Video: BBC Question Time edit makes it seem audience clapping FOR Johnson instead of against

Edit gives fundamentally misleading impression

The BBC’s Question Time leaders’ special last night was a car-crash for Boris Johnson, as the audience dismantled his empty bluster.

But if you only watched the edited clips shown on BBC News today, you’d be forgiven for not getting close to realising just how bad it was.

The original programme featured an exchange in which a Scottish audience member challenged Johnson about his dishonesty – with a damning interjection by the programme’s presenter – to huge applause from the audience.

The audience then laughed in derision at Johnson’s claim he thought honesty was very important – before getting loudly angry at Johnson’s evasiveness and attempt to turn his answer into a soundbite.

But the edited version, spotted by Twitter user @NickFlaks, removed vital context – giving the impression that the audience was applauding Johnson and not his critic – and removing the audience anger completely:

Corbyn was the clear winner last night – and Johnson’s inability to campaign or survive scrutiny was blatantly obvious.

But the BBC and other Establishment media immediately went to work trying to spin it differently – and even to grossly mislead.

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  1. I don’t understand after Bojo’s appalling blustering, waffling, incoherent displays how he is ahead in the polls? We need to explain socialism properly not with JC and JM half hearted efforts. Wholesale nationalisation, exchange controls, confiscation of property to conquer inequality and limitations on spurious anti social ‘freedoms’ like travel, to stop climate change, there is no doubt a mood in the country is in favour of radical change.

    1. ‘not with JC and JM half hearted efforts’. Could you elaborate?

      Sounds reminiscent of what certain people and the corporate media were saying about Jeremy in relation to his campaigning during the EU referendum, albeit AFTERWARDS, which was a Big Lie of course.

      It’s very odd the amount of negative comments about JC and his team that have been posted on here since the GE was called….. just the sort of thing Tory shills would do!.

    2. And I mean dozens and dozens of negative and critical comments, and supposedly by people/posters who support Jeremy Corbyn and want to see him win the GE and form a government. Who needs enemies with supporters like THAT!

      And it’s more than a little ironic that apart from criticising JC and JM, that Plain citizen should say that he or she doesn’t understand why Johnson is ahead in the polls, when it must be glaringly obvious to just about anyone who follows skwawkbox to some degree, that it’s because Jeremy gets nothing but negative coverage and smears and demonisation by the corporate media and the BBC, AND, as this SB article illustrates, the media does everything it can to put a positive gloss on Boris Johnson’s and the Tories election campaign.

      1. Jeez, Allan. You really do have a weird paranoid take reality. There’s been nothing but praise for Corbyn’s performance on Friday! And you pick out the odd reservation or statement about something as a massive conspiracy? Get real.

  2. “How he is ahead in the polls?”
    Precisely because of this sort of lie spread by the media. The bbc break their necks to cover up conservative gaffes. People believe it. I have a friend who angrily tried to inform me that he would never vote Corbyn because “his hero is Stalin”. Source of his ‘information’? Probably the daily mail.

    1. Its high time that the media watchdog started suspending broadcasting licences to outlets caught spreading ‘fake news’ propaganda such as this. They can’t blame this one on a ‘production error’.

    2. How is he ahead in the polls?

      Perhaps he isn’t and it’s just more propaganda to make people think it’s not worth voting Labour.

      I disregard ALL polls and negative propaganda about Corbyn/Labour’s spending proposals (“we can’t afford it”, etc) on principal and I suggest everyone does the same.

  3. Depends on the poll and pollster. The heartlands deserve to be respected, ie not taken for granted. But the Bit party cannot help those who will ONLY be helped by a Jeremy Corbyn led TRUE Labour. The Brexit Party Farage has been reduced to a bit part by BloJob. Farage has caved in to Johnson despite knowing BloJob has no intention of delivering any meaningful Brexit. Farage knows it. The northerners are not dim. They know it too. But they must fight to have their views respected by our Labour party. Their lived experience resulted in their Leave preference. It is arrogant to feel we know best.

    ps my postal vote arrived today. Will post tomorrow or hand deliver to the Town Hall on Monday🎉🎉🎉

  4. Can I encourage everyone to make a complaint to the BBC about this AND to ask them for an explanation (if you haven’t done so already). And also bring it to the attention of the LP in case they’re not aware of it, and urge them to make a complaint and ask for an explanation also.

    The BBC – or elements within it – deceiving the people who pay their wages! Please share the video far and wide (with people you know, and on facebook etc and youtube) so that everyone can see for themselves just how totally corrupt certain elements within the BBC ARE. In actual fact, we should demand of the BBC precisely WHO did it AND what sanctions are being taken against them for doing so.

