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Video: ‘Opposition’ leader Keir Starmer says deciding whether to oppose is a ‘difficult judgment call’

And claims he’s not a ‘tap-dancer’ for the Tories

Keir Starmer has appeared on LBC radio, where caller ‘Anna from Camden’ challenged him on being a ‘tap dancer’ for the Tories over his refusal to call for lawbreaker Matt Hancock to resign after the High Court ruled that Hancock’s awarding of contracts to Tory donors and mates has been unlawful.

Starmer trended twice – at the same time – on social media yesterday after saying he didn’t want to call for Hancock’s resignation, despite the lawbreaking mate-enriching taking place while the Tories caused at least 150,000 needless coronavirus deaths.

Starmer denied he was a tap dancer – but the ‘leader of the opposition’ went on to try to defend himself by claiming that deciding whether to oppose the Tories is a ‘difficult judgment call’:

(Use of LBC clip is fair use for reporting of current news events under Section 30(2), (3) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988)

Clue’s in the job title, Keith.

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  1. “We’ve challenged the government up hill and down dale over cronyism”

    Yeah – Only insofar as trying to box off more of your own cronies than the ‘rags have theirs, you useless spineless slimeball.

    1. U couldn’t make it up😂😂😂

      And Wax head’s “on a journey to nowhere” according to his own key advisor.

      There’s more. A one-percent guard dog who swings several ways, ie supports and defends the war criminal Bliar, defended Ummmah, Berger, Hodge, Johnson, Hancock and Keith, ALL at the same time, described Keith’s “Covid-19 Bond” tosh as ridiculous or a joke … words to that effect. Pithy and scathing. The many-tooled multi-bit Status Quo apparatus was right.

      QUESTION – is being called SIR this and that and Lord this and that so desirable that Keith is willing to endure the humiliation and defecate on his own soul❓❓❓

      So strange. Can’t understand it. Just like Angela Eagle. They are not fools. No one is. Ok those two are not the sharpest in the box but still, why humiliate oneself like that??? Why be a laughing stock for the whole country to see.

    2. BRILLIANT to just hear Jeremy provide PROPER OPPOSITION to Johnson✅✅✅

      Jeremy raised the issue of Johnson failing to support Tory victims of lockdown.

      Jeremy also raised what i tried to keep highlighted here ie the OPEN BANDITRY of Scrutiny free PPE and other contracts to Tory chums.

      To date, Establishment tool Keith Starmer has avoided giving any opposition especially on these contracts which rob the public purse. That TORY ROBBERY then deprives funding for all public needs Tories claim they don’t have a “money tree” to fund.

      Well done Jeremy for showing opposition where there’s none.

      As for Keith, the wax head is doing as predictable and as predicted right here on

      1. windchimes – This was Jeremy’s contribution.

        “My constituents are seeking explanations. Most of them have lost income, many have lost their jobs and all are facing varying degrees of stress, ranging from the very severe to concern about their lives. Many local small businesses have closed for good because they see no future and they are not getting the support that they need. Yet, Mr Speaker, answers are required from the Prime Minister: how £10.5 billion of NHS contracts were awarded without tender; how a further 99% of all NHS contracts were awarded, again, without tender; and how, last week, the High Court found that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care had not acted legally in the awarding of those contracts. I ask the Prime Minister to do two things: will he end this scandalous privatisation of our NHS, which is happening before our very eyes; and will he replace the Health Secretary with somebody who will stand by and obey the law and publish in advance all contracts that are due to be let, so that the public can see how their money is being spent.

      2. Thanks, SteveH. U may b Keith’s sub acolyte and your “Mandy’s sub sub assistant sub deputy sub acolyte, BUT u r more useful than WFM, the bot and the splinter sucker outer combined.

        I heard Jeremy, was impressed with the content and even the MSM thought it worthwhile to broadcast in full while the cut Keith off. They were embarrassed even though he’s just a place warmer with approx 15 weeks and a few days to go.

        Keith was chopped. Toe curling. What i can’t understand is why? Why put oneself through that humiliation? Millions are not enough? A wife? Children? One bauble which he said he’s proud of? … i heard him say it when questioned a few months ago. It fascinates me how some people can say no to such things, yet others like Starmer will prostitute his soul… if he has one, for what ??? To be called Lord Starmer while the parasites rewarding him are thinking Lord Dip Stick.

        Reminds me of the war criminal, with no sense of shame accepted the monied insult of Middle East Peace Envoy. Just like Keith, he failed to see it was a paper insult from Bush.

        It is alleged that he was desperate to speak to Bush years ago. Bush cut him VERY short saying “i’ve got to play golf”.

        Methinks, there is so much that needs saying and repeating to crush the myths. It’s a fatal failing of the left to ignore cutting out rot from roots WITHIN our reach. The rotten trees with dried rotten fruits will fall.

        Instead we have a displacement busy fixation with trees way w a y out of our reach.

        Action close to home, prompt snd sustained is what’s needed. Root out the rot with the can’t dos, and cosy metropolitan chit chat reading but learning nothing rot. And of course tell the splinter sucker outer, we did not “call” him as he asked on February 14 to “FOLKS”.

