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Astonishing thread pulls together five years of Labour right sabotage and war to destroy Corbyn and the left

Superb summary thread by @iwaslabour distills betrayal by so-called ‘moderates’ on full display

An astonishing Twitter thread by a former Labour member has distilled five years of sabotage and betrayal by the laughably-termed ‘moderate’ wing of the party to ensure that a left-wing Corbyn government was prevented despite the widespread popularity of both the former Labour leader and his policies – and their war on the whole left since they succeeded.

The Labour right preferred to sentence the whole country to hard right government – with horrific consequences for the poor and vulnerable and their children along with those killed during the pandemic – than see a left leader succeed and confirm their political bankruptcy:

Remarkable work that puts years of political and moral betrayal of party members and the UK’s people at the fingertips of anyone who needs or wants a reminder.

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  1. Thankyou Squawkbox on a epitaph of the end of the democratic socialist Labour party and I hope to see the obituary soon.To think that these criminals have got away with siphoning money out of the Labour party and setting course for self destruct.IT needs to be laid out in the format just to show how much permanent damage was done deliberately and with Hate.and sadly it shows just how embedded in the heart of the Labour party these criminals are.Very sad but the public most be told and the loss of over thirteen million of members money must be brought to the attention of the msm who love a good scandel with a little bit of muck raking.Get busy comrades and comment were allowed and hit the wifi and lets get all the dirty washing done.Mandelson is not the only one who will work every single day after day hour after hour to bring down a Labour leader.IN this case the above charges make it imperitive .

    1. I only clicked on one of that long series of links and coincidentally it was the one where Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed at the Liverpool Conference which I attended. Corbyn was excellent, despite being badgered to criticise the decision to look again at the referendum result. He explained that it was a decision arrived at democratically by the party and if elected, Labour would give voters an opportunity to see if they stood by their original decision.

      Afterwards, there were howls of pain from the far right and the dinosaur left who under no account wanted the electorate to have the opportunity to reconsider their choice. This was a prime example of a democratic decision with which they disapproved, of sections of both the left and the right combining to oust Corbyn, the right using antisemitism and the dinosaur left using Brexit.

      1. Jack you can’t have a democratic decission that goes against the democratic decision of the electorate.ITs no longer any excuse using a undemocratic way to run roughshod through the will of the electorate in the referendum.You and the right wing destroyers of the Labour party must take most of the blame for the loss of the working-class vote and the eventual destruction of the Labour party.Corbyn should have told you to take a run and jump and we may now be in a entirely different situation.You must from your mistakes we’ve all made plenty and its a case of do you carry on making them?Sabine..Bolton 1Barrow 0and its onward and upward unlike the Labour party.

      2. Joseph, it appears you have never changed your mind after making a serious decision. How many people have decided to leave the Labour Party after changing their mind because it has turned out not to be what they signed up for?

        Do you begrudge people the chance to change their mind?

      3. JackT
        You mean two reconsiderations, assuming you won the 1st, by your own twisted logic you would then have had to given Leave a 3rd and final vote as the score would be 1 – 1

      4. Jack T I’m only one day older than Jeremy so does that make me a dinosaur? Sounds like you agree with your MP who claims that Jeremy should be expelled from the Party because he is ‘a man of the past’. Do you have trouble making decisions?……….well yes & no, but I do realise that you had your fingers crossed when you voted in the referendum.

      5. If being a “man of the past” were grounds for expulsion, Blair, Mandy & Brown for starters would fit the bill too, surely? 😂

      6. Doug you really have to come up with something better than your old ‘best of three’ argument.

        The conference approved of allowing the electorate the chance to confirm their original choice and it wasn’t done in isolation either. There was plenty of evidence to believe that a large proportion of the electorate had realised they had been duped. Which has now been proven to be true. Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster with no advantages for Britain. Can you cite any?

        I’m waiting for one of the Brexiters here to have the honesty and courage to admit they made a mistake.

      7. Steve Richards, I’m tempted to say ‘grow up’ but I wouldn’t be so rude to someone much younger than me.

        You are however old enough to know that it has nothing to do with age, it’s about a state of mind and having your mind-set stuck in the past.

        Some of the left are still stuck in 1975 or earlier. Since then, the Common Market as it was has matured and evolved into the EU. We have opted out and will now be left behind trying to scratch a living and have to trade away benefits in exchange for scraps – apples to India ha ha.

        Before Cameron and Farage came along where were the throngs of people gathering to demand we leave the EU? Answer, there weren’t any, until that is, the far right, their media and UKIP grabbed a hold of Cameron’s attempts to save the Tory Party by offering a referendum and ran with it.

        Dinosaurs on the left felt it much more important to indulge their fanatical opposition to the EU rather than support Jeremy Corbyn and it is they along with the right who should own the defeat of Corbyn, not those of us who supported him.

        The left eat their own babies!

      8. JackT
        There was plenty of evidence
        So where was it in the GE, the numbers don’t lie
        Labour Leave was to honour the manifesto and the Brexit vote, for the last time its called democracy
        What’s your answer to the question in the next GE, when’s the next referendum

      9. Still refusing to learn the lesson I see Jack. To to accept the idea of a second referendum was a political mistake, and the price paid was an 80 seat Tory majority, a disaster of a leave agreement, and the far right of the LP back in complete control. Well done.

      10. JackT
        There is an easy way to close down this debate, until you can show there is 60% plus demand for another referendum

      11. John Thatcher, even though ‘Leave’ gained a majority, at that stage there was no agreement on a deal with the EU on the terms of leaving. If you agree with democratic government, which it seems you do not, it would have been entirely reasonable to ask the electorate if they agreed with the final deal stitched up by Johnson.

        It was the shouts and screams of the Leavers, fearing they would loose Brexit, which influenced the electorate to reject a vote by rejecting Corbyn. If there had been a vote on the deal, I’m guessing it would have been rejected and if so, Britain would not be in the mess it is now. It is Leavers who own this Brexit shambles which is getting worse day by day.

        I’ve not had one person give me any of the ‘fantastic’ benefits of Brexit so far. Those who have benefitted, the multi millionaires, are keeping their mouths shut.

      12. Doug, ah, so you want a ‘super majority’ for another vote but you wouldn’t accept one for the referendum?

        How revealing!

      13. Work is a good reason why voting out was the right choice.

        My son was fed up with his employer, so he decided to look for something else. He attended three interviews over two days and was offered the job in each interview.

        It’s been a long time since anyone could jump from one job to another.

        I couldn’t care about Britain on the world stage, or that we have lost credibility (like we ever had any to lose…). I don’t care about free movement because it’s been a one sided affair for me and many others.

        They’re fighting it, but next will be proper training for proper jobs.

        Also, there are opportunities to improve your lot. Lorry drivers are talking about a general strike.

      14. NVLA. I’m not sure that chasing members of the EU out of Britain is the best way to create jobs? although I think Farage and the right wing would agree with you.

      15. I’m not chasing anyone out. And don’t try to suggest that I have any powers or abilities to change anything outside of my sphere (which isn’t that big).

        I have nothing against my European cousins, but the fact is that UK employer have been exploiting a system that enables them to poach skilled workers (another country pays for the training and loses the employee too!) and to drive down pay and conditions via a never ending source of desperate folks.

        If the EU us that great, why haven’t they solved this problem? Or is a migrational workforce part of the plan?

      16. NVLA I never suggested you chased anyone, nor was I suggesting you had any superhuman powers. Why is it that Brexiters seem to arrogate any criticism or insult which is doing the rounds, guilty conscience or just a victim mentality?

        As for poaching skilled workers, I can assure you we didn’t need to be in the EU for that to happen!

        Hope your son was successful in finding a job which suited him.

    1. thanks George Peel for “Unrolled Threadreader”. never heard of it b4.

  2. Just like Neil Kinnock.

    He pretended to be on the left but was not really.

    I am always struck by the fact that Kinnock surrounded himself with the same people as Blair.
    By contrast, John Smith preferred to avoid such people.

    1. exactly Tony. and i gather that if John Smith had lived, he would have had a landslide win

      1. Strange…about John Smith I knew very little about him only the fact that he smiled and seemed a decent human being in comparison to those around him.We were devastated at is death and shocked.We must have instinctively known that he was special and could do something for the Labour party.I actually trusted him.RIP to what might have been with this tough politician liked by the People…Look around now windchimes the world and the Labour party are in a different place and direction.

