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Video: Starmer trending TWICE after saying he WON’T attack Hancock for breaking law to give millions to cronies during pandemic

What’s the point of an opposition leader who won’t oppose?

Keir Starmer has managed to trend twice on Twitter after staggeringly saying he would not go for Matt Hancock after the Health Secretary was found by the High Court to have broken the law in awarding many millions of pounds to Tory donors and cronies.

The ruling – ignored by most of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media – at last came up on Sky News when Starmer was asked whether he’d call for Hancock’s resignation:

In a statement that should be astonishing but tragically isn’t, Starmer said no – then made some mealy-mouthed comment that ‘I do think he’s wrong about the contracts’.

The insipid nonsense of the performance led to Starmer trending twice at the same time on Twitter:

But even hardcore Blairites are going for Hancock – and the media’s failure to hold him to account – this morning:

So who exactly is Starmer trying to please by refusing to do his job?

Starmer’s desperate supporters claim he doesn’t want to appear to be negative during a national crisis. But in the early months of World War II, the Labour opposition leader didn’t think he needed to avoid holding the Tory PM to account for his failings:

Instead, Starmer sticks his head in the sand – or more accurately up his own backside – and looks so weak and tepid that voters like him even less than lawbreaker Hancock in the latest ComRes poll.

While 130,000 people or more have died needlessly during the UK pandemic – New Zealand has seen only 25 deaths – Hancock, Johnson and co were busy lining the pockets of their donors and mates. And the ‘leader’ of the ‘opposition doesn’t want to see them pay for what even the British Medical Journal has called ‘social murder’.

Just what and who is he leader of the opposition for?

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