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‘Expendable’ – Amnesty report explodes Tories’ ‘protective ring’ care home lie and confirms thousands of elderly knowingly sentenced to death

Report confirms SKWAWKBOX’s exclusive revelations that government policy was – and still is – to send COVID-infected elderly people into care homes and to deny hospital treatment to older sufferers to ‘protect the NHS’

An explosive report by Amnesty International has destroyed the Matt Hancock’s claim that the Tories ‘threw a protective ring’ around care homes during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The report describes:

  • the huge number of deaths caused by COVID-19 in care homes – well over 18,000 at the very least, but in reality almost 30,000 based on ‘excess’ deaths attributable to likely undiagnosed cases
  • breach of residents’ human rights by the government’s behaviour
  • the fact that the government knowingly put the people most at risk of the worst effects of the virus in the firing line

But it goes further – in many cases confirming information first revealed exclusively by the SKWAWKBOX, for example:

  • the fact that returning known-infected patients back to care homes on a huge scale was government policy (it still is, despite claims to have changed it)
  • the government telling care homes not to use PPE (personal protective equipment) with asymptomatic infected patients
  • blanket ‘do not resuscitate’ orders on elderly residents without regard for their or their family’s wishes
  • protected the NHS’ by denying treatment to older and more vulnerable sufferers – condemning thousands to a hideous death – ‘protection’ that the Tories consistently boasted about

The report also details multiple ways in which government policies denied care home residents their human rights and put them at risk of inhumane treatment.

So grievous and discriminatory were these policy decisions by the Tories that the report concludes – and says so in its title – that residents were treated as ‘expendable’. The SKWAWKBOX thinks that does not go far enough.

The Tories made these choices fully aware and warned that they would be deadly to huge numbers of people – and they did so to hide the full scale of the pandemic and to allow them ‘PR’ about ‘protection’ of the NHS achieved by sentencing people to painful and distressing deaths.

That’s geriatricide – the murder of our old and vulnerable.

Download the full report here.

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  1. It’s strange how such a shocking crime is greeted with a shrug and “Oh well’ remarks. Dr Shipman was demonised for his spree but this government sails on regardless

    1. Gawd almighty , qwertboi, a ‘golden oldie’ canard indeed – ie, your repetition of the utter unscientific nonsense about fluoridation- beloved by paranoid conspiraloons in the 1960’s ! For the uninitiated amongst us – the tiny quantities of fluoride included in quite a lot of toothpaste , and the miniscule amounts added to the water supply, provides significant protection against tooth decay – but does no harm at all to the human body. NO HARM AT ALL folks, and that is a very well proven FACT – so keep using the very effective toothpaste and drinking the mains water . .

      Today’s conspiraloons have mostly moved on from obsessions about fluoridation to become today’s similarly paranoid , scientifically ignorant, ‘antivaxx’ lobby . Though tghe crazed antivaxx lobby is doing massive harm , by discouraging parents from vaccinating their children, whereas the old anti fluoridation nutters were just a pest on the high street with their placards.

      1. Your open prejudicec against anyone finding fault with mass “treatment” speaks more volunes than the ones you seek to deplore. As an older member of society I dont expect my opinion to count for much, if anything, these days. But in my heyday, as a research biotechnologist i probably forgot more than the average Joe knows. That includes the role of adjuvants in vaccines, which were mercury, now aluminium. The latest version of this “delivery system” uses squalene, a product derived from sharks (cheapest source anyway). Expect the decimation of international shark populations needed to produce the billions of doses of Covid vaccine planned. Also, this new delivery system has previously been denied certification because of the high numbers of problems with it when injected into humans, and that’s without the actual vaccine element. But these are desperate times we are told, so we can absolve the companies of any responsibilities for harm. So go ahead call us all the rude terms you want, water off a ducks back for this old bird, but I for one will never allow that sh*t to be injected into my sysyem. I’m not an “anti vaxxer” but i am an anti bad science pharma profiting kind of person. (And fluoride is toxic even in small amounts.)