      2. true dear joseph. i’ve never heard a single even slightly negative word about John Smith. All except the Blair’s of course, regret his passing. They saw it as 666 Christmases all at once‼️ It is alleged that the Blair creatures č Mandelson, Arsetair Campbellend & co went into overdrive to stitch up Brown as he was expected to be Smith’s replacement. See a pattern❓ I’m no fan of Brown re his cowardice in supporting Blairs many wars and the Iraq invasion and Mandelson crafted PFI and other extravagant welfare doled out to the one percent bandits. But the pattern is this; i bet too that Brown was surrounded by sincere and fraudulent “smart” people telling him to appease evildoers.

        It proves that people celebrate education and knowledge yet make no use of either. Possibly due to shallow obsessions with nice words rather than effective actions; plus swirling around in dull silt with people who have their “smart” buttons off. What sort of people preach hide and do nothing or else u will be attacked, despite Marc Wadsworth being attacked; suing snd WINNING

        What’s interesting too is that though Gordon Brown infinitely ‘brilliant’ compared to War Criminal Blair W.M.D; Brown too was easily deceived and stitched up by liar Blair.

        To his enduring credit, Brown did resist Mandelson and Blair’s campaign to lump us with the Euro. €. Blair was only desperate to use that €noose to bolster its craving to be made the first EU grand “stopping traffic” militarily enhanced empress of Europe. The creature still craves that. Its backroom convict Sarkozy was an ally. possibly Sarkozy too thought like Brown, he would get his turn after Blair’s. Merckel saved us and the world from that horror. We would have been engaged in 666 Blair wars all at once!!!

        ps When Blair’s backroom campaigning to be glittering “TRAFFIC STOPPING” EU empress became public knowledge, i heard David Miliband the $1,000,000.00 gorging “CHARITY” outfit actually say something like “Blair is the right choice because we need someone who can STOP TRAFFIC”

        I kid u not!!! That’s the type of creatures we r told we must “unify with” despite attracting the largest number of members of ANY party in Europe. Chanting everywhere; north to south east to west here and abroad in the most unlikely places “OH JEREMY CORBYN‼️‼️‼️” With UNDILUTED ENTHUSIASTIC JOY and HOPE … RELIEF … AT LAST‼️‼️‼️ I make no excuses! YES i’v not gotten over it.

        However, tremendous value can be extracted from this TRAGEDY; because much has been revealed which would have been unimaginable; at least to me eg the chronic victimhood, defeatism and extraordinary timorousness and the extraordinary determined PERSISTENCE by a few STILL, no matter what SPECTACULAR wins they see others achieve despite similar attacks etc STILL insist on corrupting and polluting the youth on the “left” with cowardice, hiding, only saying nice practically worthless words to ourselves, and confounded deepest bunker bilge. I would NEVER have believed such existed in a POLITICAL party nor even a knitting circle.

        ANYWAY – BE GLAD – Angela Merkel saved us from the Deadly BLODDY WRETCHEDNESS of the grinning War Criminal Blair as EU President the first with authority to command an army.

        Danke shön Merkel💐💐💐

      3. “…All except the BlairS of course, regret his passing. They saw it as 666 Christmases all at once‼️…”

        no apostrophe of course. 💐💐💐 ditto other errors.

  3. Not that I’m a religious person but a certain biblical passage from the Sermon on The Mount comes to mind with these shysters, particularly Mandelson and Starmer:

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves [for] by their fruits shall ye know them (Matthew Ch.7 v.15 & 16)

    1. PW, GLORIOUS 🌟🎉🌟🎉🌟🎉

      and cited too. some “smart” people need citations to see and value common-sense.

      “by their FRUITS you shall know THEM”

      Matthew Chapter 7 verses. 15 to 16.



      1. brilliant 🌟🌟🌟 common sense!
        thanks again+++. we express ourselves differently and hear differently. we need diverse voices giving common sense wisdom. URGENTLY needed; MAINLY by the self proclaimed “smart” “educated” “knowledgable” who will drag us to being stitched up AGAIN by the Tories and their parasites. Bet you not one of the victim mongers bunker lot, are at the sharp end. They don’t really care about the many. If they truly did, they would NEVER insisting on repeating errors. Thank goodness Marc Wadsworth was not pulled down by them. Let his success inspire us and be our NEW attitude (except the “drawing lines under” regrettable bit). In him though, that is understandable immediately after a long struggle for justice with ZERO help from “comrades” who CHOSE to ‘protect’ themselves rather than their “comrade”. Not even ‘solidarity’ with a whisper. SILENCE.
        Despite all of that, ONE man fought the so-called ‘Jewish Chronicle’ guilty of repeated slanders, deceits, wickedness and lies.
        STOP waiting for sanctions to come like waiting for crumbs. WE must battle for redress ourselves. DONT wait for deified ‘leaders’ to help. Anyone can speak “solidarity” after events. We must DO solidarity. Point out tangible errors so we can change.

  4. Policies popular and unimpeachable.
    Jeremy still popular with the SAME beliefs which got him elected leader and defeated TWO of SIR Starmer’s coups with INCREASED MARGINS. Starmer’s first coup was within twelve months of Jeremy being honestly elected leader.

    the thread lists accurately EXACTLY what some of us suspected; as detailed in the internal report.

    Presented on DESPITE persistent attacks – crazed or sincerely bunker blinkered • “Cited” or not; the compilation above are OBVIOUS to any willing to see • Evidenced based • LOGICAL • Predictable • Predicted AHEAD of the curve

    yet STILL policed by a tiny few to stuff out change. WHY❔

    Motives are irrelevant. None, not even sincerely bunker blinkered, value lifeguards who look on, meaning well, shouts ‘i’m in solidarity with you’ but i’m afraid i will be attacked by the water too.


    or whispers from afar “solidarity comrade” in familiar bunkers.

    WHY fail to use new opportunities❓ WHY try to pollute with old REPEATEDLY PROVEN FAILED attitudes based on the most ridiculous tiresome lazy myths of victimhood❓ This very minute 11:27hrs 24th July 2021, Iain Dale just described Diane Butler’s action as a “seminal moment”.

  5. The likes of Blair, Mandelson and the wider Labour right a have spent their political lifetimes convincing themselves that no party could never win a UK election promising to deliver European style socialism. The risk of this event unfolding c.2017, led them and others to choose sabotage rather than see their precious ingrained beliefs about the British people and the range of what’s political acceptable crumble before their eyes.

    1. True Andy, and tragically our lot caved in. FACT. I was almost ripping my hair out trying to understand why. Now i do. See the exchanges i’ve had right here on from sincere adults. too much TV gorging and guardian politics. perfectly inteligent yet swallow bite sized pap. shallow noises of respectable looking pundits. They’ve been wrong about almost everything. I hear the trash they repeat on the radio and press. Too many of our lot rightly condemn it yet are completely influenced by same. I say listen to the man on the street, (NOT in the pub) that’s another silo. Search out independent thought. If it’s challenging, it’s often correct.

      1. Who caved in I didn’t and I suspect most of the comrades here there ideology is still the same.

        Just because our lords and masters are seduced by the money and power some of us worked against them until we saw it was all pointless as soon as Starmer sat his arse in the leaders chair Labour party was dead it was just a zombie party. Far to many believe slick lies over factual evidence about Starmer and his cult it’s to damn late when you let the right wing take over again!

        Far to many fools still believe this fantasy of voting them out turning things around HOW? You can’t remove the party machine this is where the dam cancer come from the back room boys and girls all solid right wing that is simple truth the fact the PLP is what 95% right wing 4% of appeasers that call themselves socialist but are useless and 1% of what I whould call Socialist that don’t bend and appease and believe in this crazy notionion of a big tent BS.

        NO the only way is a new party now the sins of the past and to much cancer for the patient to survive no matter what we do Labour party is in it’s death spiral. Yes be angry but don’t fall into the same damn traps the right wing set to ensnare and control us.

        A socialist Labour party with no right wing, bottom up structure and enshrined forever that the members control the damn party the PLP is there to listen and do the members wishes NOT theirs. Lets learn and never make the same mistakes no right wing, no power games or your out. No stupid AS BS if they try that BS they get told to F’off do the Torys listen to the BS? Nope why should we we know the MSM is against us and will lie so we need people with fire and convictions to fight them and get the truth out if they play games and denie your truth walk out they need us more than we need them.

