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Corbyn storms ALL SIX categories in poll of leaders’ special performance

Poll by publication founded as Conservative newspaper suggests Corbyn clear winner

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was welcomed by a huge crowd in Sheffield last night for the BBC Question Time leaders’ special in what many insiders considered the ‘Tranmere moment‘ of the 2019 general election campaign.

But the good news for Labour supporters didn’t end there. Wales Online – founded as a Conservative newspaper – is no particular friend of Labour or Corbyn. But when it asked its readers questions about their opinion of the four leaders’ performance during the programme, Corbyn won every category.

By a distance.

  • Asked ‘who won the debate’, six out of ten respondents said Corbyn. Boris Johnson trailed way behind with just over two out of ten.
  • On the performance of the four leaders, Corbyn received an average score of eight out of ten
  • On who had the best ideas, more than six out of ten respondents said Corbyn – more than three times Johnson’s twenty percent
  • Asked to identify the best leader, more than half of those answering said it was Corbyn – more than double Johnson’s score
  • On the question of who they trusted the most, fifty-five percent said Corbyn was the winner – more than three times the number who backed Johnson
  • Asked whose priorities best matched what is important, Corbyn was named by more than six out of ten – almost three times as many as those who said Johnson

And crucially, 17% said the programme had changed their mind about who to vote for. On the numbers above, that could mean as many as ten percent of viewers deciding to back Labour.

The night was an disaster for the rambling Johnson – but LibDem Jo Swinson managed to outdo him, scoring in the low single figures in every category among respondents.

Vote Labour. After last night’s programme it seems many more will be doing just that.

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  1. Meanwhile, a poll of Daily Express readers finds the following :

    “According to the latest poll of readers, Boris Johnson came out on top in the most recent televised showdown.”

    … which illustrates how careful you have to be about the source of polling figures.

    I reckon that Express poll probably isn’t dishonest, bur tells you more about the sort of people who buy the rag than it does about the debate.

    1. Another P.S : It’s worth trawling through the various ‘news’paper’s take of the debate. Talk about beauty in the eye of the beholder!

      The best (in the ‘most egregious’ stakes ) is Rent-A-Tool (John Rentoul) in The Independent. I think he must have been watching a transmission from a parallel universe. It’s worth a read for it’s unreality.

      But the serious point is the illustration of how positions are already taken, and the degree to which the media is propagandised.

      1. It is HUGELY significant that no proper pollster’s results on the QT programme have been published. I cannot believe they don’t exist – YouGov had a poll out within minutes of the debate on Tuesday.

        So it can only mean that they show an absolutely massive win for Corbyn, and a catastrophic defeat for Johnson, and for Indie/Guardian favourite Swinson.

        So of course they have to be buried 100 feet deep, never to be seen or heard by us mere mortals.

      2. To be realistic, the immediate polls are not the point. We need to see the on-going overall trend a week or so hence.

  2. Once the facts are repeated sufficiently, even 31% of Express readers, may realise facts are facts. Ever optimistic. The poll Skwawkbox reports above is in line with my own expectations. Hence my first ever dabble with bookmakers! There will be a decent strength Jeremy inspired Labour victory. DumDims will sink like the stones they are. Plus, if we highlight the country wrecking policies of the Conservatives, our Labour victory will be even greater. The following is EXACTLY what the Tories are about.

    1. I’ve put a bung on Labour to win an overall majority. At 20-1, it seemed like too good a deal to miss – although had I waited a couple of days, I could have got even longer odds. I wouldn’t put the chances higher than 2-1, but things are moving in the right direction.

      1. mines included 25-1 and 26-1. Tried accumulator when i first opened the accounts but today that disappeared. Would have win huge sum! Never mind. NEVER did this sort of thing before. But too many predictions were right over the years and people kept urging me … including to join Social Media groups and blog as on SKWAWKBOX. A RUSH OF FIRSTS😊😊😊 Got JC wins correct, incl coups. Also EU Ref and Trump Wins and that we would NOT have left EU on 31 march AND that Andy Murray would win Wimbledon and Lewis Hamilton would not just be triumphant but be the most brilliant F1 champion the WORLD will ever see in our lifetime. ps know some will object to F1 etc. But we can’t all be perfect. I have my many baffling flaws and failings. 😊😊😊

  3. How anybody could watch Leaders QT and think that any of the others beat Jeremy in ANY category is beyond me. He was superb throughout because he spoke the truth and meant every word he said.
    Crowds gathered outside to cheer Jeremy on while Boris Johnson did a Maybot and entered the studio by the back door shying away from the public as usual. This was just the start of it.
    Jeremy gave facts and figures.Boris Johnson gave us bluster, Jo Swinson gave us a lecture , and Nichola Sturgeon was naturally enough preoccupied with Scotland.
    Jeremy Corbyn demonstrated that he is the only one of them capable of leading the UK to prosperity equality and peace.

