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Video: Starmer chased out of pub by COVID-denier landlord – despite demanding schools re-open and fighting against masks

Why was anti-masker so angry at ‘no ifs no buts’ Starmer, who insisted schools open no matter what and sided against unions on masks in schools?

Keir Starmer has been chased from a pub by an angry COVID-denying landlord:

The bizarre aspect of this is that Starmer demanded schools re-open last September ‘no ifs, no buts, no equivocation‘ – and sided with the Tories to fight against unions who were asking for masks in classrooms. So you’d think if that kind of lethal foolishness was going to get a welcome anywhere, it would be in the pub of an anti-masker angry about kids wearing masks in class.

But after Starmer refused to sign a letter calling for a parliamentary investigation into Boris Johnson’s lies, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving (pseudo-)leader of the opposition.

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  1. Well that’s a flash back of UK Labour Party’s opponent in GE2019!
    Feels like déjà vu!

    1. Definate case of Common assault the physical contact of Innocent Landlord on his licenced premises by suited and booted yobos from south London.

      1. It’s like the bloody South London Mafioso!
        That look on Starmer’s face is almost like he is mentally speed dialling all his kneecapping contacts to come and ‘do the job’!

    1. I have a feeling that, that had nothing or very little to do with Maskers/AntiMaskers.

  2. Ha ha ha, I nearly fell off my chair!

    More places should do that wherever keir “armrest” starmer turns up at!

    If he called at my door, he’d walk away with a nose bleed!

    1. I think the most adventurous Starmer gets is watching the 22:00 Government Propaganda from his Dark Brown Armchair in the Magnolia Lounge instead of bed like a good Tory boi!

      1. That’s probably safest, keep him at home, perhaps the Corner-shop for The Sun in Lambskin and a Pint of Milk for bedebyes’ Hot Coco, Fair Trade of Course!

  3. Wish I’d have had my camera handy on 8th december 2019 @3pm precisely when the dame of blame angela illeagle came a-knocking at my door…

    1. One of my Counsellors is a really nice guy a True Comrade, but the Tory Bastards replaced the Democratic Socialist with a Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory. If the Comrade knocks we’ll talk candidly IF the Starmertruppen Gestapo is not in earshot, if they are he always introduces himself formerly with a badge, meaning shhh! :):):)
      This is what we have now two equally shit, equally dangerous Tory Parties!
      We can get rid of one to free our Party from their Neoliberal Tory talons.
      Smaller but Louder and Prouder.

  4. Awww poor little Starmer gets upset and has to run away from a denier landlord demanding answers from him?

    He supported Bozo he started the BS about falling kids back to school despite knowing it was unsafe and ignoring the teachers and unions!

    Then when called on his stupid support of this BS he has no answers and has to run away like the coward he is because in reality he has nothing to say.

  5. Explain what a “Covid denier” is please before descending into foreseeable, avoidable tabloidisation of a very serious issue. Remember, weaponising language or spraying around connotative terms willy-nilly without stopping to explain yourself is not advisable. Unless you’re seeking to descend into the gutter with the rest of them. Thanks.

    1. I must admit @Skwawky I find the use of Establishment Created Division Tools uncomfortable, Maskers/AntiMaskers, Vaxxers/AntiVaxxers, Leave/Remain. People have a freedom to choose and be who they are, no matter what, MSM has literally herded is into the tiniest pen in many centuries. With all this Establishment rhetoric.
      I noticed the alarm bells a few years ago, working with Millennials, they were extremely conservative in their thinking, extremely prudish and almost bible bashing.
      I never got that, I kept thinking your parents are my generation and we were anything but, you! How did that happen! Early MSM/MSSM intervention perhaps. Anyway now, here we are ruled up to the hilt, squashed into a tiny pen!
      We need to drop this shit and start Uniting, Let’s get TF out of that pen and make our plans together as one people united under The Crimson Flag! We have a major battle ahead, we need to get Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories out and then with a much smaller, but Prouder and Louder UK Labour Party take The following GE, parasite free!
      We can’t do that bickering over Masks/Vaccines/Brexit. When did Democratic Socialists become so restrictive on other people’s rights of choice!
      Let it GO! ALL OF IT! UNIT AS ONE!