        This is the only way now all lets greave and move on the real fight is ahead the past is behind us sadly we have to accept Labour party is dead. Only idiots or shills streak about staying because they need you to carry on. Do you want to do this same game for the next 30 years and die bitter or help get the socialist government this country needs?

      2. granddad Jeremy and his team caved in and many here still preach caving in (not you) and the big wigs in my “left” bit of the CLP ALL caved in. Only these last two months after non stop appeasements just like jeremy, plus understandable but totally useless frustration after being out witted by the obvious monsters, the tiresome weak links departed. Result!!! we got some wins, one very significant which i’v read on recently that other CLPs have not achieved. What was put forward was clear and UNDILUTED. The parasites tried to water down what we wanted. We held our ground and defeated the parasites by a healthy margin. If the appeasers were around it would NEVER have been achieved.

        Of course i won’t identify my CLP. That’s another part of the stupid nature. As things stand it is amateurish to unnecessarily reveal identities eg. There is ZERO virtue in that. No sensible person in a war exposes their position. Thats not brave. It’s fruitless stupidity. In fact often only promoted by frauds eg Allan Howard who has badgered many especially joseph for ID details, yet never ONCE giving any hint as to what CLP etc he’s in. So obvious yet “smart” people have been so easily EASYLY hoodwinked by him.

        Re: Starting another new party in addition to SWP, etc etc etc
        A new party can win EASILY or gain powerful deciding votes, as i’ve said b4. Go set one up. Why did u not set one up decades ago to add to the others? John Smith died thirty years ago i think. Thats longer than many in the party have been alive. Why scream at the youth or any one for their suggestions as valid as yours? Quite a puzzle? And mainly White Flag Men Allan Howards use that term “shill” routinely.

        But i wish any new “left” party success. Winning is easy compared to sustaining wins. I think now that if we had won in 2017 or 2019 Jeremy and team would have gone in appeasement overdrive. I see no sign of any pause with serious reflection, incisive analysis and the necessary change. How does anyone explain choosing to gift McNicoll a peerage then attempting to gift one to Twatson too❓ at the END of FOUR years of open sabotage by Twatson. No one has yet explained that and how that helps us in ANY way.

        Another sign of ZERO change is obviously seeing the same behaviours. Eg BRILLIANT one hour appearance on radio after declining invitations McDonnell said he delivered. WONDERFUL reception from host and listeners from all over the world… then puff V🗯🗯🗯 gone vanish!!!

        Makes me wonder how could anyone repeat the same behaviour for four whole years never mind forty❓❓❓ Is it that the only REAL aim is we think X or Y said the right thing, they r on our side? How has that EVER helped us???

        Dawn Butler turned up ytdy on radio and yes, her excellent intervention is still getting radio coverage today with hour segments on LBC, BUT again the same disappearing act. I used to wonder what these people r doing, now i’m convinced they flee back to speak to people with whom they already agree in a bunker somewhere. Dawn writes on the Independent. GREAT but EVERYONE listens to radio, almost round the clock INTERNATIONALLY.

        I’m no fan of Lammy but as i type i’m listening to him and he has returned to discussing Dawn Buttler TOTALLY positively playing the clip now 17:11 Saturday July 2021📻

        Questions to one: “Bernie” 1️⃣ Have u hear her or Jeremy, McDonnell, Gardner, Thornberry even Dianne Abbott on presenting their views re Dawn or anything else❓ 2️⃣ – If even u heard them, do u think they were heard by the many who need to hear them❓3️⃣ When will u stop being a sincere agent of bunker surfing❓

        For the sake of “the many”. PLEASE, i’m begging; pause and reflect for a FULL THREE WEEKS. Read widely and listen widely. Assess independently and subject your views to RIGOROUS scrutiny. Never attempt to silences others; thats exactly what dictators much of the MSM do. We rightly condemn it. Don’t do it. Make your case with EVIDENCE. That’s what we do in science and ALL successful human activity of ANY type. What you attempt is associated with ALL failures … except for dictators and frauds of course.

      3. Tbh, as much as I like the man Corbyn wasn’t particularly media savvy, nor was he all that charismatic or articulate. If he could get as close as he did (40% vote share and 12.9m votes) lacking in those vital political skills, it’s pretty clear that someone with the same policy platform – but without those impediments – could sweep up in an election.

        The right, including Mandelson & Blair, surely know this too. They’re only interested in hijacking the Labour party and preventing it making that offer to the British public. It may take a new party, which could quickly become a serious threat to this current Labour party. Worst case scenario is said new party takes 15- 20% in a GE (mostly of Labour’s vote) removing most of the current PLP in the process. The next election is already likely lost and who’d want to win under Starmer anyway?

      4. Andy i believe Jeremy had the capacity to be phenomenally charismatic and articulate. When he switched it on, i found him ELECTRIC and movingly charismatic. He made one of his rare visitations from the mist years ago. The voice was at it’s worse with his then HABITUAL throat clearing, swallowing and shallow breathing and mumbling🔸

        BUT when he spoke about El Gato, Jeremy came alive!!! BRILLIANT. I searched high and low to find the clip IMMEDIATELY afterwards. NOTHING! Vanished just as Jeremy always does himself. But on that occasion, i thought it was DELIBERATE by the MSM. Can’t remember which station, will check my notes. Remember exactly where i was; in my kitchen! I feel the station knew Jeremy would charm anyone who heard it… even his enemies🔸

        SADLY he entrapped himself unwittingly by doom-mongers, defeatists and victimhood mongers. Could u imagine having White Flag Man’s 24hr brigade shrieking at u for four whole years??? But i’v met people who love him, and one in particular of international fame surprised me when they too repeated the same whining about the Media🔸

        The reality is, many externalities are powerful but NOT omnipotent. If they were People’s Vote would have won. They had ALL the money and the ENTIRE Establishment and media on their side… even Biden, Brown, Blair, Mandelson, May, Kenneth Clarke Obama, Hilary Clinton and TONS of other Tories, Miller and her millions UNCRITICAL radio MSM presence. Why did they lose❓❓❓
        Trump even meddled with the Capital of Palestine with FULL support of the much trumped ‘Zionist’. How’s Trump doing now❓❓❓ When has any leader had more SOCIAL MEDIA twitting than Trump❔❔❔

        He too was defeated by BUNKER mentality. No point being “smart” or say words about every noble project, yet fail to observe glaring evidence like the defeat of super funded Remain and ridiculously named ‘People’s Vote’, and Jo Swinson here, Theresa May Cameron, Sanders and Trump abroad. They all had TONS of Money and unstinting Media support. To repeat otherwise is lazy hackneyed claptrap. The Many pay the sharp price🔸

        Jeremy even sacrificed his EU phobic stance to appease his enemies and the detached Metropolitan Elite so dumbed down “SMART” they can’t scroll past what they pretend they can’t understand. He hoped to avoid confrontation. How’s that going?Immediately after the result Jeremy said on the media “Trigger Article 50”. Then as ever puff 🗯🗯🗯 vanished and silence. Until we look within, then we are doomed🔸

        Jeremy lacked the instinct to realise that appeasement never works against enemies; it only encourages them. Also, i was struck at once when i joined, the throwing about words like “solidarity” and “comrade”. That indicates silo cult with shallow appreciation of the terms. Hence Chris Williamson, Marc Wadsworth, Ken Livingstone and THOUSANDS of others were abandoned without MEANINGFUL care. The words are there without care🔸

        I distinctly remember reading on some describing sacrificing Chris as necessary for the greater good… words to that effect. I was AMAZED that anyone virtuous or “comradely” with any idea of “solidarity” could think such, never mind state it publicly!!!

        Do u see a pained look of regret on the faces of those who betrayed Ken or Chris et al? I heard and read excuses for the betrayal of Chris in particular. Why then rescue Ashworth, Hodge, Watson, allow Ummuna Berger etc to leave at their leisure???

        Jeremy had all the charisma in the world and he was superbly articulate with Iain Dale recently Andy. Feedback ALL positive🔸

        Yet as leader he allowed himself to be defeated by group attitudes u can see even here. He assumed if “he did everything” unelected unrepresentative haters and liars “asked” they would “calm down”… note well not do positive things; just “calm down”🔸

        I heard Pollard and others often. Not once did they give any impression they would “calm down”. They were clear everywhere and often that they won’t. Search out transcripts and recordings. At every appeasement, their response was OPENLY negative.

