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Video: watch Boris Johnson lose 3.6 million women’s votes in 83 seconds

Johnson says vital to tell truth – then immediately reneges on promise to help ‘WASPI’ women robbed of pensions
Boris Johnson: surrendering 3.6 million women’s votes

In one of the biggest catastrophes in his ‘car crash’ appearance on BBC Question Time’s leaders’ special on Friday night, Boris Johnson managed to both highlight his own dishonesty – and to lose the votes of around 3.6 million women, all in the space of about a minute and a half.

Johnson has previously promised to help ‘WASPI’ women – the 1950s born women who have lost out on tens of thousands of pounds of their pension entitlement because of unilateral changes imposed by the government.

When Johnson was asked by one audience member whether it’s important for a Prime Minister to be truthful, he answered emphatically yes. But when asked if he would fulfil his promise to rescue WASPI women from their plight, he hemmed and hawed and then refused to say yes:

Johnson even implied WASPI women were too demanding, saying that he couldn’t ‘magic up… all the demands that the WASPI women make‘.

WASPI women summed up the feelings of a generation:

3.6 million votes thrown away in a moment – and potentially many more, given the importance to husbands, children and grandchildren of the 1950s-born women who hold hard-pressed families together – and his own dishonesty writ unmissably large.

As car crashes go, it was a spectacular one. Of course, the media are studiously ignoring Johnson’s disaster and dishonesty. So it’s over to you.

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  1. Well I’m going to sleep well tonight for a change. The fear in Johnson’s eyes at the end will make for sweet dreams. That look said he knows he’s blown it! 😀

  2. I thought that he waved his arms in a rather lacklustre, beseeching fashion, unusual for the illustrious PM of ours, now that you mention it.

  3. More proof Jeremy and us have NO need of the MSM and their helpers. NO need of the dodgy scam pollsters, EXCEPT SURVATION. And even then, the best poll is only a snapshot. NO need fear the extraordinary IRRESPONSIBLE CALLOUS slanderous and DANGEROUS sloshing about what is a SERIOUS issue – AS. The MSM and helpers have made some who STILL expect them to be the source of truth…, have made them afraid. Yet more and more can see how the ignore the long known fact that the Conservative party has ALWAYS been the cauldron for OPENLY DECLARED RASIST with posters like “IF YOU WANT a N***** FOR A NEIGHBOUR, VOTE LABOUR‼️” Tories have a l w a y s been the odd type who STILL in 2019 feel dressing up in FULL NAZI UNIFORM is FUN‼️‼️ TORIES still TODAY think BLACKING UP is FUN‼️‼️‼️ Women are to be used and abused. Children are to be used and abused. Check the records. Around 120 years ago, when moves were made to introduce an age of consent for sex, it was TORY LORDS who objected with statements like – IT WILL LEAD TO RESPECTABLE MEN LIKE US BEING HELD TO RANSOM or BLACKMAILED by WAIFS and STRAYS – 🔵

    So, think about it if our Labour party is so deserving of sudden wall to wall criticism re: AS, why not just go join the TORIES❓ Why not❓ What are their problemIs… the accusers AND the TORIES❓
    Because the accusers KNOW FULL WELL, that the Tory Party, the Conservative Party IS and has ALWAYS been the NASTY PARTY❓ THE party of vile racist, homophobes, perverted royals, creators of despots throughout the Middle East and ALL OVER THE WORLD! They nurture, train, arm then give them refuge in Mayfair, Belgravia and Berkshire all around the now bulldozed mansion of PRINCE ANDREW. Bulldozed, the WEDDING GIFT from his mother… bought by some dodgy “acquaintance” of Andrew for approx £7 million … yes £7 MILLION above the asking price. Then Ferguson bought the, i think £17,000,000.00 chalet in Verbier Switzerland.