    2. Yes, Covid Deniers, Anti Vaxers,. This article demeans the reputation and trustworthiness of SKWAWKBOX when it uses government narrative terminology thoughtlessly only to score points.

    3. It’s whatever Wolfie Penny says it is. I’m one because I questioned behavioural psychologists controlling our lives and used ONS data to question policy.
      I’m pretty sure Starmer would have locked us up were he PM (something that’s never going to happen).

      1. He is obsessed with 10 years and the less fortunate people!
        10 Years for farting near Thatcher or Churchill’s Statues!
        10 Years for….

    4. Yes, Skawk has a selective blind spot with nuanced debate which is a bit manipulative-gutter-press. Covid Denier is not interchangeable with Lockdown Sceptic. They are different, nuanced positions within the overall Covid-19 debate which overlap to a limited degree, but are NOT essentially the same thing.

      I say selective cos he CAN appreciate that Socialist and Neoliberal are not interchangeable within the overall Which Is Real Labour? debate.

  6. I am afraid that Starmer has probably felt the wrath of the ordinary people who still see the Labour party as untrustworthy and shameless….He may feel that he wishes to change the image of the social democratic party but its took nearly half a century to produce him as an example of what the Labour party represents and its definitely not the working-class or the people struggling to survive.You cannot build on sand or a mix of clay and sand and thats why we cannot renovate o alter the exterior or interior.We are better leaving it to the Neo liberalism of the Labour party to demolish….and start again with a left wing working-class movement.

    1. No matter how we do it or look at it The Facts are that Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party are a Parasite Party, they are the total Polar Opposite of The UK Labour Party in absolutely every respect.
      If we walk away and start a purely Democratic Socialist Party it will be Small 20/30MPs if we stay and fight the bastards, from the outside and Vote EVERY ~180 of them OUT, we also end up with a Smaller 20/30 MP Purely Democratic Socialist Party, but it will be LOUDER, PROUDER & 100% FOR THE PEOPLE, NOT The Self & The Elites/Establishment/Machine. I think the best to do is to:
      Stick with The UK Labour Party!
      AND VOTE OUT ALL ~180 of
      Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories!
      We will have a Smaller but Sabotage, Coupe, Lie, Smear, etc Free! Any Anti Socialist Group/Project/etc out the Back Door!
      We can do that IF WE UNITE AS ONE!

      1. So you keep telling us, will you ever get round to actually doing something past shouting about it?

      2. Well, it’s kinda hard to do without a GE!?
        You having comprehension issues again?
        I’m sure you’ll still be here spreading your “positivity” after GE24, then we can discuss how many like minded people there were.
        It appears to be what several people are campaigning for on SM! We still have 3 years, so lets talk then, until then though, get used to me saying it a whole lot of times, yet!
        Like it or not, your opinion has absolutely no bearing on me! To me you’re just like a pesky Mosquito buzzing about a room!

      3. We saw what happened in the 19GE when the working class voters deserted Corbyn.

      4. “will you ever get round to actually doing something past shouting about it?”

        What do you think he should do steveh? We’re not leaving Labour, just not not campaigning or canvassing for candidates who don’t share our values.

      5. I’ll reach pension age in a few weeks and I have never had a campaigner from any party knocking on my door.

      6. They deserted the party over Brexit. It was never ALL Corbyn’s fault, and it would have happened just as surely with ANY leader who’d switched the party from Leave to Remain. It was always going to be impossible for Labour to win backing a second referendum, because that change was always going to be unpopular with everyone in the heartlands. Corbyn had flaws, but it goes without saying, based on the polls now, that Starmer would have lost Labour running as a harder-line Remainer and with the essentially Blairite policies he clearly wants to move the party to- there’s nothing to the right of Corbyn’s policies BUT Remain, a middle ground between Corbyn and Blair doesn’t exist.