        The appeasement fest REMAINS attitude; hoping attacks and problems will disappear. They don’t in macro situations like politics. At an allotment yes; but NOT with the likes of Mandelson etc. The fact they made their undermining plain convinced me that the naive victim culture on the left is deep. If even i’m wrong, we know the culture has failed miserably. I’ve certainly NEVER encountered that in any jobs or leisure activities. NEVER.

        It is UNWITTING false virtue to sacrifice the justified hopes of MILLIONS on REPEATED craving “to be loved by them”; where “them” is not us “the many” but “THEM” “the few”.

      5. @signpost not windchimes

        You only have to look at how much pressure UKIP, and later The Brexit Party put on the Tories. The left need to get creative and employ a similar strategy.

        Mandelson, Evans et al, hold the view first expressed in the US, that those on the left ‘have nowhere else to go’, a (Bill) Clinton presidential campaign strategist used it iirc. The SCG should stay put to argue the case within the LP (like the ERG did)so it’s a dual-track strategy.

      6. exactly andy. bunker embarrassing attitudes also clog the “smart” people, they ignore what one man Farage achieved despite being attacked constantly as “Swivel Eyed Loonies” and worse. He never wilted. Ditto Ken Livingstone defeating King and some other Blair Mandelson plant. George Galloway too… Individuals standing ALONE against all attacks.
        Yes there are Spycops and infiltrators like the Allan Howards but note how easy it is for them to throw out bones like “facist” “Nazi” and “shills” and hoodwink people think they are “smart”. Who without a good word insult the memory of Dawn Foster who i had the privilege to meet and chat with in her way to short life. The frauds will always be there but there is no excuse for people to brand the public “stupid” yet vomit up the most inane propaganda fed to them by the ‘polite’ ‘respectable’ MSM. What brand of “smartness” guards its own repeated failures like a dogs guarding their own vomit❓❓❓
        We dont need lots of people. We only need clear headed effective people. Be frank with your views, Take advice. Those who can’t deal with constructive advice or have no idea what it is and are adults are of NO use at the heart of change. They have actively ALLOWED this multifaceted tragedy. The worst Prime Minister in my lifetime re irresponsibility and domestic deaths and his pom pom cheerleader SIR K Starmer who pollutes the office of Opposition. For nearly two years supporting Johnson with every deadly corrupt actions and omissions with no meaningful opposition.

    2. Andy, I met and had short conversations with Jeremy Corbyn on a couple of occasions and I can assure you he was both charismatic and articulate. Much more so than me, although that’s not difficult :-).

      Corbyn’s fault was he was too trusting and listened to the wrong advisers. He was a reluctant leader and therefore he did not have a plan to deal with the onslaught from his enemies who knew his conviviality was his weakness.

      1. Agreed
        He was and still is too nice
        He wasn’t willing to see the fake people around him
        He was poorly advised by his team
        He was not coached about sound bites, sarcasm in response to his enemies lies or weak arguments
        He should have simply done what he believed and showed that to the electorate rather than listening to the 5th column in the PLP.
        He should have withdrawn the whip from those showing him enmity
        But that is all passed now…
        Who is there now to pick up this gauntlet? Who can learn from JCs mistakes?
        I was hoping for Laura Pidcock, but alas she was lost at the last election…

  6. Mandelson: “I am working every day to bring down Jeremy Corbyn”
    Presumably many party HQ individuals named in the Forde report, would, like Mandelson fall foul of Labour party rules i.e. ‘Bringing the party into disrepute’. We couldn’t have that now could we? Starmer… burn that report. By the way I am still waiting [over 2 years] for my complaint to LP HQ to be dealt with, when Tony Blair called Jeremy Corbyn an anti Semite to the whole world. So far crickets.

    1. The fact Labour’s right have always had a sympathetic MSM to run to when they felt like sounding off meant Mandelson and others could realistically carry out this threat too. These anti-Corbyn malcontents were granted a staggering amount of broadcast air-time on TV & radio (2015-2019), the left would never be permitted a similar audience to slate Starmer.

      1. Andy, explain then how despite Berger in particular being CONSTANTLY on MSM, double hour slots week after week with totally uncritical hosts, and Ummuna, Ellman, Smeeth, Laurence Fox most recently ditto; EVERY SINGLE ONE dumped by the electorate. Ditto Jo Swinson and her Lib Dems SOUNDLY REJECTED all of them. Plus TONS of money… Explain. My heart sinks when i hear or read people repeating such TOTALLY evidence free. Look at the results.

    2. “Starmer… burn that report”.

      Harry, Like you, I am also waiting for my complaint to be acknowledged. In it I detail deliberate mishandling of my data under GDPR 2018, by the GLU and CLP secretary.

      I requested a Subject Access Request (SAR) in December 2017. Under the terms of the act, I should have received it within 40 days. I eventually received a SAR in September 2019, but only after four interventions by the Information Commissioner Office and contact from a solicitor acting on my behalf. The Labour party solicitors admit is a partial SAR and I know it is incomplete, as I have obtained missing data from other sources.

      Further evidence that the party have unlawfully withheld data, is an email from one of the GLU party staffers, instructing the secretary to the disciplinary hearing, not to let me see the minutes. A subsequent email to informs me the information does not exist. A deliberate breach of GDPR.

      I did not attend the disciplinary as I did not have a SAR. Those that did attend were reporting that it was common for the party to “ambush” members with information held back until the hearings to catch members off guard and incriminate themselves. For that reason, I was not willing to go into a disciplinary hearing without knowing exactly what the party held on me. Another email asks the question what to do with supplementary data that was being held, or did the party have enough to ensure I was excluded from the party? I submitted the details of my complaint to the Forde Report.

      I wonder which will happen first, acknowledgement of my complaint or publication of the Forde Report? I’m not holding my breath.

    3. Like the Antisemitism Hysteria, it only applied to whom they needed it to apply to. Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories and Zionists could do whatever, however and whenever they wanted to and never faced a single consequence!

  7. How many Party Members are Socialists? I think I have a reasonable idea about how many MPs & those asleep in the House of Lords.

    1. There are exactly 3 “Corbynistas” in the Party, 3 of Jeremy’s Deep Crimson Red Roses from his 4yr 3mo’s of Planting Rose Plants! 3 MPs who I would trust as the young leaders, with some guidance from the old master, of a renewed UK Labour Movement!
      Zarah Sultana, Apsana Begum, Bel Ribeiro-Addy, those 3 girls have defied whips, leaders orders, etc to speak FOR THE PEOPLE! Special Mention to Exiled “Corbynista” Claudia Webbe. They quite literally were the Opposition in the House of Commons, throughout Starmer and Evans’ Culture of Fear!
      To think that is who we should have had as a majority Party of Jeremy’s Deep Crimson Red Roses, interesting that Labour won all the Independent’s seats and lost all the ready for retirement Thatcherite Neolabour Party Tory Zionist seats, except for the 3 blatantly obviously stolen Dennis, Laura P and Laura S!
      The rest of them have crept under their rocks and only came crawling out for the spotlight once in a purple moon! Just as they have 2015 to 2020, I reckon we will be surprised if we were to analyse their activity in the 4yr and 3mo when we had a UK Labour Party.
      Is there anything left on this planet or acts by humanity that can leave us shocked post 2015!? I don’t think there is, we have seen the worst of human behaviour and corruption in 4yr 3mo.
      Just keep Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory Zionists out of Government or we WILL see the demise of Julian Assange and the total destruction of Palestine!

  8. There is one important name missing from this thread who was one of the instigators who sucked up to Starmer and his right wing chums, who lost us the last general election. THIS TRAITOR: = John McDonnell.