      3. The “FOLKS” said no Mucky !!! Stay on your boat of frauds and easily checked lies. Suck splinters… doubt u can even do that. People who boast eg “having a headlock no one has ever escaped from”, usually run away like pitiful cowards leaving an elderly man on a gents toilet floor at the mercy of thugs. Why “to finish a drink with a friend” so not alone. And to “get out of there” because if he had intervened the thugs would have laid into him too. What sort of brain instead of apology, returns with a convoluted attempt to change what he had already written for all to see???

    1. At least Starmer has done us a favour by helping to expose Rayner, RLB and others, along with himself, as enemies of Socialism.

      1. Some of us were wise to stammer long ago.

        But we were laughed at, and pilloried…Remember?

      2. Spot on JackT. He did a GREAT service on that. Lost faith in Rayner ages ago when she suddenly got caked under a mask. Seemed that sinister forces picked her out as pliable. No morals / ethics… would do ANYTHING to “get ahead” eg Wax head. RLB was off my radar but once she failed to rebut the a-S lies then she came to attention and i scratched her completely off the Radar. Burgon did impress but he is now a great disappointment.

        But i like your positive take. EXCELLENT. I’d not thought of that so thanks…. lifts the spirit. Make good out of every situation.

        “All in the end is harvest”

      3. Come on Toffee, show the evidence and name the dirty rascals who laughed at you. Disgusting behavior by those who don’t appreciate your wisdom.

      4. Signpost, I too had high hopes for Burgon but when push came to shove he turned into a wind chime.

      5. exactly toffee. very sad. i was fooled. i had even joined Burgon’s support group. ashamed now.

      6. ps the great Tony Benn called Burgon types, weathercocks.
        It’s the careerist disease. That’s why i believe plumbers, gardeners, tree surgeons, nurses, doctors, surgeons, pilots, dentists, crafts people, small business people, housewives, taxi drivers, … people who have to get things done rather that boast to each other of what books and films they are on an recommending ignore all calls to change and lose a large CLP.

        I’ve not said i b4 but some of the few who hog the “Left” in my CLP are EXACTLY like the splinter sucker expert, WFM and the botbot. Exactly. In fact at the first signs of the exact behaviour i checked the names. They don’t match but anyone could use any name. I would never ask anyone even Splinter sucker, botbot and WFM to disclose identities as it is dangerous… coming to think of it, SH, RH, Splinter Sucker and WFM are the ONLY posters who have tried to bully eg Joseph to disclose personal info. Even though none of them have ever said who they themselves are. Curious. No?

        Also they are the only ones who spend time noting who post when, how often etc. And the ONLY ones who are first to try to silence others without cause. Check. The only regular four. Now and again a few pop up out of the blue and vanish… even praising the shortest of posts and wanting a personal detail. Curious. So, be bold and forthright but don’t act stupid. No one should disclose personal info online. And anyone requesting it should raise suspicions. We should be focused on ideas not identities. As much as i love Dolly Parton, if i was unaware the she had said a particular sensible idea, i would value it if it seemed valuable to me, not because she said it.

      7. windchimes – I don’t recall ever asking Joseph for his personal details

      8. Not u SteveH re Joseph. WFM hectored him. Ask Joseph. Kept doubting Joseph’s political career etc over and over. Smartbot only recently was activated to join WFM in pestering the weirdness and i certainly recall u, RH and Muck Splinter sucker commenting from my very first posts in 2019.


      9. Yikes!!! Sorry JackT, i misread that, multitasking and listening to radio… as usual😂😂😂

      10. Oh you weren’t just laughing jackanory.

        You was labelling ANYBODY who warned you about stammers m.o. that they were xenophobic neo nazi knuckledraggers.

        …But now he’s openly and unashamedly shat on your remain hopes you’ve miraculously become anti stammer.

        And now those neo nazi knuckledraggers have become overt zionists.

        Strange that, because I have ZERO influence over stammer… I didn’t enable the Zionists you so despise to get their class well and truly embedded.

        Who could’ve committed such a heinous act?

        …Oh, hang on….

      11. Toffee troll your verbal diarrhoea is no substitute for just a little bit of evidence that I have ever supported Starmer. Of course that’s not your game is it? Anyone who supported Remain is your real motive for the smear, you sad little troll.

  2. Just wondering if SteveH could tell us when Starmer will complete his defection to the Tory Party?

    1. You’d think he’d just take the 170 “Labour” Mp’s who are allied with him- and are venomously anti-left and antisocialist- rename them “National Labour 2.0”, and formally become Boris’ junior coalition partners. It’s essentially what he’s being paid to do anyway, so why not just get to it?

  3. its about time someone got some balls to challenge this useles twat labour has a fucking tory as the leader im glad i flushed my membership dawn the bog

    1. Careful BRIAN61, some will scream what’s the point? Tell me how that will work? They will be attacked etc etc etc 😅😅😅

    2. Brian – You really shouldn’t be flushing plastic coated items down the toilet..

      1. I’m told that the latest membership cards are not made to last as, it seems, they’re known to have a short life. Flushing down the pan (the cards, not the leadership & the staffers) isn’t thought to be such a problem.

