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Video: young woman dismantles Johnson’s racism on Question Time – and presenter exposes his excuses

Johnson slammed over bigotry and austerity to huge audience applause – and Fiona Bruce exposes his dishonest response

In spite of Establishment media spin since, Tory leader Boris Johnson’s appearance on last night’s BBC Question Time leaders’ special was, by popular consensus, a ‘car crash’ – one thrown into even starker relief by Jeremy Corbyn’s calm and assured performance.

In one of the most telling exchanges of Johnson’s half hour, a young northern woman took him to task for his track record of prejudice and austerity – to huge applause from the audience in Sheffield.

And to make things worse, on a programme with a history of Tory-friendly audiences and presenters, a clearly uncomfortable Johnson was then pulled up by Fiona Bruce over a broken promise to submit to an independent inquiry into the party’s massive Islamophobia:


Johnson’s squirming – and the audience’s clear dislike – are part of the continuing exposure of Boris Johnson’s inability to campaign outside tightly stage-managed PR stunts. And even those often backfire.

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  1. And yet, the vast majority of MSM have ignored the woeful performance of Johnson, and aimed their criticism at Corybn.

    1. Indeed. It’s a brilliant illustration of how the media acts as a filter for reality.

      Obviously, there is no such thing as complete ‘neutrality’ in issues such as this, but the degree to which the press (in particular) is slanted in both individual and cumulative terms is a massive inhibition to proper and truthful debate.

      No-one who watched QT could possibly have thought that Johnson came out ahead in debating terms, unless their judgment was vastly impaired. But you will find that conclusion in a majority of the chip paper.

      And it does have an effect – both direct and indirect.

  2. I was also very glad to see Jo Swinson confronted about the appalling pro-austerity measures introduced by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition government.
    The Lib Dems are totally without principle hence their gleeful acceptance into their party of MPs elected 2 years ago for other parties. It did not occur to them or to the MPS concerned to do the right thing and stand for election in a by election so that constituencies who voted Tory or Labour could actually be represented by a Tory or Labour MP or a Lib Dem if they chose to back the incumbent MP.
    As I have posted previously it is obvious the LIb Dems are looking for another bite of the cherry in respect of entering into a coalition with the Tories only this time Jo Swinson in her arrogance is demanding the Tories replace Boris Johnson as leader first.
    She did much the same with Jeremy.We have to get rid of him if we want her support. What cheek! Not content with ignoring the democratic referendum decision she now wants to dictate who should lead other parties.
    Because Boris Johnson’s performance is so poor Jo Swinson is being let off the hook quite a bit. I also think another reasons is that she has lost all credibility as have the Lib Dems as a party so they are just being ignored by ignored by most people.
    Jo Swinson started off with aspirations to be PM or at least a major player in parliament. As it now stands she will be lucky to keep her Dumbartonshire seat.

    1. “Because Boris Johnson’s performance is so poor Jo Swinson is being let off the hook quite a bit.”

      No – I don’t think that she is. The vast majority of the coverage that I have seen is scathingly dismissive. Which, ironically helps Labour more than the Tories.

      1. RH – maybe so. Anyway I hope you are right about her failure helping us.

    2. Can’t help but feel that Chukka will have loved last night’s performance by Swinson.

      Wonder what the odds are of him replacing her within 12 months?

      1. Just what I was thinking myself. The only thing I disagree with is you 12 month estimate – she will be gone on 13 Dec and he’ll be interim leader until they formally elect him a month or so later.Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire LOL!

  3. “A programme with a history of Tory-friendly audiences and presenters”

    Yes, it was particularly striking how the audience make-up lacked the usual number of obvious Tory plants. Our side managed to get quite a few into the QT greenhouse and Fiona Bruce seemed to be quite enthusiastic in her intolerance of Johnson & Swinson’s bullshit. Maybe she’s got one eye on keeping her job, post- Corbyn govt BBC News clearout!