    1. Ultraviolet is absolutely right. There have been, and are many polls that favour Corbyn … for several months now. A few have been published but the radio progs never voice them at all, let alone the banged to boredom -ve ones. ALSO polling is very expensive, so those who commission them will keep them private, if they go against their aims. That is their right. Unethical polls exist though č deliberate leading questions. Also poorly weighted samples, too small sample sizes, self-selecting respondents, inappropriate biased samples, eg polling Conservatives with questions like: “Do you have sympathy for Prince Andrew?”. “Do you think he is being subjected to unfair scrutiny”? “Do you think as a “royal” he is beyond reproach?” Do you think his mummy was right to allow his CLOSE FREIND, EPSTEIN, to be invited to ALL … yes ALL her DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY STATE FUNDED COUNCIL PALACES? Buck house, Windsor, Balmoral, Sandringham the lot. Not to mention, mummy’s wedding gift in Berkshire, now razed to the ground. … Β£7 million over the asking price for the carbuncle more vulgar than Fergusson, is “chicken feed” for some… like Boris Johnson … so why not bulldoze it to the ground? After all it was as monstrous as the owners were and are. And property, even flattened property, washed ill gained loot, less dirty ish

      Super turbo strength, laser sharp biological stain remover will still be needed. That is yet to be invented, so what was bought and sold in secret will be shouted from the public house tops. The quid pro quo dealings of a 1% WILL be revealed to the other 99%.

      No matter how many Epstein & friends disappear NEVER to be seen again, and others to be seen ONLY when as lively as Epstein is now between his parents, and others, with both Epsteinian liveliness and disappeared ness, Secrets will out. Even the ungrateful Β£80,000.00 earning thing, i read about in the Q&A, ignorant that he IS in the top 5% will be shocked at the yet to be revealed ICEBERG beneath the tip of tiny tipped Prince Andrew and his secrets hoarded by the MSM.
      REJOICE πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  4. “The poll Skwawkbox reports above is in line with my own expectations”

    A tendency to beware of as a deciding factor in assessing polls!

    1. ps my eg of poor poll sample (unrepresentative of the whole country ie Conservatives) as Express & Telegraph readers are likely to be, though from different socio-economic groups, and my questions to such a sample of Conservatives, no matter how large, I expect most of the respondents will answer YES. My estimation? Around 87% of Conservative, will answer yes to ALL the questions.

  5. Watching Jo Swinson’s performance, from the perspective of someone with much empathy, was painful to watch… I felt sorry for her.

    But, on the other hand, how on earth did she think she was suitable for that position? Who on earth voted for her?

    1. I understand where you’re coming from. But she put herself in that position, and today, in criticizing Corbyn on Brexit one again is simply confirming the view that she deserves all the contempt that she gets.

      Claiming to oppose Brexit, but undermining the best anti-Tory hope on by using both this and the antisemitism issue removes her from any entitlement to sympathy.

      Then there’s the issue of past complicity with the Tories ….

    2. Just when you thought she couldnt slip any further down a hole she got the JCB out and played the AS card

    3. The average confused πŸ˜• libdem voted for her and they are numero uno in the clown barometer and even trump Trump and Boris the clown for half witted decisions.

  6. Corbyn was outstanding last night.

    And remember that he didn’t even want to be leader back in 2015. He didn’t expect to be leader. The membership put him there, the membership kept him there. And he fecking rose to the challenge! He listened and listened, improved, built a consensus, and delivered.

    How my opinion of Corbyn evolved:
    2015: least bad
    2016: best available
    2017: good
    2019: the statesman I always wished for.

    In fact, it’s not really my perception that changed, it’s him. Corbyn himself changed over those years. And the only explanation for this change is that HE CARES.

    1. terrific! Jeremy is a rare individual. Even the rightly angry Labour heartlands, best not miss this chance for real change. Then make your voices loudly and effectively heard to perfect the government we all long for. Shape it.

      We will smash this election ball way outside the boundary! A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY. A PRIME MINISTER with a LIFETIME record of CARING for what is important. A better country for ALL…even the 1%. Will be better for them in the medium term. In the short term, it will be, lets say, spiritually cleansing. The 1% might be unblinded and see that they already have more than enough to consume in a million lifetimes. The 1% might learn that a different way of living is possible in which other people are of EQUAL VALUE.

  7. Iv’e just watched an advert on TV asking for donations to help donkeys,
    I don’t want to diminish the cause of the charity but as anyboby got Bojo the clowns phone number to pass on to them.

  8. I reckon that the best news may be the surge in voter registration. That’s what needs continued focus beyond keeping up performance levels.

      1. I missed the Tory leaflet everyone else got before the 2016 vote but judging by the result I’d guess it may have been somewhat less measured in tone and content than the 1975 one?

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