Corbyn publicly backs Butler after ejection for calling Johnson a liar. Ex-leader still providing more opposition than his successor

Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted undiluted support for Labour MP Dawn Butler after she was ejected from the Commons chamber this afternoon for calling Tory PM Boris Johnson – entirely accurately – a liar:

Currently not even a Labour MP, the former party leader is still providing more opposition than his notional successor.

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  1. Better late than never. Better than tweet is to turn up and speak up regularly at least weekly on the radio. Iain Dale has extended invitations for SIX WHOLE YEARS.
    No excuse Jeremy. With unnecessary inexcusable absence you achieve the aims of all Allan Howards i.e. perpetuates the idea that there is no alternative to defeatism. You must know by now, that’s a LIE. If 18 year old unfairly maligned footballers like Bukayo Saka, or slightly older but equally attacked Marcus Rashford and Sterling; you a big man with public office and invitations to speak to the GENERAL public, have a DUTY to turn up and speak up too.
    No excuse. To attempt the tired excuses, do the hopeful young a shameful disservice.

      1. It is worth noting,that the speaker commendably made no attempt to interrupt Dawn and allowed her to finish her speech without interruption before the pantomime of suspending Dawn from the Commons for the day began.

    1. It is hard to image this post was made in good faith. The idea that any leftist figure could turn up on the LBC radio station and get a fair hearing is laughable. We all know what happens, questions are based on false representations of actuality. Leftist contributors are constantly interrupted so the audience can’t absorb their narrative. And often interviews are terminated by the McCarthyite shouting of presenters claiming leftists are giving offence.
      Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi actually had her microphone cut on LBC on the basis that she was supposedly giving offence to Jewish listeners – see link below. This despite the fact Ms Wimborne-Idrissi is actually Jewish and a representative of Jewish Voice for Labour.
      The appalling treatment of Leftists by the corporate media is hardly a secret! As for Black footballers supposedly rising above and being free from this treatment — the fact that the Telegraph are gunning for Rashford is hardly a secret either

      1. u r TOTALLY wrong Bernie. i just heard Dawn Butler’s excellent speech on LBC and NO criticism of her. EVERY single caller was allowed to praise her to the hilt.!!!

        U are clearly another bunker dweller. Jeremy at last accepted Iain Dale’s REPEATED invitations for SIX years. He was excellent and ALL the feedback was terrifically positive. One fellow said “best radio ever”.

        Remarkably because of people like you, however well meaning, even in the last minute when Iain asked Jeremy why did he refuse the invitation he offered repeated including on EVERY occasion John McDonnell appeared, he trotted out the same lazy excuse u just proffered.

        Before you criticise others you should know your subject. McDonnell was and still is a regular guest but never really supportive f Jeremy. Barry Gardner was on again just last night for a WHOLE HOUR. Jeremy was on for an hour too. James Meadway was also just on today immediately after they played the Dawn Butler recording. Listen b4 u speak. He was not shouted down, he was allowed to speak without interruption.

        Do u listen to LBC? or Talkradio? The wonderful Dawn Foster R.I.P. was on weekly and NEVER shouted down. In fact she was on the very week she passed away.

        Free yourself from the hackneyed defeatist myths Bernie and i’m sure you as almost everyone has LOTS to offer. It is defeatism and victim culture and regurgitating evidence free pre regurgitated stuff which produced where we are today.
        Thanks 4 your reply. It reveals precisely the failed culture.

      2. ps Naomi has indeed been attacked an cut off by Vanessa Feltz on BBC London, on BBC 5Live i think by Emma Barnet and possibly on Talkradio on.
        Naomi is a wonderful woman. People like you have not turned her into a wimp yet; thank goodness. If she stayed far from the pathetic whining set like u, she would improve by trying different strategies when presenting her case rather than getting stuck as u r.

        And yes i’v read of the attack pieces on Marcus Raschford in the Telegraph, i think the guardian too. will check. He was attacked too throughout his food for children campaign. He won, one man; the government lostπŸ₯‡ Last time i looked, he was a picture of health JUST LIKE Jeremy. Ditto Raheem Sterling and Jordan. Have not seen Bukaya Saka yet but i’m sure he looks as radiant as Jeremy looks now.

