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Dep Speaker sneers as Trickett tries to read out petition signed by 815,000 people for proper NHS pay rise

Hundreds of thousands of NHS supporters – shown contempt by Establishment

Senior left Labour MP Jon Trickett brought a petition to the House of Commons on Thursday, signed by 815,000 people, for a proper pay rise for NHS workers.

But as Trickett tried to read out the wording of the petition – as he had been advised by parliamentary authorities to do – he was shut down by the Deputy Speaker in the most contemptuous and impatient terms.

And watch right at the beginning how, when they heard that the wishes of voters were about to be given space in Parliament, virtually every Tory MP almost ran out of the chamber rather than listen:

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Trickett, along with colleague Dawn Butler, played a blinder for voters and NHS staff on Thursday. By contrast, the parliamentary Establishment shamed and demeaned itself.

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  1. institutionally corrupt establishment. the last thing they want are truths exposed. they want people’s heads kept in the sand despite some doing it themselves quite effectively and promoting that attitude as virtue.

    1. He is. Oh he has the occasional word or two to get the socialists excited then he hides away and stays silent for weeks at a time. Yes he said a couple of supportive comments on JC then silence not ringing this is wrong I demands nope. Membership attacked daily=Silence. Staff sacked=Silence. See there is a pattern with these so called left MP’s they are terrified of being kicked out and the gravy train stopping because they without the magic rosette will not get elected. So I have no faith in these MP’s even if we spit or start a new socialist only party performing or just being limp.

      I want socialist with fire and conviction think Dennis skinner now that is a socialist someone with passion and won’t just be manipulated or stay silent to keep a job.

      Yes he did a good job here but when needed wasn’t anywhere to be seen. That is what I am saying doing half a job and without real fire and conviction. I hater to say this but this is how Bozo gets away with it. How spit thatcher got away with it even the awful vile Blair talked with conviction and brought people along with them.

      Look at the mass gatherings JC brought together. Yes he may have appeased but he was in a impossible passion thanks to the party being taken over with this cult of new Labour 2.0. We lost accept the loss split or start again we can’t keep on making the same mistakes.

      it’s simple vote Labour you support them, membership doubly so get them elected ditto. if we united behind a socialist only party the old Labour party will go the way of the dodo quickly because they have nothing to offer. but we keeping it alive keep the same mistakes going.

  2. They can bring all they want to parliament,but they are part of the problem being in the Zombie Labour party and expecting the Labour party to carry on as before.They and the rest of the socialist few are on borrowed time and its nice to see them trying but I am sure that by now they realise that times running out for them and any other decent human beings left in the Zombie Labour party.. fiddling whist Rome burns and the solution?

    1. And you would have them do what exactly Joe? They don’t have the numbers to make a leadership challenge, so that’s out, even though people who KNOW that that’s the case keep fraudulently and disingenuously criticising them for not doing so! On skwawkbox, that is.

      As for leaving the Labour Party and forming a new party, well THAT’s a sure way for most of them to lose their seats at the next general election, as I’m sure Chris Williamson would warn them, although I expect they are well aware of how many votes he received in 2019.

      And even in the HIGHLY unlikely eventuality of said new party making headway and winning and gaining additional seats/MPs, they would just be splitting the vote and letting the Tories back in.

      But what would you have them do anyway?

      1. ITs also traditional for mps to scurry off on Thursday and especially when a3month Holiday starts.They also wander in late on mondays.ITs a farce all around and like Skinner told me “you couldnt make up the job,but they did” SiX hundred layabouts and a bunch of geriatric parasites next door all on freebies perks and bribes…And not one single leader of the Labour party has ever disagreed with the establishment system.

      2. Oh so we should support this zombie party hope to get a few wins in and sing comba ya NO that way is the same trap we fell into for the last 30 years.. Oh vote them out comrade stay strong I have heard it all before and it’s all BS.

        THERE IS NO WAY BACK LABOUR PARTY IS DEAD is that clear enought. Split the vote get real anyone voting for this zombie party is NOT a socialist they can claim to be be but you just voted for Tory-lite the cult of new Labour 2.0!