    1. Yes, I was surprised at the reasonable balance that was on display – as opposed to the general dire standards of such things.

      I had given up on any such balance when some patently deranged individual was given an opening shot with a totally screwy, hysterical and fictional rendering of Ruth Smeeth’s posturing as she stage-ily flounced out of that notorious press conference in preparation for Marc Wadsworth’s defenistration by the JLM faction. This ‘When did you stop beating your wife’ ploy gave Corbyn no traction – as intended.

      .. but I was persuaded to return, and it did get a lot better.

      1. I saw the incident on live TV as did millions of others. Millions also saw the video to which the audience member referred . People have to make up their own minds about what went on but in all honesty the contribution by the audience member, which I noted was not very well received by others in the audience, appeared to be more of an attack on Jeremy Corbyn rather than an attempt to show for support Ruth Smeeth.

      2. The video clip actually shows very little, apart from Smeeth’s flounce – a fact which is interesting in itself.

        The problem is that the spin put onto it tends to influene what people see/hear.

        For myself, I find Wadsworth’s account the credible one : he has a record that shows a bit more up-front integrity than Smeeth can muster.

    2. Rachel Swindon has commented about this on twitter. She wrote to the effect that maybe the BBC is trying to keep in with the next PM! I think she is probably right. It is the only possible explanation for their sudden conversion to fair play.

  4. ALL radio listening today shows OVERWHELMING support for Jeremy😊 In fact even an ill-mannered LBC brow beating boorish bully with its own program expressed distressed frantic horror at its Swinson’ cringeworthy perf on the Q&A. The bully is a LIMP-DIM. A FAILED one… DEFEATED… so just imagine how low it is to be DISCARDED YELLOW STUFF… not even useful as fertiliser or fox deterrent… only suitable to be flushed away…down the sewers. Yet, said failed yellow thing, gave clear recognition that Jeremy presented the only wise position now. So expect a ramping up of the AS & other accusations on steroids, especially from that MSM rusted worn tool. Desperation has set in.

    Back to point: My estimate is 9/10 callers so far give Jeremy a firm win and CONFESS THEY HAVE BEEN CONVERTED😊😊

    A BRILLIANT LADY spoke for me and all of us here, (except two or three) on BBC Any Answers 14:05. BRILLIANT lady gave a PASSIONATE CLEAR INTELLIGENT ENDORSEMENT OF JEREMY😊😊😊

    FULL AGREEMENT WITH HER, despite my highlighting weak areas, eg anticipating coups from my OWN vile MP, and my pleas to stop being frightened of the MSM. WE WIN WITHOUT THEIR SUPPORT. My vile MP NEIL COYLE is asking canvassers to ask on the doorstep, whether they support Jeremy. AND whether they support Brexit or his (COYLE’s) FREELANCE DIY Brexit policy. It is impossible to not expect worse to come. Incomprehensible that the likes of COYLE was not deselected. No point hiding that and trying to muzzle those who point it out. The people on the doorstep can see it. The MSM & their helpers know it. We must stop being ostriches. The predatory snakes rarely flee without being …encouraged…FIRMLY & DECISIVELY. At least get written promises to reform their ways and written acknowledgement of their unacceptable behaviour. I they fail to provide it, then bye. Close the door on your way out.

    ANYWAY, before hearing the LBC arrogant bully that fades down and cuts off callers who disagrees with its BIASED CORBYN HATCHET JOBS, (God alone knows WHY they bother to call)…, and before Any Questions & Any Answers, I used my bookmaker bonus to increase my stakes for JEREMY CORBYN the next PM and a JEREMY inspired LABOUR MAJORITY GOVERNMENT and LIBDIMS vote share to sink to below 10%. Were there an option of less than 7% even < 6% i would have chosen that. I'm expecting UKIP <.5%, Brexit 8% almost totally our North and Midlands. Our Labour OVER 40% … even as high as 44%, BloJob's Conservatives of Dodgy Russian Donors and Unimpeachable "ABOVE REPROACH" "honourably" sex trafficking paedophile befriending Prince Andrew, who cares not a jot for Epstein's victims, who makes racist comments of the Bahraini leaders he STILL felt ENTITLED to visit this very week..