        I’ve read the responses of Raschford, Saka and others.. Without exception, if well meaning adults like you had a fraction if their adult resilient response, we would be in government now with Jeremy as PM. He continues to let himself down, infected with timorous defeatist victimhood attitude by other grown men and women like you. I am POSITIVE u are over thirty years old. I’m happy to be proved wrong. But that authoritative defeatism is redolent amongst those devoted to their silo full of good intentions.

      3. Some of us cite sources and provide links to back this up.
        By comparison, some of those posting comments, make unsubstantiated assertions and resort to adjectives to insult others. There are already corporate media outlets who share the absence of values of these neoliberals (as their propaganda for Alan Dale and LBC demonstrates). Why they come here attempting to fracture the politics of solidarity and sow disunity if they have such contempt for the culture here, says a lot about the ‘kick-them-while-they-down’ mindset of neoliberals.
        When it comes to them, sometimes you cant use the phrase ‘arguing in bad faith’ often enough!

      4. Bunker attitude. U can listen to LBC or even Talkradio now. I gave times guides so u can listen again. I’m listening as i type. Do your own research. I speak as i find. Your post above is EXACTLY what i’ve been attempting to describe. An astonishing persistent defeatist whining from adults who corrupt the youth with hopelessness. Not because u r bad. U’ve just learnt to be that way for thirty forty fifty years despite evidence right under your noses.

      5. Bernie go back to your safe bunker. U r obviously blind to what is happening now. Ask Chris Williamson or the others i cited, to “cite” their experience of the “solidarity” u speak of, and the “unity”. Ask them. Don’t u care about them? Are they not “down”? Where’s your “solidarity for them”.

        And the rubbish about me being a “neoliberal”. U demonstrate again that utterly weird CULTISH fixation. Why then have McCluskey, Gardner, McDonell, from time to time appeared on LBC on Iain Dale’s program. Go ask Jeremy himself what he thought of his reception for an ENTIRE HOUR a few weeks ago on Iain Dale’s program? In fact he at last turned up a week or two after McDonnell’s appearance when Dale asked him why Jeremy has not accepted the invitations over six years. McDonnell said he delivered the invites to Jeremy and said he would again. That was the episode when Mcdonell said “if the Whip is restored to Jeremy be would be back in a flash”!

        You were probably watching BBC TV at the time or repeating what u’ve stated above to your fellow bunker defeatist. The future of this country’s many, is far too important to sacrifice on such cultish altar. Can’t u see the pathetic folly of that? The incoherence of denying that same solidarity to others who have been mercilessly attacked? Someone today mentioned Naomi. Lots of people like Naomi have been attacked THROUGHOUT the ages THEY SURVIVE exactly as Jeremy does. Ask him how he fared on the program i have cited. Do your own research instead of watching the BBC and parroting what has been parroted to you. And please, i cannot recall your posts but on this showing, the youth do not need what has failed. suddenly you come alive to do what? prattle on about “solidarity” while blind to your brand of solidarity on Chris Williamson and others i’ve named above.

        The only winners from crowds of you Bernie are the Tories Blue and Red. You unwittingly i’m sure suffocate change. No one has ever said or stated to you what i have above. I may be wrong. If so you were wrong to ignore it and wrong to ignore it again despite NOTHING to show for your abysmal approach. We are now living under the worst government and worst opposition in my adult lifetime. And all your energy is devoted to swaddling you failed victim attitudes in the softest silk. Where is the logic Bernie??? WHERE IS SOMETHING different to the tiresome whining you have seen and heard elsewhere???

        Where exactly is the care for “the many” in repeating what has failed repeatedly??? Think about it, not one person could say exactly … in fact even vaguely the flaw in what i suggest. Nor has any critic offered a FRESH alternative nor the slightest TANGIBLE solidarity with Chris Williamson, except Jack T. I disagree with Jack on two issues and even then, more on focus and approach than substance. But Jack T went to assist Chris with his new party and tried here to promote what what he believes in. I admire that immensely. Jack was attacked too and expelled. Where’s your “solidarity” with him and thousands of others???

        Your position might be justified if Jeremy was Opposition Leader or Prime Minister. Then we would have something to guard. Bit that is NOT the situation. U’ve obviously missed that while preparing your cult offerings and hypnotising yourself with who know what.

