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Second Liverpool CLP votes no confidence in Starmer – but party bars neighbouring members from their own vote

Riverside joins Wavertree in demanding resignation, with other Labour groups in the city expected to hold votes – but neighbouring Bootle CLP has been blocked by Labour’s regional office

Labour members in the Liverpool Riverside constituency – one of the city’s biggest ‘CLPs’ (constituency parties) – have this evening passed a no-confidence vote in Keir Starmer, citing the disastrous effects of the party’s hard lurch to the right and Starmer’s attacks on grassroots members.

It reads:

Riverside members join their colleagues in nearby Wavertree and others around the country in this renewed round of calls for Starmer to go. But on the same evening, in a signal of a looming new crackdown on members’ freedom of speech, members in neighbouring Bootle were banned by the party’s regional office from holding a vote on a similar motion.

Starmer and his acting general secretary David Evans have long been engaged in a war on the human rights and freedom of speech of Labour members, with many CLPs being either prevented from holding votes of support for former party leader Jeremy Corbyn or of no confidence in Starmer and Evans – or else seeing their officers suspended by Labour for allowing votes to proceed.

It is a sign of small-minded weakness and contempt that they are resuming the war.

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  1. Let us hope that never again will we be told to “work around”, “unify with”, or more astonishingly “work with” those who have ZERO regards for rules or basic honesty. I remain AMAZED that decent people would consider it decent to work with such blatantly self seeking Tory parasites.

      1. Minor detail? Mmm Don’t you understand nothing steveh? It’s not that we actually want a different leader than the billionaires’ lackey, it’s that we do not want HIM.

        If the membership had half the conceit of the Sir Keir person, we’d just ‘suspend’ ourselves from his leadership and ignore him – oh, hang-on – that’s what more and more of us are doing each and every day! To wit – there a NO coaches running from Leeds or Bradford or Halifax or Sheffield or Huddersfield CLPs to take members to campaign in Batley and Spen over the long weekend. Not one. NONE!

      2. Not one coach❔ Not one car ❔… bicycle ❔ Good‼️‼️‼️

    1. Maria, Starmer was NEVER one of us. The Right Wing have got their claws dug deeper in the party. Unless we get a leader willing to RIP them out, our problems will remain. That’s why the only option i see now is to ONLY support MPs etc who we feel SURE are COMMITTED Socialist by EVIDENCE of ACTION.

      Let all the others fall. It would be short term pain for long term transformation. In the meantime we do need to get our act together.
      We must cease the obsession with “big names”. Know one knows you until they do. We must also raise our standards considerably above unnecessary compromises. From my observations over a comparative short time, we bend even before being pushed. Nothing is gained by that. We not only sacrifice our aims but also whatever respect or regard Tory parasites may have had for us.

      Starmer staying or going now is only of value to us if it does maximum damage to the prospects of ALL Tory parasites. They are USING and abusing us. WE are the party.

  2. It’s good to see that everyone is pulling together in the run up to an important by-election. Party unity always goes down well with the electorate.

    1. It is TOTALLY illogical and demeaning to even suggest that it is acceptable to enable in anyway those who so despised our values that they openly lied and boasted that they “woke up every day thinking of new ways to undermine” a Labour victory. It was not a threat, they sabotaged with their first coup within twelve months of Jeremy’s leadership and sabotaged again despite them being handed a bigger defeat only to be defeated more soundly again. Yet STILL at each election or bi election they set in play media appearances to deliver material to make Labour lose. The Blair creature even endorsed Johnson. Could anyone explain why these Tory parasites are not worse to us than Tories in their own party???

    2. Haha, joke right? Never had there been such a divisive figure as Starmer and his false pledges. He can’t even be trusted by his remain voting brethren, as soon as he was elected leader he forgot all about second referendums and threw his lot in with Johnson’s hard Brexit. The only thing he has been true to is unconditional support of Zionism

      1. lundiel, “Starmer unconditional support of Zionism” is right now been tested. The zionist lobby is asking for Kim Leadbeater to be removed because of alleged antisemitism.
        Three things are very clear to me:
        1-No candidate of substance wanted to stand under the labour banner in this by-election. Otherwise, why to hurry and offer the position to Kim that has just join the Party?
        2-Starmer is now trap: if he gives inn to the pressure of the zionist lobby, on a town in which over 40% of the population is Muslim, the seat would be lost for sure.
        3-the zionist lobby prefers the Torys to win the seat and are doing all they can to ensure that we lost Battley &Spen

    3. ps SH it is clear that u and your parasitic lot really think we r all walkovers. The fact that i repeat that claptrap, shows what little regard u all have for us. Next you’ll be pumping out “lets work for a Labour victory”. If people are still so blind and a win were to come from their efforts, you will be first to join in the parasitic chorus of parasites, that it was proof the last manifesto was “Far Left”.