        And Corbyn will never be leader again, SteveH, so you have no reason to treat him as though he’s something that needs to be beat back with a stick.

      7. kenburch – Hopefully we’ll never loose 60 seats again either.

      8. No! Definitely not GE2024!
        We NEED AT THE VERY LEAST 180 Parasite Neolabour TORY seats OUT!

      9. PS We can have a Competition, Whose Conniving can loose the Most Seats:
        Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories lost: 60 Seats
        Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party lost: TBC Seats!
        Mwah hah hah haaaah!

      10. :):):) Ditto! :):):)
        I consider myself an idiot for continuously interacting with you, but it’s so much fun, I just can’t help myself, you’re Hilarious!
        PLEASE don’t go!

      11. Obviously everyone hopes that kind of a loss never happens again- all I’m saying is it was as much a fault of the relentless right-wing PLP hate, smear and lie campaign against Corbyn and those allied with him-including their pointless vendetta against Momentum, which is simply another group of principled, honourable democratic socialists that has as much right to be part of Labour as anyone else, and certainly a greater right than Labour First or Progress- as it was the fact that Corbyn made some mistakes. Even you would have to admit, though, that Labour could never win an election as a Remain/Rejoin party-going Remain means the north is lost forever, since everyone who is Leave in the north now will ALWAYS be leave and nothing could possibly be offered to any of them that would outweigh that.