  5. I have complained to the bbc many times, it always falls on deaf ears. I dont know if it will make a differance but complain directly to ofcom instead

    1. As I understand it, Ofcom has no jurisdiction over the BBC, who self regulate, or so we are supposed to believe. The point is that they have to respond if a complaint is made (and if they DON’T, complain again, and keep on complaining until you DO get a response), and there is no way they can explain this away as an error, so don’t be put off by Boatsix, although it was very kind of him or her to come on SB for the first time ever – and within nine minutes of me posting my comment – and in effect try to discourage SB readers from complaining to the BBC.

      1. Oh do fuck off with your obsession with shills. You’re embarrassing yourself. Talk to your doctor about it. It wasn’t the first time Boatnumbersix has been on here and he wasn’t trying to discourage anybody from complaining to the BBC, either. Read it again.

        You fucking nutcase!

      2. Oh, now how did I know – and I was 99% certain that it would be timfrom, and it IS! – that one of the im-posters who post on SB would be posting and saying something to THAT effect – ie you’re paranoid etc, and go see a doctor etc. AND just ten minutes after i posted my response to Boatsix (and allowing for a minute or two for him or her to type out their post, they were responding within around eight minutes of me posting my response to Boatsix).

        And I wouldn’t be at all surprised it ‘Boatsix’ is also ‘timfrom’!

        But timfrom sees nothing suspicious about someone posting within minutes (of me posting my comment encouraging everyone to complain to the BBC) that someone should post a comment in effect saying that it’s a waste of time to do so. But according to timfrom, Boatsix WASN’T trying to discourage people from doing so, even though they obviously WERE!

        And if you’re not aware of it, this is about the fourth or fifth time ‘timfrom’ has said such things (to me) during the past few months. A very nasty piece of work, and it would be interesting to check back and see how long it was each time in the past before he/she posted their malignant diatribe.

        Funny, isn’t it, how the very same person who just happens to have posted such comments during the past few months, just happened to be checking out the comments on this thread shortly after I posted my response to Boatsix! Needless to say, the chances of THAT being the case are absolute zero, and the odds of it being a coincidence are literally about a million to one. And no doubt either HE (or she) will be waiting for me to post my response to them, or one of the other im-posters will just happen to be up and about and leave a comment along the same lines as that of timfrom.

        Anyway, PLEASE complain to the BBC etc. Thanks

      3. Wow. As the psychiatrists staying in Fawlty Towers said, there’s enough material here for a whole conference!

      4. Oh right, and I knew whoever it was (that responded to my response to Boatsix’s comment) would say that Boatsix has posted on SB before! Well, if Boatsix HAS, I certainly don’t recall coming across the user-name before, and it must amount to once in a blue moon, if THAT. Does anyone else recall them posting before?

      5. My apologies timfrom, but I just did a search, and I see that Boatnumbersix HAS posted on Skwawkbox before. He – or she – in fact posted a comment on the 31st of October at 11.25pm, and it just happens to be directly below a comment that YOU posted at 11.01pm:

        And prior to that, I could only find four comments during the past eighteen months, so that’s one comment every 3-4 months on average.

      6. I’ve gotta say you certainly provide plenty of laughs for anyone who enjoys laughing at the mentally deranged but as a wannabe sleuth you’re fucking useless.

        You should try telling fortunes next! 😂😂😂

      7. I was looking for a particularly nasty and vicious – and totally unwarranted and uncalled for – comment timfrom made in response to someone a month or two back, but haven’t been able to find it as of yet (doing a search on duckduckgo for >skwawkbox timfrom<), but i came across the following post by timfrom in the process……. Someone had posted a comment asking who people would vote for as deputy leader to replace Tom Watson (this was a couple of months ago as I said), and one poster said George Galloway (in a scenario where it was possible to vote for someone who isn't a Labour MP), and the following is what timfrom said in response:

        If not an MP, then definitely Galloway. I hear he’s got some spare time on his hands now. The greatest leader we never had. He could put a spine where Corbyn has one missing. Plus he’s the greatest orator of the age.

        Yep, any opportunity the im-posters get they criticise Jeremy and put him down, and do so so as to try and influence what people who follow and read this blog think of/about Jeremy! Please get wise to these posters if you're not already. It's the 22nd comment down (and all the preceding comments are very short, so it won't take long to locate it if you want to check):

      8. Nobody’s going to check cos no one else is interested in your paranoid drivel. That’s why your comments about perceived shills never get any likes.