        THIS IS A TIME to ACCEPT what we did wrong and change wether in our parasitised party or a new one. Only a fool would persist in believing we need change nothing while talking about solidarity but not for the thousands who were and are being excluded now because people like you Bernie sapped the obvious from Jeremy.

    2. Corbyn refuses to be interviewed by anyone on LBC Radio because it is a station that gives a platform to racists.

      Isn’t it amazing that Corbyn is constantly being wrongly castigated for supposed association with racists, and now you are castigating him for refusing to speak to a radio station that associates with racists.

      He can’t win with people like you, can he?

  2. Westminster is totally corrupt. We have very close relations with Qatar. A court case has been launched this week accusing Qatar of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars to al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria.
    It has been alleged in the High Court that the emir’s private office was the centre of a secret web that fed money to the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. This is hardly startling news to those who read alternative news outlets but it won’t receive any coverage in MSM. This week also sees the Qatari ambassador leave the UK with a fond farewell from James Cleverly.
    When are opposition MPs going to start questioning the false narrative on Syria? Answer: never. They’re just there for narrative containment.
    The family and friends of British terror victims have been lied to, their loved ones were acceptable casualties in a very dirty war being fought using Islamic terrorists to further the ambition of greater Israel and the foreign policy of America and UK.

    1. Dawn Butler incident morphs into McCarthyite LBC, Qatar Court case, they’re all against us, CIA stole my trousers etc etc. No wonder the left is a complete mess with idiots like this lot. We need what you people are totally against, some Stalinist or Husseinist party discipline. Let Uncle Felix hold you in his tender embrace.

      1. It might not mean anything to you with you working class stereotype but modern ‘democracies’ only work by manufacturing consent. They don’t need overt party discipline, it wouldn’t work. You are placing your faith in outdated stereotypes of working class that are trapped in a cultural culdesac.

      2. PC Dawn Buttler was SPARKLINGLY spot on+++ She has sacrificed a days salary i think by being suspended from the days sitting. I agree with a caller who said to Eddie Mair earlier that if she keeps it up, it will go international. I agree FULLY with him.
        The “Left” has almost everything to win and sustain wins, EXCEPT attitude. You can see defeatism is rampant. In fact it is treated as as a badge of belonging. Weird+++It is exactly why they r so easily made fools of by Allan Howards. Whine on with lazy regurgitated excuses and how all powerful external forces are, and you’re in! You couldn’t make it up!
        But u r wrong on many things including re Butler today. She was the opposite of whining. She was firm, clear, assertive, tenacious, with laser like accuracy re the one percent protecting convention of parliament.

        Boris Johnson is an inveterate pathological liar. Everyone everywhere knows that, including those who choose to overlook it.

        Dawn Butler sacrificed a days salary to do what few others have done. But she today did better than others. By not ranting, she juxtaposed pure truth next to essence of institutionalised Establishment deceit and corruption. To strangle truth anywhere by anyone in a similar way is a crime. But as demonstrated today in parliament is institutionalised Establishment criminality.
        Please excuse all errors i’m listening to the radio and station hopping while typing on this different topic.

  3. I’ve had experience of ringing one of the so-called talk-shows in the 1980s during the miners’ strike.
    I recall that the show was hosted by the wretched James Whale – right-wing gob-shite of his day.
    He was bleating on about how unfair it was of the NUM preventing miners who wanted to work from doing so.
    He was straight-in as soon as I was put on the line asking me if I was going to defend the violent picketing that was preventing ordinary miners from working.
    I immediately told the audience that I was supporting the right to work for all miners – Especially those in Scotland whose pit had been declared for closure only that morning.
    Whale persisted.
    I refused to answer his loaded question.
    Instead I said what I wanted to say ……. and was duly cut off.

    I’m not going to tell Corbyn how he should play his cards.
    I could criticise things he’s done.
    However – If you consider the massive MSM hatchet-job to which he was subjected – Then the guy can’t be all that bad.