      12. Jeremy Corbyn did a lot wrong Ken, but I believe not intentionally, most of his mistakes were down to believing in Humanity, and many people have none. most of his worst mistakes are MSM related, things of no guilt twisted and contorted to make it so. The relentless Onslaught on The Supporters of Corbyn in Classic Luntzspeak Zionist Propaganda Style attacks. The Extreme misrepresentation of who those people were by The MSM and in that Momentum and Novara were no strangers! The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Activists were Exhausted, Exasperated and Angry for being called things they weren’t.
        2015 to 2017 was a tough enough battle to hold it together, and as you know Ken we had no leader/information office/guidance, all we had was an opportunity to get a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party into Government, but as soon as Blair/Campbell/Mandelson caused a first split with their FBPE/2ndRef/Art40 Remain-Bandwagon with a list of TV Types in tow, relentlessly attacking Corbyn and Supporters (All this knowing that Jeremy Corbyn had already accepted and written Confirmatory Vote as voted at Conference and that he would not budge off it), so what exactly was their Remain Bandwagon actually for!!!? Jeremy already agreed to a confirmatory vote!!!?
        So they Managed to Split us, “The Corbyn Supporters” vs The Very LOUD Remain Bandwagon and of course this kicked off the Brexit Bandwagon aided by Blair/Campbell/Mandelson Full MSM Access, their TV Types and their “Massive Petition” woke the TV Type Brexiteers up and we had The “Vote Brexit At Any Cost”, “Corbyn Does not understand The “Working Class”” Bandwagon with Pied Piper Galloway and Jester Farage as Cheer Leaders, Ironically [WHEN?] exactly around the MEP elections!
        Who ended up filling the MEP seats Galloway’s Jester Farage’s Brexit Party, not even bloody Conservatives, but no The Brexit Party, an embarrassment for the UK and The UK Labour Party.
        Corbyn had no forcing hand on those people’s votes, those people like most of us hated the fact that most of the MEPs were Neolabour Party Tories, but people also knew that we needed those seats filled with “Brand Labour” MEPs, not for function but for Media Frenzy! Which is exactly what they got!
        So by now we had The Corbyn Supporters Frantically trying to remove the Remain Bandwagon and The Brexit Bandwagon Wedges, but they were too deep and now we were attacked by an onslaught of all the Usual Suspects Internationally and the two Bandwagons, many of whom in bith sides were supposedly our Comrades until 2017 and when they all hopped on POINTLESS Created Dividing Bandwagons!
        The Blair/Campbell/Mandelson Bandwagon turned up the Attack volume quite some and the Brexit Bandwagon followed suit!
        2017 to 2019 must’ve been the worst years for any UK Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Supporter, if the boot was on the other Party’s foot and they ever had to defend as we did, there would have been a massive ongoing inquiry going on right now.
        I was personally threatened with death several times, I always laughed it off, until one Israeli told me what he was going to do with my body, dancing and singing something or the other whilst wearing his Kipa, that still didn’t phase me, but then he said he will dump my body in the wheely bins at the back of xxxxxxx Airport. This freaked me out, because xxxxxxx Airport is not my nearest International Airport but my Nearest Tiny Private Airport, about 10 miles from my home! I reported him and took my IP for a deep dive into the Dark Web!
        That was not Isolated it was a constant barrage and yes Corbyn Supporters got scared and very angry perhaps even, rightfully, unhinged, and of course only their outbursts at this kind of sick, twisted, psycho babble was recorded and now the “Unhinged, Aggressive, Angry” Corbyn “Extreme Left” stated getting attacked from Momentum and Novara. Essentially all we wanted to do was get People to read and focus on the Manifesto and focus on The NHS, The Homeless, Disabled Elderly, on and on and on!
        We did not go out looking for aggression, aggression fell on us like a shit shower every single day 24/7, just as it did Jeremy Corbyn, we just wanted people to hear what Jeremy was telling them and it wasn’t fucking Brexit leave/remain! it was Your NHS is at Risk! Your Social Security is at Risk! Your Social Care is at Risk! Your Benefits are at Risk! Your Human Rights are at Risk! Your Workers Rights are at Risk! on and on and on and on! And somehow all of that was “Extreme Left” and stupid bastards bought it and paid in advance so that we could screw up the ONE CHANCE IN A LIFETIME to end 41 Years of Thatcherite Neoliberal Destruction and getting Screwed Over!
        So as far as I am concerned NO! We did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn, we voted for a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Government to END 41 Years of Thatcherite Neoliberal Hell! NO! It was not Jeremy Corbyn’s doing, EVERYONE KNEW there were ONLY 1 of 2 Possible GE Winners, Conservative Tories OR UK Labour Party He never once suggested voting in favour of a Conservative Tory Government People did their own voting and in the one GE in 41 years where we had a CHOICE to end 41 Years of Neoliberal Tory Hell People chose to make it petty and personal!
        Next GE will be much easier for them:
        NO CHOICE!
        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party Tories
        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories
        Grand That, let’s see what we all look like in another 41 years! Probably scrapping in the mud for potatoes!
        I can not forgive anyone who voted against The UK Labour Party in GE2019 and even though losing GE2019 because of people’s utter stupidity, we are still banging on about bloody Brexit and Jeremy and this thing and that thing, but no one is coming up with solutions and methods to REUNITE! Perhaps if Beckett wins we might be inspired once again. We will just have to wait and see, I guess!

  7. I hope he come up to Bradford we fucking hate this cunt he will get Egged with stink bombs cant wait we need to show people how we feel about the way these scabby centrist have treated the members and call them out for what they are tory fucking RATS

    1. Brian – The people of Bradford elected Naz Shah a shadow minister on Keir Starmer’s front bench to be their MP.

      1. It was under Corbyn not starmer when they tried to expel her for her view on the Israelis killing innocent Palestinians when starmer and his cronies tried to expel her

      2. Brian – I don’t recall Starmer having any involvement in the attempts to oust her from the party. Do you have a link? I do however recall that she endorsed Yvette when Cooper was standing against Corbyn for the leadership.

    2. I heard that this visit was kept very quiet. Seems starmer is afraid to face the public. He is absolutely useless at speaking to ordinary folks. Contrast this with the thousands who flocked to JC’s rallies.