      1. … the fact that YOU repeat that claptrap, …

    4. On the very day that the Community Organising Unit ceases to exist you call for party unity. The COU was the glue that binds the working class and Starmer abandoned it in favour of a centralising, bureaucratic power grab and ostentatiously patriotic flag waving. The electorate isn’t fooled and the party is divided more than ever before.

      1. Not to worry, that leadership-killing by-election will be along in a minute heh heh!

    5. Which Party though Steve? Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Tory Party 90/95% PLP or The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party 5/10% PLP?
      I reckon “everyone” ‘is pulling together’ behind the remaining and future incoming UK Labour Party PLP, not Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Tory Party.
      We need them OUT, if we can replace them now, before GE24, instead of loosing a seat great, but go they must. They are Tories and do not belong in a People’s Movement. The ONLY UK People’s Movement in Mainstream Politics.
      Don’t say about GE2019 again, we know the result and those who fucked up knocked their heads, that is done it is History, people are eyes wide open as to what is going on inside and outside the Party.
      We can only achieve Solidarity behind a Single Wholesome Party, not the UK Labour Party and it’s Parasite Party The Neolabour Tory Party a whole different Faction and Agenda.
      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We want our Party back, they must leave!

    6. Just as many left wing Jews pointed out that the BoD’s accusation of anti-semitism against Corbyn’s Labour would result in more anti-semitism, Sir Keir’s effect on Labour is exactly the same. Sir Keir Rodney Starmer came to his leadership role with a single two-pronged intention: To destroy Labour and disincentivise Members. Well, party unity is, naturally enough, decreased by Starmer’s forensic ‘leadership’.

      Oh, and btw – the electorate are even less impressed by the trilateral friend of the billionaires than are even the 35% of Labour members and supporters who voted for him and the other 65% who did not vote for Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

      Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is an electoral liability. A big one!

    7. Gosh!!! SH it seems a TAX Exile haunt south of your Caribbean bolt hole is the seen of a deadly tragedy involving a relative of a significant Tory benefactor. It is alleged that the daughter in-law of the tax exile shot s police officer DEAD.

      What i find interesting is how excessively monied Tories can escape anything… just think Gove gets away re A-Class drug snorting dinner parties, Cressida Dick said to an incredulous Right Wing presenter “I looked into it personally and found he had no case to answer”. Even that pom pom presenter for the establishment sounded surprised.

      Now the Queen’s ex employee finds Johnson did not break the Ministerial Code and as the donor already had a peerage he was not funding the luxurious flat refurbishment with a return in mind. Astonishing! More astonishing knowing that their is no limit to the money and power greed of Tories.

      As if that were not enough establishment abominations for one week, Hancock also gets off scott free re shares in his sister’s company which was handed a PPE unscrutinised contract.

      NB Starmer opposition to the above… t u m b l e w e e d

      1. THERE is no limit to the money and power greed of the Tories.

      2. windchimes – An interesting bit of news do you have a link to the story?

      3. Goodness me!!! And Patel at it AGAIN … chumocracy. And of course ZERO opposition from Starmer because he doesn’t want to be banned from the trough.

        ps hint re Tory benefactor – Belize!
        Startling news even in startling times. We and the USA are descending from peak power gained from greed and arrogance. All great civilisations crumble. Some how the Tory A and B team bandits seem to be running wilder than during the previous two decades. The corruption seems more blatant… could not care less… untouchable.

      4. windchimes – If you want me to look then post the link, I really can’t be arsed with playing silly games of hunt the article

      1. Jack – One way or another it is important to all of us including you.

      2. SteveH. Given that your point was Party Unity, I have no desire for anyone to unite around Starmer, therefore why is it good for me or anyone else of the same opinion?

      3. Forgetting for the moment that Galloway supported Farage the racist, I would support Galloway in the Batley and Spen election. If George wins, just imagine him going to town on Johnson and Starmer! PMs questions would actually be worth watching again.

      4. Jack – You can dream all you like but I think it is far more likely that all Galloway will achieve is the loss his deposit again.

    8. But your leader didn’t want a civil war…

      Even stammer’s (former) mates in the media have had enough of the utterly useless dullard, and are now indifferent to the ever-increasing disillusion, disenfranchisement & discontent. In fact it’s being reported openly and without any much of a slant, these days.

      Of course, cummings is still trying to shoehorn Corbyn into the mix, and the media are interested for a few seconds…But nobody’s wearing it from stammer and his crowd anymore.

      I told you this is what happens when you flog a dead horse, you bestialist.

  3. Every officer in every CLP in the land should table a motion that could – if the members so wish and so vote – become a resolute VONC in Starmer and his appointee Evans. Let the national party bureaucrats suspend every CLP officer if they so wish and are so inclined.