      2. BoxOfSkwawk – If you were a member then you would know that they were filling your head with untruths.

      3. How do you dispose of your stammer-shaped anal swabs then, wee fella?

      4. Steve H….I bow to your superiority on Toilets.Thomas Crapper should have consulted with you before inventing the “Ballcock” ,you obviously have hidden depths.How are you on “raw sewage” and the disposal of?.Septic tank,French drain,..biodegradable surface disposal..amazing what you and the rest of the knights shadowy misfits get up to inbetween promotion of the sewage system of the right wing Labour party parasites.Maybe you should carry a Health warning.

      5. ITs a very crowded platform the Labour party are sinking to.I am not sure the Labour party misfits have the quality or charisma to push out the fellow neo liberal alliance and take top spot.Even the libs have a knight and its so very “Old school” .No it look like the conservative party have as per usual top spot in the parasites Westminster game,and the second rate tory tribute band doesn’t make the grade.I wonder if anyone at Hq as ever thought of the “novel idea of working for the people,.ITs called socialism and it can actually work without Cuckoo’s,it just means a more forensic quality control and the stomach to get rid of misfits.and parasites like the knight.

  4. His inaction has nothing to do with morality, it’s all about grubbing for a few centrist votes in marginal constituencies.
    Also in the (non MSM) news today: Oldknow Vs Evans. Trying to force Labour to reveal who leaked the fact that she’s a horrible malicious person while Labour just wants to forget.

    1. Hopefully the rats will turn on each other, they turn into jeremy kyle show candidates and all their filth will be put into the public domain.

      Hell hath oldknow fury…And it’ll end up being a few more that ashworth won’t be having a drink with ever again….or will he?

    2. Lundiel
      I agree with you entirely about Starmer grubbing for centrist votes but what that absolute idiot has forgotten is that in order to win he needs Labour votes .His vindictive and stupid actions and despicable inaction has alienated so many of us His elevation of so many right wing nasties in the PLP to the shadow cabinet and front bench will make it impossible for us to vote Labour never mind canvas for it.
      Regarding Oldknow v Evans I hadn’t heard about this but from what you said I take it they are pretending to be on different sides and she wants him to reveal who leaked her sick infantile emails showing her delight at the sabotaging of our party’s chances in 2019 GE and he’s refusing to do so. She’ll probably threaten legal action if she has not done so already – well let her go to court- she is the one with most to lose.

    3. Is there really ANY group of voters, though, who would swing to Labour, but ONLY if they were assured that a Starmer government would be Labour-in-name-only? If that type of voter was actually in widespread existence, how, then, do we explain the fact that Change UK- a party designed to those who want elections reduced to what the French called “alternance”- took 10,000 votes in the whole of the UK? And that the “Labour” MPs who defected to the CUK for the sole purpose of annihilating Corbyn at the polls not only all refused to stand down and fight byelections as CUK candidates, and most if not all ended up defecting from the CUK to the LibDems, and then losing badly in every constituency they fought as LibDem candidates?

      1. kenburch – Well for the first time ever more of the working class (C2DE) voted Tory than voted Labour, It was undeniably the working class who put Boris in power with an almost unassailable 80 seat majority.
        Make of that what you will.

      2. Spot on kenburch. Help me repeat it. Ummm umm used to be spun up as the next Lab leader. i was never convinced. Even the over caked Rayner fooled ne for longer.

        He like Starmer & believed what they were told by their mirrors. U r the fairest wax works in the world and oooh your suits are soooo expensive, you’ll make a fine leader!!!

        U know what’s sad kenburch? Many on the “Left” believe the myths. The failures stare at them yet the swallow the myths. Scotland. Gone! Vote share. Gone! Remain. Gone! All gone under “brilliant” Mandelson, Campbellend, Allan Johnson, the war criminal Blair, Straw, Blunkett, Beckett, Gordon Brown, All of them. Their defeats are there for all to see yet the “Left” is as hoodwinked as the general public that that lot are necessary to appease. That is why they were appeased. Not because the appeasers are bad, but because they still doubt their own abilities. Worse yet, instead of developing expertise, the time is filled with anything we are more unlikely to change…. every niche issue.

        Being correct is considered enough. Making the correct the reality???

      3. ps kenburch there will never be a “Starmer government”, Labour in name or not. I guarantee that.🔴🔴🔴

  5. Don’t Tap dancers have to be deft, light footed and in harmony? He fails on every count.

  6. Of course is difficult for Starmer to oppose the Tories. He was named Director of Public Prosecution by the Tories. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission too .Thus it stands to reason that Starmer is going to “oppose” as little as he can get away with it.
    I will argue that looking at the internal warfare Starmer’s is wagging on the left of the Party, his purpose isn’t to see Labour in government but rather “clean” the Party of unwanted. This is what Starmer means by uniting the Party, expel or persuade the left to leave and hand another GE victory to the Tories, until the Party is ready to accept New Labour doctrine once again.
    Starmer is Neil Kinnock deja vue

    1. Maria, correct. Several of Mandelson’s maid and man servants were PROMPTLY out on MSM immediately after the GE results. They said things like “it would take at least four or eight years before Labour won again. They said Jeremy had destroyed the party so much. Of course they were under UNDER promising. But they don’t mind too much.

