Breaking: Dawn Butler ejected from Commons for calling Johnson a liar and refusing to retract (video)

“Somebody needs to tell the truth in this House that the PM has lied” – Brent MP deserves applause for saying what the country knows and parliamentary rules forbid

Labour’s back benchers are showing how opposition is done today. If Butler makes a leadership bid, this will stand her in good stead. That stating the obvious truth in the Commons is an ejection offence, though, just shows how diseased the democracy of this country has become.

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  1. He is a liar no matter what word are used to describe 🪱🪳🪱🪳🪱🪳liars johnsons & starmers

    1. Cummings’ Boris Johnson their determined supporter SIR Keith Rodney Starmer are all liars no matter what words ARE used to describe 🪱🪳🪱🪳🪱🪳Starmers.

      ps. Shaun Wilde from ytdy, thank u v much 4 your kind reply. Remember Plain dull old Mr Keith Starmer was specifically rewarded for his services to the Establishment with his SIR bauble and accompanying trinkets he said he is proud to receive.

      He LOOOOOOVES being called SIR, so i will continue to indulge the 🪰🦂🪰🦂🪰🦂parasitic fraudulent lying bastard with that.

      1. … proud to HAVE received. apologies for all other errors.

  2. Well done that lady. Johnson is a repulsive, dangerous degenerate
    I hope her comment makes headline news tonight, or will the BBC gloss over it?

  3. A woman with guts. Good on her to call it out, nobody else dares to. Starmer will probably Chuck her out of the party for being so rude to Pol Pot.

    1. Paul, Starmer would love to withdraw the whip from Butler, no sure he will dare to. She has a lot of support among ordinary Party members; and can count on black members and supporters withdrawing support for Labour should Starmer decided to withdraw the whip from Dawn Butler.
      Starmer has lots to lost with nothing to gain.

      1. But he will withdraw the whip and see if he can rid himself of Corbyn. He’s on a Death Wish.

      2. Paul he’s not on a “death wish”. Starmer is doing what his allies said openly and frequently what they want done. It was not a secret except to BBC TV news obsessives.

        They said what they intended. They r doing it. It is understandable that people find that difficult to believe. Also no surprise when as one person earlier repeated as wisdom the refusal to listen to LBC. How would one know what’s happening? Head in the sand… from an adult…

        Meanwhile a schoolboy just won £100,000.00 damages from
        Tommy Robinson. Robinson lied about him. He sued. He won. A relief to see yet another young person stand up to defend himself. I bet Robinson will not attack him again. It’s the opposite of “Moral Hazard”. Having been attacked even just with words eg “You’re an f****** a-S”; responding “I’m sorry you feel that way” gives licence, to attackers to attack again and again and again. They did again and again and again.
        “Moral Hazard”

      3. I very much doubt that the thought has even occurred to him

  4. Well done Dawn Butler.

    In the UK, in a certain place, you are forbidden from calling a proven liar, a liar.

    Something very, very wrong there.

    1. It is worth noting,that the speaker commendably made no attempt to interrupt Dawn and allowed her to finish her speech without interruption.

      1. From what I saw he stopped and asked what he should do, carry on reading or not? He then followed her demand to go to the last paragraph and sit down.

      2. Paul – Did you get confused about which thread you were commenting on. I was quite clearly talking about Dawn Butler speech not Trickett’s.

  5. The first lie is – “we have a democracy”. The second lie is – “we have law (a just legal system)” The third lie is – “we have a government”. All because of a monarchy who despite all it’s endless crimes does not answer to the law! …what law! No member of public voted for this PM! now covered by the protection of the criminal tyrannical monarchy. The so called, Opposition is oo busy stopping the truth from getting out – well done Dawn. BUT, there is nothing wrong “there”, what is wrong is HERE! Here in the UK.! Conformity is not always right!? I hope Dawn is proud of stating the truth in a pit of mass murdering liars.

  6. Only in the English house of commons can you get kicked out for calling a liar a liar, say just about anything about anyone else without any comeback and conspire to pervert the course of justice and get banned for a day for “improperly influencing legal proceedings”.

  7. The farce that is Parliament, where one can lie repeatedly and not be called a liar. Parliament is long past its sell-by date and should be burned down (metaphorically speaking) to its foundations. Now waiting on the TSG to break down my door and drag me off! Seig heil!