    1. johnsco1, 41 years ago is a long time. Incidentally they are discussing Dawn Butler now on Talkradio 1950hrsπŸ“»β˜ŽοΈπŸ“»β˜ŽοΈπŸ“»β˜ŽοΈ

      1. ps. note i specifically asked Dawn Butler to appear on Talkradio 19:00 – 22:00 hrs. BEFORE James Whale begins at 22:00hrs, I would never advise anyone to go on the BBC or James Whale’s program or a lady on Talkradio early o’clock name slips, or the Ferrara O’Brian Nawazes on LBC.
        i listen assess then give my opinion.
        I specifically advise Iain Dale who in the main allows people to express themselves. Life is not some cosy creche. The benefits we all enjoy were created by people who chose not to run away. I’m sure we agree on almost everything else johnsco1.

        The Talkradio host jest said all the feedback he is getting re Dawn is positive. Even he has praised her; despite being a dyed in the fur racing Thatcherite. Oh yes starting now on LBC 20:00 hrs will be Denise Headley for a WHOLE HOUR with Iain Dale. She phoned in last year and was soundly assertive arguing he case against Dale. The feedback was phenomenal. He invited her to come in and guest host. She said yes and has been consistently uplifting and brilliant. She gets loads of vile abuse she says on social media. She still turns up!!!
        She is on now 20:03hrs TUNE IN NOW πŸ“»πŸ₯‡πŸ“»πŸ₯‡πŸ“»πŸ₯‡
        Much love

      2. Bernie, seen Jeremy on Skwawkbox.org lately?
        i heard him on the radio for a whole hour about three weeks ago at last!!! MILLIONS tuned in from all over the world. They and i LOVED it. He said he did too and sounded it
        U bernie missed it while u were at the bottom of your bunker… “smart”.

      3. This story is about Dawn Butler confronting Boris Johnson’s lies. It is also about the public support provided by Jeremy Corbyn. Instead of celebrating this, why is it that certain comments posts here are attempting to direct prominent leftists onto corporate media news outlets which are rigged for their failure?
        There is a reason Skwawkbox and sites such as Evolve, Canary, Media Lens exist and it’s the untrustworthiness of the corporate media. Which raises a number of questions? Why are these mischief makers here on this site, if they don’t get that? Why attempt to redirect Skwawkbox’s alternative news audiences back to the corporate media? And why attempt to set up prominent leftists to fail?

      4. Bernie, when last did u see Jeremy posting on Skwawkbox.org❓I last heard him for a glorious hour on LBC. He was a triumph then. Ask him how he was treated and why he EVENTUALLY turned up on LBC and while u r doing REAL research getting FACTS on getting you diet of emotional pathetic comfort seeking bunker pap, ask Dawn Butler why she had a regular weekly appearance on Talkradio? Ask the friends who loved the other Dawn – Dawn Foster who did not stick to Jacobin Magazine, sensibly she tried her magnificent best to defend TRUE “Left” views WIDELY even on the guardian and BBC.
        Six hours is more than enough time for you to have done your own research, reflected and seen sense.🧽πŸͺ£πŸ§½πŸͺ£πŸ§½πŸͺ£
        Continued “successes” to you.

      5. The more overlong, contrived and vitriolic are the comment posting of individual neoliberals – and look at the absurd length of some of these here – the more they undermine themselves.
        Consequently they themselves are the best critiques of their own manipulations. The tragedy is they are not bright enough to see, these endless postings of paragraphs upon paragraphs of gibberish, do not enhance, their positions.

      6. then don’t read Bernie; if too long 4 u.
        scroll past. v easy 4 “bright” men like u. No❔short enough “bright” man❔

      7. p.s bernie ⬇️ reason i thought u were a man was your typical assault style of a wife beater. i’v seen victims and heard their stories. same pattern. the batterers do exactly as u try to do; silence, constrict information etc β€’ also u made me think of Allan Howards when i thought they were one man. There was a report recently about thousands of women swindled out of millions by what they thought was one man. I now know it’s a whole team of frauds men and women.
        The 1st priority for the “Left” though is neither motives of your type, gender or converting / convincing “smart” people like u; distractions. The FIRST priority is will X or Y contribute to freeing this country from the long standing grip of the Tories and their chums infesting the Labour party and unions. The many are paying the harsh price because decent people allow themselves to be hoodwinked by obvious frauds because they want to believe nice things. The frauds r just doing their job. ditto the establishment and external forces. no matter your sincerity you made this disaster possible, but worse, u insist on repeating the same dimwitted attitudes despite the glaring results and imply that you are “smart”er than others. i assess by outcomes. if u r not a recruit of the allan howards gang; try assessing results and change. if you ARE AHs new recruit, you all know that already.