      That went on for weeks before even one Socialist MP, Union bigwig or any “Left” commentator turned up. So u r totally correct and many are yet to see it. It matters not a jot when Labour loses because Keith will be rewarded with a bauble “Lord Baron of Waxdown and Out.” or any such nonsensical title. He will go through the revolving door to make more millions.

      Ps, anyone heard the funders of MILLIONS to Limp Dims, CUCKS, TINGES or People’s Vote” moaning??? No. Me neither. Because the “Left” in the UK only hide in bunkers with themselves they cannot fully understand the mentality of the Status Quo guardians. That is why to the very end and beyond, everything and everyone was treated as dispensable in the worthless quest to “convert”, “appease”, and be “loved by them”. These are unflattering truths and harsh facts. That’s why some push them away, even with crazed fury. But crazed fury rarely changes anything for the better.

      Facing facts on the other hand, is how ALL success is achieved. ALL. But since the control of the left is top heavy with theory, careerist, and busy busy busy virtuous whirlwinds on hundreds of causes, we see the results we see.

      CND, Iraq March, Poll Tax replaced with Council Tax … all the energy is nothing more than passionate begging, hoping those in power will oblige. Have they❓❓❓

      1. ps in post above, i meant to remind that the forces against Socialism don’t care about spending MILLIONS to achieve their aim. Most on the “Left” have no realisation of that. U can see even here, where many go on about Starmer losing membership. His controllers could not give a tinker’s cuss about that. Money … hundreds of millions of it here and BILLIONS in the USA, is of little or no consequence.

        U may then ask why the fundraising drives? I think it is just a habit of greed. Even at school, some of the richest students begged everyday. The less wealthy? Never. Even now u can see, loaded people fill the top posts at “charities” begging poor people to donate. David Milliband recently said he felt he was worth his basic £750,000 heading a “charity”.

        Blair the war criminal and liar who launched an “Inquiry” within minutes of the unanswered death of Dr David Kelly amassed millions, one of it’s offspring is now worth £75,000,000
        Think if it, why ask infinitely less well off to prop up Labour funds??? They won’t have to. Vast funds are on tap.

        I think asking the members is a way to make people feel needed / committed / “we can’t do it without you” etc.

        Clever scam. It works. Just read SB, people really seem to believe they exert pressure re membership fees. If the millions were important we would see Gina Miller, Amber Rudds brother and Chinn and other sinister forces weeping and gnashing teeth. They most surely are not. They are contemplating, should we drink the 1942 or some other vintage.

        The Status Quo does not NEED our money. They swindle it, out of pure instinctive greed. Habit. insatiable and re some political parties, to make the many FEEL involved.

      1. Did he now?

        You’d best tell us all about it because it’s one for the next time you’re asked to give us a policy that stammers opposed, isn’t it?

        While you’re at it you can tell us all the difference between stammerism and conservatism.

      2. Obviously stammer’s *ahem* ‘opposition’ was so vehement that you won’t even polish today’s turd from/for him.

        Else you’d have done so within seconds of my throwing down the challenge.

      3. Toffee – Don’t be a numpty, I posted my comment shortly after Keir spoke in the HofC. If you’d been watching the debate you would have known that.

      4. SH it most certainly did not!!! It being Keith.

        I was listening. Had to swap stations though as one of his MSM champions cut him off!!! 😂 Had to quickly switch to BBC 🤮🤮🤮

        Such was his cold wet drivel that failed to oppose Tory banditry, the MSM cut him off. Think they said “we’ll leave it there”😂

        Was surprised Max was cut off though, as after his “BIG SPEECH” the particular presenter was trying hard to defend the non stop stream of the public AND his usual supporters LITERALLY laughing at Starmer.

        Starmer got a typical Mandelson stitch up, ie get Keith to over promise to the MAX, total obvious nonsense. Even at the best of times that should never be done. But Keith was following orders. And guess what? Keith thought them smart orders because they dripped from the one u all worship and overrate – Mandelson. The same Mandelson who LOST Remain… and Scotland… and vote share … L O S T. 😂😂😂

      5. Not all of us are weirdly and disturbingly obsessed with stammer that we’re compelled by our abnormality to ingest every word from his every waking moment.

        And then type out a pile of shite of several hundred words as if it was an opus dei when it was as feeble an opposition as eric pickles’d put up to a pork pie.

        You utter oddball.

      6. Toffee – Don’t be a numpty, why would I waste my time doing that. I only typed a few words of intro the rest was just a few mouse clicks away.

  7. Footballer A ((Rovers) It’s difficult to know whether to stop the other side scoring.

    Bootballer B (United) Yay!!

  8. It’s not easy for Keir to be critical of the Tories, the Daily Mail might shout at him

  9. If he challenges Hancock on not declaring contracts promptly somebody might mention him being a teensy bit tardy declaring his own leadership donations.
    Nobody wants that turd kicked.