        We will loose all the so called left mp’s soon until there are none left then what will you do? Keep on hoping to change giving them money and support while claiming you dislike them?

        NO if you give them money that’s support it’s that simple. If you vote Labour you are supporting them NOT socialism you can claim that’s not true but it is that simple.

        Make the same mistake or get it right. Because no matter what you claim no matter how you vote. No matter what changes the congress makes the party machery the scum that kept us out of government is 95% right wing. There is NO way of removing them replace one another will silently take there place and be the same cancer.

        The PLP will overrule any clp that puts a left candidate up we have seen this all ready again and again. Make a motion against the PLP well we will control the CLP you can’t win!! Look just admit they won and the only way forwards is a socialist only party. Let them have there prise the rotten remains of the once great Labour party soon to demise. NO right wing ever no big bs tent no compromises any more.

        Or appease it’s your choice but don’t kid yourself at least have the respect to admit there is nothing left for any socialist in Labour.

  3. Let’s assume Unions and Socialist MP’s are on manoeuvres, how are they going to finish off Temporary Embarrassment and can we help
    First thing to do is set a use by date, let’s say 5th October, on that date Unions and Members will withdraw funding and resign en masse, effectively bankrupting the party
    Between now and then Dawn Butler will let it be known she is going to challenge Temporary Embarrassment
    What do you think will happen to Temporary Embarrassment
    I would also make it clear that those people who have been doing the dirty work are put on notice as well
    We don’t need the Forde report it’s happening all over again before our eyes in real time, it’s called a scorched earth policy
    They care not a jot because everyone of the fuckers will be looked after
    Labour Day 5th October 2021

  4. It would seem that the only way forward on Plague Island is to instigate a revolution by the people on behalf of the people. Trite it might seem for me to say so, but given that the MP’s scurried away and left the chamber near damn empty AND on TV for the entire planet to see…if they had a mind to…reminds me of the uproar when the last nurses pay award was clapped out of existence by The Conservative Party with IDS giving his double fisted pleasure, indelibly ingrained in my mind. I’d like to stick both those fists up around his transverse colon.

    This morning I hear on Radio 3 news that teachers are 8% worse off in pay terms and that the government needs to get public spending BACK ON TRACK…whatever that means. It does not mean, reducing the food, wine and beer subsidy in the HoC & HoL’s…it does not mean a pay cut for MP’s & Lords, it does not mean a reduction of expenses accounts.

    We are being bled dry by our MP’s: food bank use increased; homelessness increased; child/adult hunger increased; those living in abject poverty increased; MP’s salary increased.

  5. The attendance in our so-called ‘Parliament’ shows the contempt for the wishes of the voting public in that place. Those MPs could barely have legged it out any faster and that supposed Speaker woman clearly holds NHS workers in complete contempt too. Disgusting.

  6. Seemed to me the opposition benches didn’t have the numbers the toerags had even before they scuttled off.

    As for madam junior assistant deputy stand-in substitute proxy speaker….I’d have told her in no uncertain terms that the petition had been cleared to be read IN FULL and that I’d be reading it IN FULL.

    UK parliamentary processes, like the royals, are archaic, and bollocks to tradition or whatever they want to call it. Tradition doesn’t get business done.

    1. Toffee
      Problem is Trickett did everything but doff his cap
      Give him a pitch fork and he would make a lovely gardener

      1. Err….What did you make of this sentence, dougal??

        As for madam junior assistant deputy stand-in substitute proxy speakerโ€ฆ. Iโ€™d have told her in no uncertain terms that the petition had been cleared to be read IN FULL and that Iโ€™d be reading it IN FULL

        I’d have thought that’d have been enough to make it known I was well aware of trickett’s ‘constraint’, thanks.

      2. He did say a Petition should be read in full. She said No and he said Oh! Ok.

      3. Toffee
        Make yourself useful and rejoin the party so you can join us in a mass resignation on Labour Day, Tuesday 5th October 2021

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