    That is the Tory type. By the way, when deprived Tory wrecked communities lead to crime, speed dialled MSM pundits and BORIS JOHNSON chant in chorus, “Lock em up!” “Throw away the key” “Make prisons harsher”… “poor oarenting” etc etc etc… SO,

    SUGGEST QUESTIONS FOR LIZZY & HER TORY CHUMS: Lizzy of the huge council houses, with her HUGE family of scroungers squatting in them on state benefits… why did she not ask her favourite child – Andrew, Did you sell my wedding gift to you and your crass wife? Who bought it for £7million over the asking price? What sort of a person can afford to do that Andrew? SEVEN MILLION OVER? Then raze it to the ground?

    And Andrew, why did the child trafficker Epstein pay off £15,000.00 of Sara Furg’s debts? And how on your state benefits of over £250,000,00 ➕ my bunging you some of my own many millions of welfare… still how do you afford all those fancy things … and the £17 million chalet with that grossly gristly grisly Ferguson? How?

    Has your mummy not given you all you need? Why mix with with every crook and despot you can find? I know i do but they call meee queeen. You are just my princy wincy. Why ask them for money and favours? Ask mummy. One’s mummy hears that Epstein friend of yours who entertained at ALL my council palaces and at ALL my private homes, has THREE massages per day? Has he been sticking to that schedule in our gaffs? Do his massagers massage you too? Princy?

    I digress as usual… just sooo many intriguing threads that defy fiction, including why the MSM shameless failure to focus on the TORIES where all things wicked like Anti-Semitism is and always has been rampant and encouraged? And why do the accusers of our Labour party not migrate to the Conservatives of racism and all bigotry. Obvious answer, but ALL QUESTIONS are good questions… especially WHY❓❓❓

    1. signpostnotwindchimes 23/11/2019

      [Tories] THE party of vile racist, homophobes,

      Tory donor runs Christian charity that likened homosexuality to “illness”

      The charity run by Conservative peer Lord Edmiston who has given the party £4.5 million has likened homosexuality to an “illness” that can be “cured”.

      A donor who has given the Conservative Party £4.5 million runs a Christian charity that is promoting the idea that homosexuality can be “cured”.

      1. I know and grew up amongst thousands of them. Quite pleasant and impressive in some ways, yet bubbling with the nasty under and overtones of racism and bigotry. Wish I could explain the incoherence of their world view. A puzzle. Really cannot understand it. Maybe it is a distraction / avoidance / disguising reflex. If one can distract oneself from the important issues that could improve the lives of the many, OR avoid dealing with ones own deficiencies, OR have not come to terms with what is as old as the first sunrise eg homosexuality, or panic re losing excessive acquired / inherited wealth from lets say, the slave trade, which financed our Industrial Revolution, built EVERY STATELY COUNTRY HOME, was foundation stones AND superstructure of ALL our much vaunted businesses and institutions: Lloyds of London, Coutt’s, Drummond’s, every Oxbridge College, the British Museum, the Burrell Collection, to name a tiny few, ALL RECEPTACLES OF PLUNDER… if the challenge to face up to those facts, which erase a sense of self worth, and confected superiority over those countries raped, pillaged and parcelled up amongst extended families of Queen Victoria… then disguising Conservative Tory vice with wafer thin veneers of virtue, is possibly their only imaginable way to exist with themselves. Best i could come up with while standing in my kitchen and very tired.

  4. I don’t know of Epstein but he certainly had a bad choice of friends in the Royals.And of course the accidents amongst those associating with the family is alarming….I hope the spelling correct of Epstein I don’t want to be acussed of bad grammer spelling or a AS fanatic

  5. Tories are talking about raising the Pension Age to 70 because people are living longer. Interesting logic…..can we extrapolate & extend the logic that as women live longer than men they should retire later?
    It will certainly kill off many men who are involved in heavy physical jobs such as deep sea trawlermen or road builders. I decided aged 20, after a couple of years of working on M5 motorway & then in Llanwern steelworks that heavy physical labouring every day would eventually kill me. I became a teacher. May I suggest that these politicians spend some time earning a living from the sweat of their brow before pontification on pension age.