    1. To be honest more than John alone, there were a great many jabs and daggers shoved in the back of HOPE, CHOICE and ONE FINAL CHANCE TO END 42 YEARS OF TORY HELL, over the 4 years and 3 months, of Labour going through the throes of death, ironically at the same tome that it was given the one big opportunity in 42 years to become Government!
      There were the Vote Leave Bandwagon, even worse The 2nd Ref Bandwagon, which was possibly one of Politics most hideous and idiotically lapped up scams, with apparently intelligent people in a mass hysteria about something that was already written into the Labour Brexit Plan under the name Confirmatory Vote! Not that Vote Leave was any less idiotic, when Pied Piper Galloway and Jester Farage led millions down the Tory Gates of Hell! Anyone who could possibly have thought that The Inbred Buffoon would see a better Deal for the People than Corbyn would have, must be severely deficient!
      It did not take a fat lot to upset the Apple-Cart, 2015 to 2020, and there were regular shakers or even those who did not openly stand up to defend Jeremy Corbyn until the lime light was shone directly on them, JFC it wasn’t like it wasn’t blatantly obvious he needed that internal support. Sadly it appears that those who did fight tooth and claw alongside Jeremy got taken out by his “Leftist Zionist” Friends Jewdas ie Nichols, Momentum, Michael Walker, LabourLeft etc, etc, etc with tactics reminiscent of Maccabees, become great friends and comrades of the Romans, invited to the biggest dos, a quick stab from under cloak, stand back and scream in horror at the discovery of a dead Roman!
      The fact that So Called “Labour” did most of the damage to GE17 & GE19 says all anyone needs to know about the Fascist Racist TORY TWATS who were left behind, bar a very, VERY TINY Handful of “Labour Comrades” and the 3 Newcomers!
      The PEOPLE NEED an Opposition Party with ABSOLUTELY NO UNNECESSARY External Groups, 1/2 Unions, A Media Outfit all run Decentralised and from under ONE ROOF! ANY backstabbing bastards will go in the stocks and publicly shamed, well on SM at least on the first occasion, if it happens again, have a nice life!

    2. John McDonnell probably thought they were serious about reversing Brexit. Rather than using the issue as a means to shed votes in the North and Midlands, as now seems the intention.

      Even had Labour won a GE, there was simply no way that PLP , composed as it was and still is, would have been manageable. Key HoC votes would’ve been the mercy of 30 or so bad faith actors and Blairite wreckers. Corbyn’s failure to grasp the nettle of open selection is his biggest strategic error, not muddled Brexit policy.

      1. Andy, McDonnell should have known. Naivety or incompetence or sabotage, matters not. The effect is what counts. Was not rocket science. Read my posts during the entire period from the get go.

        My suspicion is that Thornberry, Harriman, Cooper, Khan, and McDonnell who had failed b4 at leadership elections, considered themselves educationally superior to Jeremy. Ego, Ambition and misguided worship of academic theories are powerful delusive drivers. Anyone in senior posts especially when newly appointed can tell u, other look and say why them and not me? I’m smarter than her etc … She never even went to university i went to the open university or she only went to Oxford, i went to Cambridge on and on. The reality to me is re: policy substance Jeremy and many posters here on were way of their time, a LONG time ago. Having heard Gardner, McDonnell, Thornberry etc at length; Jeremy is not only clearer, and with unrivalled substance but more comprehensive.

        The others have token padded out stuff … esp Gardner. I think he pads, because he has to. Jeremy gave way to them to his peril. The Many pay the price. That is why we must fix our deficiencies URGENTLY. Anything can happen at anytime. We must not wait. We must be thoroughly prepared EVERYWHERE to seize opportunities. And DONT publicise those preparations publicly anywhere. And DONT include the determined victims. They are part of the problem. Forget motives. Search out only what is different from defeatist attitudes no matter who spouts them.

        And consider, just think; what could be achieved with the time and energy used to campaign that we must keep hiding because “no point”??? What’s their aim???

        Who endures fans who scream you cant you cant you wont you wont you’ll never achieve anything … despite Marc Wadsworth and many more❓😉❓😉❓😉

        Dont allow Mandelsons Starmers and Blairs to keep laughing again📌📌📌

      2. Andy – ” his biggest strategic error, not muddled Brexit policy.” No,

        Jeremy almost never expressed HIS own “Brexit Policy” once the Ref was called. Check his LONG voting record consistent with his response IMMEDIATELY after the result; he said, i heard him – “Trigger Article 50”; then puff 🗯🗯🗯 vanished and silence UNTIL he CHOSE to parrot SIR Starmer’s DELIBERATELY laughably “MUDDLED Brexit Policy”.

        Compare and contrast Jeremy’s record, with Starmer’s TOTALLY sordid record of determined wilful deceit LIES and GROSS INJUSTICES.

        The “muddled Brexit ‘policy'” was concocted by Mandelson Blair and others with SIR starmer”. Jeremy craving their “love” accepted the deliberate ‘muddle’; in line with “doing EVERYTHING they asked”.

        “They (had NEVER) loved him back” but he sincerely prioritised their “love” WAY above ours.

      3. That’s being too harsh on JC
        He wasn’t willfully hating us
        JC is the spiritual father figure whose shoulders are broad to compass a divergent family, now he needs a protege who will be like a lion against the enemies within n without. That leader will have to be savvy and surrounded by like minded principled tacticians
        Offence is the best defence. One cannot win by being reactionary.
        Furthermore they will need to always breakdown the complicity of the MSM, keep reminding people who owns them, how far they are from the British public, how they are in the same camp as the super rich extortionists..etc. They have to promote actively those outlets that are pro Labour causes, but in a subtle, off the cuff manner.
        Another huge mistake by JCs team was not being aspirational. It was too easy to be painted as being against success and making money. The people need to see that under Labour they will be given a hand to be richer, without treading on their neighbours etc.
        Finally the new team can not allow themselves to be shown as not patriotic. At every stage they have to spell it out, we are proud to serve this country. In the hostile media they only see the spoken word.

      4. redoctober18, i agree with much of what u say above. However, no one said said he was “wilfully hating us”.

        The quote “he did everything to love them but they did not love him back” is Dianne’s.

        “We did EVERYTHING THEY asked” is McDonnell’s.

        I heard them both. Neither they nor i implied that Jeremy hated us.

        Even though he muttered “f****** amateurs” when he CHOSE to rescue Tom Watson from the CORRECT action of the members to dissolve the Deputy Leadership because of Watson’s OPEN sabotage. “Bottom up” TANGIBLE action, SABOTAGED from the “TOP DOWN”. He obviously wanted the “love” of his enemies rather than of ours. It does not mean he hated us, just CRAVED the love of Watson Mandelson Blair Starmer Hodge and all their gang INFINITELY more.

        He said; i heard him – “Tom is my good friend”. Then something like – just the other day i gave him some bulbs or tubers or homemade jam.
        Watson stood on Jeremy’s left grinning in the oiliest most sinister way. Just b4 that on Conference stage, Watson admitted he and his lot never expected us to do so well at GE2017. He corroborated what a female member of his staff (Watson’s) was exposed as one of the saboteurs. Watson half hummed half sang “oh jeremy corbyn oh
        jeremy corbyn” mockingly. he continued his sabotage openly to date.

        Jeremy was ‘advised’ to ignore and let hodge watson et al continue uncensored or “they would walk out” and “the MSM would attack”. He choose to take that ‘advice’ as it played to his nature. Did that “work”❓ Is Jeremy the leader now❓ Does he have the whip❓ How have the many benefitted from any of those actions❓ What do we value❓ Do we have no care for the consequences of easily fixable behaviour; or must we remain a nice virtue signalling cosy club with ZERO tangible benefit to “the many”❓

        What i’ve stated is clear. It is not harsh. It is truth. Even children search out truths as to ways to improve. The failure to point out truths with clarity means easily correctable weaknesses have never been addressed. All the energy has been diverted to obsessing with externalities, but zilch of how to neuter them. The rest of the energy is squandered on defending the ludicrously indefensible and inculcating victimhood in those who expected positive guidance from adults.

        Re “subtlety” and “off the cuff”. Jeremy has displayed that. Like satire and irony, such are dangerously overrated. The world is confusing enough with not just excess fog but infinitely diverse opinions and perspective. I feel i know what people mean; BUT, next time anyone goes to their doctor or surgeon or hairdresser or plumber or electrician or anyone else not in a comedy club; ask them to be subtle, off the cuff, satirical or ironical in the ways they explain what needs fixing, how they will fix and then word the discharge letter.

        Until we face truths which we FEEL are “harsh” we will keep being easily stitched up, over and over again.