    “I wholly disapprove of what you say—and will defend to the death your right to say it.” – although some steveh-types (they do exist, but in much smaller numbers than we sometimes imagine) might like their Voltaire injunction to be the Oscar Wllde version “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.”

    1. That always the default excuse Wirral in it together – REGION says no, yes, don’t eg don’t give break down of votes eg for leadership nominations, conference nominations recently ANYTHING – REGION.

      1. Steve call for “party unity” is a call of desperation whilst you the enemy within are drowning in your own vomit.What you’ve engineered for the British people by supporting this government at a time of need can never be forgotten or forgiven.Traitors and backstabers all of you misfits.

      2. Joseph Okeefe, you mention government. Somehow, I believe that rather than having a government what we have is a regime.

      3. Remember Just because the book says “Red”, “Left” “Labour” on the Cover, does not mean that it does not read Thatcher/Reagan Neoliberalism with a Huge Dollop Neoconservatism on the Inside.
        Just keep in mind:

        “Don’t you dare to get cold feet!!!”
        “Labour is not the Party for People on Benefits! Labour will make it harder for claimants than the Conservative Tories”

        Then ask yourself are those People in the same Party as you!?
        Do those People Address YOUR Values and Voice!?
        Are those People’s Number One Priority THE PEOPLE!?

        They are NOT Labour!
        They are Neolabour Party TORIES, NOT AT ALL the same Party as The UK Labour Party!
        They ARE ‘The Regime’, they are an Extension/Continuation of Thatcher’s 42 Years of Neoliberal and Thatcher/Blair’s Dollop of Neoconservatism, Destruction of the Poor Program!
        There are 200 of the Parasites infesting Labour, by not taking serious actions against them now as Activists and UK Labour Party voters, who demand The Voice of THE PEOPLE to be heard in Parliament, we are just continuing and extending the 42 years of Neoliberalism!
        We have lost the Luxury of 2 Once in a Lifetime Opportunities to end it overnight, now we will have to expect, like any other battle, suffering before there can be Celebration!
        We can’t go back to 2017 and 2019 it’s done.

        PS Ignore Caps & Exclamations, Purely for Passion/Creative Expression, not Anger 🙂

  4. Wadsworth may well be totally innocent but the article doesn’t make it clear whether or not there Is any truth in the accusations against LIEN?

    1. Its the jewish chronicle ffs.

      Farmer’s are desperate for their formula for producing so much manure.

  5. …….but in the leadership election Keir stood as the the candidate of Unity; just B4 expelling Jeremy from the Party. ‘Man speak with forked tongue’.

  6. At this week’s CLP meeting I asked my MP why JC continued to be suspended & he told me that Jeremy was a figure of the past & Keir was the future. Now I am a day older than Jeremy & I have a fond affection for the past & so I can’t help feeling that ‘he. means ‘me’ & this is the end of Socialism & support for Palestine in the Labour Party.. I walked away when Blair became leader, should I do the same? The Labour Party has been a Blairite Party for some time, even when Jeremy was leader; not a Socialist Party but a Party with Socialists. No I will not walk away again, look what happened last time?

    1. Thanks Steve, that’s interesting.

      Anyone with any sense, not your right wing MP of course, can see that the ONLY hope of ANY chance for the Labour Party to regain support would be for Jeremy Corbyn to become Leader again, this is the real reason he is still suspended. There would still be infighting of course but at least it should be clear now to those who didn’t know before, who the enemies within are. Not to mince words, there should be a ‘blood bath’ to clear out the Blairites and other right wingers who made it their mission to destroy the Leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Unless this happens, Labour will just bump along the bottom pretending it is an opposition Party.

    2. Steve Richards, glad to see that you aren’t walking away. But, please only help in the campaigns of socialist candidates to be either elected for positions or incumbents getting re-elected.
      The rest let them fend for themselves, the JLM presented us with a road map to follow during the 2019 GE.

  7. “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there” is a saying beloved of self-identified “victors” – in this case, exactly the neoliberal pro-capitalists who entered and took over the wonderful British democratic socialist Labour party.

    “History is written by the victors” is another quote (plagiarised by both Winston Churchill and a good German fascist, Göring who said (the Nuremberg trials) said, “Der Sieger wird immer der Richter und der Besiegte stets der Angeklagte sein,” which more or less translates as “The victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused).

    Democratic socialists cannot allow themselves to become the neoliberals’ Vanquished and Accused.

    I thank holy-heaven that Howard Beckett is questioning Unite the Union’s continued funding of these anti-working class, pro-capitalism neoliberals that have entered and taken over the Labour Party.

    Demoratic Socialists are not Vanquished and our Accusers must be informed of this.

  8. Sounds like Starmer continues to do the job he was brought in for – to destroy the Labour Party and ensure there is no effective opposition to the Tories

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