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Watch: Matt Hancock [unintentionally] admits denying elderly intensive care treatment to keep NHS beds free

Two comments in last night’s press conference show Hancock boasting of ‘protecting’ NHS capacity and making ventilators available to ‘everyone who needs it’ – but admitting deaths in care homes. Presumably dying care-home residents don’t ‘need’ ventilators

The Tories’ shamelessness over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic – and the lethal consequences of their political decisions – was perfectly encapsulated during last night’s daily press briefing.

Hancock was forced to acknowledge that thousands of people have died in care homes – in percentage terms to disguise it, of course – and then, astonishingly, boasted that he had proved people wrong by ‘ensuring’ that the NHS always had ventilator beds and treatment available for ‘those who need [them].

In other words, either none of the thousands of people dying in care homes of coronavirus needed ventilators – a ridiculous proposition – or the Tories have been denying intensive care treatment to dying people.

So they can boast about having free beds and ventilators:

This amounts to an admission of criminal conduct on the part of the government.

Of course, none of the journalists asking questions of Hancock after these revealing statements saw fit to challenge him about his boast or the killing of elderly virus sufferers for PR purposes.

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  1. Yes, there’s more than enough to convict them with without hancockup’s freudian slip.

    But nobody’ill bother taking it any further than another panorama programme that’ll just make people shake their heads and ‘tut’ at.

    …And we KNOW ‘career’ starmer’s got an aversion to bringing toerags to task.

  2. Listening on radio. Starmer excruciatingly longwinded. Thus important points lost. Matt Hancock, the definition of incompetence, therefore easily evades over promoted Starmer. What a relief, Speaker Hoyle urged a move on. Thought would be Thursday before stale Starmer finished his questiins. Starmer is as useless as the “journalists”. Heaven help us all🌹🌹🌹

  3. But signpost, starmer was democratically elected, wasn’t he, steve h?

    *Sighs, facepalms, and sighs again*

  4. Zara Sultana🥇🥇🥇 BRILLIANT!!! I’v been impressed with Zara Sultana since i heard her speak in early January. Zara you just asked a question worth asking and asked properly. Clear! Direct! No twaddle like the “journalists” and out of his depth Starmer. Zara won in the Midlands, while liars lost elsewhere. Well done Ms Sultana🌹🌹🌹

  5. What are the numbers on deaths of frontline health workers in other countries
    Are we the worst

    1. Not sure yet Doug. Thanks for reminder. So much to keep on top of. Will try to find out. Meanwhile another urgent matter: Though I have some regard for King’s College Hospital etc, 1️⃣ An App is TOTALLY unnecessary for tracing. 2️⃣ Tracing has been efficiently and effectively done for HUNDREDS of years WITHOUT APPS. 3️⃣ Any pooling of data is a DANGEROUS security risk and a serious infringement of our privacy. 4️⃣ Pooled and other data should on no account be accessed by private companies, agencies, “charities”, quangos directly nor indirectly. 5️⃣ The government must reveal immediately if any of the above inappropriate acts have taken place. 6️⃣ No individual should be frightened or coerced to download and activate any of these apps.

      Question for the “journalist” to ask – WHY did Hancock hamper testing & tracing at the outset yet be keen now to harvest and pool data now❓ WHY have hundreds of thousands of air & sea passengers enter and leave the UK with not a jot of screening, yet now want private companies to collect our data❓ WHY empty NHS hospitals of Covid-19 +ve and untested but likely contagious patients to care homes❓ WHY has Starmer failed to ask one clear useful question about any of the above❓❓❓

  6. Here we go again. The high level of deaths in Care Homes are not about anything as simple as the supply of ventilators. You really should catch up on the issues – and particularly the problems around the use of ventilators – especially for the already fragile.

    1. Who said anything about ventilators RH? Hearing vouces? Seeing things? Are u delirious? Lost even more of the plot RH? Go get your chum Starner to ask his chum Hancock to get yourself tested. When they fail, for they will, pop across to France or Germany and get tested there.🌹🌹🌹

    2. SO maybe RH you can enlighten us as to what you think it is about ?
      I am not sure just what you are referring to regarding the use of ventilators. The only relevance I see here is the lack of them should they be needed .However, the main issues are the under reporting deliberately to keep the overall figures down and the utterly cynical and deliberate lack of shielding of the residents in those care homes from the effects of CV 19 contagion ( lack of PPE for staff , CV19 ill patients kicked out of NHS hospitals back to care homes , no isolation and further spread in that home of the disease )

  7. Who said anything about ventilators RH?

    In fairness it’s in the OP, signpost.

    Doesn’t make dicky right, though. Seems to me to be a casual proponent of the herd immunity mentality.

    1. apols. thought he was referring to posters. Still sh grabs at any straw to build his non point. vvv odd man sh is. what sort of person could see even a dot of merit in starmer compared to the other dreadful candidates? they others are dreadful but starmer is much more so and infinitely more coyled to toxic excrement, scum & other filth than the others.
      ps Experience re Covid-19 treatment, reported only in the last 3 weeks, do indicate that intubated ventilation, is a challenge. However ventilation under anaesthetic, has always been a risky procedure. But re Covid-19 sh is grasping wildly at anything. He always does. Confirmation bias. We are all susceptible. We need to be vigilant of ourselves to not hold a view then only search for that which supports the bias. If sh took heed of that dictum, he would know that other ventilation methods exists.
      NB i try to point out anything that may be considered even slightly useful in any individual. Eg Starmer may be useful to hair-gel merchants🌹🌹🌹

  8. I tried to watch the knight but I felt so embarrassed for him I made myself a glass of iced lemon tea,which took away the sick feeling and the nausea…..funny old world “innit” .

    1. I refuse to watch or listen to the quiffed beaut, Joseph. I’ve seen enough of his type over the last 30-odd years; including the last five, where I was (almost) kidded into thinking they might – just MIGHT actually be persuaded to approve of, and adopt SOME (not ALL) socialist policies.

      Fool me once…

    2. Joseph
      It’s dark rum and pep for me
      Starmer could send a glass eye to sleep, tragedy is it’s not like he doesn’t have enough ammunition to fire
      Fine for a 6 week trial but useless in PMQ’s

      1. HA😂😂😂 Love it Doug – “Starmer could send a glass eye to sleep”. Brill🌹🌹🌹

    3. Joseph, for current affairs, stick to reading and radio. Sitting and watching stuff takes time + content is thin.
      Ever optimistic me would lose all hope watching over jellied starmer. Hmmm thinking of it, source of the “jellied weakness” over four years❓❓❓ Or a catalyst of jellied weaknesses❓❓❓ 🌹🌹🌹

  9. Another interview with Dr Knut Wittkowski. Really worth a listen for anyone that remains openminded. Section on US care homes… he says they should have been isolated early, including staff staying and paid overtime.
    An hour long.

      1. You could argue that to test who is right pick a region or country to lift lockdown and return to normal
        Then monitor outcomes,
        Choose somewhere best prepared for worst case scenario
        But then we already have Sweden
        My gut says lockdown simply keeps a lid on it, so it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that there will be second wave if you lift it
        Give me a scientist who has a First Class Honours Degree in the bleedin obvious every time
        The data is chaotic, no one can disagree with that

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