      9. As fate would have it, the very next search result that I clicked on turned out to be the thread in which timfrom posted the comment I was looking for. If you scroll down the comments you’ll come to a long post by jpenny, and then timfrom’s ‘response’ immediately afterwards. The thread – ie the article – was posted on the 24th of September, but I didn’t see it until a couple of days later, and when I read jpenny’s post, and then read timfrom’s response, I was literally seething with anger, and posted a comment (to timfrom) expressing my anger and what I thought of him, and WHY of course, and it’s a bit further down the page. But here’s what timfrom said anyway:

        You’re determined to go out with a song /dirge in your heart aren’t you, ya miserable old sod. I hope you live to eat your words. The rest of us will not be ground down by your miserablism.

      10. Continued from earlier:

        There were in fact just two more results for <skwawkbox timfrom< in the list, and the last of them just happened to have timfrom spouting his malevolent shite again – ie "Paranoid fuck", in response to a comment I made/posted…….. There were several of the usual suspects being critical of JC again, and dissmissive of a JC/LP initiative, and it was obvious to anyone with an IQ of more than 60 that the thinking behind the initiative was to be seen to be doing something pro-active regarding A/S.

        The 'person' who sparked it all off was Sparkybadger, and as far as I am aware, Sparkybadger had never posted on skwawkbox before, so I couldn't help being suspicious of his negative and critical post regarding the initiative. Sparkybadger posted his comment at 11.57pm (on the 21st of July), and at 12.22am (on the 22nd), just 25 minutes later, Jack T threw in his tuppence worth of resentment at feeling 'insulted' by the A/S initiative, and then *I* posted at 12.37am voicing my suspicion of Sparkybadger's motives for his illigitimate and spurious criticism of the initiative when it was so blatantly obvious that it was designed for the purpose of being seen to be doing something constructive re A/S, and done so because of all the endless criticism JC was being bombarded with by the media et al that he wasn't doing anything to combat it (which he undoubtedly knew was mostly bogus and manufactured by his enemies, what with he himself being a victim of the smears and fraudulent claims on more than a few occasions).

        Anyway, the very next person to post – albeit at 6.47am – was timfrom with his demonisation and the 'paranoia' line. And then Joseph posted a Reply (to Sparkybadger) at 7.27am, and then a Reply to Jack T at 9.55am, and then Jack T responded to Joseph at 4.00pm, and last, but not least, RH Replied to Sparkybadger at 6.07pm with his tuppence worth of derision about the initiative. And I think we all know by now that RH is very good at doing derision!

        Their was absolutely nothing to criticise or deride about the initiative, but they contrived some out of thin air – although Joseph's second comment was a LITTLE bit more tempered, and timfrom came in first thing to affect a demolition job on me AND what I'd said.

        Oh, right, but I'm just paranoid, and it has NOTHING to do with the constant stream of insidious negative spin being churned out by a number of posters on an almost daily basis, and the fact that I keep drawing attention to it, and THEM!

  6. I agree about the editing version of BBC Question Time about BJ. There are so many things badly edited for Corbyn, too. But it is a bit better than the last GE. Even distorted version of JC, at least he is in the news, is good. There was none for the last GE. People start understanding how to interpret media manipulation.

  7. Just seen today’s Guardian, says Tories looking at 19 point lead! Incredible. Can’t see why Guardian would make that up.

    1. In context : That’s polling taken before Friday’s QT. It’s also by ‘Opinium’ that has a consistent record, like YouGov of over-estimating Tory support and putting Labour support towards the bottom of the range. I can’t find any detail of their methodology.

      But, nontheless, it shows no margin for complacency. The Tories are probably garnering a return of the Duggie vote (Mail/Sun etc. canon fodder) as the Brexit Party collapses. But we will need to wait until next weekend to see if the QT car-crash for Johnson has cut through.

    1. Very good. Maybe the BBC and the Guardian are learning from our Korean friends.

  8. The big question though is if JC is ‘smashing it out of the park’ according to many left leaning sources (incl this website) why is it not reflected in voting intentions? No one can fail to notice the disparaging sceptical comments about Bojo made by every news media outlet. I do not think anyone has closely gone through JC and JM spending and taxing figures or anyone else’s to point out anomalies, just general ‘can we afford it?’ stuff.
    Maybe the people genuinely don’t like socialism? Therefore we need to operate by stealth until it can be imposed under the control of party intellectuals.

    1. OMG, I think you might be onto something! Corbyn’s Commie Commissars have taken over the media!
      So that’s why they’re always pumping out Tory propaganda – they’re lulling them into a false sense of security until the arrangements to shut the internet, the phones, the banks, the City of London and the airports instantaneously are complete – that truly is some brilliant deductive reasoning, Sherlock.

  9. If I were DID and paranoid and convinced people were plotting against us we might attach undue significance to the relative adjacency of posts expressing similar views.
    I might even convince myselves on that skinny evidence that the posters must be one and the same person.
    If I were that people we hope I might retain enough contact with reality to hope that a kinder kind of person than us might suggest I get professional help.
    We hope that’s now clear? 🙂

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