  8. indeed, JoeRobinson. language is more powerful and insidious than we imagine. that perverse conviction is spin as “politeness” “acceptability” “respectable” etc. In truth of course the convention is a concentrated compounded set of lies by omission.

    Those consistent compounded lies spun as noble convention, is intended and serves to dilute to near EFFECTIVE invisibility, that the regulars at the grand faux gothic victorian extravaganza palace across the Thames are nothing but a pack of often brutish drunkards, pimps, exploiters, protectors of one percent wealthy criminals and enablers, warmongers, refugee makers, terrorist provokers, haters of all without money powered influence, and worse.

    Other than that, Saint Thomas’s they can see opposite them, does excellent work, free at the point of delivery even to cummings’ johnson, who has no gratitude other than words of a heartless philanderer who pleasures a pole dancer on his wife’s sofa, while his poor wife is being treated for cancer.

    What sort of person does that? pathological sociopathic liars like cummings’ johnson & SIR Rodders Starmer. Though, for clarity; though both committed liars; cummings’ johnson lies for the fun of it, a thrill, EVEN to be discovered. He did not choose to be that way. Blair and Starmer on the other hand… oh! SIR Keith Starmer, he and Blair lie for personal gain, unrestrained material ambition. The extent of their lies are great, numerous, and dangerous eg to the over a million Iraqis dead by Blair and the Hillsborough victim’s, Jean Charles de Menezes, Morgan and many more who suffer injustice due to Starmer’s services to to the Establishment by finding reasons not to prosecute when DPP.🪰🪱🪰🪱🪰🪱

    But re PRIORITIES; motives are secondary to effects. Both Starmer, Johnson and Blair types cause unnecessary grievous and deadly harm.

  9. Could not agree more. So what can anyone do? I did not vote last local ellection for the first time in my life. Fighting for my life with no Covid 19 in an inadequate NHS baddly run hospital. I would not have voted anyway, …what is the point? Even Corbyn condoned the way this Parliament is run before his Starmar trouble, appears to be thinking twice now Dawn has shown the light? What a farce!

    1. Wendy Andrews, yes we r all distressed. even i’m puzzled by my not getting over it. u could possibly tell i get quite intense; not so much the errors made but the really deeply weird refusal of perfectly decent people to not even think we made errors. u can tell from the language that the vast majority of posters here… 96% r perfectly well intentioned. It’s pure long imbedded culture. The worst thing is it is fed to the new members. We are expected to listen quietly then repeat the same evidence free cultish weirdness. If they were bad people i would not give a toss, as Labour is not meant for them. Even SH and AH don’t trouble me, but i feel i can feel the effect of the latter suffocating all hope. It’s sad but i suppose i plough on as i rarely give up. i’m surrounded by people who never give up. same re schooling etc. even my bereavement in August last year shocked me intensely as an unwell relative with six months to live , was so buoyant and determined to the end even sending me a thank you email around six hours b4 departing this strange world.

      this very morning i read a long article of a pioneering school mate from
      age 11! I won’t name the newspaper. but having sent the article to another good friend i met twenty years ago she said how impressed she was with the challenging views expressed and the internationally recognition.

      None of us choose our parents or early circumstances but we can choose our associations who are the opposite of defeatist. luck? it’s a mystery, the cause of the defeatism despite the obvious successes of others despite the odds. That’s why it’s pointless being vague for fear of upsetting people. Those made angry by the suggestions of others are always the ones who offer not one alternative. They offer precisely “solidarity” in a bunker of victimhood. Mind blowing.

      Nothing is wrong with not thinking of an alternative; but why attack those who do; then defend what has failed? I’m not giving up but how to erase that victimhood evades me. My only new thought is to not bother with motives, just search for what is effective. In any case the defeatist and appeasers are unnecessary for constructive positive futures.

      Even in the midsts of real success they would still peddle victimhood and defeatism. Pure habit. Who would you rather have as a friend? Someone who says – i stand with you etc but fails to save u from drowning. Or someone who without saying nice words, jumps in to save you despite danger to themselves? Those who believe nice words are better than nice effective actions are … who knows what the best descriptions are???

      They would still argue that if we did this or that “the right wing would walk out” as if they didn’t walk out for no good reason twice before and as if we are enjoying the mother of all successes from the appeasements. I challenge anyone to justify offering Watson a peerage. What are the apologist protecting Wendy? You can see the obvious, why can’t other adults??? They r obviously content with more defeats and hoping for crumbs because they have no care for those caught on the sharp side. They have solidarity for themselves but not those suffering at the sharp end of life. They r content to have those kicked when they r down.

