUS trap which Keith promptly dumped as soon as he was allowed to squat as leader.
        I heard him and his allies IMMEDIATELY as GE19 results were confirmed. The very night as i radio station hopped LBC, and bits of BBC; Starmer’s allies were CRYSTAL clear and REPEATED what they had made clear THROUGHOUT the previous four year, “they will get rid of the left”; “the left are in the wrong party” etc. It was no secret but certain “smart” people think intelligence should be avoided. WEIRD. But on that very night, when asked, Starmer’s allies stated “the Brexit debate is settled”. SIR Keith repeated that ASSERTIVELY two or three weeks later and ever since then.

      6. Says Mr H knowing full well that Starmer brought it on himself by his purging and silencing and treatment of Jeremy and CLPs etc, etc, etc, which in turn ‘prompted’ tens of thousands of left-wingers to leave the party, which was OBVIOUSLY his intention. And perhaps you could remind me what led to Unite cutting it’s funding?

        I’m seem to recall it had something to do with something your man KS did!

      7. Allan – Would that be the same Unite that was so enthusiastic about Jeremy’s CV.

    2. P.S. i’ve been disappointed in Dawn Butler; but just heard an extended recording on the radio. She was superb in every way. Clarity. No fog. No dilution. No mumbling no shouting no bombast. Total sound substance, delivery and tenacity 🏆

      Most excellently done Dawn Buttler!!! You spoke truth to power🏆

      Please turn up this evening on Iain Dale’s program. Don’t wait to be invited. Oh yes and DON’T please DON’T do all the giggling and irritating laughter. Laugh at obvious funny things. NEVER do nervous apologetic laughs as i’ve heard you do on Talkradio… and chummy laughs like Thornberry à la “i’m one of you”. Sick making.

      But you’ve shown your best today and it’s right up there with the very best of anyone anywhere.

      DONT now do a Jeremy disappearing act. What u did today has to be SUSTAINED and on RADIO in particular. Speak to the GENERAL public. NEVER return to the bunker🏆

      I’m listening to Iain Dale on LBC now. Come on and put your case as u did in that house of horrors today. The prog 4 today is already planned but phone in NOW. Ignore the BBC and TV totally. Get on Talkradio too this evening BEFORE 19:00 – 22:00hrs

  2. Playing silly buggers again rather than doing what should be done withdrawing all financial support and ending all connections with the labour party ffs !!!

    How much longer will we have to put up with these stupid games?

    1. exactly Andrew. no surprise to me. posted that over a year now i think , that Len McCluskey’s threat was hollow. Basic logic; giving a threat gives time for alternative funding to be accepted. MILLIONS r at the ready eg. Bit The union leaders r not as committed to true change as decent people assume with TOTAL sincerity. They assume everyone id like them. I used to be like that too. Ripped off by friends of friends twice and someone i thought was a friend once. Learnt the hard way and changed … i hope‼️‼️‼️

      1. What do our sleek, fattened, greased and unconcerned union barons yearn for most? Geegaws, baubles and ermine. It will be a long wait. Another lot we should be talking about defending. Gotta love Len and Ms Ogrady. Happy freedom day all.

  3. How does it go again?

    ‘The grotesque spectacle of a Labour Party, A LABOUR PARTY, going around issuing redundancy notices to its own staff via the media.’

    What goes around comes around eh!

    If it treats its own staff and members like this – sackings via media, expulsions by allegations with no right of defence or due process – how does the Party expect to convince voters that they will treated any different?

    This is malice in blunderland levels of contempt and incompetence. No wonder Tricket is pulling his hair out about how his own front bench are betraying the national interest. Who’d want to be associated with this shambolic hubris?

    1. Yes Dave, BUT, how many ‘voters’ know that the staff concerned learnt that they were losing their jobs through the media (although of course the media wouldn’t have named the staff concerned, and so they couldn’t have actually known if they were one of them). And how many ‘voters’ are aware that the members of the four groups who were proscribed on Tuesday by the NEC – which is what I assume you were alluding to – weren’t given the opportunity to defend themselves or given due process, because the MSM certainly didn’t tell them such things. Entirely the OPPOSITE in fact! They were a ‘poison’ that the party had to be rid of. The following is from the Daily Mirror who first broke the story a few days ago:

      One Labour source said: “Under Corbyn those from the far left fringes with poisonous beliefs and warped world-views were welcomed into the party. Keir is right to stamp out anti-Semitism and toxic extremism and get the party back into the decent mainstream of Labour values.

      And elsewhere:

      A party source told Haaretz that “the worst of the abuse that Jewish members received at local constituency Labour Party meetings came from members of these [four] groups.”

      1. The person to blame for the lack of consultation and the way employees found out about the job loses is the one that leaked this.

      2. Question Allen: Is the term ‘voters’ being treated here as a single homegenous group?

        Point being that like any group selected at random they are diverse rather than all following herdlike a single narrative. I was listening to one this morning on another table at the butty mine while we were consuming our sausage and bacon butties. Decrying the fact that a supposed working class tabloid cost more than a Conservative one produced by Murdoch.

        I guess some people might have caricatured him as a Brexiteer or even a Gammon and in doing so missed the point. Which is that after several generations of being screwed over by both original and the second eleven Continuity Conservatives you never know which way people are going to jump on an issue.

