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Labour MPs point out what is now clear: Johnson can’t campaign in real life

‘Shocking’, ‘bankrupt’ Johnson endures second car-crash
#Car crash performance’: Boris Johnson

Labour MPs have derided Boris Johnson’s ‘car crash performance’ on Friday night’s BBC Question Time leaders’ special after Johnson’s bungled failure to appear remotely credible in the face of audience questions that were far more searching than anything he usually faces in stage-managed PR stunts.

Johnson flapped, waffled and often appeared rattled by the audience’s disinclination to be impressed by the weird phrases and hem-hawing he is used to using to cover or divert from his lack of substance.

Two of Labour’s best front-benchers did particularly well in nailing what is a blindingly obvious reality to all but the media pundits desperately trying to pretend this week’s debates didn’t happen.

Liverpool’s Dan Carden described Johnson’s now-glaring inability to “survive scrutiny or contact with the public” in a “car crash performance”:

North-West Durham’s Laura Pidcock opened a similar vein, describing Johnson as shockingly bad “in the face of scrutiny of real people”:

Jeremy Corbyn, meanwhile, handled even the most hostile questions with assurance and authenticity – and Labour was climbing in the polls even before his clear win.

For months before the general election campaign began, Establishment media pundits constantly insisted that Boris Johnson was not the kind of campaigner that Theresa May was.

They were right. He’s rapidly shown himself to be even worse.

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    1. But what about the public’s views?

      Skwawky, YouGov have not published any findings on that debate. Did they have a template page up before the debate as they did on Tuesday, and subsequently take it down? Why have they not rushed out a poll on this? Why, apparently, has no one else?

  1. Try-it-Out for yourself.

    Labour have published a brilliant on-line income tax calculator that is interactive and easy to use at home, at work or out and about on the doorstep. A great tool for reassuring anyone who’s worried about Labour’s income tax plans.

  2. This was not just any old car crash – it wasn’t even a Marks and Spencer’s car crash.
    This was a Harrods car crash.
    In Paris.

  3. If you passionately believe what you speaking about then its easy, words just flow. If you don’t believe what you are speaking about then words don’t flow. Simples

  4. The QT debate showed what we have all known for a long time : that Mr Toad is unfit for anything close to public office, let alone the post of PM.

    But, for once, I agree with Polly Toynbee’s assessment in the Groan :

    ” But Johnson supporters will think no worse of their man, because they never do”

    The objective, therefore has to be securing the votes of those who aren’t deluded. Swinson helped with that as she displayed her unadorned incompetence, and the profound contradictions at the heart of the LibDem offer. She was pinned by the ears on her failure to ally with Labour and rehearsal of the ‘antisemitism’ trope.

    Sturgeon, however, is a different kettle of fish, and will have done no harm to the threat of the SNP in Scotland.

    1. As a P.S : Just watch, as I predicted yesterday, Johnson continuing to dodge any face-to-face unstaged encounters like yesterday. It will be by far his best strategy, despite all the shouts of “Coward!”

      The problem for Corbyn will be getting more opportunities like last night despite Johnson’s avoidance of exposure strategy

      It will be interesting to see the on-going effect in the polls of last night’s QT, or again, whether it will just be another ‘chip paper’ incident.

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