        “The Many” pay the harsh price. It is irresponsible to enable or protect failed attitudes without TANGIBLE care nor “solidarity” with “The Many” who are DESPERATE for change. I listen to them; a WIDE variety. They don’t complain about the obvious doings of others. They say with clarity that they cannot understand why Starmer has failed to hold Johnson to account. We should be asking why Jeremy did not hold Starmer & gang to account? And WHY was Starmer enabled if not because they are surprised he turned out as his record demonstrated he is AND his allies repeated their intentions ROBUSTLY on ALL MSM i expect and definitely on the radio.

        Why did Marc Wadsworth hold the misnamed chronicle to account and triumph 🎊🌟🎊🌟🎊🌟 but not Jeremy EVEN NOW❓ Yet i heard John McDonnell say “if the whip were restored to Jeremy, he would be back in a flash!”. That was one bit of an HOUR segment. Why is forensic. Even a failure to answer, provides valuable and CRUCIAL information.

        WE must deliver a better future without depending on establishment devotees. That better future is IMPOSSIBLE without rigorous questioning, accurate judgement of answers and a NEW FRESH CAN DO SPIRIT.

    3. Would not go that far
      If JC was our spiritual leader then JM was expected to be the enforcer and do the dirty work, never happened he became part of the problem, getting both big calls completely wrong on Brexit and AS Scam

      1. Doug, expelling hodge, mandelson, blair, ashworth et al is not “dirty work”. It’s what would be done in ANY successful organisation. Your heart is TOTALLY in the right place Doug. I can feel it, but u have used that term b4. All of that reflects our attitude which sabotages us. Mandelson Starmer Blair & co needn’t work so hard to sabotage those “doing everything to make them love him” according to Dianne and do “EVERYTHING THEY ASKED”☢️

        Thats choice. Also u mentioned a month or more ago about making offers the bastards wont or cant refuse … even yachts… i suppose for Mandelson the snake LOOOOOVES yachts and Russian Oligarchs .. any oligarchs, ANY sordid “FILTHY RICH”. The filthier the better for SteveH davidH SHs’ “Mandy”. ( affectionate name slipped out from SHs last year). SH international Caribbean Branch, has not repeated that pet name since☢️

        ANYWAY doug we neither need nor should give establishment tools nor anyone else, inducements to leave nor do anything else. Such must NEVER be in our culture or thoughts. It’s actually a myth that it’s necessary. It NEVER ends well. Look at Jeremy what exactly did he get for his non stop appeasements including a peerage for McNicoll and a curious one at the END of his sabotaged tenure by the ARCH SABOTEUR TOM WATSON☢️

      2. signpost
        What we need is a Socialist Labour party including Greens, the Con/Brexit party and a Centrist party to include Lib Dums, One Nation, Red and Tartan Tories
        Under FPTP we would clean up as the other two Tory parties have nothing to offer
        How we get there I care not a jot

      3. Doug, i feel we only need get a TRUE Labour free of victimhood mongers, defeatists and those who describe themselves as “smart” while calling the electorate “stupid” “uneducated” and “racist”; No “politeness” for “the many”; pure shallow inconsistency … unwitting definitely. In science we test our views; we challenge them. We don’t guard them from criticism as if we would wilt.

        Also look at facts. despite all deficiencies i identified, PLUS the externalities others believe are invincible despite technicolour evidence; the TRUEST Labour in my lifetime crushed Theresa May’s well moneyed and MSM supported Tories. It was the first time in TWENTY years that a party called Labour GAINED seats. All other Mandelson tools LOST seats.

        Have u heard any of our lot even mentioning these facts??? never mind repeating them???

        Look at General Election the seats lost were ONLY due to Starmer’s REMAIN insult to the electorate. It was an obvious wrecking grenade. I remain STUNNED how easily Jeremy who never BELIEVED in Remainiacry wrecked his chance to be Prime Minister. Even still, with all the forces Mandelson and Blair’s Starmer have which people to my amazement still go on about, Starmer lost Hartlepool, with one man George Galloway beating Mandelson advised Starmer into an humiliating lost deposit with 1.6% vote share. … or was that Chesham & Amersham???

        Question: Under CONSTANT attacks; how did one man George Galloway win 20 something percent of the votes to crush labour and the moneyed nec right wing parties eg Fox❓❓❓
        Mandelson & Blair advised Starmer also lost HUNDREDS of councils and demolished a Labour Majority in Batley & Spen to 320 something votes with one. Chesham & Amersham 11,000+ magority slashed…

        When will well intentioned people stop repeating stuff which keeps the myths going??? And when will our leaders help put the facts straight???

        THOSE r our PIVOTAL problems Doug; NOT externalities NOR convoluted shenanigans, backroom pacts and plots. Look at the evidence. Dire Starmer is indeed as i posted somewhere today or ytdy has been instructed by Mandelson to beg the Nick Clegg Swinson WINNERS to join with the Greens. They too are “smart” but will stupidly repeat ended badly for them last time… except for Clegg coining in MILLIONS from that Google in sunny California.

        We r neither the Mafia or football team Doug; nor Red Rosette label fetishists.

      4. @signpost not windchimes.

        Yes, i’d agree with that analysis, especially the part about educational snobbery being a factor in Corbyn’s lousy treatment at the hands of the PLP and press(Guardian). Not being a product of Oxbridge meant many felt Corbyn wasn’t clever enough to be a PM.

        Revolting stuff really, as the main policy platform was why he was popular and he had advisers who were more than the intellectual equal of his PLP critics to finesse the detail, make it all work as intended.

      5. Yes Andy. And, urgently needed; diagnose accurately and cure CURABLE ills. That’s what we do in ALL other areas of success.

        We need FRESH new attitudes. None of the old victim bunker attitudes. N O N E. Values are sound too but unwittingly shallow in practise. Nice words not backed up by tangible action. Eg “solidarity” and “comradely” but not for Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Nemtona, Chris Williamson, Harry Law, Jacqui Walker, Naomi Wimbourne Edrisi, Marc Wasdworth, the list is distressingly long… WHY❔❔❔ SHALLOW HACKNEYED persistent self shining nice words and habit; never pausing long enough to self assess. Protecting a misguided sense of virtue by rejecting all criticism.

        Policies however are SOUND, long overdue, and WELCOMED by the people. 2017 General Election showed that. We would have won if all the saboteurs were dismissed and expelled; but there was an extremely odd obsession with quantity rather than quality. So odd that when Jeremy announced he was stepping down; despite knowing the members we ready had, and the parasites OPENLY recruiting entryists to elect a parasite like Starmer; is saw and heard sincere “leaders” in my “left” clp celebrating an influx of new members. I was absolutely staggered at the naivety. Entries should have been frozen pronto. I remember some announcing with eyes sparkling X and Y joined “they are comrades”. Anyone on a protest or said “solidarity” and “comrade”; was a comrade in solidarity. You could not make it up. Yet “smart” people GORGE on fiction. That’s one of the reasons my posts are always longer than i intend. Too many observations spring to mind and i too need discipline when it comes to this battle. But i’ve been profoundly surprised at every turn.

        ANYWAY Andy, trust was dented when the electiraye saw how easily Jeremy folded his long held evidenced belief just to please his enemies. They CORRECTLY asked; unlike those who consider themselves “smart” and pretend fresh views of independent thought are “gibberish”; … they correctly asked themselves; having won the leadership and crushed two coups by increasing margins; WHY still the determination to cave in to our OPEN enemies❓ and WHAT ELSE would he have caved in just to please those who made it plain throughout his ENTIRE political career to date❓❓ ❓

        We must stop blaming the electorate, disparaging them mercilessly, yet eyes and ears wide shut to our own failings.

      6. signpost / Andy
        Here’s the test, we get our party back and kick out Red Tories
        At the following Durham Miners Gala when our history making new leader stands on the balcony to address the gathering, what does she say to those who voted Tory
        Here’s where I stand
        ‘I apologise for those who betrayed you and failed to honour the Brexit vote, now is your chance to make peace with your ancestors who you betrayed by voting Tory, Here’s my hand Here’s my heart’

      7. Doug, what if Tony Benn was their “ancestor”❔ Benn and Atlee were their “ancestors”. The people voted based on their LONG experience and what they see all around them; i.e. utter decimation of our industries EXACTLY as Clement Atlee predicted in the 1960s.

        The voters did not betray. The voters were were “betrayed” by those who preferred the money worshiping cabal we despise; by doing “EVERYTHING to make THEM love him”. “THEM” = Mandelson SIR Starmer Blair Hodge Khan.