  10. In July 2006 Ken Macdonald, the then DPP, concluded that there was no realistic prospect of a conviction against any individual police officer.
    This decision was challenged by the victim’s family. In December 2006 the Divisional Court confirmed that Macdonald had taken the only reasonable decision that was open to him on the available evidence.
    It was only after the December 2008 inquest, which returned an “open verdict”, that the family asked Starmer to review the decision not to prosecute.
    He confirmed that there remained insufficient evidence to secure a conviction against any individual. This decision was not challenged.
    In 2015 the Menezes family took the British government to the European Court of Human Rights over the decision not to prosecute any police officer for the shooting.
    The legal challenge was mounted under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, regarding state deprivation of life and use of force.
    The ECHR supported the DPP’s decisions and concluded that there was insufficient evidence against any individual officer to prosecute.

    1. Thanks for that SteveH. Greatly appreciated. It proves the entire Establishment which includes the EHRC and DPP is “institutionally corrupt”

      1. not a conspiracy theory SH. fact. the recent inquiry confirmed what we all know about the police: “INSTITUTIONALLY CORRUPT”. If the police are “institutionally corrupt” then so is the state… the establishment, because as u know the police are the arms of the state and armed by the state, regulated by the state, endorsed by the state. Therefore the entire state is “institutionally corrupt”.

        the police r establishment guards. police, dpp, judiciary, parliament all ensure members of the establishment and one percent bandits and perverts almost always “get away with it” ask Airmiles Andrew how many miles he accrued on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”? and on BA and other airlines to visit Epstein; PLUS trips on the “Royal Helicopter” ferrying Epstein and Maxwell to and fro every single “Royal Evidence”. Ask the sweaty “prince”.

        You know full well that the state gets away with mass murder abroad and many murders here. FACT.

      1. SteveH
        Your man comes a close second to Baby Trump
        Remind us, what we’re his commitments during leadership election
        Can you name one he kept

    1. Wirral In It Together, Dawn judged it perfectly. Outstanding🏆
      A weakness many earnest people including me suffer from; is covering way too much in one go. We get carried away with urgency and the large amount of issues / analyses etc. Dawn was remarkable today in avoiding that. Less is more. Challenging but effective.

      1. windchimes – We get carried away with urgency and the large amount of issues / analyses etc.
        You’re right, you do have a tendency to ramble on a bit

      2. true SH. i never intend to. we all have our weaknesses.

  11. How very “Bad Black Woman, know your place in future!” This is disgraceful!
    I am no fan of Dawn for her double Standards ie When we Boycotted Eurovision, stage built on dead Palestinians in Apartheid Tel Aviv, her and Thornbery made a point of sharing their love of the show, while we were battling the Zionist Troll Armies!
    I asked her what if that was Johannesburg 1970s/1980s would she still be sharing love for the show as she was then! She, to this day, never replied, but they did stop, not claiming to be the reason, but they did stop!
    Anyway, that goes out the window when seeing this fascistic behaviour shameful Parliament! The danger is that people are treating MPs as Superstars instead of making them work as the Civil Servants that they are! Being PM is no Fuhrer and neither should it be, but we have given them all the freedom to drag us into war we say no to, lie in parliament and just in general face NO CONSEQUENCES for their Atrocious behaviours! We The People need to take control, that is our Parliament and those are our Civil Servants!
    However as Dawn said the one thing we can never take away form the Inbred Buffoon, that he is inadvertently uniting The PEOPLE, Communities, Religions, etc, etc. etc He will cause The PEOPLE to Unite and Rise and on the opposite side of The Aisle is a Bigger Liar, Fraud and Conniving Tory Party, however that Tory Party is Fronted by the Destroyer of Palestine and The Middle East, Julian Assange and Freedom of Speech, The PEOPLE, with Law loopholing and fine tooth combing he will have the Prisons overflowing with his beloved 10 years, for whatever reason he can muster! Excluding War Crimes, Paedophiles, and anything Unacceptable/Unsavoury to The PEOPLE, those will be free to do their worst!

  12. What a sh*tastrophy the House of Commons is, when you can openly lie, and that not be against their ancient rules, but you can’t call out the lie

  13. Perhaps there should be a crowdfunding to support Dawn, so she could make those truths outside parliament- then the ZIP-wire king could take her through the civil courts for slander, libel and defamation of his character.

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