      1. Yup and the “WINNER” had to use the stage doors, for the few interviews/debates that he bothered to attend, in fear of the masses of UK Labour Party supporters awaiting Jeremy’s Arrival, isn’t that just the queerest thing, that the least popular man who gets chased out of towns, just like his fellow Tory here, is the one who wins the GE!? He could not announce any visits for fear of riots, that is probably why fellow Tory Starmer follows suit!
        What was this PM’s very first words to his welcoming crowd of about 20 mostly Journos “We pulled it off, didn’t we!? We pulled it off!”
        Nudge, Nudge!

      2. and your proof of this is what – Starmer walking down the street chatting to people?

      3. “‘I heard’ that this visit was kept very quiet.”
        Have you got proof otherwise? The Announcement? The Crowds? The General Public Enthusiasm!?
        Who do you think you are, demanding proof of everything anyone says, this is a Discussion Platform not SteveH’s Personal Fact File!
        Can you not have conversations with people!?
        If you are so desperate to refute people use Google and Refute their, conversation if that is so goddamned important to you, either way I doubt anyone really cares, what you think, you’re just immensely irritating!

      4. Everywhere Corbyn went he had thousands coming out to support him even in Liverpool last week he was more popular than Starmer everywhere he goes he will be a PARASITE

      5. Absolutely and there are ~180 Parasites to vote out and take ALL their seats back the following GE!

      6. Yes Ellie, Starmer hoped to have a cosy spun fake chummy chat č his chosen candidate for Bath, away from any real public and scrutiny. Rod Humphris questioned him outside but arrogant entitled Starmer felt someone looking like Rod deserved neither time nor respect do barged into the pub after the dismissive twaddle about relative in the NHS so won’t take lectures slime. Starmer never expected Humphris to be landlord of The Raven. He probably expected a supplicant toady enthralled by his bespoke Stitched & Sewn shiny BLUE costume of choice.

        If there was a fridge he would hide in it just like Johnson. Starmer can’t cope with the public. Johnson is a jerk. And Starmer is out of the same hole, and worse. Johnson roughs up his hair and clothing to appear like one of the many. Starmer spends thousands on made to measure clobber, out of desperation to impress his masters and mistresses. Starmer is the worst type of human. He’ll trample over women and children to please those he consider superior just because they have more money than he has. Same like the Mandelson and his creature Blair They both, man and beast, believe wealth equals “quality” “success” “ultimate sign of worth”. “The working classes” on the other hand, “have nowhere else to go” ie no choice. They are not worth “a fuss”.

        That’s why Starmer barged into The Raven. Someone like Humphris could never deserve respect or any tiny “fuss” because he does not look wealthy. He does not look powerful. And he’s not a burley bouncer, so give him a dismissive lecture and get on with the planned PR gig indoors, to be presented as Starmer meets the people.

        Starmer – Fake, fraud Labour Opposition pretender.

        Starmer – Real through and through Tory tosspot SIR Keith ☢️⚠️☢️⚠️☢️⚠️

      7. You’re probably right – his labour minders are reportedly “outsourcing” the setting up of stage-managed ‘campaigning’ events to Theresa May’s old team.

  8. Next time I visit Bath, I’ll make a point of having a pint in “The Raven”.
    At least I’ll not have to risk meeting Starm-Trooper in there.
    Well said that landlord !

  9. Why are the starmtroopers restraining the landlord in his own establishment
    Keith is a dictator
    Why the hell are they attempting to enter his pub, and restraining him when he objects? Scary stuff
    Keith handing the man (a pen?) At the end as though he is so decent and so unruffled makes me balk
    Was this fromt page of msm and headlinning in news channels, imagine if it had been cirbyn
    If not more proof, as if we need it of ESTABLISHMENT LOOKING AFTER ESTABLISHMENT

  10. Where is Stsrmer’s shadow & fellow barrister David Lammy……lending empirical truth to the concept that you need to become a solicitor B4 u can become a Labour MP or another example of positive discrimination in action.

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