      2. Well said Florence. Fluoride/fluorine is NEVER safe in any amount for mammals. Nor, indeed, is any other member of the halogen group of chemicals, other than Iodine, an element in which many people are low and which plays a critical part in endocrine and immune system health.

        Interesting though, jpenney, that you distract attention from the point I was making about how HMG seems to be engineering a massive infection-figure lie about COVID19.

      3. Hardly a surprise, qwerty. Pant-Pisser Penney is the resident idiot in this village. Great link, though. Cheers.

        And well played, Florence!

    2. qwertboi – The only problem is that your Paul Weston is relying on figures for random testing and the tests he is referring to were conducted when the infection rate was low. What he says is just not relevant to the current testing regime where the infection rate is on the up and more importantly those being tested are either showing symptoms or have been in contact with an infected person. Surely you can appreciate that there is a world of difference between these two situations.

      1. “the tests he is referring to were conducted when the infection rate was low”

        They’re being conducted all the time and the methodology used giving rise to the 90+% false-positive rate hasn’t changed.

        Dr Mike Yeadon is the former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd. This is his take.

  2. Whilst The Amnesty Report is a damning indictment against a callous and inhumane government, I’m surprised Skwarwky has failed to pick up on another give away by the Murderer Johnson on Marr this morning, namely the throwaway line that the Government may ease Covid-19 Restrictions on 25th December to allow families to gather for Xmas Dinner – well, that’s if any bugger in the UK can afford such excess this year.

    However, by already accepting the Pandemic will continue unimpeded, this is further evidence of Bojo’s Herd Immunity crap, basically, and by their own actions since March (inactions more like) the Government is content to allow 1000s more die and clog our failing hospitals with more Covid-19 cases, all to further undermine the NHS as they proceed with their Final Solution, namely the full privatisation of our Health Care.

    Of course, in my neck of the woods, all mature economies have managed to put a lid on the pandemic and protect all those vulnerable to the pathogen. Alas, humanism and joined up thinking are in short supply in the UK!

    1. Is it “herd immunity crap” or “stringing it out until the vaccine arrives and Big Pharma and all its shareholders, INCLUDING PATRICK VALLANCE, for example, can cash in” crap? That’s what I’d like to know…

  3. Just one word says it all. Many of us knew already that this was the case, but none the less a welcome public intervention from a body as reputable as Amnesty. The ‘protective ring’ phrase was probably handed to Hancock by Cummings on a post-it note as he set off for the daily lies briefing. It has to be one of the most cynical lies told since Goebbels. And like Goebbels Boris (The Beast) Johnson and Half Cocked Hancock have committed crimes against humanity. It’ll be interesting to see how much it’s aired and debated in the media, though I’m not holding my breath. To its credit the ‘state media’ BBC ran a damning :Panorama programme on this very subject not too long ago. So if the DON’T pick up and run with this it will be extremely poor. But as I said, I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Yes. Spot on. And the Xmas easing idea is the epitome of populist cynicism. Sadly it would be viewed by many as good old Boris being basically a nice guy (and not a total cunt).

  5. ‘Herd immunity!’ After that (leaked Cummings) ‘policy’ it’s been pure fire fighting. Which is horribly ironic, given Johnson’s record as London Mayor.

  6. There is worse to come, many of those who switched their vote to the Tories are in for a very rude awakening.

    “The Prime Minister has explosively described the deadly coronavirus pandemic as a “massive opportunity” that his party can take advantage of.

    Boris Johnson said that the Conservatives would use the fall out of the crisis to “short-circuit” the country and impose a right-wing agenda of tax cuts and reduced support for the unemployed.

  7. I have said it before and I will say it again The Conservative and unionist party murdered my two brothers in care homes.!…And its still being pursued by dumping infected amongst the elderly..The knight and the Labour party are complicit in supporting this policy of the government…..geriatricide we are told by the Skwawbox..Being uneducated I will admit to not having used this word before,but Homicidal Government and a compliant Opposition have helped to Murder innocent and people and destroy the lives of many relatives who will now ask themselves why did we not know and could we have prevented it.Johnson and the knight will be looking to share the guilt and the blame when they should be facing the international courts for genocide of not just the elderly.but the vulnerable amongst the working class.

