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Labour jumps in polls even before Corbyn trounces ‘car crash’ Johnson in Question Time debate

Labour gains on Tories 3% and 5% in polls just before BBC’s leaders’ special sees Corbyn triumph and Johnson car-crash

Tonight’s BBC Question Time leaders’ special saw Jeremy Corbyn navigate even the toughest audience questions with assurance and humanity – even managing to win over some hostile questioners – while Boris Johnson endured a bumbling car crash only matched by Jo Swinson’s disastrous performance.

But almost unmarked, the last two polls before the Question Time programme – one based on data taken even before Tuesday’s first head-to-head between Corbyn and Johnson – showed Labour taking a significant bite out of the Tories’ lead.

PanelBase’s latest poll, based on data from 20-22 Nov, shows Labour gaining three percent on the Tories.

YouGov – which tends to understate Labour’s popularity among voters – shows Labour gaining a huge five points on the Tories in just four days. The YouGov data was gathered 18-19 November – almost entirely before Tuesday’s head-to-head.

Labour’s momentum was continuing to increase even before Corbyn outshone Johnson tonight – and was greeted by a huge, excited crowd as he entered the venue. Tonight’s showing on the BBC should fill Labour’s supporters and activists with even greater hope and vigour.

Change is coming.

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  1. I think tonight he gave the best TV performance of his leadership – and on live TV, too. Couldn’t have come at a better time! Answering at last the question of how he would vote in his new EU ref – that he would remain neutral – will pay big dividends, though a slight appearance of shiftiness when saying how soon Scotland might get another ref was his only real slip-up.

    I’m watching a recording of the debate and still on Nicola Sturgeon, so still have the two car crashes to look forward to, but it’s looking like Jeremy really smashed it out of the park tonight! Thank Christ!

    A suspicious number of Scots living in Sheffield, though, doncha think?! 😉

  2. Absolutely brilliant!!! Massive game changer tonight made Johnston look like a complete Ball Bag which he is. Well done and appreciated many many people who depend on you.

  3. When Jeremy Corbyn, a man who has been maligned every day by the MSM, the Tories and other non socialists some of whom have masqueraded as Labour MPs, can attract a massive crowd on a wet November evening , when that crowd stands and sings “oh Jeremy Corbyn” in the cold and rain , when he goes into a TV studio and receives rapturous applause for answering the questions put to him with lucidly and from the heart is is absolutely no surprise that the party he leads – our Labour party- is climbing in the polls. I look forward to seeing him in Downing St very soon.
    Oh Jeremy Corbyn!

  4. I knew it would be hard work, but I didn’t realise it would be this hard. I watched the “debates ” and then went out for a few drinks, Buzzing after just witnessing 2 absolute car crashes (Jo & Bo Jo) I get home straight to BBC online news and nothing about Johnsons absolute car crash. Purdah “what the f***ks purdah.

    1. Both Sky & BBC news are downplaying the fuck out of it. Pretty revealing if you ask me.

  5. I’m not sure what this posting is all about.

    Corbyn came out really well on top after the QT debate, and Johnson and Swinson were pathetic apologies.

    BUT – The pre-debate polls actually show the same stubborn c.10%+ lead by the Tories.

    Like any sane person, I hope that this does rapidly diminish after the exhibition that Johnson made of himself last night. The movement is in the right direction, but it is currently a hope rather than the ecstatic fact claimed by Skwawkbox re. Panelbase and YouGov.

    Imitation of Johnson-style flirting with truth really isn’t a good look. It’s good solid performance like last night at every opportunity that will make the difference, not Ra-Ra skirts.

  6. For the FIRST TiME EVER, placed bets at bookmakers: Jeremy Corbyn – our next PM ➕ OUR Labour – the largest party. – Over 40% vote etc oh and LimpDims – under 10% of votes. Placed my bets BEFORE last night program. Listened on radio from mid Swinson’s laughable, illogical, inconsistent austerity supporting shambles… and sounds so irritating. V v odd choice, even as a low rent LibDem front of house person…, but then again LibDem standards have always been low… below the basement low.

  7. Did anyone count how many times Swinson said Corbyns name. Johnson how mant times he mentioned brexit. And he never batted an eyelid about calling people bumboys and piccaninis etc. Nicola was there about Scotland. They said she was good. Oh well.

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