    1. David McN, how true. And there is another little matter that might prove a bit awkward for Starmer. Also on the receiving end of a government contract is Lord Mandleson. His company, Global Citizen, has just been given a short contract, without any tender process, by the DTI.

      This puts Starmer in a bit of a tricky position. He cannot call for Hancock to resign for awarding his Tory friends and neighbours contracts, when the latest recruit to Starmers team has received a contract to work for the government.

      I also seem to remember something in the Labour party joke book (AKA the rule book) about members not campaigning for, or supporting other parties. It was an offence liable to instant dismissal from the party. But that’s a rule for the foot soldiers that get these parasites elected. Not for themselves.

      Difficult to call out Hancock when one of your own was on the receiving end of a nice little earner, no questions asked.

  10. The boy is doing well. Wrote a piece for The Mail, interview with LBC and Sky; how soon can we expect an interview with Novara, Skwakbox, Canary etc?

    1. When wee steven finally gives a straight, clear, concise and relevant answer to ANY question.

      But you’ve got more chance of seeing a one legged cat trying to bury it’s shite on a frozen pond.

  11. Well spotted, David McNiven! I’m surprised that there’s only one comment on that.

  12. “If you buy a goldfish, you shouldn’t be disappointed that it doesn’t catch mice.”

    When Labour elects a member of the Trilateeral Commission as its leader, we shouldn’t be disappointed when he doesn’t criticise Hancock’s “sloppy” procurement management (giving £millions of public money to party sponsors and cronies).

  13. He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

    Doesn’t have a point of view
    Knows not where he’s going to…

    1. Foogy – That’s not a very charitable description of the only Labour party member who is sitting in nowhere land on the House of Commons benches.

      1. SH 1️⃣ – Foggy’s excellent reference to lyrics i think, IMMEDIATELY brought Keith to mind. Seems u’ve been left out of your Right Wing’s Loop, but Keith’s own key advisor, who i think wrote the plot to deceive the membership to now squat providing ZERO opposition as we saw today. Jeremy and others offered opposition. Keith offered zilch.

        2️⃣ – Only someone like u who support users, scroungers and careerist would consider back benches “nowhere land”. U expose your emptiness with that crass response to Foggy.

        3️⃣ – A few on the back benches do their duty and serve their constituents like Jeremy and Dianne. I’ve only heard glowing reports of them both for that. From back benches Jeremy impressed half a million and crushed front bottoms like Owen Smith, Angela Eagle, Thornberry and other Tories … think Harman stood too. The many saw her lacking much.

        Harman the disgraceful, had and has nothing to offer except services to the Pedophile Information Exchange. A pedophile enabler is all she is, NOT a feminist nor any help to women. Ask Dianne Abbott. That goes for the thug Jess Phillips who boasted openly “she would knife Jeremy in the front”. The thug also boasted that she “told Dianne to F off”. What feminist does that??? The vile thug may have been a front bencher too. ALL of them easily routed by Jeremy three times. A great pity Jeremy was slow to realise Socialism has no use for them. They are adults. They have chosen their path and chums.

      2. … said Keith “is on a journey to nowhere.

      3. windchime – I suggest you re-read my comment and think again.

  14. Where’s this supposed opposition that YOU claim stammer’s put up today, wee man?

    Can’t even back up your onanistic fantasies with actual reality, you weirdly obsessed creep.