    1. Johnson should for sure. As for Starmer, he’s a useless article who’s stood by and colluded, holding their coats and focussed only on his own nasty wee agendas. So, guilty by association perhaps; but it’s The Beast and his Tory henchmen who deserve to be in a dock, no ifs or buts.
      Very sorry for the loss of your brothers.

  8. Do not concentrate on fearing Covid – 19, concentrate on the real threat – the British government of the Saxe Coburg Gotha blackhole parasite family. The lying cheating, stealing and murder of all abused sick, weak and vulnerable people. This professional neglect by this criminal government will kill more than the elderly. And this overpaid Starmer who has condoned this Saxe Coburg Gotha behaviour carries on as if nothing has happened. They have just docked my benefit “because I am racist” when I asked an information officer to repeat what she was saying because I could not understand her. I have no idea what her origins were, or where she came from nor was I interested. I am racist and no doubt some “safety” (my arse) Manager from Derby D.W.P. fancies that will justify my benefit being cut so I can’t live.

  9. I don’t remember any Tory using the phrase “safe in our hands” about the NHS for a long time – but maybe I just didn’t happen to notice it for the last 20 years?
    Now it’s “protect the NHS” – presumably by that they mean “protect” it from the generation that built and paid for most of it with their lifetimes’ NI payments – by keeping us expensive, unproductive old buggers out of hospitals and in care homes while our own homes are sold to make care home capitalists rich?

  10. @qwertboi
    “Nor, indeed, is any other member of the halogen group of chemicals, other than Iodine, an element in which many people are low and which plays a critical part in endocrine and immune system health.”

    I was employed in industrial chemistry, chlorine is a halogen. Chlorine is added to drinking water (usually about 1ppm) to protect us from pathogens like typhoid. Most swimming pools are chlorinated to around 3ppm but I wouldn’t recommend drinking pool water. Of course the chlorine ion is abundant in all human tissues in the form of common salt, sodium chloride.

    1. Yes indeed. Elemental iodine and iodide are much-needed molecules, not least because biochemically all other halogens (fluoride, bromide and chloride) displace the lighter iodine.

      Speaking personally, a chloride coupled with magnesium (MgCl2) plays a critical role in helping my liver metabolise and remove highly pernicious acetylaldeyde molecules from my body. If I did not use MgCl2 and its various hydrates MgCl2(H2O)x daily, I’m sure my mental and bodily capabilities would have been severely impaired And ended. So yes, we’ll said sir, thanks.

  11. It’s Matt Hancock personally says Jessica Taylor in today’s Sunday times who “decides which areas to place in lockdown during meetings with advisers” and there is no coronavirus lockdown for top Tory constituencies.

    This from the guy whose stupidity is responsible for a massive lie or incompetence which should finish this criminal government and its mishandling of the covid calamity.

    1. What a load of bollocks, all this film shows is that the presenter hasn’t a f’ing clue what he’s talking about.

  12. Who cares? Why should anyone care? MSM has spent considerable time demonising ‘the baby boomers’. We are are told that this generation has it all; full of privilege. Just a coincidence that after working all their lives many now own their own home.

    Having lived through an era of grinding poverty & austerity, the ‘make do & mend generation’ are now ridiculed as Bed-Blockers & “Better off dead” The NHS would benefit from a population cull that a good war has not recently provided & elimination of the elderly would ‘free up’ the housing market

    The ‘hate speak’ eminates from ‘the left’, predominantly from PSB Channel 4; BBC & Guardian. A privileged generation that many young people have been taught to despise, seeing Covid 19 as retribution for a privileged lifestyle. Covid 19 only kills the old & vulnerable, who would soon die anyway.

  13. I scrolled through all the comments expecting at leat 90% being absolutely furious that this happened? Have we all become so blade that we just go “oh well”? I’m incandescent with rage that this mass murder happened and is still happening!! The generation we are talking about lost wives, husbands, families in a war to make this country safe only for this damn government to condemn them to a horrendous death! It’s mass murder and let’s not paper over that fact because that is exactly what it is!!

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