        Doug, we should not be blind supporters of a Red Rosette as if the Mafia or football team. Do not accuse those who were “betrayed”, of betraying. That is unjust. You’re expecting blind support from the electorate. Blind support by Jeremy of parasites, he’s still DESPERATE to “unify with”, caused this tragedy we see.

  9. John McDonnell, a disgusting creature.
    Given the mountain of dead bodies that Blair and Bush left behind in Iraq, and the mountain of dead bodies established since due to the unbroken thread of conflict and death across the region which traces its roots back to Iraq, John McDonnell’s GQ interview with Alastair Campbell, in which the shadow chancellor said that Blair is not a war criminal and during which he invited Campbell back into the Labour Party, was an unalloyed disgrace. Indeed it was tantamount to spitting on the graves of the Iraq War dead, including the 179 British soldiers who were sent to kill and be killed on the back of Blair and Campbell’s lies John McDonnell clearly believes that achieving power by any means necessary, including the defence of the indefensible, is acceptable in the name of socialism. It is not. James Baldwin.
    The decimation of Iraq was a crime of the ages for which not one of those responsible has ever faced so much as a day of justice. Up to a million Iraqi men, women and children were killed, while millions more were injured, traumatised and/or displaced as the country slid into the abyss of sectarian carnage out of which the monster of ISIS and Salafi-jihadism emerged. The chaos, dislocation and unremitting carnage that continues to engulf the region today can be traced back to the 20th of March 2003, the day that American and British bombs and missiles first began raining down on Iraq.
    Imagine how Iraqis who lost sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, who saw their lives literally ripped apart as a consequence of the war that was unleashed against their country on the basis of lies, imagine how they must feel when they see the likes of Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell being treated in 2019 as respectable public figures in Britain, enjoying lucrative careers and feted as elder statesmen within the country’s political and media establishment? John Wight

  10. More on that scumbag McDonnell…..
    Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell did not speak to each other “for months” as the row over anti Semitism engulfed the party, it was claimed today.
    But it is claimed they stopped talking and would walk straight past each other in Parliament after the party began a probe into vete¬ran Jewish MP Margaret Hodge.
    The investigation came after Dame Margaret was said to have shouted at Mr Corbyn in a corridor, accusing him of racism and being anti Semitic.
    A new book by journalists Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire claims the relationship fell apart because Mr McDonnell felt it was wrong to hold the probe.
    Then when giving an interview with Jewish News
    Jewish News… “So when we’re talking about sharing a platform with anti-Semites, we’re not talking about people who are just supportive of the Palestinian cause, do you think it might be time for an apology?
    JmD: You have to look at why he was sharing platforms, it was not to endorse them, it was to try and engage with them.
    There we have it, Corbyn spent the last 30 years traversing the country addressing anti war and pro Palestinian groups, but McDonnell said he [Corbyn did not endorse them] with a friend like McDonnell who needs enemies?

    1. unite with them❓
      work with them❓❓
      that’s the value values❓❓❓
      No thanks. NEVER⛔️⛔️⛔️

    2. Their big new focus is apparently going to be, wait for it,….crime

      Let’s guess their slogan ‘Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime’? …literally more reheated Blairite leftovers.

      I don’t think any of the Blairite-right have an original idea between them. Starmer and his team merely aim to present themselves as better managers of the status quo, when the Tories fall out of favour. And sadly, it may even work, albeit only in an ultra-low turnout election with apathy the big winner.

      1. Andy
        Between Red and Blue Tories they doubled the prison population to 80,000 at a cost of £50,000 a year each
        Pure genius

      2. spot on Andy. but the silence of our lot, allows the myths to take root. As a rule, ALWAYS be sceptical of slogans “like tough on crime.” They have zero intention if dealing with cause of small crimes or super big ones eg the merchant bankers and Mandelson Starmer and Blair themselves… or self confessed REPEATED cokehead the HONOURABLE michael gove. or DAME cressida dick who i heard with my own ears; she “looked into it personally and found he (gove) had no case to answer”; despite him PUBLICLY admitting taking a Class A drug COCAINE at his “dinner parties”. Does he party alone❓ Who were his party guests❓
        The slogans r chosen are inoffensive until u check the pattern.

        I cannot “unify with” those crooks. It is illogical and immoral.
        Thanks 4 the heads up. Had not heard about it till reading your post now.

  11. Labour membership from a high of 550,000 (attracted by Corbyn which paid Labour’s debts off at a stroke) is now down to 430,000 under Sleepy Starmer & The Right Wing Labour Lightweight Bores. Jeremy is a lovely human being and a great left wing democratic socialist but perhaps he was too nice and kind when he was up against Right Wing Labour careerist political nincompoops! I read how Lenin from a minority position had to get the Bolsheviks to get behind a political revolution by putting a resolution to a key meeting and by the power of his arguments from a minority won this democratic vote (the political opportunist and later to be mass murderer Stalin actually abstained on the October Revolution).
    But the point is a real leader has to analyse the situation and recommend a course of action.
    And with BREXIT Jeremy was weak, by compromising and offering a 2nd PV, perhaps a better Leader I would have said, comrades, two thirds of Labour seats had a majority for Brexit, if we go against this then we will lose and millions (and in increasing numbers) will suffer under the Tories. Such a leaded would have put a resolution to that effect and said, OMOV back this and me, or sack me. Such a leader would rather lose their position than allow millions of diverse working people to suffer.
    Before I left Labour I warned my middle class Right Wing Labour dominated CLP that if they supported a 2nd PV they would SNATCH DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY but by 2:1 (initially 3:1) they would not listen.
    There are perhaps half a million potential left wing democratic socialist activists in the UK (mainly in Labour and under threat from the Right) and many outside now.
    We need to get organised. Solidarity!

    1. great analysis of evidence and facts Bazza. We need more of that. i agree totally. we must face these facts or the tragedy will continue for a generation. We must get ready in private all over this country. The people will tire of Johnson plus the chumocracy corruption seem like the most outrageous of twenty years. May be wrong but seems unbelievable to me. Millions i’m sure were swindled b4, but over 38 BILLION seems a shockingly high number for PPE and/or test and trace. ⛔️🔸⛔️🔸⛔️🔸

  12. Yes and when there was the Right Wing attempted coup by Labour MPs against Corbyn should have kicked them all out, had fresh selection meetings in 3 months, and got genuine left wing socialists in to replace them.

    1. totally agree Bazza. Obviously by failing at decisiveness, he squandered an golden opportunity to show COMMITMENT to ENDING the same old same old. He & his team enabled the purges and atrocities being Mandelson’s Blair Starmer Hodge Evans et al.

  13. The biggest mistake we, on the left, made was to believe the “centrists” were stupid… It also becomes clear they pulled the same tricks with Milliband, but he was a bit more… pliable.

    1. true Be Lapointe. i would go further. An even bigger “mistake” are the abhorrent beliefs that the electorate are “stupid”, but we are “smart”.

  14. We have a disintegrating society and country where people have been taken in by a corrupt media. The corruption, cynicism and hypocrisy is not only in the Labour party, under Blair it was allowed to flourish and dominate. It became a club like so many other traditional clubs, one where it is primarily self serving and incapable of any level of honesty, in fact it became rancid and lacking in any meaningful integrity. I have to say that the left wing old timers of the party were naive if not misleading in not seeing that a socialist Labour party is impossible because of the corrupt establishment that runs and funds it. They need to take courage and leave and set up a new party, then again maybe few of them have the guts or they are not willing to forgo the perks of being in Westminster and salary

    1. tcliverpool, what is the evidence or reasoning that the unions stitched it up?

  15. The call for a second referendum at conference was carried by the unions, it was an absolute stitch up.

    1. Britains once again Going to War “..My father was a Royal marine who fought in Scapa flow to the Deserts of N.Afrika.Why is it that the idea of a British fleet led by the new aircraft carrier and loaded with nuclear weapons and American military intelligence operatives makes me shudder just as much as the idea of German U boats lurking off the coast of Britain .Why are the UK after the war games to leave two permanent Destroyers and ancillary ships patrolling the S.China sea.Does it fill me with confidence?…No it fills me with dread because I know what the USA have planned for the S.China sea and its not peace.Proping up Japanese government military ambitions and interfering in S.East Asia and the Asia Pacific rim could very easily start a war to end humanity and our tenure on this planet.China and its allies will not allow any more empires on which the sun 🌞 never sets.