    1. Toffee – At you insistence here’s what Keir said in the House of Commons today.

      “I thank the Prime Minister for advance sight of his statement and for the telephone call between us earlier today. This is the third time that the Prime Minister has announced a plan to come out of national lockdown. In the past, we have emerged without sufficient caution, without a clear plan and without listening to the science. We cannot afford to make those mistakes again. This has to be the last lockdown. The vaccine roll-out, as the Prime Minister said, has been remarkable, and I pay tribute to everybody involved. It is the light at the end of the tunnel, but if we are going to get there, we have to tread very carefully. I am glad that the Prime Minister spoke today of caution, of this being irreversible, of assessing the data and following the evidence. Those are the right guiding principles—and, I have to say, it is a welcome change from some of the language the Prime Minister used in the past. I urge him now to stick to that.
      I turn to the substance of the matter. First, on schools, we all agree that the priority must be for all children to be back in school as quickly as possible and to stay in school. We want that to happen on 8 March, as the Government have promised. The confidence of parents, teachers and school staff will be critical, so will the Prime Minister please confirm that the chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser support the full reopening of all schools on 8 March? Will he commit to publishing all the relevant medical evidence on this issue?
      Will the Prime Minister also indicate what the Government are doing to overcome the huge logistical challenges this presents? He touched on mass testing in his statement, but there was nothing on Nightingale classrooms and extra capacity, which is a huge problem, particularly for schools with smaller buildings. Will the Prime Minister update the House on how he will deal with that in just over two weeks’ time?
      Let me turn to a linked issue. Within weeks of schools returning last autumn, thousands of teachers and school staff were self-isolating, causing huge disruption to the running of schools and children’s learning. We do not want that again. That is why Labour called for the early vaccination of all teachers and school staff. In my own constituency, the fantastic Crick Institute, which has been doing amazing work, has been vaccinating hundreds of people a day. The institute has been very clear to me—and publicly—that it could be doing more, and it is obvious to me that over one weekend it could have vaccinated all teachers and school staff in Camden if it had been allowed to do so, without bumping anyone else from the priority list. There are similar examples across the country. Will the Prime Minister see what more can be done to speed up the vaccination of teachers and school staff to ensure that children and young people not only return to school on 8 March, but stay in school having returned?
      Let me turn to isolation support. As we release health measures, however gradually, there is a risk that infection rates will go up; the Prime Minister made that clear in his statement. It is therefore more important than ever that test, trace and isolate is working and working well. One of the most concerning figures in a recent SAGE report is that only three in 10 people who should be self-isolating are actually doing so. It is obvious that one of the main drivers of this is insecurity at work. As the chair of Test and Trace has said, people are “scared” to take the test because they cannot afford to self-isolate. That not only harms our health response, but it costs the economy too—and it has to be fixed. We have proposed that the £500 isolation payment, which is currently only available to one in eight workers, be made available to everyone who needs it. Will the Prime Minister consider that? If we do not shift the three in 10 figure, there will be a huge hole in our defences.
      I turn to economic support. The Prime Minister announced a road map today, but it will not have escaped businesses that many of them will not be able to open until mid-April at the earliest, and many not until mid-June. I am not questioning the health basis for that decision, which I support, but I am reiterating what we have always said—that health restrictions must be accompanied by proper economic support. It makes no sense to announce today that businesses will be closed for many more weeks or months without announcing new economic support at the same time. The Prime Minister says, “Well, the Budget will be next week”, but there is nothing stopping him saying today that business rates relief will be extended, that furlough will be extended, or that the VAT cut for hospitality and leisure will be extended. Businesses are crying out for that certainty and the Prime Minister should give it to them today.
      The Prime Minister should also announce proper support for the 3 million self-employed who have been left out of all support for the last year. I was asked about this issue again on LBC this morning, by a self-employed business women who is at her wits’ end at the lack of Government support. This road map means that she may not be able to get her business up and running again until mid-June. Surely the Prime Minister needs to act now to close the gap for those 3 million people.
      We support the twin principles that the Prime Minister has set out today—that the lifting of restrictions must be both cautious and irreversible. But I know that the Prime Minister will come under pressure from those on his own Benches to go faster and throw caution to the wind. Last week, it was reported that around 60 of his own Members of Parliament called for the end of all restrictions by the end of April, and I am sure that there are going to be similar calls this afternoon. I hope that the Prime Minister takes the opportunity to face this down because if the road map is to work, he needs to listen to the chief scientific adviser and the chief medical officer, not to the hon. Member for Wycombe (Mr Baker) or the right hon. Member for Forest of Dean (Mr Harper). If the Prime Minister does, he will have our support and will secure a majority in the House. If he does not, we will waste all the sacrifices of the last 12 months.

      1. And that’s supposed to beopposition?

        ” I’m afraid I have to get really tough and warn the prime minister that this is the very last time we should have lockdown… Until next time, when we’ll fully back your lockdown plans.”

        Do fuckoff, knobhead.

      2. Toffee – I am curious within the constraints dictated by parliamentary language what would you have said different.

      3. Toffe -…….and whilst you’re at it could you provide us with your detailed critique of JC’s contribution.

      4. “I am glad that the Prime Minister spoke today of caution, of this being irreversible, of assessing the data and following the evidence.”
        That’s backing both ends against the middle.

      5. “I thank the Prime Minister for advance sight of his statement and for the telephone call between us”
        Sorry, this is what I was talking about above. Appalling.

      6. lundiel – Don’t be silly, it’s only the same courtesies that would have been extended to Jeremy when he was LOTO.

      7. Again with your parliamentary language bollocks… You think you’re a class above Rees smog or some sort of wannabe ersatz grand statesman don’t you you sad bastard.

        Where was the terroring de piffle over Hancock and their abject and blatant corruption? Where was the bringing the realization of 120,000 or so needless deaths that they’ve profited from, to the house and the nation?



        Because the shithouse wants to be in their gang. He wanted it when DPP and refused to prosecute anyone or any case that might bring embarrassment to the rags. (If they ever did embarrassment)

        He’s a fucking ‘rag himself. May god stiffen him.

        And you can take yer ‘parliamentary language and cram it up yer marmite motorway. This is an internet blog, not your fucking fantasy of the green-benched barn F complete and total FS. .

      8. How do you know? It isn’t normal policy and Johnson’s only doing it because he knows Starmer’s a wet lettuce 🥬.

      9. lundiel – Perhaps you would find it helpful to familarise yourself with the basics of parliamentary procedure.

      10. I am not questioning the health basis for that decision, which I support,


        We support the twin principles that the Prime Minister has set out today


        If the Prime Minister does, he will have our support

        Can someone explain to me how opposition consists of stating support for the government THREE times in the same arduous, tortuous verbosity?

        No, NOT you, little Steven.

