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Watch: govt adviser lets slip during coronavirus press briefing that Tory policies lead to deaths

Admission was no doubt inadvertent but no less damning for that
Slip: Chris Whitty

In an attempt to justify its coronavirus policies during the daily press conference this evening, the government inadvertently admitted that its policies over the last decade have led to deaths.

Conservative cuts have been linked to around 150,000 needless deaths since 2010, but the Tories have always denied the consequences of their political choices – even when the UN has condemned them and confirmed how easily they could have put them right.

Yet tonight, Boris Johnson’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty confirmed that the government knows that anything it does to increase deprivation leads to deaths:

Over the last decade, the list of Tory cuts and cruelties is essentially endless. Cuts that have forced families into poverty, homelessness and despair, delays to benefits that have starved and evicted the poorest, jeering votes to deprive a million poor and hungry children of free school meals, so many miseries inflicted on disabled people that almost half of them have attempted suicide – and more besides than can be listed.

And the Tories know the deprivation they inflict is not only cruel, but life-threatening.

And yet they have done them anyway – and relentlessly lied about and denied the consequences.

This foul pandemic has forced the admission out of them.

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  1. PROTECTION: Face Masks, Visors, Gowns, Gloves, for health care professionals AND ALL Key Workers. THAT is what is needed.

    Body Bags!!! tests Tests TESTS, not BLOODY STUPID BADGES for carers which i hear they have to PAY FOR THEMSELVES‼️ They are already poorly paid!!! Whose cynical nasty idea was that⁉️

    Which Tory or Tory contacts are getting a cut from those badges⁉️directly or indirectly⁉️

    I asked a carer yesterday if their agency supplied the masks and hand sanitiser the person had. They said no. They had to buy it themselves. This is outrageous. I had to stress to the person that it was terrible. Sadly they seem to feel that is their lot. It is heartbreaking.

    The Tories KNOW tens of thousands are dying. Its awful.

  2. Share the credit now!
    A large slice of it, and responsibility for thousands of deaths, must go to Ian McNichol and his hand picked minions for all the hard work they put in, not just to ensure that Labour lost the election but that its anti-austerity policies were viewed as unrealistic.
    Without the continued support of the Blairites, including Starmer, who refused to oppose the very worst Tory measures on the grounds that they had a popular mandate for transferring the cost of the Bank bailout onto the backs of the most vulnerable people in society, they would long ago have been mitigated.
    That’s the problem when you have two Tory parties: those who need government most are allowed to die, in the cold, in corners.

    1. Exactly bevin. That is why reading McCluskey’s last paragraph was so offensive. So insulting to the members to endorse Starmer as if he really believes he can fool sll of us all the time. McCluskey, Starmer and Rayner should NEVER get the support of the membership when they worked to prevent the GE victory. Plus chasing the whistle blowers rather than CULPRITS who should be suspended IMMEDIATELY and investigated. If guilty, the expulsion should be permanent. And, the party funds should be used to compensate victims and SUE the slanderers and bullies for every last penny. That is what Starner, Rayner and McCluskey would demand were they decent people. Clearly they are not. They disgust me.

      And still there are some who feel we should just leave them to it. PASSIVE ILLOGICAL claptrap‼️‼️‼️ It assumes other humans can do, but we can’t do. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. And even if they feel we can’t. What exactly is the point of posting here to tell us??? What exactly is the purpose of that. Whats the positive feedback???

      Why not find a site for defeated negative wet damp passive victims❓❓❓ Disagreement on methods and ideas are brilliant, tonics… seeds of ne ideas… but doom??? “can’t do this, can’t do that? Very strange. If people are sincere and really feel defeated, then fine. But please someone… anyone explain what is the point of people going anywhere to drip their doom and moans and sighs❓❓❓ I really want to know. It is illogical bizarre behaviour.

      Some are employed by the right of course. But others seem sincere but is there any successful environment, where sensible people use their time and brains to drip never ending doom and defeat❓❓❓ Very very odd. I’v never encountered that before from primary school until October 2019, never before have i observed a reservoir of doom, defeat drip drip dripping from so many who seem sincere.