    1. Statistics would certainly confirm the soft job/hard job thesis but it’s not just the nature of the work itself that’s the cause.
      I’ve done both kinds of work. In order from 16: soft medium hard soft soft soft hard soft hard hard hard retired.
      As a bored, lazy man with an aversion to pointless exercise and a horror of living past incapacity I’ve always been far fitter doing physical jobs.
      To the people who say “It can be just as tiring working with your brain” though, I say “Shut your fucking mouth until you’ve tried both.”

      Management makes plain in a hundred ways its lack of regard for manual workers. Making them feel like powerless serfs with no control over their own lives is not unintentional.
      That feeling is behind the Friday night piss-up culture and much other displacement activity that leads to early death.

      1. “Shut your fucking mouth until you’ve tried both”

        So – I’ve done both, and I’ll open my fucking mouth. 🙂

        And, briefly, I wouldn’t set up any simple contrasts. The easiest job I’ve done was actually a manual one – but replete with ducking and diving opportunities, and certainly not typical. The most arduous job I’ve done was one that involved little physical activity, but long hours and constant brain work, negotiation, management and difficult decision making. Again not typical, but not that unusual.

        It’s not the physical aspect of a lot of jobs that is the problem (leaving aside those with specific health hazards attached) – it’s as much the consequences of low pay and actual poverty that are often associated with them.

        On balance, retirement is the best job I’ve done 🙂 – but that’s because I’m lucky enough to have a living wage for it.

    2. Steve Richards good point ,and to be fair to the Labour manifesto their will be discussions on retiring earlier for those in hard manual work and rightly so..because the body was not designed for repetitive physical activity in factorys and building sites.I know of many different trades were hip,knees back and the usual arthritis makes continuation of work after forty years impossible.66in my opinion is better than work till you drop ,but we should be looking at 60 for a truly civalised retirement age…And for those who think we should work longer then I say go and play with yourself comrade

  6. At last some good news to report. I have my invitation to our CLPs Christmas fund raiser fish and chip supper with Margaret Hodge and this year we have a special guest,Jess Phillips. My cup runneth over.

    1. You are truly blessed Jim ,you might want to read out the the plight of the homeless and compare Mary and Joseph looking for a place of refuge too the destitute and lonley ignored by the haves and have nots You may wish to remind fish wife Hodge and the mouth,how christ was betrayed by judas for forty peices of silver and was later crucified.I am sure that they would be impressed with your knowledge and I would love to see their faces……especially the CLP that left that monstrosity in position .

    2. You lucky boy! Is the dinner pre-or post-election? If the former, bomb under the table and make an early exit. If the latter, bring them a funeral wreath! Dead either way!

    3. Sorry, Jim – I actually laughed at that one. It’s like beiong paired with Ann Widdicombe on ‘Strictly’ – all your nightmares in one package 🙂

  7. Just reading some of the comments from the 1950s women and its not all me me but theres an awful amount of “what you going to do for me MY wife and I have been affected by the 50S scandel and my wife is one
    of those affected.and we recognise that my 674pounds per month doesn’t go far for two.But I am quickly loosing it with this selfish culture of people that don’t trust Labour.Last chance saloon for them and me because I have spent too much of my life trying to help clowns that havnt the wit or energy to get up of their backsides and vote for a socialist Labour party,the only one in my memory…..after a good spring clearout.of our “moderate enemy within.Ps I was reading the article that steve H recomended not comments on here.

  8. Bumbling Boris has blown it he should be the underdog by now JC did well heres to a better life with Labour

  9. There is a TV programme called ‘Wheeler Dealers’ & no it’s not about the Tory Party it’s a couple of guys buying old cars & putting them back on the road with a lick of paint & a small profit. Sounds good eh? Small profit that never includes the cost of physical labour…… perhaps it is about the Tories.

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