      8. The sort of people that in order to feign relevancy feel obliged to click ‘like’ on their own postings also make easy assumptions about the gender of other contributors.

      9. u sound like Allan Howards teams. i remember them making that comment. they cut and paste the posts of others into an extremely long trail of different topics and repost the longest trails, no matter the topic. CURIOUS that u’ve never pointed that out? Have AHs just taken u on? U all can hoodwink many and u do. U’ll have to try much harder to fool everyone.

        p.s. pleased to report DAWN BUTLER was not dragged into the bunker of cowardice as you White Flag Men frauds patrol to achieve. She was on LBC this AM with a slimy host, who even i can’t abide so did not listen. Such an impact that ALL day ALL day it has been covered, up until 20:59 tonight! FULL hour. Every caller but one was totally positive. The host was rude to one lady. She made me think of u. Bunker blindness just like u. Again perfectly intelligent yet resorting to lazy uninformed nonsense that Butler was suspended because Tories don’t like women. Thus leaving an open goal for Andrew Pierce to point out that the Dep Speaker who ejected Dawn is a woman and a Labour woman. Immediately she started, i thought of your bunker attitude. She like u was parroting the exact tosh u all repeat to each other. EXCELLENT that she turned up to speak up assertively and with spirit!!! Top notch yet let down by the confounded hackneyed lazy Bernie bunker bilge.

        They then replayed Dawn’s entire contribution until the suspension. The delivery was a bit rushed. Ps my replies r 4 the benefit of others not u bernie. i’m not hooked by converting your type. u all caused this mess. ps re: the replay of Dawn turning up this AM on MSM, she sounded as radiant and as fresh as Jeremy, Marcus Raschford, Raheem Sterling, Bukaya Saka, Jordan and millions of people who have been attacked. OK 4 u to choose to be pathetic. If u r a fraud from Allan Howards team, u r just doing your paid job. If u r genuine, meaningful change does not need you. Worse than that, your lot did not discourage Dawn Butler nor Dawn Foster nor Marc W, but u do keep the victim silo mentality going which undermined the best PM in policies we country could have had were it not for your type bernie. u may be sincere it is irresponsible that “the many” pay the heavy price.
        If you care, then change.

    2. ps i did not say he was bad. people let others down without being “bad”. seeing putting one’s view as “confrontation” is infinitely inappropriate in any leader. Those who failed to point that out and even encourage that attitude caused where we are. To feel otherwise would be akin to saying the water drowned an excellent swimmer who chose not to swim. Or a doctor who chose to ignore a DEADLY yet treatable heart condition; insisting that the condition killed the patient. True, but the easily treated SERIOUS condition could have been treated. Thus effectively, the negligent Doctor CHOSE to allow the patient to die UNNECESSARILY.

      We need to excise emotional defensiveness. The doctor may not be “bad”; just paralysed with fear, intensified by those he considers friends and “comrades”. Good people do bad things or fail to ENACT good behaviour through eg fear of being attacked. Ask those who did not get help from “friends” and “neighbours” during the holocaust. No. They are dead. Yes murdered by the Nazis, but let down and betrayed by “friends” due to UNDERSTANDABLE fear.

      But Chris Williamson, Mark Wordsworth, Jackie Walker, George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and THOUSANDS of others, most are still alive ask them what they think about “comradeship”? Weren’t they attacked too? Ask them for hard evidence.

      1. The Dr and patient analogy has been used many times in recent months. My mum included.

  4. So when the chance comes do we regulate and bleed them dry, then finish them off with a 3 strikes and your out of business policy
    Hope so
    Now back to our prospective history maker Dawn Butler who has just been announced by JC, what next, how do we get this PARTY started

  5. Jeremy Corbyn will always be a far better human being than mr keir “erik armrest” starmer.

    1. Those on Labour’s right have always been quite open about the fact they think UK politics should be just like US politics i.e., like “a staged wrestling match; the participants cooperate as much or more than they fight”. Blair could fake the disdain, Starmer can’t even do that.