        …Someone normal, please.

      11. SteveH, thanks for providing Mandelson’s script to the Wonderless Waxhead Keith Starmer.

        U may have missed it, Keith has not even mentioned the Judge’s lame ruling. Not a word about Hancock and PPP Billions.

        Contrasted Keith’s bollard stuff with Jeremy’s demonstration of opposition. No wonder Max was cut by LBC, Starmer again run away from even mentioning the Tory Contracts for Chums, the brazen banditry, the fleecing of public funds to enrich their donors and friends

        Some donors did not even bung them much. Hint, they know Starmer and his front bench will stay silent on their dodgy doings.

        Expect just as he’s banned his box of tools from mentioning Remain in speech or articles, we’ll find he’s banned them from criticising the banditry…. or maybe not. They all want their full snouts in the trough⚠️⚠️⚠️

      12. CORRECTION – “he’s banned them” = Mandelson has instructed him to ban them. Keith must do as he’s instructed. He is obedient even though when he pleaded ” i still feel i’m the right person to lead the party” it fell on deaf ears.

        Snakes have no ears. They felt the vibrations of Keith’s pitiful pleading and winked to each other. The waxed dipstick’s believed spun hisses.

      13. Hmm. Perhaps you would like to familiarise yourself with which orifice you’re supposed to talk out of.

  15. Keir Starmer says deciding whether to oppose is a ‘difficult judgment call’ when you fully agree with the Government on most things.

    1. What relevance does that story – from July 2018 no less – bear to this thread?

      1. It can establish case law for others to use in their fight against the antiSemitism smears of the Israel Lobby.

      2. Amusing though – the name “Jewish Human Rights Watch” is staggeringly, hilariously crass in that the word “Human” is utterly redundant – clearly its members don’t give a fuck about non-Jewish “Humans.”
        If they can point to multiple campaigns for the human rights of Palestinians I’ll humbly apologise – otherwise they and their accusations of antisemitism can get fucked.

        “Jewish Rights Watch” or “Not An Israeli Land Grab” or “Only Jewish Lives Matter” or “Antisemitism Is The Only Racism” or “Israel – The New Crusade” would reflect their purpose more accurately.

      3. One could easily despair at the lack of further legal actions in similar vein.
        It’s always been obvious to me that the law is the only effective weapon against the democracy thieves who’ll stop at nothing to crush socialism out of existence.

    1. Get popcorn for wednesday. SNP show. Sturgeon – Salmond

      I’m rooting for Salmond. Why? Mainly because Salmond tried his best to prosecute the war criminal Anthony Blair the liar creature in parliament. Action not wind. Yes it failed because some thought it was ok to let a war criminal walk free.

      When i asked in 2019 why the front bench absented themselves, the reply was, “they would have had something more important to do”. When pressed, the person said “what ever it was, it was more important.

      QUESTION – What could be more important than something within our grasp? Something we CAN do? A pursuit of justice???
      What could have demanded the attention of the ENTIRE front bench to absent themselves ? ? ?


      1. ps the person was then and still is a pretty high up union person i was told.

    2. Murray with his precise and rather elegant prose nails the nature of the creature with great accuracy.

  16. I’ve just watched a mealy mouthed Dispatched that acknowledged the only road to recovery is government investment, something that’s been a swear word for the last 30 years and something that still hasn’t be got through to the useless Starmer and Doddy.

    1. lundiel – Don’t be ridiculous. GND, investment and up-skilling is what lies at the heart of current Labour policy

      1. “That means an independent Bank of England setting monetary policy, a responsible government using fiscal policy to ensure public money is spent effectively and wisely and action to improve resilience, including in the face of the climate crisis, and to deal with challenges to our economic competitiveness”
        Straight out of the Gordon Brown fiscal play book. It makes Sunak sound positively Socialist.

      2. Steve H “Skilling up” needs years of experience and training.How would a clown from Surrey have a clue to what is needed to rebuild a collapsed manufacturing economy.You go to the ❤of what is wrong with “modern” Britain today.Too many useless privately educated parasites like the knight and his misfits.

      3. Joseph – Keir’s father was a skilled apprentice trained toolmaker, Keir also spent a year working on the shop floor with his dad before going to university.
        As you also well know unlike Jeremy’s academic parents who paid for him to go to prep-school Keir’s parents never paid any private education fees.

      4. SH – “trained toolmaker” that explains lots.

        Plus Jeremy on the other hand was teaching in Jamaica as a volunteer i think. Keith would never do anything as charitable as Keith tool.

      5. as Keith IS a tool.
        Very strange typos. vvv odd.

      6. There was no mention of a Green new deal in Starmer’s economic speech – just a covid bond and support for entrepreneurs,

      7. What a load of shit. You’ve been gorging on Wikipedia again. He didn’t get on with his dad and reading between the lines he was embarrassed by him just like he was about his name which should have been Tristan or Henry not Keith.

      8. lundiel – Does making stuff up help out with your self esteem?