    Those CONSERVATIVES will STILL manage to delude around 33% of the electorate. Not always the fault-of the deluded. Many are too worn out to search for truths whoch the MSM hides from them. Worn out by the DECADES of Tory & Lib Dem Austerity, Universal Credit, Stretched to Breaking Point Social Services, Stretched Police, Fire and Nursing Services, Military Servicemen showered with words but neither equipment nor care. Instead USELESS TRIDENT. Yes‼️ USELESS. Don't be fooled by the money draining gimmick. Were it so useful then why did our service boys and girls perish for Tony Blair's WMD 45 minute LIES… his IRAQ INVASION? Why do we still wage proxy wars all over the world⁉️

    Finally AS A RULE: ignore callers, MPs, MSM's ever present speed dialled go to tossers, and a certain TWO ubiquitous psephologists, who make or try to intensify AS claims.

    First group: AS citing callers, includes a minority who have been genuinely made anxious by the wicked callous deliberate claims of the other groups. However the majority, who claim to speak for thousands of people who have disparate views, as if people think as one, ie generalisation, are nothing but determined reckless propagandists. Think: GENERALISING PEOPLE who share some similarities … pigeon holing them, IS racist‼️‼️

    It is sectarian, fans the flames of social fragmentation and discourages social integration. It fights AGAINST social harmony. In short THEY who commit the above, GO AGAINST THE BOOK. Against ALL ABRAHAMIC BOOKS. They who do are wicked, shameless, unpatriotic liars. They ferment as in a giant petri dish, ingredients that caused the evils of AS and ALL RACISM.

    YES. ALL RACISM IS EQUAL. ALL of it. Those who reject this are DESPICABLE RACIST. Abrahamic religious books, OLD and NEW highlight the repulsive nature of those who fret about words and interpretations rather than the spirit of the message of kindness, charity, care for others. How can you care for a god you cannot see, yet show utter disregard for people you can see – the homeless, the vulnerable the zero hour contracted. How can you believe you do no wrong when you FLOOD THE MSM, with daily wall to wall coverage, of in the main UNSUBSTANTIATED claims of AS❓ How could you❓❓ That is the perspective and attitude of evil.

    We must say that LOUD & CLEAR. Say that robustly and clearly for all to hear EVERY HOUR. Those who try to stifle the expressions of careful observations and thought and detest care for those most in need AND WISH TO SEE OURSELVES AS FIRST IN LINE FOR CARE… that WE ARE EXCEPTIONAL, are BLIND and DEAF to the message of the BOOK. Instead you are Self centred, insatiable, ever dissatisfied, moaning, whining SELFISH people who feel your narrow wishes and bade wantsTRUMPS even the basic needs of all others.‼️‼️‼️ You are the definition of STUBBORN EVIL.

    Let the rest if us, while we are able, say that loudly and clearly. Then, then we might just "shine forth as the sun" and curb the deliberate increasingly fevered but ludicrous attempts to enforce an US and THEM SOCIETY.

    I know it is difficult for some.
    But all who feel able should speak up.
    We cannot all be silenced.
    Let us show… prove, we stand for what is right, just, and true🌹🌹🌹

  5. CLASS – Centre for Labour and Social Studies

    This Progressive Toolkit briefing is a guide to winning arguments for transformative change. It can be used to assist conversations on the doorstep, at work or in a social setting. It covers conversation tips, talking about the economy, public services, poverty, and building solidarity across communities.

  6. Sadly a vast portion of the electorate would not have watched the leaders question time and are reliant on mainly tabloids interprtation of events so as the are totally biased it will take a massive ammount of work form us on the ground to make them see the right road. a massive undertaking but not impossable,

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