        Because the issue we are discussing represents merely one example of a generic process which is not just impacting on Labour Party members. On other issues the same demonisation process based on monopoly definitions which are used to batter people around the head with is having a wider impact. It’s not just politicians but also much of the media which is not trusted for differing, sometimes contradictory reasons, by that diverse rather than homogeneous group known as voters.

        Take Labour members and supporters for example. For sure, we are hearing a lot about the financial impact of membership losses on LP finances – though pissing members money up against the wall in legal payouts for fellow election sabotaurs will also have made a significant contribution to that situation. However, the wider problem is one of an inability of the Party to get boots on the ground for campaigning.

        The majority of those being attacked by the fifth column election sabs and their corporate media mates – existing as well as former members – are the ones who have traditionally for years done the bulk of the donkey work. Right now they are working without enthusiasm. They are joined by a great many less active supporters who are equally pissed off. And the postponed 2020 local elections held a few months ago reflect that reality.

        The Party are having difficulty getting the boots on the ground. In Union terms this would be classed as individual based unsanctioned and unplanned wildcat industrial action. In the 19th Century it was known as ‘going canny.’. Some I’m aware and been made aware of are even spoiling ballot papers, not voting or even voting for someone else depending on the issue and grievance where that generic process has impacted them.

        The Party have been here before of course. Losing some five million votes in the early part of this century over another issue which pissed off a sufficient number of voters. Whilst the number of voters refusing to vote or spoiling their ballot rose to around 17 million at one point it only dipped significantly in 2017 (go figure) and remains the largest single block amongst the electorate. Ignored by all Party’s chasing their own diminishing ghettos.

        Significantly it the 2017 dip in the trend increased again in 2019. Again, go figure.

        Morale is shot. It’s been shot in an abandoned for four decades working class for a long long time. Which dispute Mandlesons arrogant and ignorant pronouncement did find somewhere else to go. It’s shot amongst the majority of those who are needed to do the door knocking and telephone canvassing.

        It already takes more votes to get a Labour MP elected than it does to elect a Tory MP. Factor in the impact of the Constituency Boundary Review which also benefits the Original Tory Party over the second eleven Loyal Continuity Conservative Party and succeeding where it counts in a FPTP system is difficult enouh.

        Having pissed off a great many of the traditional voting bloc to the extent of them voting for Brexit Parties (one of which came a close second in both Barnsley seats – the former stronghold of the miners Union and it’s communities) it takes a staggering level of arrogant hubris to move on and piss off a significant number of active existing and former members and passive supporters.

        So I wouldn’t fret Allen. What you may be implying won’t happen because of the limited impact you describe is already underway.

        The question animating myself, amongst others I know and am aware of, is whether the Party (as well the Country) is being led by Arthur Daley or Arthur Mullard?

      3. THAT was a rather long-winded NON-reply to what I said Dave, if you don’t mind me saying so.

        And who’s ‘fretting’ Dave. Since when did pointing out a couple of facts equate to ‘fretting’?!

  4. Panorama special: Did Keir Starmer deceive party members?

    …Maybe in an alternate universe, one where the BBC is an honest, neutral organisation and not a corrupt mouthpiece of the political right.

  5. ‘Keir Stalin, Ergogan Evans = appalling!
    Right Wing Labour = Scotland calling!’

  6. The unions should be calling for a general strike to bring the country to a standstill. Until that happens, nothing will change.

    1. “The unions should be calling for a general strike”
      TUC to consider general strike
      Delegates back motion calling on unions to investigate practicalities of staging first general walkout since 1926
      Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT rail union, said every delegate at the conference represented workers who had been affected by government austerity measures, laying the ground for calling a series of co-ordinated disputes with employers across the UK.

      “Every single person here today is representing someone who is under attack by this rotten government,” he said.
      That was in 2012 and they’re still ‘considering’ it, despite things having deteriorated considerably since then.

  7. Steve H knows all about job losses as a advisor at the Labour exchange.He to had to be “Let go” as natural wastage….very bitter medicine to take especially in a small town UP Norf?

  8. I wonder if the forum software also offers a “Disliked enormously by N people” option?

  9. Time also for CLP delegates to ‘compose’ their ‘difficult questions’ for September Conference. May I suggest topics such as ‘Why unity candidate expels Jeremy Corbyn & any other Socialists from Labour Party?’ Julian Assange. Members suspended, then expelled without knowing reason why or who make a complaint. Any other suggestions?

    1. Steve Richards. Yes plenty.
      Why are Socialists being expelled from a Socialist Party?
      Why are racists allowed to indoctrinate members? – JLM training
      Why are racist bullies allowed to speak from the rostrum? – Ella Rose.
      Why is anti Zionism classed as anti Semitism in Starmer’s Labour?
      Why is Labour supporting arms fairs – Liverpool?
      Will Labour be removing the description ‘Socislist’ from its membership card?
      Why has Johnson been allowed to get away with ‘murder’ by Labour?
      Why are virtually all, particularly Jonathan Ashworth, opposition spokes people so incompetent?

  10. Well….Have the ‘demands’ been met, yet?

    I posted yesterday that they wouldn’t so let’s see what the unions will do about it – but it didn’t make it into print (so to speak).

    What time’s the deadline – anyone know?

  11. The biggest question Starmer needs to answer is why he is employing people on short term contracts to snoop on members twitter and Facebook accounts yet can’t afford to fund community workers doing a worthwhile job and building Labour’s voting base. The answer is obvious though!

    The other moot point is what does he have to hide from the Forde enquiry that he seems to be trying to bury along with the Labour Party report he refused to hand over to EHRC.

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