      1. Joseph
        China won the war in 2008, this is their century and there’s nothing Yankee doodle can do about it,
        As for nuclear weapons or the world’s most expensive penis extensions as I call them, what’s the point in having a huge Arsenal if you can never use it
        Neither a deterrent or independent
        Michael Portillo Tory Defence Minister
        On a brighter note
        Congratulations to the British and Irish Lions on beating the World Champions South Africa

    2. tcliverpool – “call for a second referendum at conference was carried by the unions, it was an absolute stitch up.” As plain as the sunrise, but smart people r getting their bite sized fixes of BBC and other TV politics. Then when full, squirting it out on each other deep in the bunker. Have u ever heard anything more asinine as not trying to be ahead of the curve re enemy plans❔ Or diagnosing illnesses and treating❔ That’s the type who say say they are “informed”.

      Obvious to u and me but “gibberish” to “smart” people. They pretend or believe pointing out stitch ups, is “division”. In other words, be stitched up as we were stitched up before. Call the betrayed electorate “stupid racists”; but we stand “together” as one “unified”; in “solidarity with” the very 🔱creatures we allowed to stitch us up. “Smart” “informed” people taken in by 🔱those who never offer even one hint as to what we CAN do to stop being “stitched up”.

      If that is “smart”, i am a fool and relieved to be a fool.

  16. I read this brilliant thread the morning after I socked it to the Labour Party and it only confirmed my actions of the previous day.

    I cancelled my direct debit to the Labour party on Tuesday and by Friday I got an email which included a sentence I found annoying, so I decided to reply. It went like this…

    Dear Labour Party,

    Thank you for your email. I certainly agree that Labour has a proud history of changing this country, which is why I have voted Labour all my life.

    You say: We now have a single, unifying aim of working towards winning the next General Election. Surely, the damning word here is ‘now’.

    Why could you not have unified behind your previous leader? Jeremy Corbyn could have done so much more for normal working people in this country. Yet your right-wing MPs did everything they could to bring him down. You accused a decent, life-long anti-racist of being anti-Semitic, when you must have known it is not true.

    Even worse than this – YOU enabled the inhumane Tory government we have had to endure since 2017. That was the year you plotted against your own party getting into government. What did you care about the poor, the unemployed, the sick and the disabled then? You left them to suffer or even die under a cruel regime rather than actually let the people have the democratic socialist government your increase in membership clearly wanted.

    So what exactly has Sir Keir Starmer achieved? In 2019 he pressed for a second vote on Brexit, which effectively ruined our chances of winning yet another general election.

    He then stood for leadership and only won by pretending to be a socialist and by making false pledges he has dropped ever since winning. I didn’t vote for him. I never trusted him since he refused to say who was funding him.

    He used OUR money to pay off a ridiculous sum out of court in a case Labour was told it could win. He suspended Jeremy and then withdrew the whip when he was reinstated. He has suspended or expelled many members on the grounds of anti-Semitism, when in fact, it is clear he is purging members and CLPs for supporting Corbyn and actually being socialists. A lot of the purged are actually Jewish. So much for caring about anti-Semitism!

    On the back of my membership card it says that Labour is a democratic socialist party. Well, it WAS. What would you call it now???

    We currently have the most corrupt government I have ever known in my lifetime. Despite Boris Johnson’s inane mishandling of the Coronavirus, Starmer is more interested in attacking his own members than actually holding the Tories to account.

    It is now clear he has practically bankrupted the party due to a mass exodus of members. I see that you have to sack 90 members of staff to make ends meet.

    I have not heard of one policy he actually stands for. When pressed for the current Labour party’s policies, Jonathan Ashworth said it is confidential! No wonder Starmer lost by-elections and only just scraped through a seat Jeremy had a massive majority in! How can he expect to win with confidential policies??? What was clear was that he was ditching the popular manifesto he had promised to withhold.

    The last straw was seeing that he is now going to use more of our money to purge four factions from the party. Four left-wing factions.


    I look forward to your answer,

    Yours faithfully,

    Lynn Dye

    1. Why could you not have unified behind your previous leader?…You accused a decent, life-long anti-racist of being anti-Semitic, when you must have known it is not true.

      Remember this?

      Labour’s Keir Starmer saying accusations of Jeremy Corbyn antisemitism : “are politically motivated”

      What a hypocrite!

      1. Oh goodness, I’d forgotten that! But how right you are, PW. He’s the worst kind of hypocrite.

      1. Thank you, goldbach. I’m not holding my breath on that!

  17. The biggest element in Corbyn’s downfall was Tony Blair. A Corbyn government would have meant war crime charges and exposure. Backed by Israel, US, security services, media etc, he has now taken back complete control of the LP and is its de facto leader in the shadows. Too evil, too rich, too organised and too determined for Corbyn to cope with.

  18. Well done lyne Dye…I hope that you have pointed out were they can stick the subs for parsites…The rest they are not interested in.For them centrists like canvassing only want to identify the no vote,in your case it will be “Lefty socialist and put you on the hit list.IT still needs to be answered ,where did 13.5million pounds go?…And the answer for them is Corbyn and it will stick if members don’t demand an emergency meeting to get the answers.We might never get a answer but its part of the pressure to obtain the truth which for the knight and his misfits its an alian concept and verging on revolutionary.

  19. The sabotage of the left continues apace.

    Many have understandably lost faith in A. Rayner, as she’s been a terrible representative of the left who put their faith in her. Nevertheless she’ll be next to be shown the door. Labour’s ruling right-wing cabal won’t want anyone not inside their tent knowing of their schemes and plans. If she has any sense she’ll start asking serious questions about why Starmer/Evans want to change the way leaders are elected; what does changing back to the electoral college of MPs from OMOV improve? What problem is he trying to fix? Why is that a priority now , in a pandemic?

    Starmer and his vile RW gang are transparently on a mission to turn us into a ‘red-blue’ it makes no difference’ one-party state. Rayner should grasp they’ll be gunning for her next and get on the front foot.

    1. It’s too late for Rayner, RLB and the others, they’ve shown they cannot be trusted, except to wield the dagger against Socialists.

  20. When the practical impact of the realities detailed in these articles:

    starts to take domestic effect on the ‘Home Front’ chances are those ships will be back to home ports pronto as the ratings will be needed to supplement the army on the streets. Either that or they’ll be used to supplement the massive Labour shortfall currently affecting the global merchant sea supply chains.

    With container rates having shot up by 600% in eighteen months; the bulk of world trade in physical goods carried by sea; the bulk of that from China; and a shortage of containers (most of which are stood empty across the N. American mainland – perhaps they could use them to house the homeless?) one suspects it won’t be too long before minds are more focused on ensuring an adequate supply of bog rolls than pouncing about in the S. China Sea.

    Either that or the British Naval fleet is going to be used as a glorified and expensive transport of cargo option to keep the Country supplied? They might even use the new white elephant royal yacht if it ever gets built in time?

    But with Arthur Dalay as PM and Arthur Mullard as LOTO who knows how such practical realities will be tackled?

  21. Finally.. Someone’s spotted the knights fire and rehire scheme and the independent are actually giving the leader and the Labour party a grilling.Nows the time to bring up the missing millions and I wonder it being the scavenging season if any will look at the membership money siphoning and investigate in a difficult time for news.and a even better one for not only robbing employees but the membership as well.

    1. The Labour Party is losing members at a rate of 250 a day – this according to the ruling national executive committee (NEC).

      Just think about that, on average that’s 1,000 every 4 days and 10,000 members quitting every every 40 days!

      Hardly surprising however when under Starmer, you can be kicked out of the party simply for holding the view someone else has be wrongly accused of antisemitism. What an intolerant, hostile place the RW have created.

  22. Must have slowed down a bit then because the Labour party membership of two hundred thousand used to keep the party ticking over.These five and six hundred thousand were a phenomenon of the socialist revival under Jeremy Corbyn.and boosted the coffers of the Labour party massively.Trying to get a honest answer from the criminals at HQ is impossible.Simple question whilst waiting for the unite union response is “Where’s the money been siphoned away to mr knight and your gang.Did your masters require payback with interest because thirteen and a half million pounds is a lot of members money..Mr knight its not going away any time soon” where’s the loot “And I will be working day after day hour after hour to bring you and your criminal gang to knight

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