      9. Yes Steve H and I am well aware of what the knights shadowy family were supposrd to be but there are no workshops or factorys in oxted Surrey and his mother never worked at the East Surrey hospital,Now Reigate independent grammar school is the snootiest fee paying in in East Surrey and even our local snobs get a sweat on at the fees to make little chumley warner a first class psychopath.I wonder if daddy boarded our little keir to get him out of the way?…….it would explain a lot but most of its untreatable probably genetic?

      10. So… Keith’s dad was a toolmaker, eh?

        Bully for him. I remember the chingford skinhead telling us how his arld fella got on his bike and went to look for work…

        And how thatcher was so poor during wartime that one Christmas they had to have spam instead of goose…

        Just how fucking desperate are you to bullshit us about his extremely tenuous links to the lower classes that he so openly doesn’t give a tuppenny shite about?

        Worse still that you actually accept it as gospel, you sad gullible imbecile.

      1. investment, that is. So far left the bandits screeched!!!

  17. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Sadiq Khan was a while ago praising Johnson for how cooperative he is and listening etc and they agree.

    Some months ago just after Burnham was touring the studies daily, when asked about Johnson he too tried hard to stress how well he got along with Johnson or hoped to get along with Johnson.

    Last week James Mills a Jeremy advisor defended Starmer saying he has only been Leader for a year. He obviously forgot that Starmer did not give Jeremy one minute. How does that from Mills help the “Left”???
    Spot any learning? Still hoping for a crumb?

    Today someone called Medway a John McDonnell advisor ALSO firmly defended Starmer. He said in a time of national crisis it is difficult for Starmer to be doing better than Johnson. When it was pointed put that fresh polls put Labour four points behind despite the Tories poor handling of the pandemic. Medway asserted that Starmer is doing as well as he could in a moment of national crisis.

    I say to Jeremy and all Socialists – Join the dots. Learn.


      1. lundiel – It’s simple enough he either said this stuff or he didn’t and if he did say it then it was either acceptable to say it or it wasn’t.

      2. Of course he said it, in context. He’s as much right to make such an observation as he has to call a fellow black man n*****. It’s not remotely racist. And for the record, Lammy and Khan are part of your Blairite rump.

  18. Fabian status-quo-ism. It and he looks very text-book and tired. It’s not the nineties. Even small c conservatives are singularly uninspired by him and his same-old economic ideas (which Sunak is formulating reasonably well).

    The billionaires (and a third of Labour members) have picked a dud in Keir Rodney Starmer.

    1. qwertboi – “The billionaires (and a third of Labour members) have picked a dud in Keir Rodney Starmer.”

      “The billionaires” KNEW they “picked a dud” That’s why they picked the dud Starmer. NB Eagle, Owen Smith, Harman… they are picked because they are pliable. No moral compass. If you gave them one, they would crush it in their claws. They are creatures that can be made to do anything… and i mean anything…. ask Assange.

      “and a third of Labour members” didn’t know.”

      They were busy with other things. Plus, infected with label itis = a dipstick with a red rosette will do. And, the disgusting Starmer record pre and while infesting Labour was hidden from them. Hidden as some followed the one terrible bit of Benn’s sayings ie “policy not personality”. Tony Benn was wrong on that. Very wrong. You see, Starmer as he admitted today and last week has ZERO policies. So how else could one predict the policies he MIGHT invent, if he got the chance… which he won’t, unless you scrutinise his record eg as DPP. What that revealed of his personality?

      Same eg Johnson. Though we all have weaknesses, the scant regard / abominable disregard with which he has treated hordes of women and unknown number of children, IS his personality… his character. You see it in his extreme inability to focus on basic things. He is like a toddler yet to be potty trained. Hence all his childish diversions – garden bridge, estuary airport, HS2, … he is always flitting from one colourful twirling mobile to the next.

      So one MUST look at personality. The failure to expose and highlight the deceit of Starmer, in turn DECEIVED a third of the members. That i believe resulted from a stubborn refusal to reflect. A refusal to put the needle down on the vinyl of REALITY. Instead hovering in the space above as if it has some nobility or virtue. More critically, it is a collective failure. As a collective we have failed to call that attitude out. We have failed to say it is irresponsible, self indulgent, stubborn, and aloof. We must call it out to help ensure it never happens again. It is not a virtue. It is not decent. It is not gentle. It is not kind. It is a disgraceful dereliction of duty to the many to maintain the fog of one. It does an injustice to the one ie castrating what could have achieved something spectacular. That must NEVER be repeated on the “Left”.

      Still, “All in the end is harvest”.


  19. Starmorrhoid justly accuses the government of not being guided by ‘the science’ – but then stupidly says “This has to be the last lockdown.”
    One could hardly think of a less scientific pontification.
    If a vaccine-resistant variant emerges, another lockdown will be required.
    Scientifically speaking, he’s an out-of-his-depth, over-promoted fucktard.

    I see Mandelson’s looking as shrunken as a septuagenarian rentboy.
    All that steam can’t be good for the complexion.
    (with apologies to every other LGBT+ person on the planet)

    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,anyone in their 70s amused by this hate speak? Watching too much Channel 4 News.

  20. “a simple question Keir, do you have trouble making simple decisions?”………..”well, yes & no”.

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