      Some are infiltrators and we easily recognise the few. You know who. They are actually an asset in a round about way. But i feel sorry for those who sincerely believe that it is useful to use their own time, to come to a space full of people who wish to act, only to drip passivity. Those who think the cause is lost, then fine. We are all different. But why not go learn to play the guitar, plant radishes, knit yoghurt, polish kale, knit the yoghurt and kale together, take up bird watching, the spring is glorious, the light is more marvellous than ever without the usual pollution…. ENJOY THAT… Lift your spirits. Phone a friend…. phone a relative, play a game of who knows what, find something, even in these times to rejoice and be glad.

      Oh‼️ Just got this idea. Why not go drip doom on the Tories. Now, that would be useful. Infiltrate them. Suffocate them with the can’t do damp air. We have it in obscene excess. They have none. After all we believe in sharing. Even in their worst times and always with almost no members. The Conservative Party stay and fight to kill us all. While we with 500,000 members have a monopoly on defeat and defeatism. Wonder why? Is it ALL because of them over there? Or is there not a single thing we could do DIFFERENTLY? 🌹🌹🌹

      1. I didn’t vote for Starmer, but he won the leadership in a democratic vote. Do I trust him? I don’t, so far he hasn’t done anything to gain my trust. He should have suspend these individuals from the Party pending investigation of the allegations and if proven they should be expelled from the Party.
        But, McCluskey cannot start speaking against its democratically elected leader, less than 2 weeks after he was elected.I believe he will exert more of an influence by publicly calling for unity around the new leader.
        Let’s not forget that McCluskey was a loyal Corbyn’s supporter and he has the members of Unite to think of. His priority is to persuade Starmer of fighting any Tory attempt to introduce more anti Trade Union legislation. He is not going to get Starmer’s good will if he straight away call for Labour members no to support Starmer.

      2. Zubiak, you are thoughtful and mean well, but no i think McCluskey’s last paragraph displays EXACTLY the attitude which threw away and rare easy victory. Placate placate placate. It is haggling for a trinket worth 2p and offering 9 trillion £££.

        Under asking, under demanding always with no expectation of reciprocity. Did the bastards take that approach? No. They kicked Jeremy in the teeth in return for every cabinet position, every peerage, every rescue, every kindness and gentleness. Thus why would the same pathetic wet approach ne wise this time? It won’t. We must withdraw this mind boggling sickening appeasement. McCluskey is really saying kick the members.

        Starmer and Rayner were bad news. They are bad news. There is no evidence that they to not intend to continue being bad news for us.

      3. “He is not going to get Starmer’s “GOOD WILL” if he straight away call for Labour members no to support Starmer.”

        If McCluskey has “good will” to get from Starmer, or Starmer “good will” to give, then McCluskey does not have to ask members not to support Starmer.

        McCluskey would ask Starmer to explain, what he knew of the allegations in the dossier. McClusk would tell him not to use our money and party to kick the dossier into the long grass. Suspend the named individuals at once and investigate them, not the whistle blowers.

        Did the wreckers ever try to get the “good will” of Jeremy? They won the last round, Why not learn from them? Why repeat what we did throughout the last four years?🌹🌹🌹

  3. Their response to this pandemic has been typical, when we needed exceptional. Though it has been exceptional in a way, in terms of the wider ‘western’ governments that have moved heaven and hell to protect their people (US apart of course…God bless America). And interesting too, that the UK is virtually alone in not criticising Trump’s crass action against the WHO, now of all times. After all, our government roundly ignored WHO advice, and now many thousands are paying with their live. Damn them.

  4. Taken from the New York Times 16/4/2020

    People Are Dying and All Britain Can Talk About Is Boris Johnson

    U.K. Paid $20 Million for New Coronavirus Tests.
    They Didn’t Work
    Yet British officials took the deal, according to a senior civil servant
    involved, then confidently promised tests would be available at
    pharmacies in as little as two weeks.

    There was one problem, however…….. The tests did not work.

  5. Identify new hot spots following first wave
    Task force mobile team with resources(PPE)
    Institute lockdown procedure

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