    2. Richard of course he is an infinitely better human being than starmer and almost all others in that palace of institutionalised corruption.
      That does not nullify for eg him offering Tom Watson even after being sabotaged OPENLY by said Watson. No one has explained that yet. Anyway the judgements today in favour of the school boy (i think) against Tom Robinson – Β£100,000.00 damages; and now Marc’s triumph shows a flash of hope that the “Left” is not completely drowning under the dead weight of defeatist and victim-mongers and head in the sand at the bottom of bunkers. Out in force today. Is it a full moon???

  6. Corbyn may have had the vast majority of the PLP against him, but for the first time, certainly in my voting life, it felt like we had a genuine alternative.

    Now we’re back to a system Blair favours; one akin to two bothers running the big two market dominant companies, notionally in competition but really a conspiring duopoly locking real choice (democracy) out: Lab and Cons looking out for one another, covering up for one another i.e., a system like the US where voting becomes merely a perfunctory duty carried out in the full knowledge and nothing can or will be change by your participation. Basically a conspiracy against real democracy and by that fact the people being conducted in plain sight.

    1. Andy, we did have a genuine alternative and over half a million members and many more millions made it known. But FACT, in Dianne Abbots own words “Jeremy did everything to make them love him but they did not love him back”.

      She was not referring to us as “them” she meant the deplorable Mandekson, Watson, Blair Starmer Hodge & coup plotters.

      John McDonnell said… well whined like a desperate cry “We did EVERYTHING T H E Y asked”.

      I assume he was referring to the unelected unrepresentative BOD and unelected unrepresentative CAA both politically motivated outfits no doubt supported by Pegasus the suppliers of malicious spyware bugging u, me, macron, the un, everyone every where.

      I am puzzled as to why our overt enthusiastic support was secondary to doing everything to be loved by the few people and creatures against him. I doubt he made those CHOICES alone. Others like McCluskey, McDonald, Thornberry and Gardner did not encouraged him to choose EVERY OBVIOUSLY UNWISE and unethical decision. Enabling Starmer was unethical. Protecting Hodge and Watson was unethical. People do bad things without being bad, when surround by people who instead of providing ongoing assessment, ACTIVELY discouraged Jeremy. The brought out his most unfortunate characteristics. There is no organisation that succeeds like that. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. And no successful organisation would knowingly employ people with the attitude i’ve discovered even here on skwawkbox.org and i don’t mean the frauds. If at a later date they displayed similar staggeringly immature attitudes and insisted that they were unwilling to change, after being offered help; with no change they would be “encouraged” to pursue their committed illogical victimhood elsewhere… even with best wishes as a courtesy. We do the general public a disservice by failing to call out cultures which would NEVER be indulged in ANY successful business, profession… including sports, medicine, surgery, manufacturing … u name it.

      We must ask how could it be that, judging from posts just in the last 24 hrs, adults sincerely believe that we must be some cosy cult of silencers and head in the sand bunker people who see our dreadful circumstances as inevitable yet come to life to block change. How does that help “the many”? That does not bother certain posters “solidarity” is a nice word. Solidarity with UNNECESSARY failure. Starmer’s DEADLY record was not a secret. Neither is Blair’s.

      1. Local elections on 5 May 2022 and will probably decide Starmer’s fate, Johnson may even use those as a springboard to go to country early if they’re truly disastrous for Labour, London will be a big test.

        Explains why Starmer and his gang are in such a rush to regress back to the electoral college from OMOV. If members allow him to do this at what may be his last conference they’re insane.

        Starmer’s record may have been known as you say, but no one could have known that he’d be such a brazen liar. He also promised in the leadership campaign he’d seek to ‘democratise the candidate selection process’ in response to RLB’s pledge to introduce open selection. He and Evans are so unscrupulous.

      2. Andy -“but no one could have known that he’d be such a brazen liar”.

        A leopard does not change its spots.
        I knew and repeated it here. White Flag Men and their gang pretended to be crazy that i disapproved at Starmer even being gifted the Shadow Cabinet post in the first place. Then even after TWO coups and the conference humiliating sabotage Liar Starmer was kept on.
        Check his DPP record. He deprived justice from THOUSANDS. I posted a few bits a day or two ago i think in reply to Sean Wilde.

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