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Starmer just refused to sign letter calling for investigation into Boris Johnson’s lies

Even mealy-mouthed cross-party letter requesting debate on Johnson’s ‘failure to be honest’ is too much opposition for Labour leader

Keir Starmer has refused to sign a cross-party letter to Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle asking him to allow a debate on Boris Johnson’s ‘failure to be honest’. Six other opposition parties have put their names to the letter, which expresses their ‘deep concern’ at Johnson’s ‘failure to be truthful’.

His excuse? A Labour spokesperson said Labour doesn’t normally back initiatives started by other parties.

Well, we’re not in ‘normal’ right now. The Tories have made a habit of lying and have done so increasingly over more than a decade now, with Johnson the pinnacle – or pit, depending which way you prefer it – and just his ‘following the science’ lies have cost the lives of 150,000 and more people in just the past twelve and a half months.

Even the letter’s mealy-mouthed phrasing is too much opposition for the so-called ‘leader of the opposition. ‘Failure to be honest’ is about as chickensh*t as you can get when it comes to denouncing the outright dishonesty the Tories have used again and again. Think ‘throwing a protective ring‘ around care homes and claiming they would never knowingly send old folk with the virus into care homes when their exact official policy was to put known-infected patients into care homes – costing thousands of lives so Johnson and Hancock could boast about keeping NHS hospital beds vacant.

This is the same Starmer who just used a union-jack-branded chartered jet – from British Airways, who just lost an attempt to impose ‘fire and rehire’ to drive down worker’s wages and terms – to fly to Scotland. He’s not afraid of insulting more than half the people of Scotland, disrespecting the environment or taking the p*ss out of the rest of us, but it seems he’s terrified of opposing Johnson or upsetting those who support Johnson despite his lies and social murder, when Labour would be obliterating the Tories in polling had he stood up and done his job of showing the public what Johnson and co are really doing.

Instead it’s Labour getting obliterated. Spineless coward – and electoral idiot, too.

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  1. In the last 24 hours it has been left once again to footballers like Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand and Micah Richards to provide the real analysis of and opposition to capitalism. #StarmerOut

    1. I’d like to hear his REASON for refusing to sign the letter. In a two party parliamentary democracy the reason would have to be very very special – national emergency level ‘special’.

      However, in the absence of a “special” reason I conclude that Keir Rodney Starmer is failing in his constitutionally critical role as Leader Of The Opposition.

      Has Sir Keir a good reason or is it time for the Labour party swiftly to remove Sir Keir Rodney Starmer?

      1. If Boris is investigated there will be calls for Starmer to be investigated. He wants to avoid that at all costs.

  2. It would appear that Labour not only has one of the most pathetic Leaders for decades he is also someone who sees his job as protecting a Tory leader who is a proven liar and a cheat. Johnson’s lies can fill a book as Peter Oborne has made clear.

    1. He is a Tory Party Leader, Thatcher’s Neolabour Tory Party Leader! Every one of the ~180 Tory Filth in his Neolabour Tory Party are exactly the same, they might have a different style of conniving, but conniving they will!
      ALL for Themselves and their Master’s The Elites/Establishment/Machine and ABSOLUTELY, CATEGORICALLY NEVER anything done with The People in mind!

  3. Instead it’s Labour getting obliterated. Spineless coward – and electoral idiot, too.

    More like it, Skwawky! Don’t hold back none; the right never have towards us.

    1. Depends on which “Labour” you mean The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Tories’ under ‘Brand Labour’ or The Democratic Socialist UK ‘Labour’ Party and Movement.
      I would love to see the back of Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories all ~180 of them and that would be a real victory for The People. The UK Labour Party of just 10/30 MPs, without a Parasite in sight, to Sabotage and Connive, will be a far louder voice and be far more powerful and effective FOR The People, than even 650 of those Neolabour Party Parasites! Add a Massive Membership and Fumigated, Tory Parasite Free Unions and we will have a massive chance after just one Term.

  4. Beware of focusing too much attention on Starmer alone!
    ALL of the ~180 Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories are at the very least NO DIFFERENT or FAR WORSE! They are ALL Neoliberal Tories and do not belong in a Democratic Socialist Movement and Party! They are there o cause Chaos and Division and the longer they are alloerd to connive their way into and occupy seats under ‘Corporate Brand Labour’ the longer we will have to wait for Equality and Justice for ALL The People!

  5. Putting two and two together the coverage of the Jess Phillips makeover and Wes Streeting popping his sorry head up all over the media suggests to me that subsequent to a humiliating defeat in Hartlepool we can expect the right to be pushing those two as the new “dream ticket”. With so many good people having left or been expelled we no longer have the numbers to stop them ,and for me even after fifty years of membership,that would be too much to bear.

  6. Of course, it’s easier to broach the issue of lying in these positions that would normally require absolute honesty if one isn’t oneself mired in dishonesty.

  7. Apparently, Spurs have sacked millionaire, José Mourinho, this morning, for refusing to take the team out for a training session, in protest at the proposed European Super League.

    Even, he can see when to stand-up, and when to speak-out. Starmer, remains seated and silent.

    Mourinho comes from a country that had the guts to stand-up and revolt against the fascists. Probably, won’t get to see this, but this is for him :

  8. The MSM and MSSM are like an Open Book when it comes to the Tories, of all flavours! The State will always announce the Torydom’s own Propaganda Announcement service.

    1. That Post was for
      19/04/2021 at 11:09 am

      re. “Putting two and two together the coverage of the Jess Phillips makeover and Wes Streeting”

  9. This being serves The Trilateral Commission and fascist Bibi in Israhell. Billions to be made at present for Globalists. He ain’t gonna rock that boat.

  10. “A Labour spokesperson said Labour doesn’t normally back initiatives started by other parties.”
    Privatisation of public services – Formula-funding of schools and the National Curriculum – Wars all over the world – Sanctions against poor countries – Opening schools to spread the virus- etc. etc. All these initiatives of other parties that Labour didn’t back????

  11. Business friendly politicians everywhere, a big shout out for Servo who’ve doubled their profits in the last year.

    1. Yes SERCO like all the other bandits have raked in BILLIONS in total.
      Bandits in Saville Row suits. Stitching & Sewing up the public to fatten the purses of the one percent. That is all. Money and power for the few.🛑🛑🛑

  12. His refusal to sign this letter is simply further justification for NEVER voting for labour ever again!

    I hope all those in Scotland vote for SNP or Alba party and those in Wales vote for Plaid Cymru.

  13. Why is anyone suppose that coward Starmer won’t support even a stupid letter that condemns Bozo endless lies because he supports the Torys?

    This craven coward is a disgrace to the Labour party that once stood for something and the human race FFS!!!

  14. My Grey Swans website has an official letter from government to NHS and councils dated October last year, that commands NHS to discharge Covid19 positive older people to care homes. This is a refusal to treat for Covid19 people based only on age.

    If you are positive, we know the incubation period is just 10 to 14 days. Waiting til that period has elapsed, to see if people from 60 were going to get severe symptoms, was treatment.

    Care homes are not hospices and cannot give nursing treatment.

    Covid19 is not always fatal to people over 60, as shown by survival rates to people worldwide who get treated and survive even in their 90s or 100 around the world.

    www. anastasia-england . me . uk

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